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Category: 'Gender'
This short movie is about a male student who wakes up in a gils body. Obviously he knows this girl, because he is on a picture together with her. Later they met each other and swich back to their original form. It's kind of funny, if you speak German like me ;-) here is the link:
Natsuru has a lot on his mind. He's a typical guy thinking about getting a date with his dream girl. Until he wakes up far more beautiful, well endowed, and physically superior to the girl of his imaginations. From the word "Go!", Natsuru is swept into the world of kampfers - fighting femme fata ...more
K3 Mister Kim (2015)
K3 go to San Diego to perform at the Festival of Inventions. They meet up with John Peter who shows them his latest invention, the cell-porter, a tele-transporter that looks like a cell phone. As he tele-transports Kim and X to show how it works, they accidentally switch bodies.
KABLAM! episode Harold's Glow-In-The-Dark Brand Butter
There is a cool show on Nickelodeon on SNICK called KABLAM! It is hosted by two cartoon kids named Henry and June. Henry keeps getting an anvil dropped on him at times, while June introduces the various shows, like "Life with Loopy" and "Action League Now!" One time, Henry and June discover they ...more
Kagami no kuni no ritoru issue Unknown
Saw this on a Japanese web page... I haven't read the comic myself The author is Akira Kagami. Nobu, the main character follows cat into the mirror, where everything is different. Among other things, there are only girls there, and the Nobu changes as well.
Kaito Kid
Male, Gender
Kuroba Kaito is a high school student who also happens to moonlight as the infamous theif Kaito Kid. He has his own series, Magic Kaito, created by Detective Conan creator Gosho Aoyama. However ever since the debut of Detective Conan chapters have been irregular. However, Kid himself appears fairly ...more
Kamen Rider Cho Den-O Trilogy: Episode Yellow
In the third of the Kamen Rider Cho Den-O trilogy films, Episode Yellow, Daiki Kaito breaks out of the Time Police's prison and attempts to flee on DenLiner (a train that can travel through time.) Kurosaki, the agent who arrested him, is waiting inside DenLiner's dining cart, so Daiki disguises ...more
Kamichu! episode Unknown
Episode 2 "Please God" Episode 3 "Oh no, this is not what I wanted!" Yashima-sama a local god briefly possesses one of the girls twice in episode 2 and twice in episode 3. Usually so that he can talk to the other girls who can't see him. One time he did it to play the Guitar in front of an audie ...more
Kandis Elliot
Gender, Gender
Trapper Ramant, a galactic investigator for the Throne World, is sent to investigate an unusual murder on Vonar, a planet of hermaphrodites. Interrogator Regal Ket must unlock the secret of the Halian's ambassador, who is paralyzed and irreparably brain-damaged. Transformation is brief, at end.
Kanzi Sasete Baby issue Unknown
A mad science teacher changes the lead male into a female as a science experiment.
Kanzi Sasete Baby issue Unknown
A boy is split into two people, one male and one female.
KAOS Reunion episode Unknown
As part of TV Land's Get Smart marathon, they airing comedy shorts between episodes that features old villains from Get Smart having a reunion. In one segment, Siegfried (Bernie Koppel) asks Dr. Zarko (Tom Poston) to introduce him to a sexy young woman in a red dress smoking a cigar. Zarko says it i ...more
Karen Cushman book The Midwife's Apprentice
At one point, Alyce threatens a group of boys picking on her that she would use a magic cordial to turn them into women ( even though it was raspberry jam )
Karen Haber
A female scienist, copies her personality into a male cyberspace body. She's looking for a simulation of Michelangelo she created.
Karen Haber book Crossing Infinity
Corilanus, a fugitive from a civil war on another planet, comes to Earth to try and hide out among typical American teenagers sometime in the near future. Like all of the people on his home world, Cory has the ability to Phase - change between male and female at will. Can he build a new life on Ea ...more
Karl Edward Wagner
A man who dresses as a woman to whore meets up with satanic cult. The creature they called up from hell starts to ravage him then realized his sex. When the man wakes up he's now really a female as his fake breast have become real.
Karl Hansen book Dream Games
8 year old twins Craig and Christopher are taken by "Lady Blue" and transformed.
Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl
Manga about a boy who, after his last rejection of a date by a cute girl, goes into the mountains of Japan to look at flowers. However, joyriding aliens crash into him, on the mountain, on Earth. In response to accidentally nearly killing him (and starting intergalactic incident by killing a 5th ...more
Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl episode TV series
A relatively new anime series (Only on its second episode), but a boy, after being rejected by the girl he likes, goes to the mountain where he met her. Then an alien spaceship crash lands, of all places, exactly where he's standing. His body's destroyed, but the aliens regenerate it... Except it ...more
Kasumi Lady Ninja
One of the enemy assassins is a contortionist who is able to use that to disguise himself as a little girl.
Katanagatari Episode 1
Ninja turns into the female protagonist. Unlike most transformation, this ninja can only transform himself, not his clothes. He has to change in to the female protagonist's outfit.
Kathy's Caps
This website has several pictures with caps and others to be cap by the community. Gender transformation as main, but also other type of transformation available. Just created and trying to grow.
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo
Kids book--It is a series of books where Katie switches places with someone. In book 4 she switches with a boy. Girls Don't Have Cooties #4 Katie Kazoo Switcheroo Nancy E. Krulik - Author John and Wendy - Illustrator Katie has plans to go to Suzanne's all-girl sleepover party, but ...more
Kazar the Savage issue Unknown
Lord Belasco appears as the High Priestess Wend in order to trap Kazar and his bride.
I was just watching VH1 and saw the new Keane video, it's just the three guys singing against a white backround. Then the camera would pan off certian members and when it panned back they were someone different. There were now on screen changes, only implied. Changes included an Aboriginal man, a ...more
Kedamono Damono
A teen couple with a problem. Haruki is a boy by day and a real pervy girl by night! I guess that could be a problem... In 2 volumes, the first goes on sale early 2007 In English: Vol. 1 ISBN 978-1-59816-823-5 (March 13, 2007) Vol. 2 ISBN 978-1-59816-851-8 (July 11, 2007) In German: V ...more
Just a new tg caption site that I found that is alot of AR/TG as well as normal. It just started so read the summary on teh group.
Keith Laumer book Time Trap
The hero and heroine switch bodies.
Kelley Eskridge
A vampire/actor auditions on one day as John the Baptist, but returns the next day as a woman to audition for the title role of Salome.
Kelly's Heroes: Mission American Pie
Saw this on mIRC. It was only a clip with the transformation but I am very interested in seeing the entire movie. Enemy leader is captured by Kelly's Heroes and they use a serum to make him into a women. One of the leader's former subordinates then takes him/her prisoner and has his way with her.
The Kenney Everett Show episode Unknown
Kenney is a fairy that flies around 'spreading beauty wherever he goes'. The sprinkled fairy dust turned whoever it touched into beautiful women, lavishly dressed. It's actually cross-dressing, rather than Gender change. It's on YouTube under the name: A Big Chunk Of The Kenny Everett Video Sh ...more
Kenritsu Chikyuu Boeigun episode Unknown
Cyborgs Sanchin and Yuuko emerge from the pods that grew new, fully human bodies for them. Unfortunately, they got put into the wrong pods, and switched genders.
Kent: Music non-stop
Male, Gender
In the US version of this video by Swedish band Kent (not the European version), the band are in a boring featureless studio and start to play the song. As the song progresses the band slowly change into new forms. All are originally male, two change into different guys, but the drummer and singer ...more
Kevin Andrew Murphy
Gender, Animal, Gender
Newest Wild Cards book. In the last short story Jerry Strauss makes an appearence in female form. Not totally sure if I got the title right. Only seen it in the bookstores. A lot of transformations in this one. Beads which are supposed to protect people from sorcery have been cursed so they c ...more
Kevin J. Anderson
Author Kevin J. Anderson needs a description here.
Kevin Jr. O'Donnell book Reefs: The Journeys of McGill Feighan Book II
Hero is Telepath who must use female companions body for an escape sequence. Fairly brief, at end of book.
Keystone Beer commercial Rachel Hunter Potion
Animal, Female, Gender
Ralf invents a spray that turns ordinary beer into keystone and anyone into Rachel Hunter. He uses it on his dog, his nagging boss, and his neighbor Burt.
Kidd Video episode Chameleons
The copy cats, one male one female, use a machine to turn into into pretty human teenage girls in order to trap Kidd Video's friends.
The Kids Aren't Alright
This video has the lead singer change apperances to one form to another, changes into females. Its been ou since 1998 I cant believee its not up here yet.
Kids in the Hall episode Unknown
In a weird sketch, a boy tells his parents he wants to become an (east) Indian woman. He begins dressing for the part and marries an Indian man. He apparently does become a woman, because he gives birth to a son (his reincarnated father, who had a heart attack when his son told him the news).
Kids in the Hall episode Unknown
The devil during a rock and roll musical duel takes the form of a beautiful woman to off balance his opponent. And believe it or not they used a real woman.
Killer 7
In this game for gamecube (not released yet) by the creator of resident evil. You play as a man with 7 personalities .... and one of that is Kaede Smith, a woman that control a powerful virus ... images of her (i think) - http://www ...more
Killer Bash episode Unknown
Becky Jeckyl, a college student, gets possessed by a guy who was killed by his frat brothers when she puts this certain ring on her finger. Using her body, he kills members of that fraternity. Currently airing on the "here!" network. Apparently it is a network aimed toward gay/lesbian audiences.
Killer Instinct
Male, Gender
Spinal, a male skeleton, can turn briefly into his current opponent, who may be male or female. There are glitches in the game using codes that will allow this change to remain into the next battle.
Killer Party
Ghost of male college student possesses female sorority member. She kills most of the cast by the end of the party.
Kim Possible Cine-manga Vol. 3 book Mind Games
Part 2 of the digest sized manga book adapts the cartoon episode "Mind Games" where Kim and Ron swap bodies in a straitforward adaption of the animated episode.
Kimagure Orange Road episode I'm a Fish I'm a Cat
Animal, Gender
Kyosuke, his sister Kurumi, and his grandfather switch bodies between the three of them. Brief. As you might have guessed by the title he also body swap with a fish and later a cat.
Kimi No Kimochi, Boku No Kokoro
A Japanese Playstation one game where the main character possesses the bodies of many young girls. Check out the links for more info!
Kimi no na wa
The film's plot follows a high school girl in rural japan named Mitsuha Miyamizu along with a high school boy in Tokyo named Taki Tachibana. For what at first appears to be for no reason, the two begin to switch bodies unexpectedly. The switch happens on completely randomized days, beginning once t ...more
"Kinda" episode of Doctor Who
The Mara, appears as a man, possessed Tegan's body while she slept under a wind-chimes, leaving a snake tatoo on her arm. Later she met a man and transferred Mara from her body to his.
"Kindred" episode of Heroes
Female, Gender
Candice changes her appearance and name because the police are looking for her previous form. (Also because of the fact that Missy Peregrym, who played Candice, is on another show.) Her name is now Michelle and she takes care of Sylar, who is not dead. She tries to help him heal because he is po ...more
Kindred: The Embraced episode The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori
Assamite shapeshifting assassin Marissa can take male shapes, including Kindred prince Julian Luna or his bodyguard Billy.
King Arthur's Disasters episode King Guinivere
Merlin's magic goes awray. The king switchs bodies with Guinivere. They must then find the slamming book of Cheshire to change them back.
King Crab: Space Crustacean episode Unknown
This item was featured on Cartoon Network's "What a Cartoon!" show back in 1999. It's basically a parody of any 1950's/60's science fiction series you can think of. The animation and style is very much like a John K. cartoon (like Ren & Stimpy). In the episode, the youngest crewmember of King Cra ...more
King's Quest 6: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Actually a video game. The genie controlled by the villain takes on the guise of three women in the game(it normally appears male). First is as an old woman, second time as a winged princess, and third as the princess your character is trying to rescue.
Kingdom of Loathing
Kingyo no Fun episode Unknown
A couple switch bodies during sex two days before their wedding. They decide get married away and take on each others identity. the movie shows their lives afterward. I've seen part 2 and 3. Roughly an hour long each part. parts 1, 4, and possibly five should have been shown as well in the lat ...more
Kingyo no Fun volume 1-5
A Japanese manga which also became a live action miniseries. A couple switch bodies during sex two days before their wedding. They decide get married anyway and take on each others identity.
Kirsten Imani Kasai book Ice Song
Sorykah Minuit lives in a world ravaged by environmental problems and genetic mutation. She and her two children are "Traders," people who can switch gender suddenly. Sorykah is different from other Traders in that she is not sterile (as evidenced by her children) and that her change to her male ...more
Kisaragi Maru Kitan issue Unknown
Long ago an arrogant young warrior named Maru Kisaragi was transformed by a goddess into a woman and imprisoned in a cave.
The Kiss
Female, Gender
A new film from Mako Pictures, Coming in 2004. 3 Friends are about to have an encounter that will change one of them forever. Using a low-budget with makeup effects, The Transformation looks incredible. The Trailer is on The website, as is cast and crew bios and other information ...more
Kiss That Frog
Gender, Animal
A frog wants to get kissed by a girl to turn into a prince. She doesn't want to kiss him. When he tells her he will turn into a princess instead she agrees to kiss him.
Kiteretsu Daihyakka issue Vol. 2
It appears Fujiko F. Fujio has beat out quite a number of people in the creation of the "boy genius" phenomenon most familiar to us through Dexter's Laboratory and Jimmy Neutron. This particular collection of stories dating back to the mid 1970's has Kiteretsu at one point creating a cap for himsel ...more
Kitty Pryde Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1
In this mini series, Kitty(Shadowcat) is recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. to solve a computer problem they have on their Helicarrier. This is a trap for Kitty set by mystic ninja master Ogun in order to get Kitty into his grasp. He turns himself into Kitty in order to phone Wolverine and lure him into a ...more
Knight Online
Gender, Gender
Yet another little wibble with this game-- A female elven NPC stands just inside the gate of the main town. Oddly enough, she is named Isaac and referred to as a 'he' in your journal entries. Most likely a typographical error since the game is a malaysian game, but cool none the less. There is a b ...more
Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated issue Let the GM be a Lady
KODT Illustrated re-tells the adventures originally published in Knights of the Dinner Table, but this time it's from the perspective of their HackMaster role-playing game characters (rather than the group of people controlling these characters around a gaming table). In this issue Zayre gets fe ...more
Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated issue Taking out Bobarello
Adventures of a group of Role Playing characters presented as really happening. In this adventure the 3 male leads are splitting the loot with the lone female. She gets tossed a scrap after complaing about her share not being equal. This Scrap turns out to be a "rod of male gender bending: transf ...more
Kochikame episode I'm Reiko and I'm Ryou-chan
In this episode, Ryoutsu and another officer (the attractive Reiko) get their bodies changed into one another's after having their picture taken in a photo sticker booth made by a bizarre scientist. The change back shows that they didn't just bodyswap, but rather their bodies actually had change ...more
Koko Wa Greenwood issue 4th Wide Volume
This comic takes place at a boys' school. In one story (tenkoku e no hatsugodan), the dorm president Hasukawa slips into an alternate reality where it's a girls' school, and all of the major characters have switched genders.
Kokoro Connect
(Info gathered from Wikipedia, apparently originally from promotional publicity:) The story involves five high school students, Taichi, Iori, Himeko, Yoshifumi and Yui, who are all members of the Cultural Research Club. One day, they begin experiencing a phenomenon in which they randomly swap bo ...more
Kore #3
At the end of the comic a woman is about to be raped by three men when a wizard comes in and turns the leaders two friends into women. breif only one pannel.
Korgoth of Barbaria episode #1 - Pilot
A sword and sorcery cartoon comedy/drama on the Cartoon Network. The animation is just OK but the women are drawn really hot. Korgoth is a Conan clone who moves from adventure to adventure. In the pilot episode he is tasked to steal an artifact from a wizard. After the confrontation between the ...more
Korgoth of Barbaria episode Pilot
This is a duplicate entry and is now marked for deletion - cj 2007nov26 in an episode of the cartoon network's adult swim series, Korgath is ransacking a wizards floating castle when his new girlfriend (rescued during the trek to the castle) walks in and is killed by the elderly wizard. When Ko ...more
Age, Gender, Animal
Aravanan, who was to be sacrificed to help win the Mahabharata war, didn't want to die a virgin and so, on the night before he was to die, he married Lord Krishna who took on the form of the female Mohini. Staying a woman for thirty days after to moan him as a widow. this is celebrated anually at ...more
Kristina net fiction Murlaxes
Murlaxes Productions (The Movies) Countless number of short stories I have created using the "The Movies" engine. All movies contain a male to female gender transformation. Ranging from Vampiress viruses, a futuristic Sisterhood, and even Santa Claus. List of movies: PROTON Nights Nig ...more
Kristine Katherine and Anderson, Kevin J. Rusch book Afterimage Aftershock
"Afterimage Aftershock" is actually a pair of novels about a mysterious clan of shapechangers who live in the mountains above Santa Cruz, California. They change shape involuntarily whenever a violent death occurs nearby, usually to different person of the same gender. In the first novel, however, ...more
Kristine Kathryn & Anderson, Kevin J. Rusch book Afterimage
Woman takes the form of her male killer.
Kristine Kathryn Rusch book The Black Queen
Dead great grandfather of current Queen possesses the Queen's body forcing her out into sharing a friend's. At least one sequel, "The Black King"
Krrish 3
Gender, Female
Krrish 3 is the third in a series of Bollywood movies about Krishna Mehra, whose alter ego is the masked Indian super-hero Krrish. In this movie, Krrish must fight an evil genius Kaal (who is also Krishna's brother) and a group of super-powered henchmen (rather similar to the X-Men's Brotherhood o ...more
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode Shifu's Ex
Gender, Animal
Master Shifu and Mei Ling swap bodies by the Zhou Deng Soul Gem.
Kung Phooey
Towards the end of this straight-to-DVD title, the old master is shown kissing one of the bad guys. Upon further inspection, it's actually the female villain wearing a mask. Brief.
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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