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Category: 'Furry'
L. Frank Baum book Rinkitink of Oz
The goat Bilbil is actually Prince Bobo of Boboland, who was turned into a goat by an evil wizard, and Glinda the Good, the Sorceress of the Land of Oz, has to experiment to find a way to change him back to normal because the wizard has since died, taking the original spell with him.
Looney Tunes episode Bewitched Bunny
After helping Hansel and Gretel escape from Witch Hazel, bugs spends the episode being chased around the witch's house. When he is finally cornered, Bugs uses some emergency magic powder to change Witch Hazel into a female rabbit. The new rabbit couple walk off into the sunset arm in arm.
MacGuffin's Curse
Furry, Were, Animal
MacGuffin's Curse is a fun animated Indie puzzle game for PC/Mac ($5 on Steam). You play the role as MacGuffin (MacGuffin's his last name, can't remember his first), a magician/thief who trys to steal the Lupine Twine Amulet from the museum. He accidentally puts it on and it refuses to come off. it ...more
Mahou Sensei Negima issue Unknown
A guy named Inugami Kotarou possess the ability to transform himself to partialy a dog or entirely to a dog. He does the partial transformation in chapter 41 and the complete transformation in chapter 63. This comic revolves around a world of magic where not everyone can use, or even knows, magic. T ...more
Mamotte Lollipop (U.S. dvd title: Save Me, Lollipop!)
Furry, Age
A crystal pearl is needed for young sorcerers to pass a test from a magical world. Nina, a normal girl, accidentally swallows the pearl and finds herself in the middle of quite a few magical plots to obtain it. The gender switch is actually a body swap. All the transformations are the poof varie ...more
Marker (2005)
In a small town, some people ("Markers") transform into half-human, half-goat creatures. (Spoiler Text) The transformation is central to the plot and reasonably well developed. Viewed on Vongo (, aka Starz. Directed by John Piazs.
Mastermind's Mutants
Animal, Female, Furry, Monster
A time-traveling super hero, shape-shifting actress, and telekinetic friend use a magical crystal to open portals to other worlds -- searching for a way to stop a mind-controlling super villain from turning everyone on Earth into mutant slaves. Along the way, they discover an ancient alien secre ...more
Matthew-Raizoku's Forum
Matthew-Raizoku is a fan of Pokemon and furry tfs and has made his own message board that deals mainly with said transformations in the form of stories and art and discussion of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
The Meeting commercial United Airline
A commerical where a bunch of business animals turn into humans. At the end the girl sits down on a plane next to a frog. The Meeting
Gender, Furry
The cast has numerous brain swaps. Some of these are: Jalea swaps with Ralph, Mayberry swaps with Jalea, Ralph swaps with Sammy (Twice!), and Ralphie swaps with Maggie.
After receiving a mysterious package, the young 'cute character' illustrator, Mee is found slowly transforming into a Fennec Fox. As she treks through Downtown Tokyo, taking the subways, walking through crowds, Mee must endure painfully embarrassing transformations as her genetic makeup shifts fr ...more
The Monster's Ring episode CBS story time
Boy being bullied buyd a magic ring from a wizard in a shop, that turns him into a monster. Based on a book by Bruce Coville of the same name, this was adapted into a short cartoon under CBS storytime. Kids of 80-90s just might recall it. Can't remember much from the cartoon, but I remember the ...more
Monyet Cantik
Furry, Animal
Indonesian mini series about a young girl who occasionally becomes a monkey girl. She transformed into a monkey girl because a monkey clawed her arm when she was at the zoo.
Monyet Cantik 2
Furry, Animal
Indonesian second mini series about a young girl who occasionally becomes a monkey girl. She transformed into a monkey girl because of the monkey clawed her arm when she was at the zoo or animal theme park. It said that it is a curse.
MTV2 On-Air Promo commercial MTV2
In this animated promo an unseen scientist is studying a sloth-like creature. It is given a suppository by the scientist. Immediately, from the neck down it becomes a woman. The scientist makes a note sets it down and then starts talking and getting close to it. The shot pans over and an assista ...more
Mutiple Authors net fiction New Worlds Awaiting
This is a group of stories about a world turned on its head by the rays of a supernova. Everyone with a furry persona has woken up to find that they are that character and everyone else without one is gone. All the furries try to deal with the current situation and figure out what to do next. Som ...more
My Pet Girlfriend
Sam has a boring day at work, until an unexpected tip starts turning her into a feline. She rushes to the safety of her boyfriend, who consoles her. But... the transformation isn`t over.
My Pet Girlfriend II
The exciting conclusion to "My Pet Girlfriend"! Sam and Daisy find themselves tricked by an old foe, and forced to transform! Along the way questions are finally answered, love is rekindled, and enemies meet face to face. 28 pages total including tons of bonus anthro TF art suggested by you, the re ...more
New World
A powerfull and bored wizard decides to visit another world. As part of the spell to go there, he has to bring someone from that world to his world. The procedure ends up changing a man into a fox girl.
This webcomic takes place in a universe with Furries and Humans alike. The setting is a newgroup that is mainly staffed by furries. In the recent comic the human boss, Lorna has to go to dentist to get her wisdom teeth pulled. After coming out of the dentist, she has become a dog furry and all o ...more
Night of the Demons 3 / Demon House
Furry, Mythical
Night of the Demons 3 (1997) by Paramount Pictures Some teenagers on Halloween end up at a haunted house and become the costumes they are wearing at the end of the climax. A girl wearing a cat costume becomes a cat girl one of the guys face becomes a devil sort mirroring the mask he wore t ...more
Nike Zoo Commercial
A Commercial from the Early 1980's which was about a new brand of shoes called the "Nike Zoo" They were shoes that had animal print fabric and paw prints on the soles of the shoes (why can't you find any shoes like this now adays!?) Either way, in the commercial, a child puts on the tiger print ...more
Nivlek makes a wand that turns humans into animals.
Nocturnals issue Troll Bridge
Furry, Animal
This is a great series by a great artist, Dan Brereton. This issue has many great artists guesting. When halloween Girl finds an evil lantern that grants wishes it begins transporting her to different 'comic book' dimensions. In one dimension Halloween Girl's father finds himself facing a group of ...more
NYX issue 5
After Tatiana, a mutant girl in the Bronx, comes into contact with the blood of an injured dog, she turns into a howling human/dog hybrid in the middle of her class. When she later encounters a black cat near the end of the issue, she becomes a monstrous-looking cat person. (Please note that the ...more
Odin Sphere
Animal, Gender, Male, Monster, Furry
Cornelius, the young prince of Titania, suddenly wakes up to find himself in a strange and desolate place, and his body has somehow become that of a "beast". He has in fact been transformed into a Pooka, a rabbit-like creature that walks upright and has the ability to speak. (Spoiler Text) Aft ...more
One Piece episode Avalanche!
In this episode they reveal that the leader or the a town had eaten the "Ox-Ox Fruit" which gives him the ability to turn into an Ox or an OxMan. Tranformations are on screen and pretty good.
One Piece episode Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
Luffy, Ussop, Zoro, Nami, and Sanji meet an interesting little blue-nosed Reindeer named Tony Tony Chopper. Chopper is studying to be a doctor, under Dr Kureha, an older woman. In the battle against King Wohpol and his Henchmen, Chopper demonstrates his Rumble Ball technique, which last for 3 minu ...more
Gender, Furry
"A story of inconvenient changes". Imagine having your gender changed, pretty inconvenient right? Now imagine having your species changed at the same time, becoming a small, vulnerable bird-rat type thing. This is Kassen's life. Not only does he have to cope with a new diet, cravings and urge ...more
Outland issue Unknown
Bill Gates has a transporter accident that leaves him melded with Bill the Cat. The following week he is restored, but his evil somehow gets into the TV, causing Barney the dinosaur to go nuts and eat the children.
Partridge Family, 2200 A.D. episode The Switch
Keith and a gorilla switch bodies as Danny pulls the switch on Dr. Binkley's molecular transformer, and the family does its show with a crowd-pleasing addition. Danny gets his due as Veenie mistakenly flips the switch while Danny and a pig are demonstrating the machine
"Perfect Day(40)" episode of Ben 10
Animal, Furry
While inside his mind, Ben turns Gwen into a superhero anthro rat in order to escape. Ben 10 is trapped school in a dream world where he, grandpa, and Gwen are left to fend off multiple villains led by Enon. (Spoiler Text)
Pink Panther episode Pink-a-Rella
A number of transformations result after the Pink Panther gets a hold of a witches magic wand. The final confortation with the witch sparks a transformation battle, ending with the witches being changed into a female pink panther.
Poodle Boy
The Oct. 31st, 2005 issue of the tabloid World Weekly News features a cover story about a poodle transformed into a mostly human 5-year-old boy using hormone treatment. A childless couple had their poodle turned into a human in a matter of weeks because the wife couldn't conceive.
Explanation of the category 'Furry'

A human takes on animal-like qualities or features, such as a tail. Also used for an animal with human-like characteristics, such as a raccoon able to speak English, or a fox that can walk upright in bipedal fashion like a human.

Also known as Anthromorphic or Anthropomorphic

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