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Category: 'Gender'
Naga's Den
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Mythical
This is a very adult orrientated website, has a bunch of tf and tg art, a lot like Aeaei Ranch on Chimera Unlimited. The website of Naga, an artist whose art mostly deals with the antics of an insane sorceress and her garden, but there are many other categories. Most of the art is of the inanima ...more
Nakano Military Prep School issue Unknown
Vazok Gegeben is a 14 year-old girl with a hypnotic power that actually lets her exchange personalities with someone.
Naked Gun 33 1/3
In the movie posters, they show Leslie Neilson's head on Demi Moore's naked, pregnant body.
Naked Lunch
At the end of the movie, Fadela (Monique Mercure) rips open first her shirt, then her breasts apart revealing that it is actually a bodysuit. After splitting the bodysuit in half, we find that inside Fadela was Dr. Benway (Roy Scheider).
Namor issue Unknown
Old man Vyrra has put his mind into the cloned body of Namor's long dead lover Dorma.
Nancy Krulik book Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo series: "Girls Don't Have Cooties"
SERIES PREMISE: In book #1, eight-year-old Katie Kazoo wishes on a falling star that "I wish I could just be someone else!" She should have been careful what she wished for, because now every time a special wind blows by Katie switches bodies with someone near her! THIS BOOK: When Katie goes to a ...more
Nancy Springer
Three people go on an adventure. With magic arts much is accomplished and the three join to have adventures another day. Not in the exact same form, though. I don't want to ruin the surpises in this story, or the ending.
Nancy Springer book Larque on the Wing
Has a middle aged housewife transform into a lithe, muscular gay teenager
Narada enters a lake and is changed into a woman. Lives a life as a woman, then is shown by one of the Gods (possibly Vishnu) that the whole life was just an Illusion.
Naruto episode Absolutely Incomparable! A Hokage-Level Battle!
SPOILER-ALERT!! This is another episode from the most excellent Japanese Anime, Naruto. Near the end of this episode, and at the beginning of the next episode (where they review the previous episode), the Leader of the Hidden Villiage of Sound, Orochimaru, reveals that he is only disguised as the ...more
Naruto Episode Blaze Away Byakugan: This Is My Ninja Way
Naruto transforms into a girl when running away from Sakura after a failed mission. Brief.
Naruto episode I am Konohamaru
Naruto is a new Japanese cartoon series. I've found episodes 1 and 2 translated by the #animeone group on mIRC. server. Episode one has a brief gender Transformation at the beginning, but episode 2 is just overflowing with Gender transformations. If you don't have the mIRC program, ...more
Naruto Episode Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure
Animal, Female, Gender
Naruto agrees to help two members of the Akagi clan get the money Tsunade owes their boss because of her gambling debts. Shizune accidentally receives a letter sent by them claiming to have kidnapped Naruto and, not wanting Tsunade's chances of becoming Hokage ruined by her debts, decides to fix t ...more
Naruto episode Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns!
Another Entry from the Japanese Anime, Naruto. This is a new incident involving Naruto using his ninja technique "Sexy no Jutsu". Jiraiya, the Legendary Hermit (often referred to as "Perverted Hermit" by Naruto), says that he needs sexy babes in order to work. Naturally Naruto responds by using ...more
Naruto episode Please, Mr. Postman
In this episode, you get to observe Naruto's Harem no Jutsu twice. The first is at the hot springs with his sensei Jirayia (mispelled). The second is when Naruto tries to stop the mailmen from delievering the mail (due to Naruto mixing up important documents). A pretty funny episode overall. Worth ...more
Naruto episode Return of Master Jiraya
It starts out with Naruto trying to wake up his trainer. Then this toad sage comes in and is doing "research". He's really drawing nude girls. Well Naruto tries to get him to teach him how to walk on water. Then the guy says ,no. So Naruto says "But you have to train me!" and then the sage says why ...more
Naruto episode The Will of Fire Still Burns
Naruto tries to convince the saddened Konohamaru with his infamous sexy jutsu. It's brief, but worth to watch as Naruto himself becomes embarrassed.
Naruto Episode Tonton! I'm Counting on You!
Mizuki(the man Naruto fought in the first episode) escapes from jail and lures Naruto into a trap by transforming into Lady Tsunade's assistant Shizune. Usual Naruto transformation with the popping sound and cloud of smoke.
Naruto issue Shonen Jump
In the Naruto story he is supposed to make himself look like his male teacher, instead he turns into a naked girl.
Naruto Shippuden the 1 Movie "The Death of Naruto"
In The middle of the Movie there's a transformation on which one of the guards "Taruho" of the priestess "Shion" turns himself into a duplicate of her to save her life. This Jutsu is special because the transformation due to the fact that once you transform in the person you want there is no g ...more
Naruto Shippuden episode 220
Konohamaru harasses Naruto by turning into a buxom brunette (clothed) and when Naruto tries to escape using multiple shadow clones of himself, is pursued by Konohamaru's female form in multiple shadow clones as well (harem jutsu). Episode can be found on Dailymotion, but not yet in English.
Naruto Shippuden episode 422 - 423
Age, Gender
In a two part flashback episode, Naruto returns home and teaches Konohamaru new ninja skills, including rasengan and shadow clone. Konohamaru repeatedly uses his "sexy technique" to master the new skills but realizes he has to step up his game. Another character, Udon, assumes the form of a domin ...more
Naruto: Narutimate Hero
In the game, various characters can perform Naruto's trademark move! Including Kakashi & Sasuke.
National Lampoon issue My Penis
A teenage girl wakes up to discover she has male genitalia.
National Lampoon issue My Vagina
A teenage boy wakes up one morning to discover that he has turned into a girl.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vaction
The SNL and National Lampoon's Vacation star Chevy Chase begins to look out his kitchen window and begins to imagine what his would be swimming pool would look like, first he imagines his happy family enjoying it, then his rude relative (Randy Quaid) turns up, as he waves to Chevy Chase whilst on th ...more
National Lottery commercial Sex Change
Not really the best ever but a guy is talking to another guy on a building site. One says to the other something like "what would you do with the money". Then it flashes to a scene where the guy who asked the question is now a beautiful woman and the other guy has loads of money and a nice car and ...more
Natsume Yuujinchou Season 3 Episode 9
Natsume The main protagonists in the Series has accidentally Brought with him a rock yokai that possesses people just to Know the Secret and body of Natsume, The yokai seemed to possessed girls in this episode, plus there was this festival that the school held and a friend of Natsume's class had ...more
Naughty Bedtime Stories
"Excerpt: From Shannon T. Nutt's Movie Review" "That Witch Is A Bitch" begins with Ava Vincent watching a porno with her boyfriend. When Ava is left alone on the couch, the person in the scene Ava is watching (Holly Hollywood) proclaims "I can eat pussy ...more
Navy: NCIS episode Dead Man Talking
In this episode, a Navy NCIS investigator is murdered, and the show's cast looks into the case he was working on to try and discover why. He had been tailing a beautiful woman that had something to do with a 3 year old case of embezzlement from the Navy. During the stakeout, agent Anthony Dinozzo ...more
NBC Coupling commercial
Female, Male, Gender
NBC's 2003 remake of the BBC series Coupling had a promotional commercial where two characters lie in bed together, and subsequently morph rather adeptly into all the other characters in the show. The camera angles are fairly dramatic, but the morphs are quick. About 10-20 morphs happen in a 15 s ...more
Ned's Newt episode Unknown
Ned's newt, Newton, exhibits his crazy personality and morphing powers(somewhat like The Mask)every time he eats special newt food, Zippo. He regularly does impressions of female (as well as male) celebrities. In one recent show, he did Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall, Geena Davis and Dolly Parton.
Female, Mechanical, Gender
Needless is an anime adaptation of a manga by Kami Imai. In a future Tokyo, the middle of the city has been completely gutted as the result of a nuclear attack and is now known as the Black Spot. Some of the residents of the Black Spot - the "Needless" - have supernatural powers known as "fragme ...more
Negation #26
Female, Gender
Evinlea, a demi-god being from a race known as “The First,” morphs between several different forms to seduce an omnipotent being named Charon. She first turns herself into a brunette, then into a redhead from a harem, then into a male barbarian, and finally into a duplicate of Charon. L ...more
Negima! Volume 13
Male, Gender, Age
Ku:nel Sanders uses his Artifact to turn into Gateau, Takamiechi's sensei (male, age (older)), Eishun, Konoka's father (male), Negi's cousin, Nakane, (gender, age (younger)), and then Anya, this one little girl from Negi's past (gender, age (younger)). (Spoiler Text)
The Neighbor net fiction Unknown
One of Morpheus best stories. An very althetic 14 boy agrees to swap bodies for 24 hours with a 29 year old atractive female scientist. She cuts the grass and plays in his game and he goes out on a date with her boyfriend. Then things go a little wrong. Great ending.
Neil Gaiman
Gender, Gender
Changes is part of fantasy/ghost story author Neil Gaiman's short story compilation "smoke and Mirrors". It is the story of a scientist who creates an anti-cancer drug, available in pill form and completely harmless (unlike conventional chemotherapy) it has one side effect. The so called 'Reboot' ...more
Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett book Good Omens
An angel, temporarily trapped in the netherworld, inhabits the bodies of an Australian Aboriginal mystic, a Hatian Voodun priest, an American televangelist, and a female British psychic.
Neil Gaiman book American Gods
Animal, Gender
At the end of the book when the gods get ready for war, Baron Samedi possesses the body of a goth girl (apperently because she has her own silk top hat). At first she only smokes cigars and acts and talks like a man, but later on Samedi is described as being a huge man with walnut brown skin. Th ...more
Neko de Gomen issue Unknown
A camera that can turn the user into the last thing it photographed, switches the hero and heroine.
Slightly funny sprite comic but with hand drawn sprites. One instance where they are making fun of FF battles and the main person use an attack that turns him into a fan girl. Another part where he teleports with a group and everybody swaps heads. He lands on a girl's body and says that brastraps ar ...more
Neo Mr. Do
This game is the Neo-Geo remake of the Mr. Do series. You play as Mr. Do a clown with a ball who you move around the screen collecting items, power ups and destroying enemies in order to move onto the next level. Two of the power ups in the game are the male and female symbols. When Mr. Do pick ...more
Has a cursed amulet that permanently changes the wearers gender. Also when polymorphing, there is a random chance that your gender changes.
Never Saw that coming...
This entry is marked for deletion - Added in error when I thought I had found the material... until I corrected the formatting and realized that description does not match the story I found ("Diabolical Dynomism" on - I am unable to find "Never Saw That Coming" in any media format with ...more
New Adventures of Superboy issue Dial H For Hero
Boy with magic dial becomes shape-shifting Anybody, then turns into female Naiad.
Wonder Woman episode "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret" Part I and II
In a 2-parter called "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret", Wonder Woman encounters an alien shapeshifter who assumes the forms of a teenage girl, Diana Prince, and Wonder Woman herself in order to trick a young boy into handing over a piece of an alien pyramid-like device its enemies need to complete thei ...more
New Captain Scarlet episode Shape Shifter
In this CGI update to the old Gerry Anderson puppetmation show, the Mysterions take control of f an experimental form of pure attomic matter able to take any form programmed into it. They use it to duplicate Captain Scarlet, and get aboard Skybase. The duplicate can assume the form of anyone he to ...more
the new ice cream mix in happy meals commercial Macdonalds
Very briefly at the end theres a part where a young white boy has the legs of the young black girl next to him and visa versa they quickyl switch back though in a spin effect. The girl is wearing as long dress and the boy is wearing shorts so i thought it was pretty cool lol
New Laugh In episode Unknown
A man went in a door said "change". A Painter paint "sex" on it, and the man came out as a woman.
New Mutants Annua issue Unknown
Impossible Man and Warlock both briefly change into women.
New Outer Limits episode Falling Star
The time travel is done by taking over the body of a person in our time. At one point, 1 of the 2 male time cops sent to catch the woman is in the body of a woman. Short.
The New Outer Limits episode Ripper
Alien body swaps from female to male to taunt "Jack the Ripper."
New X-Men issue Unknown
Professor X's body was taken over by a female villianess. He appears to be possessed but his mind could well be relocated in her body based on some words mumbled by the female before being placed in stasis.
New Yorker Commercial
Man replaces his body with female parts.
NewMen issue NewMen
Another part in the Babewatch epic. Some of the men are transformed during a battle, which causes some momentary confusion, then they all start fighting again. They change back just after the Shepherd makes his appearence.
Nicholas Ifkovits book Strange Change
Teen boy discovers he can make strange changes to his reality, naturally he first changes himself to be able to visit the girl's shower area in school. After a tragedy he becomes a superhero... You can read all about it on this picture of the back cover
Nicholas Yermakov book Jehad
A man's mind is transfered into a woman's body when he is killed and he co-inhabits it with her mind. There is a lesbian scene, and a straight sex scene.
Nick & Jessica Variety Hour episode Private Detective Skit
Early in the hour, N&J do a skit with a 1950's style private detective and his beautiful client. Nick voices over, letting the audience hear his thoughts about the PI biz, but Jessica says her thoughts out loud. She tries to voice over her thoughts again, but voices her thoughts this time as Mr. T. ...more
Nick Pollotta book Doomsday Exam
Magic backflash at end swaps the FBI team (sorta X-Files but with big guns) around. Only for a few pages, no real development and not a major part of the plot. "Chemistry Set"
Go to games, click on clickamajigs, and look for Chemistry Set. Mix the purple stuff with the green stuff
Nickelodeon Magazine issue Unknown
In one Fairly OddParents comic, Timmy wishes that he could be a fairy godparent to his friend Elmer and have him go to the dance, but Cosmo changes him into a Fairy GodMother! 2 Pages.
Nigel Findley book The Broken Sphere
The fifth of the Spelljammer - Cloakmaster Cycle novels has Teldin Moore assuming the form of his lover and second mate Julia after she is killed saving him for an assassination attempt. He does so because she got killed, so in order to flush out the assassins he has word spread that it's him who d ...more
Nigel Findley book Into The Void
Teldin disguises himself as a woman with the use of a magic cloak.
Night Court episode Unknown
Dan has a date with twin Swedish stewardesses, but is unable to go because he has been bitten by Harry's possibly rabid dog. The girls are so impressed by his honesty that they confess that they used to be men. Dan then spends the next hour brushing his teeth. In another episode Harry aquits a ...more
Night Court episode Unknown
The judge faces down a nasty practical joker in a knock down drag out joke fest. The bad guy plays a trick on dan saying "Presto Chango Mammario!" And dan grows a pair of breasts. Dan then says well you can give me breasts but you can't take my..." Then he looks down and screams then runs from the r ...more
Night Court episode Unknown
Dan is excited about his old college buddy's impending visit. Dan is horrified when he realizes his buddy has had as sex change and is now engaged to a man.
Night of the Living Babes
A brothel madam threatens to turn two men into babes (doesn't). Later she turns a sex change ray on herself and becomes a man. Brief, at end.
Night Stand with Dick Dietrick episode "What I Did for Love"
A man transformed himself into a woman to catch the eye of a lesbian. Season 2, episode 31.
Nightmare In Placement by Victoria Abigail Hirschfield
Taylor, a girl in a juvenile placement facility uses a magical ring to switch bodies with her counselor then goes on to take over his life forcing him to live her life and see things from her perspective.
Nightmare Ned episode "Girl Trouble"
Ned Needlemeyer is a young grade-school boy who gets wild nightmares. After being tricked by the bullies of his school into using the girls' bathroom, Ned drifts into a nightmare about what life would be like if he had been turned into a girl. Can he survive the fairer sex? *Nightmare Ned: "Girl ...more
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors
Gender, Male
Freddy tricks Nancy by appearing as her father(whom Freddy recently killed), then stabs her with his glove when she walks into his arms. While a band of gifted young teenagers discover their newfound abilities inside the Dream Dimension, Freddie attempts to "divide and conquer" their little group s ...more
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
Freddy appears as a beautiful woman swimming inside a waterbed to distract one of his victems
A Nightmare on Porn Street
"Eddie" (instead of "Freddie" Kruger) haunts a group of students by having sex with them in their dreams. He masquerades as many people, including a young women, who has sex once with a man, and once with a woman.
A Supernatural serial killer turns himself into Elizabeth Hurley to seduce the hero.
Nightwish music video "Bye Bye Beautiful"
All male band members change to female versions of themselves. Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic/power metal band that is comprised 5 members, all male with the exception of the lead vocalist who is female. In this video, it cuts back and forth between shots of the male members and a female versi ...more
Female, Gender, Animal
In a world where knights and magic coexist with modern science, Lord Ballister Blackheart has been labeled a villain, but prefer to be known as a dissident. Blackheart takes on a sidekick who has her own ideas about villainy. Nimona, a red-haired teenage girl, is a shape-shifter. She can turn in ...more
Nina Hoffman book The Thread that Binds the Bones
One of a family of magicians so angers another that she changes him into a young girl.
Ninja 3, The Domination
A recently slain ninja possess the body of a woman to seek revenge on his killers.
Ninja Fury
Web Comic
Ninja High School issue Lunacy
Yumei the female lead gets taken over by a male demon. There is also an age regression of a teenage boy to a toddler.
Ninja High School V.2 issue Aftershocks
In the final issue of this mini-series Dr. Peachbody(a time traveling dog) changes his human 'pet'/companian Benjy in to a duplicate of Tomorrow Girl to fool Ricky Feeple. Only appears in a few panels.
Ninja Scroll episode Shelter from the Rain
In this one a man Jubei (the hero) kills at the beginning of the episode turns out to be a creature that inhabits people's bodies, referring to the body as a "bag" that contains him. In the course of the episode the creature inhabits two women, a traveller and a lady who has been searching for two y ...more
Ninja Scroll TV episode The Fate of Rengoku
Not sure about this one, as it isn't really a full change. Rengoku has the ability to replace limbs she loses in combat, and when she teams up with another ninja in order to kill her brothers killer. He does so on the condition she lets him have an item jubei (the hero of the show and the killer ...more
Ninmu Nanmu
Magic and alchemy go awry in a concert. There's some nudity depicted, but not much.
Nintendo Adventure Books: book Brain Drain
Mario and Princess Peach swap bodies at some point. You can read it here:
Nip Tuck episode Unknown
Ava Moore played by Famake Jansen a recurring charater from the show used to be a man named Avery Walker
No More I Love You's
Females transform males to girls.
No Ordinary Family episode No Ordinary Brother
No Ordinary Family is about a family who gets superpowers after their plane goes down in the jungle. The episode is about how the family deals with the father Jim's brother but the series has a conspiracy subplot involving the lab where the mother (Stephanie) works and her boss. (Spoiler Text) ...more
No Side
Nobody's Watching episode Lost
In this episode, Will and Derrick are psyched for the new episode of "Lost" and dress up as characters from the show. One of them dresses up as Shannon, and is actually played by the original actress from the show. His voice is dubbed over hers (for most of it). She throws in a number of guy-like ma ...more
Nodwick issue Dungeon #93
This strip originally ran in Dungeon #93 with an adventure called "The Statue Gallery". Nodwick and co. reassemble and revive the (broken) statues of a medusa's victims. Unfortunately, not all statues are complete, so they have to improvise.
A sociologist/photograper who has recently returned to the U.S.A from an extended feild trip in Africa,studying nomadic tribes,becomes restless and starts to follow and photgraph a group of urban nomads(Who are biker types)He becomes obbsesed with the similaritys between the urban and the african n ...more
Non Sequitor issue Unknown
A recurring character, Homer, the reluctant soul, is a soul who has to be forced to be reincarnated. He occationally comes back as a girl named Honor.
Non Sequitur issue 2006 April 30
A guy discovers "Change Personal Options" on his cell phone, and uses it to create a sports car for himself. However, when he tries to create a beautiful blonde babe to go with it, he ends up turning into a female version of himself.
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It
Gender, Animal, Inanimate
In this surreal comic fantasy, both people and objects can be transformed by homonyms, spoonerisms, cliches, and other wordplay. There are a few transformations to and from inanimate objects. One of my favorites involves the 'worst brat' and the twist of a phrase that turns said brat into sausage. ...more
Normal episode Unknown
Adapted from Jane Alexander's stage play "Looking For Normal". Shortly after his 20th wedding anniversary, a Midwestern husband and father comes out to his wife and pastor that he wants a sex-change operation. He is met with disdain and rejection by a lot of his co-workers, friends, and family membe ...more
Norman Spinrad
Novella. Earth has been destroyed and all of mankind is on space ships looking for an earth planet. Technology has advanced so much that people are contected and can not only send mental messages but can 'cross tap' into each other if they have been OKied to do so. IN the sub plot the hero and heroi ...more
Noside:Ikeda? issue Unknown
Male rugby player finds his soul occupying the body of a college age woman. He/she still tries to help his rugby team to win. Her soul is still around too in the body of a male yakuza. The Yakuza is also still around complicating things still further. The sereis is no longer running.
Nostril Picker
A very unlikable character learns how to change shape, at one point he becomes a high school girl.
Not Ninja High School issue Unknown
A Ninja High School parady, that includes a sex-change gun. (only 100 copies in print, might be hard to find)
NothingFace issue Unknown
NothingFace is a graphic novel to be released in November 2004 by Digital Webbing. Jon Novak is a "problem solver" who can morph into people he comes in contact with - but when he "templates" a person, he gains more than their looks. He often gains their memories and experiences. It's fairly ...more
Nurarihyon no Mago, Chapter 38
Gozu And Mezu Infiltrates the Enemy Yokai Headquarters, On Chapter 38 page 11 Mezu Disguises himself as a Girl In order to Fool The Patrolling Yokai. BRIEF
NYX issue #6
This is a new coming coming in March! What if you could become anyone in the world for a day? What would you do? Who would you be? Captain America fighting alongside the Avengers? Bono during a concert in Wembley Stadium? Or how about just a hot cheerleader in the locker room after practice? Mee ...more
NYX: No Way Home #2
Tatiana, the mutant who turns into whatever animal who's blood she touches, finds out that if she comes in contact of another human she becomes that human. (Spoiler Text)
NYX: No Way Home #3
Tatiana again transforming into other humans due to taking in their blood. (Spoiler Text)
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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