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Category: 'Gender'
Male, Female, Gender
Max is a high tech hologram put on the dark side of the moon by a master race thousands of years ago and set to 'switch on' once human technology had reached the digital era... That time is now! MAX has multiple personalities and these manifest throughout his dialogue, when mid sentence MAX will mo ...more
Painkiller Jane episode "Friendly Fire"
Gender, Male
Jane is captured after a night of drinking by a Neuro with shape-shifting abilities. He impersonates several of the people Jane works with, mostly as Jane's partner Maureen, and once as Jane herself.
Painkiller Jane, "What Lies Beneath"
Shapeshifter Jakob Baumgartner returns and shapeshifts into two women in the episode. (Spoiler Text)
Papa To Musume No Nananokan
Age, Gender
Father and high school daughter swap bodies during an accident and are forced to live each other's lives for one week.
In the near future, a team is sent on a dangerous mission to Europa to retrieve and bring water back to a dying Earth. Their operation unexpectedly goes awry, jeopardizing not only the lives of those on board but also on earth, resulting in the possible extinction of the human race. One of the mai ...more
Part 2 The Tragic Love Song of Destiny
In a retelling of what happened to Kikyo and Inuyasha we see that Naraku impersonated both Inuyasha and Kikyo in order to turn them against each other. This has been hinted at in the series before, but this is the first time that we see what really happened.
Partner fürs Leben
Gender, Gender
This one really had me stumped, but then I realized that if this film is as good as I hoped, Americans would remake it and it turns out they did! Partners Forever The gist here is only one posession by the male ...more
Passions episode Unknown
Passions, a daytime soap, has several witches on the episode. Now there is a Zombie Charity who has, two days in a row turned herself in to Julian Crane. Charity morphs into Julian, and then disappears like Jennie, with a head bop. This Soap is hard to follow and is not your normal soap, i.e. Wit ...more
Pat Winter book Driver
Male amputee makes Psychic contact with female protagonist and eventually steals her body.
Pataliro episode Unknown
One character changes genders quite freqently, Although its hard to tell.
Patrick Thomas
Magician sees a male astral traveler who asks for help. It turns out that he is new to Astral traveling and while out of his body it was stolen by a serial bodysnatcher. When the magician confronts the thief in the victim's body she throws it out a window killing it. The magician then traces the thi ...more
Paul Di Filippo
The narrator find his best friend and co-worker, Chris, has been a werewoman since he was 13. Chris changes into a woman during a full moon. No big deal, no sex involved. But the narrator later starts going out with Jo in the legal department...
Paul F. & Costello, Matthew J. Wilson book Masque
Cloned humans with special chromaosome are able to shape shift by having special templates inserted. Their sex is determined by whether it was the x or y chromaosome that was replaced. Protaganist has underlying male identity but spends a chapter in female form as well as several mentions of prior s ...more
Paul Leonard book Speed of Flight (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)
On a bizarre world where humanity has been extensively re-engineered, a warrior fights another for the right to ascend to the next level of existence. When next we meet that warrior, they have become female. Although not exactly explained, it appears that everyone on the lowest levels of society a ...more
Paul Mitchell commercial Unknown
The commercial starts out with a guy with long black hair and a beard saying something like appearances can be decieving and how some shampoos copy paul mitchell's appearance, and then he rips off his mask and it is revaled to be a beautiful blone saying something like dont always fall for the imita ...more
Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl, by Andrea Lawlor
Gender, Male
What is Paul? Man or woman? Gay, straight, lesbian, bi? Actually, pretty much all of the above. Paul is a shapeshifter spending his college years in the early 1990s being all things to all people. His base form is male, but he can change his look and gender in order to appeal to whomever he fanc ...more
Paul Wilson book Sibs
Male with deformed body uses the power of his mind to possess beautiful young women and have sex with men. He usually does it when they are asleep.
French comic from the 70's by Pichard and Wolinski. Paulette lives in the woods with an old man. When saving a mole, this one grants her a wish. She wishes for Joseph, the old man, to become young again. The mole being very blind didn't notice Joseph was a man and transform him into a beautifu ...more
Essentially a adult movie version of switch. A real jerk is sleeping with all the women around him and then they find out and all gang up and kill him and chop him up into pieces. He arrives in hell and is told that there is a problem as he isn't suppose to be there for a couple more years. He says ...more
Payton, T. Aaron, "The Constantine Affliction"
Steampunk world. Strange murders near the Whitechapple section of London. A strange venarial disease first noticed in Contantinople in the Turkish Empire in an Englishman named Orlando has been brought to London. One of the effects is that it changes the sex of those affected.
PB Adventures net fiction Unknown
A wizard casts a spell on his henchman to turn him into a copy of Queen Kara.
Peirs Anthony book Robot Adept
Someone said it has elements of body-switching, but counldn't recall the specific book in this series. There are a few scenes in which a male character inhabits the body of a female character and vice-versa.
Peliculas de cambio de cuerpo.
New Yahoo bodyswap group:
Penetrator 2
While posing as a male prison guard, he takes over the identity of a blonde female prison guard (great morph scene) and makes good use of her body.
Penthouse Comics issue Scion
Has characters that can change sex as easily as changing clothes.
Peppergod Talking Show
On the Peppergod talking show, one of the guests is "Sex Changed Peppergod".
Pepsi Lays cruzados 2012 commerical
New version from Peru of Pepsi and Lays Cruzados. A boxer and a cute girl switch bodies but retain their own voice. Very funny. Youtube Link Youtube Link, part two
Pepsi commercial Unknown
The new ad fro Pepsi Twist starts with Haley Isenberg sitting drinking a Pepsi, she then says she is not really drinking Pepsi, it is pepsi twist and she really is Hale Barey. Then she says she is not really drinking pepsi twist, it is diet pepsi twist and she is the Mayor from Spin City. Each time ...more
Perfect Blue
Adapted from the same novel (by Yoshikaze Takeuchi), and treating some of the same themes as Satoshi Kon's anime "Perfect Blue", but definitely not the same story as the animated feature. There isn't much to say about the plot that wouldn't be a spoiler. The TG element is strong, but the transfo ...more
The Perils of Penelope Pitstop episode Big Top Trap
Penelope Pitstop is a circus performer and in one of the traps, the Hooded Claw kills Penelope and replaces her at the circus by "quick-changing" into her.
Perversions of Science episode #1.9 "Ultimate Weapon"
Shapeshifting aliens attempt to procreate with human beings. One attempts to seduce a woman (Heather Langenkamp) by first assuming the form of an ex-boyfriend and later her husband. The other takes the woman's place with her friends but gets drunk and has to be brought back to her home. Turns ou ...more
Perversions of Science episode Dream of Doom
After engaging in some experiments in lucid dreaming, Arthur finds himself trapped in a never ending dream. Each time he wakes from a dream, he finds himself in another dream. At the end to break the cycle he shoots himself. Only to awake and find that he's now his wife. Brief at end.
Perversions of Science episode Given the Heir
An egotistical millionarie fakes his death, gets a sex-change and body-restructuring, and returns to the past to attempt to become the lover of his past self.
Peter Beagle book The Innkeeper's Song
Animal, Gender
There is a character who changes back and forth between being a fox and a man. It seems he is primarily a fox who changes into a man rather than the other way arround. It also implied in one sentence he may be something else altogether primarily. When he is in human form, he acts kind of fox-like ...more
Peter David book Knigh Life
King Arthur returns in modern times to run for mayor of New York. At the end of the book, the major villain, Mogran Le Fey, takes over the body of her son Mordred in order to make one last attempt to kill Arthur.
Peter David book Psi-Man: Stalker
Stalker, a killer created in a government experiment, uses a female guise to get into the cab of a bullet train in order to sabotage it. Near the end, Stalker takes the shape of Psi-Man's ex-wife. Both brief.
Peter David book Q-in-Law
At one point Q changes into a gorgeous blonde and then back again, explaining that the Q are beyond gender. Brief
Peter Parker Spider-Man #56-#57
Age, Male, Gender
Spiderman's foe Sandman is a human made of sand that can move about with the strength of sand (from cement to mud etc. and the ability to reshape his body, like turning his hand into a hammer etc.) Sandman is reformed after being dispersed on a beach for a while as single grains of sand. When Sp ...more
Peter Phillips
Disembodied consciousnesses of a husband and wife take over the bodies of a young couple. During their time as spirits, the wife has become more powerful than her husband, and chooses to take the male body.
Peter R. Emshwiller book The Host
Set in a future where rich people can rent lower class body's. A lower class man gets trapped in a rich woman's body.
Peter R. Emshwiller book Short Blade
Sequal to "The Host". A man trapped in a woman's body leads the revolt against a corrupt society.
Peter W. Prellwitz net fiction Shards - Book One
This is an ebook on which contains a TG theme. John Wyeth has an accident and wakes up in the far future as a teenage girl. He does not realize he's a girl at first and the news is gradually revealed to him. It's more of a mind/soul transplant to a uniquely designed body ...more
Peter Worthing
A boy of 13 years and his friend fantisize about being hot girls for a day. The next morning he finds himself in the body of his hot 18 year old sister. He had a little bit of fun with this body as he wears revealing clothing and has sex with his 13 year old friend.
The character known as the Tall Man kills and reuses corpses. To entice people he appears as "The Lavender Lady". Quite well done. No one knows the connection until the end of the movie. The following link as more details.
Phantasmic Tales
Has a short story arc were the resident witch changes the two main characters into girls.
Phantom Hunter Miko episode Vol. 2
A lot of bodyswaps by usage of pendants in this episode. A perverted old man and a dog, two young women & a young man and a young woman. This happends at a restaurant by the beach. Adult behavior from both sides (not including the dog that just sleeps all the time.)
Phantom Investigators episode Skating the Plank
Casey, the shapeshifting member of the group, transformed himself into a mermaid at the episodes climax in order to distract the spectral pirates attacking his friends.
Phantom net fiction The Flip Side
Q from star trek makes a change in a character from Transformers? warning- very mature story, no kids allowed!
PhD: Phantasy Degree volume 2
At the end of Volume two when they are talking about the next Volume the main person in the books Sang (Female) is shown in a battered outfit and is Male. They say that it may be that the rings that he or she wears may have the power to change his gender.
Phil Jennings
Turns out female Assassin was actually male who swapped his mind into her body. Very brief
Phil of the Future episode Broadcast Blues
This episode starts out with Phil transformed into Keely.
Phil of the Future episode Phil without a Future
In today's episode, "Phil without a future", Phil gives Keely a man's voice in order to pretend to be his guidance counselor from another school. She speaks on the phone to his current guidance counselor.
Phil of the Future episode Pim-cipal
After winning the Principal for a day contest Pim stages a coup hrowing out the Vice-Prinicipal. Phil and Keely become the resistance and use the Wizard to turn Phil into Pim so she can admit her crimes on the closed circuit tv's in the school. When Pim tries to stop them she is morphed into her mal ...more
Phil of the Future episode Stuck in the Meddle with You
Phil and Keely are partners in science and they are doing a lab. Keely notices Grace and Grady working together and Grace has an "I like you" look on her face. Grady is what some would call a nerd and Grace was really pretty, but worked really hard. Keely thinks of a plan to hook them up, but Phil ...more
Phil of the Future episode Versa Day
Phil and Pim are forced to switch bodies due to a large amount of arguing. Airing on June 25, 2005 @ 6:30.
Phil of the Future episode Via, or Me...Uh Tia
Phil introduces Keely to a new girl Via so he doesn't have to do all the girl things that Keely likes to do. Unfortunately, Keely begins to do everything with her and starts to ignore Phil. In one scene, Phil is in the hardware store pooring his heart out to Keely. When he's done however Keely te ...more
Phil of the Future episode Unknown
New Disney Channel show. In the very first segment of the first episode the young daughter uses her Insta-Morph to pretend to be their father. The mother then punishes her by making her do 50 push-ups. The mother then uses the Insta-Morph and we find out it was Phil, the son, the whole time.
Philip Jose Farmer
Gender, Gender
A cop believes he is possessed by his vengeful sister, who was raped and murdered when they were both children. The hero, Paul Eyre, is gradually changing into an alien (a sort of a living flying saucer). In a dream sequence he imagines himself to be a female "leocentaur" (body of a lioness, torso ...more
Philip K. & Nelson, Ray Dick book The Ganymede Takeover
At end of book hero takes over girlfriends body to save the world.
Philip Roth
A man is changed into a giant breast. (does this count as a gender change?)
Phillip C. Jennings book Bug Life Chronicals
An alien switches bodies to better understand the other side. Later we have male to female bodynapping and misc gender switching.
Phillip C. Jennings book Tower To The Sky
Fascinating and fantastical story about the people who live on a tower so tall it reaches into orbit... and then when you cut off the bottom, it spins off into space to take humanity to the stars. (against the wishes of some unpleasant aliens) Generations of living in high, low, or zero gravity ...more
Phillip. K. Dick Dick book The World Jones Made
The Hero's wife goes with another man who can change into a woman. He changes to avoid caputre. very brief.
Philp Jose Farmer book A Private Cosmos
The villain uses a mind-swapping device to take over the hero's girlfriend. Brief.
Philp Jose Farmer book A Woman A Day
The entire story has the protagonist undercover, but at the end his wife turns out to be more undercover than originally suspected - it is not clear if she has been permanently changed because she complains about losing masculine identity.
Philp Jose Farmer book Traitor To The Living
There are two sex changes at the end of the story, both male to female.
Phineas & Ferb episode "Night of the Living Pharmacists"
Gender, Male
A power surge affects Dr. Doofenshmirtz's latest -inator, the Repulse-inator. The targeted victim becomes contagious, simply touching another being will cause that being to also become "repulsive". The plague spreads rapidly, much like a zombie infection in this hour-long nod to Romero's "Night o ...more
Captioned TG photos. A site to submit your own photos and morphs. Also has artwork and animation and is constantly updated.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
Gender, Male
The fifth game in the main Ace Attorney series, taking place a year after Apollo Justice and concerning a "Dark Age of Law" with an increase in false accusations and fabricated evidence. (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Phoenix Wrong: Inspired Justice
Durring one of the scenes, the character Phoenix Wright transforms (with minimal process) into what I believe to be the main female character from the same game. This flash video is based off of the series of flash videos known as Pheonix Wrong, known for its random parodies using sprites from the ...more
Phone italian number 892 892 commercial Unknown
Two gorgeous girls sitting on a nice room, whearing some nice miniskirted dresses. One of them, the blond babe, says: "Ciao, chiamaci e se vuoi daremo i numeri per te. Il telefono.." (traslation: "Hi, call us and if you wish, we'll give numbers to you. The phone.."). At that point some wind bl ...more
Photo Fakir
This is my tg transformation photo site that shows fun pics of bodies with new owners. Access requires yahoo adult registration and approval by site administrator.
Pibgorn issue 2005 March 25
CAUTION - SPOILERS: In one of the final scenes of the most recent ongoing saga of Pibgorn, in which Men In Black and assorted scientists lead by an evil old professor kill the majority of the fairy population (don't worry, they get better, thanks to Pib), the professor, the lead MIB guy, and t ...more
Picket Fences episode Unknown
A pretty school teacher who Carter Pike is dated, is revealed to be a transsexual. She is fired, but her students rally around her.
Piers & Lackey, Mercedes Anthony book If I Pay Thee Not In Gold
A male demon changes sex every time he/she makes love.
Piers Anthony book And Eternity
Last book in the incarnation series. Two women are alternatly changed into men and try to rape each other.
Piers Anthony book Chaining the Lady
A mind swap is used as a method of transport.
Piers Anthony book Crewel Lye
A magical trap switches the hero and heroine.
Piers Anthony book Kill-o-Byte
Piers Anthony is one of those sci-fi authors who can be considered somewhat mainstream but writes "fringe" or "off-the-wall" type fiction. Many of his writings contain sexually charged concepts; the fact that the descriptions are not explicit doesn't take away from how arousing the writings are (in ...more
Piers Anthony book Kilobyte
Chapter 3 has a virtual reality sex switch.
Piers Anthony book Pornucopia
In the first part of the book, Prior Gross meets a succubus who needs to change into a male incubus after she has sex. This character is likely the inspiration for the incubus/succubus character in Anthony's 1993 collaboration with Mercedes Lackey, "If I Pay Thee Not in Gold" (see entry). Porn ...more
Piers Anthony book Unicorn Point
A boy and girl swap bodies. Very brief, at end.
"Pilot - Part 2" episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy
In Part 2 of the Pilot episode, a demonic child is born which can assume any form and uses this ability to prey on the Legacy's weaknesses and desires in order to obtain the four mystic keys they guard. Three out of the four forms he takes are female! First, he appears to the priest as his fian ...more
Gender, Gender
Near the end of the video, Pink morphs into a woman, another woman, then a man with a crazy haircut. In the video, Steven Tyler's face is transposed many times on a leather clad woman... not to mention his taste in wardrobe: when Steven is himself, he's wearing a long green skirt.
Pink Gladiolas
Frequently updated transgendered story site.
Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain Episode Teleport A Friend
Brain has developed a tranporter device and is going to use it to..... duh.... TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Well, of course Elmyra ruins his plans by getting in the way of transporter device and both Brain and Elmyra are merged into the same body...... YES! Brain has control of the hands, while Elmyra ha ...more
Pirates of the Carribian: The Legend of Jack Sparrow
This is quite a good game and the good part is that the voice of Jack is played by Jonney Depp instead of a sound a like! Basically just before Jack and Will are about to be hung for a large sum of crimes, Jack tells the croud why he and Will are in this takes place during the fi ...more
Pirates of Dark Water episode The Dark Dweller
Tula is kidnapped by the Dark Lord - the being responsible for the Black Tide and the expanding Dark Water across the planet of Rule. Ren receives a telepathic vision from Tula and after rescuing her she and Ren escape. After a brief reststop, Tula asks Ren for the Treasures of Rule he carries. Ren ...more
Pixels (2015)
At the end of the movie, Q*bert transforms into a beautiful woman from another (fictional) video game and hooks up with one of heroes. They are later shown to be the parents of several baby Q*berts.
Plasma issue Unknown
Plasma changes from a man into a woman as part of her defensive ability. Very brief 2 panels.
Plastic Man Archives issue Vol. 7
Has one story, "The Homeliest Man in the World" where Plastic Man reveals himself as having been disguised as a beautiful woman in order to stop men from disfiguring themselves in a bizarre scam where the homeliest man wins 10 million dollars. Plastic Man remains in disguise for about three pages.
Plastic Man issue 11
Plastic Man catches the teenage goth girl he adopted (after he killed her vampire stepfather in Issue 10) as she sneaks back into the house at dawn. Plastic Man is disguised as a vanity mirror in her room, but he yells at her as her "reflection." Brief. A lot of body-switching when President Lex ...more
Plastic Man issue 4
In order to scare off a security guard at FBI headquarters, Plastic Man turns into a screaming, nearly-naked version of the female FBI agent who has been dogging him since Issue 2.
Plastic Man issue Easy to Chew, but Hard to Swallow!
A vampire thinks he's about to suck the blood of FBI Agent Morgan, but instead encounters the rubbery neck of her boyfriend Plastic Man. (The real Morgan was taking a shower.) When the vampire then turns into a wolf, he gets a face full of basket courtesy Plastic Man, who morphed into Little Red Ri ...more
Plastic Man issue Eel O'Brien on the Lam
Out May 5th. Can't say whether this'll appear on the inside, but the cover depicts Plas in disguise as a buxom mother pushing a baby version of himself in a pram. Gotta be Plas, after all, how many women wear flesh-colored heels?
Plastic Man issue Plastic Man Archives
In the latest collection Plastic Man impersonates women 3 times. Once to confuse a cop by supposedlyly only transforming his head (2 panels). Once by taking the place of a sexy woman threatened by mobsters (6 panels). And once in order to go on vacation incognito (almost 3 pages but only a few gl ...more
Plastic Man issue Plastic Man Archives Volume 4
In the second story in the collection (originally from Police Comics #41) Plastic Man goes after a shop lifting ring and ultimately captures their leader by disguising himself as a female mannequin. Only 2 panels. I recomend the books merely for the comedy, imagination and Coles improving artwork.
Plastic Man issue Police Comics
Currently out as an archive of the 1st 20 issues from DC. Issues 9,10, & 15 have episodes where Plas shapechanges into a female
Plasticman issue Plasticman Hardcover Collection
In this selection there are two stories with Plas disguising himself as the fairere sex. The first story "The Game of Death" has a long bit where he pretends to be a woman. The last story also has an impersonation but only two panels.
There is a cartoon ad in the Febuary 2005 Issue that has a caption, "I knew you had an Extreme Makeover, but my God, Harold!". The person, Harold, is now a beautiful woman wearing a pink gown with a generous bust.
Playboy issue Unknown
A magician tells a other man that "turning lead into gold is nothing, remember the lad that used to help around the laboratory", and he's gesturing torward a voluptuous girl carring a bucket of water.
Playboy issue Unknown
A scientist starts growing breasts, than changes into a beautiful female. A companion next to him comments "I think we found out why the rats stopped reproducing."
Playboy issue Unknown
A Rodney Dangerfield like head without a body, asks a genie for a body. Something big and sexy like a movie star. He gets a gorgeous woman's body.
Playboy issue Unknown
Father Superior at his desk to a luscious woman in a monk's habit sitting on the other side. "Frankly Brother Dominick, your case seems to be without precedent, but it seems unlikely you can remain a Monk."
Please Save My Earth episode Unknown
A group of teenagers find out they are the reincarnation of some scientists from the moon. One boy is the reincarnation of a woman.
Ploneïs l'Incertain
Point Guardian
An alien machine called The Suppressor, which is originally masculine in form, appears to battle the hero, Ultra. When Ultra fails to defeat it in battle, his friend Clarrisa uses a piece of alien technology to overwrite its programming with her own personality. The Suppressor then takes on a disti ...more
Poison Elves issue Cat's Cradle
An avenging male elf named Lusiphur is transformed into a woman when a spell from a sorceress goes awry. Before the sorceress dies, she tells Lusiphur that the spell is only temporary. "Lucy" is still a woman through issue 38.
Pokemon episode Beauty and the Beach
During a beauty contest James uses a female body suit to enter the contest.
Pokemon Movie 13
In the 13th pokemon movie they introduce Zoroark and Zoroa, the masters of illusion. They are both shapeshifters. Zoroa enjoys turning into anyone he spends time around. He turns into Dawn often, but Dawn finds this annoying. When Zoroa takes Dawns form Dawn prime will pull his tail to make him ...more
Pokemon Movie 9
This Movie introduces a new pokemon, which can, when activated its powers, swap peoples bodies. So where Jesse, James and Mewth.
Pokemon Red Yellow and Blue
Even this cute little game has a little gender change in it... Not really a human man to woman, but using a pokemon like MEWTOO, MEW or MR. MIME with the transform command, you can take the form of your opponent. Some instences you can change your pokemon to the female character opponents. Only ...more
Pokonyan issue Vol. 3
In one story about a boy named Yuu and his magical pet raccoon dog named Pokonyan a "freaky Friday" situation comes about when Yuu complains he'd like to switch places with his overly critical mother. In a puff of smoke Yuu is transformed into his mother and she into him. Yuu quickly convinces her ...more
Polly Steward book Legacy of Aldebaran
Spoilers Included! A group of ordinary men and women aboard a jet airliner are struck by an eerie beam of light from the depths of space. When the plane lands (three thousand miles away from where it's supposed to come down and two days later), only this small group is found aboard, meaning more t ...more
Poltergeist: The Legacy
Female, Gender, Male
"Since the beginning of time mankind has existed between the world of light and the world of darkness. This journal chronicles the work of our secret society, known as The Legacy. Created to protect the innocent from those creatures that inhabit the shadows and the night."
Alien parasite can took over recently dead human bodies. A couple of male and female host bodies.
Pon Un Hombre En Tu Vida
I've seen most of the m2f bodyswap movies and I must say that this one ranks as #1 on my list. In this film, a very macho male soccer coach (Juan Antonio) switches bodies with a very demure female singer (Belinda). The lead characters are both VERY attractive. Especially the female lead. In my ...more
Popeye episode "I Yam Wot Yamnesia"
Wimpy and Olive switch bodies. Very brief, at end.
Popular Mechanics for Kids episode Escape
Tyler think's his co-host Elisha (of 24 fame) couldn't do his job or last a minute as him and vice versa. The two swap bodies, and when they realize they were wrong they try and swap back but can't.
Porshia (or In Porshia)
Thomas is a no-hope poet obsessed with Porshia, a young woman at the office. When one day he literally wakes up inside her head, he begins to experience the life of his fantasy woman from closer than he might like, including when her hunky boyfriend pays a visit. Originally played on the 27th April ...more
Poul Anderson book Operation Chaos
Gender, Were
In part of the book, Steve and Ginny are on their honeymoon when they meet up with a Succubus, a male demon with lust powers, 'living' in a haunted castle. The incubus turns into a beautiful succubus, or female demon, in order to seduce Steve. This part of the novel was actually first published as ...more
Power Girl #10
It is revealed at the end of the issue that Ultra-Humanite has put his brain into (Spoiler Text) Continued in issue #11.
Power Girl #11
Th evil Ultra Humanite has stolen Terra's Body and basically has gone crazy. When Power Girl rather recklessly offers him her incredible body if he will give her young friend back her body he laughs saying he likes the Power in Terra's body better and he is going to use her powers to create earth ...more
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode Olympius Ascends
on the fox saturday cartoons 8-9pm eastern sat... 4 power rangers, 2 boys & 2 girls, are absorbed by Olympius, a powerful monster and he changes into their shapes to infiltrate the base. There was 1 scene with all 4 shapes in a row and 1 with his male ranger form changing into a female ranger s ...more
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episode "Memories of Mirinoi"
Female, Gender
Maya's old friend Shondra appears on Terra Venture. Kendrix's suspicions of her are proven to be true, when Maya finds Shondra stealing the Galaxy Book. (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers Mystic Force episode "Broken Spell"
Gender, Size
An old man asks a group of kids to help find a missing person. Five step forth to help him and become the new Rangers. The transformation shows up when we find out the old man is really the White Ranger/Sorcereress, Udonna. She transforms twice, once each way. There are also several other tr ...more
Power Rangers SPD episode Reflections part 1
In part one the rangers are up against a villain who duplicates (apparently completely) the bodies powers and even voices of prior villains. In his normal form and costume, he's a male with a black costume covering all his features and face. At one point he is split into about six or seven villain ...more
Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive episode "Pirate In Pink"
Rose the pink ranger is possessed by Brownbeard the pirate to help her loosen up and to have fun, calling herself Rosie the Bold. When the ghost finally finds the jewel, he leaves Rose's body and she returns to normal, with no memory of what happened in the past hour.
Power Rangers: Turbo episode Fall of the Phantom
The evil General Havoc captures Cassie, the Pink Ranger, and threatens to turn her to stone unless the Phantom Ranger surrenders himself. The Rangers go to where Cassie is being held in an attempt to rescue her, but during the fighting she's turned to stone. The Phantom Ranger shows up and uses hi ...more
Powerpuff Girls episode Criss Cross Crisis
The ultimate body-swap episode. The whole city of Townesville gets swapped into every conceivable human and animal including plenty of tg, ap and ar. The focus is of course on the girls, Mojo, the Mayor, the Professor and Miss Bellum who all go through a whirlwind of changes so fast you can only c ...more
Ulysses Mauser is just another one of the superpowered students at Wendigo High. A shapeshifter, Ulee had been using his powers to be a "playa": to attract, date, and dump various girls. One day, the comic's main character, Eddie Essex, asks Ulee's help to track someone down: one of their friends w ...more
Practical Magic
Evil Male villain possesses Nicole Kidman near the end.
Predator Island
Alien possesses male and female throughout movie. Possesses two male characters before possessing cute female character for an extended period of time.
Prelude to a Kiss
Beautiful young, sexy bride swaps bodies at her weddng with dying old man. He goes on the honeymoon & she goes back to live with his daughter until they come back. The play is much better than the movie. If you get a chance to see it do. The body swap is not as telgrapher and unlike the movie its no ...more
Prelude To A Kiss
Nervous bride Meg Ryan swaps bodies with an old man on her wedding day.
Pretty Cool!
A guy accidentally gets the power to control other peoples actions. Somewhere in the movie according to the trailer that I have watched, he some how takes over his teachers body. There are more possessions of other people in the movie. I highly recomend it. Even though I have only watched the trail ...more
Pretty Face issue Unknown
This is a humerous manga about a high school student named Randoh. While coming home from a karate tournament he is severly burned in bus accident. No one is able to identify him and lies in a coma for a year. During this time the plastic surgeon uses the photo found on his person to restore his ...more
Priceline Commercial
William Shatner walks in on Priceline's newest spokesperson, Naomi Pryce (who is in a very stylish in a black catsuit) while she is training. He sizes her up on the spot: first in her martial art skills, linguistic, then finally her ability of disguise. Gender disguise appears at the end.
A Prime A issue Unknown
A man takes a sex change medicine and becomes a woman and than gives birth. Her son changes sex every few months.
Prince of Darkness
Produced 1987. With a unclear message sent from the future, warning about anti-God will be returning to Earth in the future, a researcher, couple of priests and a group of students try to prevent that to be happening, but they were the one set the wheel in motion, by accidential unleashed Satan o ...more
Princess Quest
The main character of this JRPG is a young swordsman named Willow who is transformed into a girl so he can make friends with five princesses for the purpose of investigating a theft. This is one of the central premises of the game's story. Based on an audio drama, this game was also released in ...more
The Process
Animal, Gender, Size
Lorekeep's process webpage is back, and better than ever. The process has returned again. This time, it appears to be a collection of art by one artist, as apposed to an expansive collection of art from a multitude of sources. As it is now an independent site, the updates are somewhat slow as th ...more
Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Sqire's Crystal by Jacqueline Rayner
Pertty Silly book in a series based on a doctor who character Legend tells of an evil sorceress who used the power of magical crystals to transfer her mind into the bodies of others. Her reign of terror was long and bloody, and her final defeat the cause of great rejoicing. But that's just a l ...more
Project Sex issue Unknown
Has a character named Sex-Change Girl who can turn into a man.
Promethea issue Rocks and Hard Places
As was hinted at in the text of issue one, one of the previous Promethea's, was a man. This is her story. Also we see Roger of The Five Swell Guys give more hints to his/her story.
The Prophecy: Uprising
Male demon Belial swaps bodies throughout the movie a la the Hidden. Stays in the form of a female nurse for a period of time.
Prophet Babewatch Special issue Unknown
Prophet makes a brief appearence in the past as Joan of Arc.
This so-so horror flick revolves around a bioengineering team's attempts to create the "ultimate adaptable lifeform". The result is nicknamed "Charlie" - an immensely-large creature whose native form resembles a nightmarish cross between a shark and a giant squid. However, it evolves by "absorbing" ...more
Male, Gender
In this video game, Prototype, the player controls a genetically modified man named Alex who has super speed, super strength, the ability to change his arms into frightening weapons and to consume bodies, which allows him to steal the form of those he consumes. Alex can consume anyone, ranging from ...more
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
Age, Female, Gender
"These stories are inspired by the actual case files of the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.)."
Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Towards the end, one of the bosses enters the body of Sarah Slater. He beckons the hero to follow him to save her. Brief
Pterano-Man issue Unknown
Phantom Jungle Girl switches bodies with Cowboy Gorilla.
The main premise of the show was about our protagonist, Yuuta. After some unfortunate events, his soul managed to get detached from his original body, and he must prevent himself from getting excited from seeing panties, or else the world will end. In episode 4 (Spoiler Text) In episode 6 A ...more
Purti Cantik
Animal, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Monster, Size, Age
Indonesian television series featuring an evil witch who can change her appearance, turn people into animals or shrink them. 20 episodes. episodes of interest: 01 - age: old woman becomes younger, animal: woman into turtle and back 02 - inanimate: woman into waggon and back 03 - animal: woman ...more
Put Some Music On commercial iPod Shuffle
A very well done series of transformations in which we see a person's torso and arms only. They will then appear to put on or take off an article of clothing which ends up being the next person. Many of the switches are TG, but there is at least one F-F and M-M each.
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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