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Category: 'Fictional Worlds And Universes'
Altered Fates Universe
Medallion of Zulo The Medallion of Zulo is a mysterious, magical (or perhaps cursed) medallion, that can affect physical transformations upon a person(s) wearing (or touching) it. The Medallion of Zulo has a propensity for disappearing, becoming lost or stolen, or otherwise moving on and out of r ...more
Bikini Beach Universe
This description copied from Ellie Dauber's Overview (below, under Rules): "... Bikini beach looks like just another water park along the side of the highway in an unspecified, southern coastal city. On second glance, an observer might notice that most of the people going into the park were wome ...more
Body Hopper Universe
Body Hopper The Body Hopper Universe is believed to have been created around 2007 by Aardvark, and perhaps specifically for PhotoFakir on the no longer existing PhotoFakir Yahoo Group. It has been noted that Aardvark gave special credit to Toby (Redone??) for Toby's incredibly impressive work i ...more
Burke's Virus Universe
Burke's Virus
Carnival of Mirrors Universe
The Carnival of Mirrors
Changeday Universe
Chrono Corps Universe
Inspired in part by Quantum Leap and Trancers, this universe is set in the near future. The Chrono Corps, a secret intergovernmental agency, sends agents back in time using a machine called the "Conduit", which projects an agent's mind into the body of a person in the past. Agents can only be pla ...more
Costume Gun Universe
The Costume Gun The Costume Gun is a gun that is designed to turn a targeted person into a wearable, living body-suit. Once another person steps inside the body-suit costume, they will be resized and reshaped to fit. The target's memories will be available to the wearer once the costuming is com ...more
Devious Magic Universe
Devious Magic
Exchange Island Universe
Exchange Island
Fictional Worlds and Universes in TF and TG media
This entry will be a list and archive of often explored worlds and universes found in transformation and gender-bending independent fiction. It can include origins, rules, and permission details / contacts.
Genderwave Universe
Gulliver's Planet Universe
Gulliver's Planet
Hugglebugs Universe
Magic Depot Universe
The Magic Depot
Magic Remote Universe
The Magic Remote
MORFS Universe
Morphic Adaptation Unit Universe
The Morphic Adaptation Unit (MAU) Usually one of many demonstration units, lost centuries ago from a fleeing and damaged alien freighter. The little alien device can impart nearly any change or alteration to a lifeform that the imagination can dream up, with certain exceptions.
Mystic Mirrors Universe
Mystic Mirrors
Night Skies Hotel Universe
Night Skies Hotel
No More Fakes Universe
Disgruntled sorcerer's magic Temporary description, copied from original email, found at: "... There is a costume party,probably for Halloween,at which someone has dressed as a sorcerer,and on his way there has by sheer coincidence made certain gestures ...more
Reversal Rings Universe
The Reversal Rings
Reversion, The Universe
Role Exchanger Universe
The Role Exchanger
Spells R Us Universe
Magical items sold at mysterious "Spells R Us" shoppe The mysterious Spells R Us (SRU) shop is usually found in random malls or shopping areas, it is owned (and normally staffed) by an "old man wearing what looks to be a bathrobe". The shop is filled with varied trinkets and sometimes potions, th ...more
Tales of the Djinnar Universe
Djinn (Genie of the lamp)
The Great Shift Universe
The Great Shift (Text courtesy of crestf July or August 2015, from story linked below) Some of you may have noticed that I have a tendancy to do a lot of body switching stories. I tend to enjoy the idea, as well as messing with families a lot, due to the multiple relationships suddenly change ...more
The Julieverse Universe
Transformation Rock Universe
The Transformation Rock
Ultimate App Universe
The Ultimate App The Ultimate App is a fictional smartphone application, created by Toxic Allie. It is a derivative of the Master PC story-verse, with a larger emphasis on body transformation, instead of just mind control. The App is first spotted by the users as a "Suggested App". There is no ...more
VCR Universe
Virtual Vacation Coupon Universe
Virtual Vacation Coupon
Wand of Change Universe
The Wand of Change The Wand of Change is a magical wand that allows the user to change his or her appearance and other physical traits.
World of Zhor, The Universe
Ruk's Serum Ruk's Serum was created by master geneticist Ruk, under the employ of a woman slaver incensed at the fact that it was only the women who were branded and punished for pleasure. The slaver sought out a way to transform men into superior slave girls while retaining their characteristi ...more
Ye Olde Body Shoppe Universe
Ye Olde Body Shoppe A store focused on assisting people who wish to trade bodies and lives with another person. The store was created as a competitor to the Spells R Us shops to further annoy the old wizard there.