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Category: 'Folklore'
Damp Corn
If you eat damp corn, you will have a hallucination that you are turning into an animal. I haven't tried this myself so I don't know if this is true or not
The Devil and John Hoag Reddick
I read the story a long time ago in a local newspaper. It's old Pennsylvania folklore about a man who enjoys gambling on horse races so much that he makes a deal with the devil to win the races he bets on, the price being his soul of course. Thinking himself more clever than the devil, he builds a p ...more
Donkey Cabbages
A classic Grimms Fairy Tale involving a huntsman, a witch, a wench, and a fair maiden. The witch persuades the other two women to filtch the huntsmans valuables (a magic birds heart he had swallowed, and a magic cloak that allowed him to travel anywhere he wished). In retribution, the huntsman dis ...more
Elbow Kissing
Kissing your elbow as a child would change your sex.
Korean Folklore
At this time, there lived in a cave a bear and a tiger who wished to become human. They prayed to Hwanung to grant their wish. Upon hearing their fervent prayers, Hwanung called them to him and gave them 20 cloves of garlic and a bunch of mugwort, and told them that if they could remain out of th ...more
The Legend of Nyavirezi
A chief's daughter gains the ability to shapeshift into a lion by drinking lion's urine, then founds a royal lineage of cat people.
Local Legend
Local legend has it that some rock formations outside of Pachuca, Mexico, are actually a monk and two nuns who tried to escape their order and were turned to stone.
Lot's Wife
Not sure if this would fall into a folklore category or not, It is told that during the escape from Sodom and Gommorah, Lot's wife turned back to look at the destruction and was turned into a pillar of salt.
Old Norse Law: Insult
It was illegal to insult a man by saying that he became a woman every ninth night and had sex with a troll.
Anyone passing under a rainbow would have their sex reversed.
The Badger and the Magic Fan
A sly badger disguised himself as girl to fool the young three "Tengu" kids by having them to close their eyes so he can sneak and steal their magic fan from them.
Explanation of the category 'Folklore'

Tales that are passed on through generations, usually by means of the spoken word. The stories they depict are often called legends or are held as superstitious beliefs.

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