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Category: 'Gender'
Quantum Creep issue Unknown
Dr. Scumm Bucket leaps into a Marilyn impersonator, a black professional woman and his own father.
Quantum Leap
Male, Gender, Female
This TV series entry needs a description.
Quantum Leap (2022) episode "The Family Treasure"
Ben leaps into one of three sisters named Nadia, looking for the treasure their father, a Lebanese Christian, died trying to find. Watch Quantum Leap Episode: The Family Treasure Episode 210 - The Family Treasure
Quantum Leap (2022) episode Ben & Teller
Ben takes the role of a bank teller named Lorena Chaves in the wrong place at the wrong time during a dangerous armed robbery. Meanwhile, Addison, Magic, Ian and Jenn come to terms with a shocking discovery. And the team adds a new member. FUN FACT: The title of this episode is a parody of the f ...more
Quantum Leap (2022) episode Family Style
Ben takes over the body of an Indian woman whose family restaurant is in trouble due to an unscrupulous landlord and the stubbornness of her mother.
Quantum Leap (2022) episode Leap. Die. Repeat.
Ben leaps into a series of people in an elevator on their way to see a military nuclear demonstration. It's like "Groundhog Day" except with different bodies. The bodies include a General and a female officer. There's a disaster, and Ben must solve the mystery before he runs out of people to leap i ...more
Quantum Leap (2022) episode Paging Dr. Song
Gender, Race
Ben leaps into a black female physician (resident) in Seattle, and finds herself having to deal with victims of a train crash.
Quantum Leap (2022) Promo "Los Angeles, 1986"
Ben leaps into a female rockstar in 1986. *Quantum Leap (NBC) "Los Angeles, 1986" Teaser Promo HD
Quantum Leap (2022) S1E4 - A Decent Proposal
Ben leaps into a female bounty hunter, and finds herself pursuing a drug runner.
Quantum Leap book The Wall
Sam leaps into a 6 year old girl, Missy Robicheaux, in Germany 1961. Later he leaps into the adult body of the same girl. Her destiny is linked to the wall's rise and fall and it's up to Sam to break the cycle.
Quantum Leap commercial Unknown
In this commercial Sam Beckett is talking to Al in the bathroom in a blue robe. While he talks, he sees himself leap first into the body of an older black man, then into a Humphrey Bogart type character and finally into a platinum blonde starlet. He is shocked and closes up his robe. (In response ...more
Quantum Leap Into Melania Trump
A part of a skit by Omaha Live, In this brief Quantum Leap parody, a bearded, short-haired guy in a silky leopard skin wardrobe playing as Sam Beckett becomes Melania Trump.
Quantum Leap issue 1
March 25, 1968 Memphis, Tennessee. As a twenty-four year old white female teacher with predominately black students named Karen Connors, Sam is presented with three obstacles. First , he must find a way to hold the attention of 'his' students allowing them to pass the exam. Second, in doing this he ...more
Quantum Leap issue A Tale of Two Cindy's
On February 12, 1959; Sam becomes Cindy Anderson, a twin girl to Sandy Anderson who Al says will be raped after an upcoming dance. Sam must find a way to keep 'his' twin sister from going on the date with the hottest guy in school named Rick Towers. But when an unexpected change in the original his ...more
Quantum Leap issue Up Against a Stone Wall
Sam becomes Stephie, a female photographer just out of prison.
Quantum Leap Promo
Sam Beckett leaps into an Anchorwoman. FUN FACT: The woman who played the female news anchor was former Miss USA 1982 beauty pageant winner (and motivational speaker) Terri Utley. Quantum Leap NBC commercial
Que Vida Mas Triste (QVMT)
"Que vida mas triste" is a spanish TV series with highly successful. In episode 26 of season five, Borja is transformed into a girl overnight. I'm sorry, but these series is only in spanish. Enjoy!
Queen of Prussia - YouTube serials
Gender, Mythical
Video of several stills shot to form a story. There are a few transformations hinted at in the descriptive text. One transformation per episode. (???) I'm not understanding the meaning of the following, original description and will remove it unless someone else edits it - cj This is epis ...more
Queer Power
An Adult flash game bearing a small resemblance to fighting games like Mortal Kombat. Each player has a silhouette fighter that can change its sex to "attack" the other player in a variety of ways. The goal appears to be for each player to attempt to reach orgasm first, but that is somewhat unclea ...more
"The Quest" episode of Stargate SG-1
Without giving away too much of the plot, a male character involved in the quest to find the Sangraal is revealed to be a woman who only assumed a male shape to deceive the others.
A Question of Faith
This is a well made movie and part of the Sundance Film Festival in 2000. The movie tells the story of a male monk whom an angel visits and when he tells of the visit, his brothers feel he has gone crazy. They seclude him in his room, called a cell in a monastery, and he remains alone for 2 months. ...more
Quiznos Create Your Own
Age, Gender
A man walks into a Quiznos. The young woman behing the counter transforms into a clone of the man, but keeping a Quiznos uniform. They discuss the exact ingredients the customer wants. After they finish, an elderly woman walks in and the employee again transforms, this time into an exact copy of th ...more
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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