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Category: 'Gender'
B-52's song "Debbie"
An older video - but singers switch singing lead... Also bodies switch heads, torsos, and legs between genders briefly like tumblers in a slot machine. VERY BRIEF
Babewatch Event
As part of a crossover all male character from Image's Extreme studio become woman for one issue. ===Comics=== *Brigade #27 (Planned, never released) *Chapel #4 *Glory #8, 13, 14 *Knightmare #7 (Planned, never released) *Newmen #20 *Prophet Babewatch Special #1 *Supreme #36 (Brief, at end ...more
Backlash #8
Stormwatch's Diva asks Backlash for a favor: take out Daemonite lord Helspont. But it's all a set-up, as Diva is later revealed to be Mr. White in disguise.
Backstreet Boys song "The Call"
In this video, All of the guys are after this one girl. Near the end, she disguises herself as Howie using a body suit. Brief change.
Bad Girls from Mars
More of a B comedy than a porno, it's revealed at the end that the sexy female murderer used to be a man.
The Badge
Billy Bob Thornton Stars as a Sheriff in a small town he is trying to find out the killer of a atractive model left for dead in a swamp it is found out that the model was a man. and had a wife who may or may not be a transgender.
Badger #40-#41
An ex-nazi has a sex-change and becomes a nun.
Bai fa mo nu zhuan II
With elements of Romeo and Juliet. Its a combination of Epic Fairy Tale and Kung Fu film. An Evil gang or clan is led by very evil male AND female Siamese Twins! They have magical powers and can ( I guess) cast an illusion spell to look like other people. I think it is an illusion not a real tr ...more
Baldur's Gate
Cursed Belt that will change the gender of any character that you place it on. Can only get it off if you have remove curse or see a cleric.
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
The cursed girdle of gender (or of masculinity/femininity) can be obtained in this game. (Only by using a cheat) Which when worn switches the gender of it's owner, and cannot be removed/reversed unless casted with a remove curse spell or the character is killed. Also there is a side quest in the ...more
Bar Karma - Episode 104 "Double Blind"
Science Fiction on Current TV - similar to Nightmare Cafe Episode description - In 2017, a beautiful Brazilian woman arrives at Bar Karma with a mysterious device...but when it's destroyed, it could mean the difference between life and death. Marisol is not Enrique's killer - she is Enrique a ...more
Barrington Bayley, author. "It was a lover and his lass", title
a story in the book Strange Pleasures, edited by Sean Wallace. the story begins on page 98. In it, two lovers are 'treated' to a gift from a god, and have their bodies exchanged from the neck down. They encounter others who have been gifted with other changes, including a hermaphrodite and a c ...more
Barry Pain book An Exchange Of Souls
Gender, Gender
Hippocampus Press will be reprinting this Edawrdian piece in July. By all appearences it has not been in print since 1911. It involves a scientist who invents a machine to switch souls and end up trapped in his bride to be. Reprinted from H. P. Lovecraft's private collection
Barry Yourgrau
Brief, three-page story about a suburban family where the father has mysteriously changed into a beautiful blonde woman. The son eventually changes into one too.
Batgirl #13
Gender, Male
Clayface infiltrates Gotham City Bank & Trust looking to make a sizable withdrawal. There's just one problem: waiting in line at the bank is Stephanie Brown - Batgirl! But when Clayface begins morphing into different people, Batgirl must hold the entire bank hostage until she can uncover and stop h ...more
Batgirl Annual #1
Gender, Female
Aruna Shende, who was born into the lowest caste in India - the "untouchables," is one of the top stunt and special effects people in Bollywood. She's also a shapeshifter who takes several male and female forms in the issue. While Aruna's primary form is female, she mentions in the backup origin s ...more
Batman & Harley #4
While Batman tries to convince Ivy to go straight, they walk past Clayface's cell. Clayface is dubious that Ivy can pull off living a "normal" life and mocks her by taking her form. 2 panels.
Batman '66 #23
Monster, Gender
===The Groovy Grave of Solomon Grundy=== *Also Available as digital Batman '66 #58 *Cover Date: April 15, 2015 The story begins by telling the origin of Solomon Grundy, a man, Cyrus Gold, that has died and was brought back to life by a magic potion. ===The Final Form=== *Also Available ...more
Batman and the Outsiders #2 (2007)
Gender, Mechanical
Not quite sure how to classify this brief TF. An unnamed naked blond (who appeared in a single panel in Issue 1) embraces Mr. Jardine in his Brussels mansion after he gets the bad news about the Outsiders' break-in at his company's Central City labs. In the next panel, the blue arms around Jardine ...more
Batman and the Outsiders Annual #2
Chemical mimic Steven briefly assumes the form of Sapphire Stagg in order to trick her father and Metamorpho.
Batman Beyond episode Out of The Past
This episode goes back into the Batman history and bring back Ra's Al Ghul. Though out the episode his daughter, Talia, who hasn't aged convinces Bruce to return to the Lazarus Pit and bring back his youth. (Spoiler Text)
The Batman episode The Joining: Part 1
Male, Furry, Gender
Batman sneaks into detective John Jones' apartment, and he catches the Martian Manhunter changing his face to match those he sees while flipping TV channels, including men, women, and even a cartoon dog. His body (human male) remains the same, however. Later, the Manhunter briefly disguises himse ...more
The Batman episode Clayface of Tragedy, Part 2
A special chemical putty from the evil villain Joker turns an ex-policeman into Clayface with the ability to become anyone. He learns to use this ability, impersonating a female detective to get close to the police chief. (I did not catch all of this episode from a relatively recent animated Batman ...more
The Batman episode Strange Minds
In order to find out where the Joker has hidden detective Ellen Yin in another one of those cliched time-running-out death-traps, both Batman and Dr. Hugo Strange enter the Jokers mind. The joker assumes various guises in which he's still as ugly as ever, including a woman and her baby, yet it's Ba ...more
Batman issue 626
This entry is marked for deletion - no transformation. This disguise is not passed-off as anything but a disguise, no characters would think that this was a transformation - cj 2007nov15 Robin (Tim Drake) has to sneak into a morgue to get tissue samples of a corpse. The best way to do so is po ...more
Batman/Deadman: Death and Glory
Deadman possesses a female police helicopter pilot.
Batman: The Animated Series episode Mudslide
Clayface impersonates a female doctor to steal an ingredient he needs to sustain his powers.
Batman: Gotham Adventures #51
From DC's website plot synopsis - Mr. Freeze is sprung from Arkham by Nora (the ex-wife he never got over) to formulate the compound that might return him - and the life they once shared - to normal. But love is blind. (Spoiler Text)
Batman: The Animated Series episode Feat of Clay II
Clayface, formerly an actor who is a victim of a cosmetic drug overdose, fakes his death and is last seen as a beautiful woman. Brief, at end. He also disguised himself as an overweight woman in a studio audience earlier on the episode.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode The Criss Cross Conspiracy!
The episode with a flashback to Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson) fighting the Riddler, when Batwoman shows up. It turns out she's a bit roguish and Batman admonishes her for putting innocents in danger while thrill seeking. The Riddler unmasks her and reveals her to be Katrina Moldoff, the heiress ...more
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again #2
Gender, Inanimate
Plastic Man is part of the team of heroes Batman recruits. When they first release him, he changes into the form of a car, and then changes into the form of a woman. Very brief. Of note, this image of Plastic Man as a woman appears on the back cover of the Graphic Novel reprint.
Battlestar Galactica episode End Credits - Studio Identification
During the end credits when the studio producing the show displays their logo and name they have a little film type id. Every week their two guys do something different. This week one of the guys said 'This will shock you' and a light bulb came on over his head. Then the other guy says 'Oh yeah?' an ...more
Battlestar Galactica issue Apollo's Journey #3
In Issue #3 of this recent Galactica miniseries, Cmdr Apollo is thinking of his deceased wife - Serina - who died in the TV series shortly after the Galactica's quest for Earth began. Suddenly, she answers his unspoken thoughts and appears before him. She tries to comfort him by telling him that the ...more
Batwoman Annual #2
Gender, Inanimate
Clayface has been working with Batwoman and her team. They find themselves in a Medieval Gotham City, and need to blend in, so Clayface becomes a robe and fan to help disguise Kate while she goes out for food and supplies. Part of their conversation Kate tells Clayface to keep his eyes on her, and ...more
Baywatch Nights episode Possessed.
Gender, Male
A killer(male) was killed in a multi-car accident. He was able to possess those involved in the accidents, including one of the Baywatch babe (Donna D'Errico as Donna Marco)
BBC Digital 8 commercial BBC
An advert for some added cable channels. In it, a family is sitting around the kitchen having a meal when the daughter suddenly pulls off her head like a mask revealing a man underneath. Of course, he's describing the new cable service. This continues on with the son and the mother while the fath ...more
Be Free! issue Unknown
Interesting story of a male who turns into a female superheroian who gets into sexual, action adventures.
Beast Boy #1-#4
Animal, Female, Gender
The Beast Boy mini-series from DC was the debut of Gemini, a shapeshifter who claims to be the daughter of the late Madame Rouge of the Brotherhood of Evil. Gemini frames Garfield Logan a.k.a. Beast Boy for murder in the first issue, and actually assumes his form (and various animal forms) in the ...more
Beast Machines episode Unknown
After the success of the Maximal spy Rattrap's latest invention - a device which emits Maximal energy signatures thus deceiving the enemy Vehicons into attacking each other - he upgrades the emitter with a holo-chip which projects an image of a random Maximal over whatever robot it's affixed to. To ...more
Beastmaster episode Endgame
Underworld king possesses Trina in an effort to trick Dar into handing over a valuable artifact.
The Beatles cartoon I've Just Seen a Face
During a recording session, Ringo's voice is hoarse so the other Beatles take him to a haunted house to "Scare his voice back". While in the haunted house a mophead lands on Ringo's head and he is covered in flour and appears feminine. He sees himself in a mirror and becomes infatuated with the ...more
Beautiful Boxer
Based on a true story. A story about a male Thai Kick Boxer that wants to become a woman. Spoken in Thai with English subtitles.
Beauty and the Breast
a partial transformation men getting breasts can be found at
Beauty for Sale commercial Unknown
In the end of this ad directed by hollywood director david fincher, to show how much fake is the beauty of the models, they show lots of models taking of "bodysuits" to show their true form and some of girl models are male. It isn't a transformation, BUT its a VERY good "bodysuit" and its directe ...more
Beavis and Butt-Head issue The Butt-Files
In the graphic novel The Butt-Files, which tells about paranormal phenomenon from the viewpoint of our two favorite retards, has several TG references. One has Beavis being cursed into a little girl and another where, as Agent Scully, he wants to hurry home to see if his boobs are real. Thereare oth ...more
Becker episode He Said She Said
An old friend tells his friend to look up Dr. Becker. It turns out that the friend is a woman. After going on several excursions he proclaims her the perfect woman, only to find out that it is really his friend who had reassignment surgery.
Poser animation of a guy transforming into a woman and then changing into other women.
Bedazzled (1967)
Gender, Male
Stanley is a short order cook, infatuated with Margaret, the statuesque waitress who works at Whimpy Burger with him. Despondent, he prepares to end it all when he meets George Spiggott (the devil). Selling his soul for 7 wishes, Stanley tries to make Margaret his own first as an intellectual, then ...more commercial Virtual Bartender 2
Remember the sexy virtual bartender who you had to write commands to follow your orders? it is back!!! And with a really beautiful friend!!! Check it out at net fiction Virtual Bartender
type in "become man"
Behind Blue Eyes
Toward the end of the video, he is locked in a plexi-glass cell. The impression is that he is in a mental ward. A pretty black woman doctor enters the cell and the door locks. They kiss. During the kiss her body transforms into his and his transforms into hers. He is now a she in gown and she is now ...more
Being John Malkovich
Various people, including some women, enter a portal which allows them to see, hear, and feel what actor John Malkovich sees, hears, and feels. A woman is in Malkovich when he has sex with another woman. Love triangle (square?) develops between a man, his wife, and a woman he chases, via ...more
"Being Tom Baldwin" episode of The 4400
Agent Baldwin is accused of murding a 4400 suspect and he claims he didnt do it even though there are a couple of winitsis. It turns out that the real killer is a 4400 who can make people beliieve he is someone else. Through the episode he makes himself look like coworkers and others.
Being with Juli Ashton
When an aspiring pornographer finds a portal that slips him into the mind of whoever is having sex with Juli Ashton, he experiences a world he never thought possible. Excited about his discovery he convinces his wife to take the plunge and do Juli, too. So begins the quest of who does Juli best.
Being You
"Basically, a couple buy gifts for each other for their 1 year anniversary, but instead receive identical black rings that make them switch bodies, like a freaky Friday sort of thing."
Bell Express View commercial Unknown
It's Christmas and the little boy starts singing "Mon beau Sapin". The older brother take the remote he got as a gift and start changing channel toward his brother. The brother become an axe murderer. The father takes the remotes and try to bring back his kid. The kid becomes, an Extra-terrestrial, ...more
Belphegor - Le Fantome du Louvre
Egyptian demon Belphegor possesses Lisa (Sophia Marceau) in order to attain items necessary for his passage into the "next" world.
Bendu Monk's page
Benny Hill episode Unknown
An instant change machine turns an old woman into Benny, and later turns him into a young woman.
Bernard Werber book "Le Souffle des Dieux"
One of the heroes, a rabbi named Freddy Meyer is lead into a trap by the Muses. A little later, he returns in the shape of a Muse to help his/her friends.
Bernhardt Hurwood book The Invisibles
Brief episode where male protagonist possesses young girl's body.
Here's something I happened across. It appears to be a very low-budget m2f bodyswap film. I'm providing a link so you can all check it out. The site has a synopsis and also some screengrabs. I've ordered my copy just because I'll take ANYTHING with either m2f or f2f bodyswaps. I'll write a ...more
The Best of Fever Pitch issue The Marvel Family
If Marvin and Margie Marvel both say "SH-BOOM" at the same time and switch bodies (but not heads).
Beware the Creeper #2
Gender, Male
In this issue Jack Ryder(aka The Creeper) encounters his arch-nemesis, Proteus. A couple issues later it is revealed that Proteus is a criminal who took a secret formula which turned his body totally malleable. He pretends to be The Creeper, and also Jack Ryder(among others), and also for about a ...more
Bewitched episode Samantha Loses Her Voice
When Samantha says she can't speak for Darrin, uncle Arthur plays a joke by switching her voice with Darrins. But he's then unable to switch them back.
Bewitched episode Tabatha's Cranky Spells
Samantha assumes the form of a client's dead Uncle.
Bewitched episode Unknown
I saw this episode where Samantha plays tricks with this one guys head by causing him to see her rather than the person in his presence. I really don't know if this is an illusion, a bodyswap, or a transformation of the people involved. It's basically Elizabeth Montgomery all of a sudden being in ...more
Beyond Re-animator
This was a SciFi Channel original movie. A sequel to the Reanimator movies. In this film a very sexy female journalist is killed while doing investigative research at a maximum security prison. The Re-Animator, Doctors Herbert West, is an inmate there. A young doctor (recently hired as the prison d ...more
Bez bebek
Age, Animal, Gender, Mythical, Inanimate
Turkish tv show that is, as it seems, about a doll-girl who lives in a toy-world but doesn't want to be married to a jester so she moves to the human world, where she works as a nanny. She transforms randomly into a doll until episode 72, then she turns into a cat sometimes. She also can perform ma ...more
A king had a hundred sons, then falls into a pool of water which turns him into a woman who also has a hundred sons. All of them die in a war, then one of the gods asks him which ones he loved more - the ones he fathered or the ones she mothered. His answer surprises and delights the god, who rest ...more
Bhaskar Bharti
This is an Indian remake of the Argentinean series Lalola for Sony Entertainment Television. Bharti is played by Ragini Khanna. The series starts on May 25, 2009.
Big Bang Comics issue Unknown
Collection of fictitious comic covers, including one of a gender bender issue for the Whiz Kids.
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot Season 1, Episode 3 "The Inside Scoop"
A telepathy experiment goes awry and a Quark scientist, Dr. Neugog, is transformed into a giant brain on spidery legs. Neugog uses his telepathic powers to drain the minds of the world's greatest scientists. At the end of the episode their minds are restored -- but to the wrong bodies. Short and s ...more
The Big Show episode Unknown
While reviewing my old videos I found a tape of a variety show called the Big Show hosted by Gene Kelley and Nancy Walker. This particular episode had a 5 minute skit between a male and female comic with upper class british accents having a romantic tryst where they reveal their secrets. both have h ...more
Big Time Halloween
In a non-canonical Halloween episode of the show Big Time Rush, the members of Big Time Rush are all monsters. A mad scientist makes a machine to make them normal but it doesn't work. They test it on Carlos who is a Frankenstein monster. He comes out changed in several different ways. One of th ...more
Big Uns: Giant Women on the Rampage issue Ali Bastur and Her Forty Feet
In this comic book about gaint sized women, there is a short story about a theif that steals a genie's lamp from a wizard. He is then tricked by the gaint genie into being turned into a harem girl.
The Big Wish episode Unknown
This story is about a kid who has a goblin( I think ) grant him seven wishes, the problem the goblin has to grant all the wishes in one day so he makes them a little awkward. One wish is that the kid is the best friend of the girl he has a crush on so the goblin grants it ..... the catch is that he ...more
Big Wolf on Campus episode The Sandman Cometh
In the beginning murton is being seduced by a sexy woman into digging for sand, the sexy woman then morphs into its true form, the sandman, it later morphs into the woman again, very brief.
Big Wolf on campus episode Thanks
Merton is killed by the hot, female villian of the episode. The villian named Sloan can kill people by kissing them. She can also bring them back to life by kissing them. Merton is a ghost for the whole episode and near the end when Sloan is about to complete her objectives, Merton possesses her bod ...more
Big Wolf on campus episode The pleasentville strangler
Inanimate, Male, Gender
This episode is exactly like the movie "fallen". The ghost of an old man rises from his grave and possesses a night watch man at the school. He then switches into the body of whoever he touches. He switches into the body of several girls at the school and alot of other girls in the middle of a fe ...more
Big Wolfe on Campus episode The Bookmobile
Show has some funny moments as Tommy(the werewolf has to wear a flea collar!) An evil librain/witch comes to town and turns people into books, including Tommy's dad and his girlfriend. Where confronted she first picks up a book on a box and wears his body and starts beating Tommy up. When defeated s ...more
Big Wolfe on Campus episode Exor-Sis
Merton's snitty kid sister Becky a high school freshman opens locker 666 and is possessed by a demon or ghost with a deep male voice who likes to party. Parody of the Exorist. Merton and Tommy bring in an old priest who dies and they use his kit which for example has pellets that instantly turn hot ...more
Bijyosou Manga Keikaku
A list of manga with either males transforming into a female (jyosei henshin) or males crossdressing (jyosou) themes. A few dozen have descriptive reviews. Text is entirely in Japanese.
Bill and Ted
this is actually not from any of the movies. This is from the show that will be at Universal Orlando Halloween horror nights this year. Didn't see the whole thing or no costumes or anything but during the show, Lex luthor and some villians from this years blockbuster films (including Magneto) are up ...more
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
Gender, Age
When Bill and Ted go to hell, they are turned into little boys to relive childhood trauma. Rufus diguises himself as an attractive women to fool Bill and Ted into thinking that he is their manager.
Bill Bickel
A body sitter gets in trouble in this science-fiction detective story when the body he is occupying dies. Mid-story, a young couple switch bodies during sex for fun.
Bionic Six
Female, Gender, Male
Late 80's animated show. The villains had a device(later dubbed the Bionic Masking Device) that allowed them to change into anyone. Most of the transformations were male to male, and female to female, but there were a few minor gender swaps as well. The majority of the episodes had some sort of ...more
Bioshock 2
There are several instances of age regression and gender change in the video game Bioshock 2, both of which come near to the end of the game. (Spoiler Text) The second instance of transformation comes in the ending sequence of the game, and whether or not it occurs depends on the player's cho ...more
Birdland issue Unknown
At the end of the book the heroine's amulet shatters. Afterward all the men are now women and the women are now men ....and they act as it has always been that way. But one of them turns himself back into a woman at the end. Very strange story.
Birdy the Mighty OVA series
Bounty hunter/police from outer space is tricked into killing a young boy. So to atone she absorbs his life force. They both exist in the same body, and can take either form. Has some assuming sences where the woman is in control of the boy's form, vica versa.
Birth of Venus
When Mara Mercer is mistaken for her twin sister, reporter Madison "Madge" Mercury, she is beaten and raped by a member of the mysterious organization The Rebirth. While Mara recuperates in the hospital, The Rebirth send someone to finish the job. (Spoiler Text)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode Unknown
The newest scouts, the star scouts, are three boys that change into female sailors.
Bison issue 2000AD
Set around the year 2030, Bison, an ex cop, is after the crime boss who killed his wife (cliched I know). The only way to get close to this guy is to body swap into his daughter who, unknown to him, is a junkie. I've read the first four episodes though the story is still running in 2000AD.
Bitch in Heat issue 10
A man recieves a postcard in the mail entitling him to four wishes, he wishes to have sex with the woman down the hall but...
Bizarre Adventures issue Paradox: Saturn's Secret
The return of Paradox has him going to Saturn to combat yet another rebellion. This time he turns against the corrupt Earth government and returns from a mission in the guise of the shapely female agent who supposedly killed him.
Bizarre Tales issue Unknown
I don't have details about where this adult comic came from. It appeared on usenet several years ago and has been floating around the internet ever since. It's about an old rich man that discovers a youth potion that not only makes them young, but also a woman.
Bizarre Tales #35
A female scientist wishing to have been born a boy all her life uses a soul transfer device to place her soul into the body of a baby boy which she feels will make the perfect sex change and allow her to live out her life as she feels she should have all along.
Blab! issue Unknown
Aliens use a ray to transform a couple of cops into beautiful girls in exchange for some beer.
Black and White
The end of the video is about a minutes worth of face morphing. Most of the morphs are across gender.
Black Canary and Zatanna - Bloodspell
Female, Gender, Inanimate, Animal
The main villain is a witch who is possessing women and men in a murderous spree. Z and Canary must rush to save those affected before the witch can finish them all off. Comic book crossover featuring many transformations, all of which are temporary except the last one. Men in goldfish Wom ...more
Black Clover Episode 45 The Guy Who Doesn't Know When to Quit
After Defeating a member of the eye of the midnight sun the black bull member grey is drained of magic and reverts into his true form a young blue haired girl. Transformation is revealed at 18:06
Black Lagoon Omake
Age, Gender
One omake features the main characters genderswapped, while another regresses their ages by several years. Present in both the manga and anime. The anime omakes are numbered 04 and 06.
Black Panther issue 2
A Marvel comic. At the end of the issue, the Klaw, a villian, takes a guy (never find out his name) to a brothel. The guy kisses a prostitute and takes over her body.
Black Panther issue 6
The guy from issue 2(never find out his name) that took over a woman, managed to met Black Panther's male cousin T'Shan, who was the Wakanda ambassador to United Nation in NYC. Both took the same plane back to Wakanda since she offered to stop the war. The plane was shotdown while over Wakanda by ...more
The Black Rabbit
"The Black Rabbit" is the fourth live action M2F short film produced by Mako Pictures. The story follows Mark Watson, an ex CIA Agent, whom is tracked down by one of his past enemies - and given an ultimatium that will forever change his life. The movie is in post production and will be finis ...more
Blackadder II episode Chains
Blackadder is kidnapped by the evil Prince Ludwig, who is a master of disguise. Blackadder escapes and manages to kill Ludwig, and then the credits roll. After the credits end, we see everyone has been killed and the camera pans to Queen Elizabeth holding a knife. She starts to laugh with Ludwig' ...more
Blackest Night: Batman #2
Barbara Gordon and her father, Commissoner Jim Gordon, are being attacked by some villains who have been resurrected as zombie Black Lanterns. In order to help them, Deadman possesses Barbara! He uses her upper body strength combined with his acrobatic skill to get them far enough away that Jim c ...more
Blackwater Valley Exorcism
A demon possesses two of the women in the film. The demon has been in control of Claire the whole film as a part of a plot to tempt the priest. The possession of Isabelle, which draws the priest in, was a part of the demon's plan.
Bleach Episode 173
A little girl that tries to assassinate Lurichiyo turns out to be an adult male assassin in a bodysuit of a little girl.
Bleach Episode 18
While trying to remember an incident which was partially erased from his memory, Chad has a chain of though which makes him briefly imagine a female version of Ichigo (shown in a thought bubble). Submitted for completion's sake.
Bleach episode 335
Soul Reapers (Shinigami) are ghost-like entities in the Bleach universe that typically cannot be seen by regular humans. In order to interact with the human world, they need to possess artificial human bodies, known as Gigai, which are perfect replicas of their spiritual bodies. In an omake at the ...more
Bleach episode 340
Soul Reapers (Shinigami) are ghost-like entities in the Bleach universe that typically cannot be seen by regular humans. In order to interact with the human world, they need to possess artificial human bodies, known as Gigai, which are perfect replicas of their spiritual bodies. In order to fool ...more
Bleach Episode 41
Animal, Gender
This is a duplicate entry, has been merged, and is now Marked for Deletion - cj 2007aug08 Yoruichi the cat tells ichigo that he rescue him after the battle. Ichigo asks how could a cat lift me and carry me all the way to a hidden room under the mountain. Yoruichi tells him I have never shown my ...more
Bleach episodes 129-131
Male, Gender
An Arrancar appears that can assume the shape of whoever he eats. In one part he assumes the image of a man, in the other he assumes the image of the side character's sister.
Bleach: Shattered Blade
In Ichigo's episode mode, Yoruichi tells Ichigo that he cannot get back to the human world unless he collects the broken Sokyoku shards and puts them together, which would have enough spiritual pressure to break open the Senkaimon gate and let them through. (Spoiler Text)
Blink 182
The single's cover features 2 of the band members with beautiful female bodies, but their origional heads. . . . . . . .
Blood Engines
First book of the Marla Mason series has Marla traveling to San Francisco searching for some powerful magic. In a minor subplot, she encounters a magician who performed a "Thing of the Doorstep" spell on his young (and female) apprentice.
Blood Syndicate issue Unknown
Masquerade is a woman who uses shape-changing powers to always be an African man.
Blood Ties episode "D.O.A."
This was only mild TG. It could have been so much more. The main character detective was visited by an old friends ghost and wanted her to find his body. After some checking she finds he is alive, but not quite the same person. Turns out another spirit was body jumping to better and better bodies a ...more
Blood Ties Episode "Norman"
Gender, Male
Norman returns from Hell with plans of releasing the demon once more. (Spoiler Text)
Blood Wulf issue Unknown
In Blood Wulf #4 a man whose "cyber clone" body was injured had his head placed on a green females body. Their are only three or four pages scattered throughout the book with panels that show him/her but it's an odd combination.
Bloom County issue Unknown
Opus is hitchiking through the desert. A psycho loner with a pet sledge hammer picks him up. Disturbed by this turn of events, Opus rewrites the script, transforming the nutcase into a young Ava Gabor.
Bob Hope Special episode Unknown
Skit on "Secret" commercial, where Hal Linden is changed into Donna Mills.
Bob Shaw book Call Me Dumbo
Two men are stranded on a planet with an organ bank on ship. One surgically (and clumsily) implants a womb to the other, then dopes "her" up with drugs so that "she" thinks theyre a perfect little family with a picket-fence lawn.
Bobobo Bo Bo Bobo episode Enter Bobopatchiggler: Is that how it's spelled?
Durring a fight against the assassins of OVER, Bobobo Bo Bo Bobo fuses with Don Patch and General Giggler and becomes Bobopatchiggler. Bobopatchiggler's one attack is "Majide Time" which overwhelms an enemy. The assassin that looks like an octopus starts to feel weird and becomes a human, the seco ...more
"Body And Soul" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
SPOILER ALERT - Young woman has visions of her own death, centered around her boyfriend's childhood home. The visions she receives are not precognitive of her death, but memories from her former life - murdered, as her boyfriend's father.
"Body and Soul" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
The Doctor (played by Robert Picardo) downloads his holographic matrix (his mind) into Seven of Nine's cybernetic Borg circuitry. This gives the Doctor total internal control of Seven's beautiful female body and the ability for him to experience her senses. He exits and re-enters her body several t ...more
Body Exchange
Body Jack (AKA: Tanoshii Yutai Ridatsu)
A mad scientist gives a bodyswitching machine to a teenage boy. Who uses it to take control of the body of a sexy classmate.
The Body Snatcher net fiction Unknown
X-men fanfiction, contains rape and violence.
Body Swapping Super Adventure net fiction Unknown
A short piece about a guy with a bodyswapping machine in a hero and villain scenario. Nothing in the way of back story though.
Body Transfer
What is the ultimate sexual experience? Kenichi and his classmates, Konomi, Miho and Hikaru are about to find out. When a magic energy field forms around their school, they find themselves unable to leave. Not only that, but the magic lets them feel each other's sexual pleasure and switch bodies upo ...more
Boku no Shotaiken issue Unknown
A boy falls off a cliff. He's rescued by a mad scientist who moves the boy's brain into his wife's body. Later on, he puts his wife's brain into the boy's body. The series is played for laughs, and I haven't read enough yet to decide if it's good (just skimmed through it yesterday). Incidentally ...more
Boku to Kanojo no XXX
A film based on the manga of the same name by Morinaga Ai. Mild-mannered highschooler Akira has a crush on pretty but obnoxious Nanako. Her crazy grandfather asks them to test his new invention, which will let you know another person's thoughts. But the machine shorts out and switches their ps ...more
Boku to Kanojo no XXX issue entire series
A manga by Morinaga Ai. Mild-mannered highschooler Akira has a crush on pretty but obnoxious Nanako. Her crazy grandfather asks them to test his new invention, which will let you know another person's thoughts. But the machine shorts out and switches their psyches instead. Until he repairs it ...more
Boku wa Uirri issue Unknown
A guy turns female for some bizarre reason to do with an alien invasion. He eventually changes back.
A dog with the spirit of a dead drug dealer morphs into a girl wearing a bikini to seduce the man that stole his ring and then killed him.
Bonus Stage
This is a pretty amusing flash series as a whole, about two gaming nerds who, basically, just hang together. In the 7th Episode, titled "Cube," the duo gets warped through various dimensions thanks to the infamous Time Cube ( Amongst all the Mega Man and Rocky and Bullwinkle re ...more
Male ghost reanimates a dead girl (played by Nicole Rayburn) in order to hunt down the other patrons trapped in the hospital. Submitted for completion only.
Books of Magic #2
Deadman takes over the body of a Stewardess.
Books of Magic #74
Tim uses the glamour stone to make himself look like Molly in order to meet his evil counterpart. At he end of the story it's revealed Lord Auberon has been in disguise as a woman for the last few issues, even using the glamour stone to make himself look like Tim's mother a few issues ago.
Books of Magic #64
The book takes a new start as the Tim Hunter begins to explore the assorted realms in the form of a young girl (he's using a glamour stone).
Books of Magic #27
Molly O'Reilly is given food in the forest by Selwyn, a servant girl of the royal court of Faerie. But Molly sees Selwyn's reflection in a pond and discovers she is really King Auberon of Faerie. Auberon appears as Selwyn in other issues of the "Rites of Passage" storyline, which ran through Issu ...more
Books of Magic #3
When Doctor Occult and the boy enter Faerie the Doctor changes into a woman revealing his famale aspect.
"The Boone Identity" episode of Dresden Files
This weeks episode had a thung released from Prison using an ancient egyption artifact to transfer himself into other bodies. He had to kill himself to person the exchange. He had orginally swapped into a Billionaires body. But Dresden had figured it out and had him trapped so he swapped into th ...more
Boris the Bear issue Unknown
The evil ruler Noloss uses a full body disguise to disguise himself as Iron Maiden. He tricks a couple of goons to work for him in this disguise.
Borrowed Bodies
Gender, Female
A sex therapist consults 5 women about their sex lives. She is confronted by a strange faceless man that tells her the only true way to help them is to be them. She becomes 3 of the women in her class. It is done Quantum Leap style and looks the same until she looks in the mirror. She is unable to " ...more
Boston Public episode The One where kids die in an alcohol related car crash
Elderly teacher harvey lipschitz claims to be the reincarnation of George Washington. Later when explaining to the principal he claims that he remembers getting the same doubtful reception of the idea of reincarnation when he was George. The TG element comes in when he answers the question as t ...more
Boston Public episode chapter 67
A young teenage girl is reveled to be a male at the end of the show.
Boy Meets World episode Unknown
First episode of the season, Cory and Shaun return back to Adams High. Cory decides he wants to ask out Topanga. He notes that Topanga is coming back to school a woman to which Shaun says "Yeah so did Coach Michaels" Who then walks by, she is a beautiful blond. Brief but funny
Boys to Girls
Just found this by chance whilst on YouTube. Two young guys drink a sex change drink and it turns them into girls. It is poorly done and off camera - but hey its something
Brad Munson book The Mad Throne
There is a short section near the end where the man trying to inhabit the body of the ruler, must inhabit the body of a woman.
Brain Transplant Business
A brain transplant website! It sets itself up as a serious business with examples and prices. Very well done
Brainbanx issue Unknown
Anna Elysian is a telepath who acts as a psychic "mount" for Ellis Shepherd, meaning that his mind is projected onto hers, causing their two personalities to exist simultaneously in her body. As the "rider" he has only limited control over her body, but can experience everything that she does.
The Brak Show episode Splat!
Mom and Dad accidentally run over Zorak and kill him, so Mom disposes of the evidence by feeding the body to Dad. But it turns out that the real Mom was on vacation and she isn't too happy about the situation when she returns. So they take what's left of Zorak to Marlin the magician for him to fix ...more
In Episode 360 - the end of the "Backup Dad" storyline - we learn that the Norse goddess of death, Hel, whom we had seen during the story (and had hired the Valkyries to go after Odineye) was not the real Hel... (Spoiler Text)
Brazilian TG List
Media Site
Break Me
Gender, Female, Age
Jewel morphs into a male soldier and an old black man. The men sing with Jewel's voice.
Breath of Fire II
In this game, characters can unite with Shamans to gain extra skills. One of the characters, called Spar, takes on a VERY feminine appearance when united with a certain shaman. It does not have any effects other than aesthetically, though. Spar is androgynous, though, so this may not actually b ...more
Brent got a Sex Change?
Short youtube clip about a guy and his friends getting sex changes.
Brian Lumley book Aunt Hester
Here's a review of the story, which I have yet to read. Aunt Hester, brimming with Lovecraftian themes that also dart in their own morbid direct, deals with a woman that can, for some strange reason, switch bodies with her twin brother if she wants to. She finds it out quite by accident at first, ...more
"Brian Of The Brownies" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
Gender, Age
In this episode, Brian change himself into a 10 years old girl, who learns how to send brownies.
Brian Stableford
Gay man changes sex to carry a child. A really nice little story
"Bride and Gloom" episode of Charmed
Male warlock disguises himself as Piper and later Prue in order to obtain the Book of Shadows.
Bridgette's Hellions
This movie has a Washington D.C. senator being transformed into a woman by a minion who serves the devil.
Brimstone episode The Mourning After
Zeke Stone discovers his widow, Roslyn, has a new boyfriend. This boyfriend turns out to be Ash, the woman behind the mass escape from Hell, and Zeke's would-be lover, using her sorcerous abilities to change her appearance as part of her plan to break Zeke's heart. When Zeke confronts her, she says ...more
Brimstone episode Faces
One of the escaped souls is an abused kid with multiple personality disorder. He has 2 male & one female personalities. when the personalities manifest , they physically change his body to match. has several male to female morphs.
Brodie's Law issue All Issues
After being setup during a job to steal a valuable information disc, Brodie's son is kidnapped and he is fingered as the murderer of his ex-wife. After living on the run like an animal, help finally comes in the form of Tomokai Yoshida, a genetic scientist who knows the contents of the information ...more
Brother / Sister swap stories
This is a test and temporary place to list any net-fiction stories with the common theme: Brother & Sister swaps
Brothers Grime II - Offenders of the universe
One of two women transform themselves into a guy to seduce the other girl. aka Cream Lemon episode 10 Star Trap
Brothers Grime III - Pandora
During the last a three cartoons. A woman uses a robot to lure a guy into a trap and transform him. Brief a the end.
Bruno the Bandit net fiction Unknown
Has two storylines that have male to female changes.
Buck Godot issue 7
Buck takes a swig of something that changes him into a girl. Brief.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11
Womanizing rock player gets turned into a girl by Amy, whom he ignored while making a play for buffy, while he is in the men's room. Later gets changed back while in the ladie's room.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Amends
It's Christmastime, and vampire Angel is tormented by an evil spirit, The First, who takes the form of Angel's many victims over the centuries, male and female.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Blood Ties
Buffy's 'sister' finds out that she is some kind of key that a major goddess,Glory, wants. So she goes to talk to Ben a doctor who has been very helpful to Buffy's mom while she has had a tumor. As soon as she tells him that she is the key he starts shouting at her to leave because Glory will know e ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Bring On The Night
Early in the episode, The First appeared as Spike, and after taunting the real Spike for awhile, then, to manipulate Spike further, it transforms into Drusilla, Spike's ex-flame from Season 2 and remains this way for the duration of the episode.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Dead Things
Buffy is framed for accidentally killing a woman by the trio of would-be super-villains/computer geeks/sorcerers of Warren Jonathen and Andrew. One of them shape-shifts into the form of Warren's ex-girlfriend in order to set Buffy up to take the fall. A standard morph, though it's apparent that tr ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Him
(note from the editor, willow never completes the spell, and there is no change in this episode) taken from "When the four women convene, they go all Witches of Eastwick as they shout about how they will each get R.J. to love them the most. Willow prepares to cast a spell on him (turni ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode I Only Have Eyes for You
A male ghost posseses Buffy's body and a female ghost posseses Angel's body.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Lessons
At the very end of the episode, Warren, who was killed in the previous season, appeared and bragged about his big scheme to Spike. Warren then turned into Glory(FEMALE), who is also dead. Glory turned into Adam (MALE), who became Mayor Wilkins(M), who became Drusilla(F), Spike's lover, who became th ...more
Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode Never Leave Me
This is the ninth episode from the final season. The arch-villian of this season is called "The First" who is known to take on many identities of various characters and morphing into others. In this episode, The First has captured Spike (who happens to have taken the guise of Spike) and taunts h ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Sleeper
The mystery villain from the 'Lessons' episode appears in this episode as Buffy, urging Spike to kill innocent people, and Spike himself,in a failed attempt to force Spike to drink from Buffy and weaken her enough to be killed by other vampires. (The villain may also appear in episode # 129 as Cassi ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Smashed
Willow and Amy are partying in the Bronze. Willow says she's bored with the current band playing music, who are all guys, and changes them into a completely different band, made up of women. After a few scenes with other characters on the show, Willow gets bored and returns them to normal.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Dark Ages
A demon is going around possessing Gile's old uni buddy's. It can jump into any dead or unconsious body. By liquidfying the body of the last victim and then touching the next. In this ep we see it pass from a lady to man, then into Giles's girlfriend Miss Calendar(She's Hot). It try's to seduce Gi ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Killer in Me
After Willow kisses Kennedy (a Slayer in Training), she turns into Warren, the man she killed out of guilt for falling in love again after Tara. At first it's just an illusion, but she begins to take on his characteristics.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Unknown
Buffy is being plagued this season by a god that wants a key that Buffy has. In several episodes, we see Ben and Glory switch bodies, almost as if they are the same person. In one episode, Glory changes back to Ben who is left wearing her red tube dress. In another episode, Ben changes into Glory ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #60
The first of a series of "malignancy demons" Angel has unwittingly unleashed on Buffy is Deceit. The demon is invisible to Buffy, has an odd mushroom-shaped head and wears a black suit; he changes his face/shape by pulling and stretching his head. Near the end of the issue, he changes into a woman ...more
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer episode Chosen
In the last episode of the entire series, The First appears in the form of Caleb the mad priest who then morphs into Buffy, right in front of the Vampire Slayer.
The Bug House
Mr. Bugs site had many clips from movies and tv about gender or female transformations. Closed Down. Copies of the site can still be found on the #fictionmania irc channel.
Buick Super Bowl 2017 Commercial Pee Wee
Gender, Male
A Pee Wee football game is going on. Two parents watching see a car pull up, and one comments that it is a new Buick. The other states if that is a Buick, he is Cam Newton's father. (Spoiler Text) At the end, the quarterback comments when a second Buick pulls in, and the coach in disbelief t ...more
This is actually a computer game, which was also on the CD-i system. Near the end of the game, the protagonist cyberpunk guy uploads himself into a computer and after solving some puzzles there, downloads himself back into another body than his original. The body turns out to be a slinky female bo ...more
It's pretty strange video clip with oriental elements.In the middle of video Gavin transform into yellow cloud and then he transform into two girls,women and other people from that mystical island.The transformation is short but nice done.
But I'm A Cat Person
Female, Gender, Male, Size, Animal
A chance encounter with a stray dog leads to recent college graduate Bianca Washington becoming the new Master of a "Being", a virtually immortal intelligent animal who lives to fight other Beings and serve his/her Master faithfully. Beings can change their human forms at their Masters' whims and ...more
By the Sword issue all
The series is about a magic sword made out of demons or something. Anyway, it has a particular demon sealed inside it who can still float around as a tiny ghost or something. He and his daughter run into a swordsman(who turns out to be the guys nephew) who unseals the sword, but without his body, ...more
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