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Category: 'Furry'
Gargoyles episode The Mirror
Demona captures the trickier Puck, and forces him to grant her wishes. She first wishes to be rid of the human Elisa Maza. Puck then twists her wish and turns Elisa into a gargoyle. There are a lot of transformations in this episode.
Gargoyles episode Metamorphosis
Elisa's brother Derek is exposed to a mutagen that alters his DNA, changing him and three others into cat/bat humanoids with the ability to emit electrical charges (electric eel).
GetBackers episode Unknown
Shido turn's into a were person version of the animal he imitates and gains animal like abilities.
Gordon R. Dickson book The Dragon Knight series
A series of wonderful fantasy books in which a modern college man and his fiance are separately transported into an alternate universe of the middle ages wherein she retains human form but he winds up in the body of a dragon. This is the first book. in the 2nd -9th book he gains the ability to tur ...more
GPF Comics
Yet another long-running webcomic, GPF (as in, "General Protection Fault") features a burgeoning mad scientist named Nick and his girlfriend, Ki. The latest story arc involves the both of them plugging into a revamped version of one of Nick's old inventions, a virtual-reality machine called "th ...more
Greyflank's Web Site
Transformation stories written by Greyflank
Grinch Heinz Green Ketchup commercial Unknown
This aired in 2000, in the commerical a man pours green ketchup on his hotdog and transforms into the grinch- he sprouts green fur all over his body, yellow eyes, etc.
Hearty Chocolate Cream commercial Nestle
In this commercial- a woman takes a sip of the chocolate cream her husband was eating and ends up with a hairy back.
Honda Motorcycles
A man stuck in a traffic-jam busts out of the top of his car by tearing it open. After climbing through the hole and standing atop his car, he sprouts wings and flies away. Followed by the statement "Free Yourself", though I'm unsure if that is the title of this ad.
Hot Shots Part Deux
Lloyd Bridges freezes Saddam Hussien and his poodle with a fire extenguisher, then shatters him. Saddam and his dog melt and morph back together, a la Terminator Two. But they become one entity, Saddam with a furry face and ears, a la The Shaggy Dog.
Furry, Gender
In the new storyline in the ongoing Youtube cartoon series Inside Ursula Hitler's Head, a "furry flu" breaks out and it changes people into various cartoon animals. A man becomes a mermaid, a girl becomes a "cow-taur," and more.
J.K. Rowling book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Male, Furry
Harry and Ronald use a potion to change into two other boys at their school. Harry's friend, Hermione, makes an error in mixing up a polyjuice potion with some cat hairs and ends up with cat fur, whiskers, and a tail.
Jack Chalker
Gender, Animal, Furry
Many of Mr. Chalker's books have gender changes in form or another.
Jigoku Shoujo seasons 1 and 2
Inanimate, Monster, Furry
An anime about a website that can only be accessed at midnight where one can type the name of the person they truly wish to take revenge on and Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) also known as Enma Ai and her compatriots will make a pact and then carry out the revenge. She and her companions deliver peo ...more
Johnny Bravo episode A Wolf In Chick's Clothing
Johnny got rejected a ton of times But, this is his 1st date but little does he know that his date is a deranged female werewolf!
Johnny Bravo episode Island of Dr. Morceau
In this episode Johnny see a commerical for bizzare genetic experiments and "everyone knows that bizzare genetic experiments is code for hot sexy doctor seeks wonderful stud-muffin", to quote Johnny. He goes to the Island of Dr. Morceau (refences to Dr. Moreau is purely intentional). Dr. Morceau's ...more
Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde episode Unknown
BBC children's show where young genius Julia Jekyll drinks a potion and periodically transforms into the large and furry Harriet Hyde.
Furry, Age
Towards the end of the movie, two adults are regressed to grade school children. The boy grows monkey fur and a tail for attempting to cheat.
Kambing Genit
Indonesian mini series (6 episodes) about a teenage boy and girl who turn half-goat sometimes.
Kamen Rider Faiz episode All of them
In 2003's run of the Kamen Rider franchise in Japan, the kaijin(monsters) that the heroes have to face are called Orphenochs. These creatures can transform from human to a more monstrous animal version. Three of the main characters, Kiba, Kaida and Yuji are Centaur, Dog, and Crane Orphenochs respect ...more
Kamen Rider Kabuto
Monster, Furry
Seventh series in the legendary Kamen Rider franchise. A young man named Tendou Souji (along with his allies) fights to protect the Earth from Worms, arthropod-based alien creatures that arrived on Earth via a meteor that destroyed Shibuya. Worms, who tend to serve as the monster of the week, ha ...more
Kevin and Kell
A classic webcomic, Kevin & Kell takes place in an alternate universe populated by "furries." The Bermuda Triangle functions as a bridge between their world and ours, while a strange mechanism changes species accordingly. In other words, furries become human, and humans become furries. One of th ...more
Kimono's Townhouse
Furry, Inanimate, Animal
A photographic comic about two quirky roommates. One is a neat-freak who enjoys art and classic literature. The other is a hyperactive geek who loves comics, action figures and sugar. They happen to be My Little Ponies.
Krakowstudios is a webcomic, with a few transformations that occur. ===Case's Transformation=== *Date of Comic: 2004-06-14 This is webcomic about a cute succubus named Kia. In one episode, the guy who summoned her has a zit problem and asks her for help. She tried using magic to devise a po ...more
Kyle the Changer
Kyle the Changer This is a video that I made several years ago... with Mario Paint. (Do you realized how hard it is to draw animation with a Super Nintendo mouse?) Kyle calls his girlfriend and asks her out for a date. She accepts. Kyle than tries to make himself better for her by putting on ...more
Explanation of the category 'Furry'

A human takes on animal-like qualities or features, such as a tail. Also used for an animal with human-like characteristics, such as a raccoon able to speak English, or a fox that can walk upright in bipedal fashion like a human.

Also known as Anthromorphic or Anthropomorphic

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