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Category: 'Female'
Wake the Dead issue House of Mystery
A man causes his wife's spinal injury and kills her friend falsing thinking he is her lover. To get her a healthy body he picks up Mary Porter, a beautiful blond and takes her home and transplants his wife's brain into her body & kills Mary Porter in his wife's injured body. She is now well and beau ...more
War at Home episode The 17-Year Itch
The father,Dave, meets his new co-worker which is a sexy young female. Later in the episode there is a scene where it shows Dave and his wife,Vicki, in the bed right after sex. Vicki say "wow that's the best sex we had in a long time. What were you thinking about?" Dave says"just you" but when he lo ...more
Warehouse 13
Age, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Male
A SyFy Channel television series about a team of agents who locate and retrieve artifacts that possess powers best defined as mysterious or "magical". The group's goal is to catalog and safely shelve these powerful artifacts, away both from the grasp of those who would abuse the objects powers, ...more
warlords issue warlords
warlords queen tara is replaced
Written in the form of a mystery story the narrator( a smart, old woman in the nursing home) becomes slowly convinced that a gorgeous young nurse's body has been stolen by a very old inmate who has given the young woman her old body! When the beautiful young woman finds out that she is suspicious of ...more
Xena: Warrior Princess episode "Ten Little Warlords"
Xena, while she is still in Callisto's body, gets an invitation among other warriors to become the 'new god of War' since Ares lost his powers. Ares asks for Xena's help. Because there is not currently seated a god of War, people who are usually calm and collected have become anxious and unsett ...more
Warrior Princess Xena episode Intimate Stranger
Callisto steals Xena's body.
Weird Science episode Teen Lisa
The boys convince Lisa that her life is a lot easier, due to her good looks. She agrees to take on the form of the ugliest girl in school. Her reflection changes, but she appears the same.
West Coast Avenger 2018 #3-#4
Animal, Female
A group of women were transformed into giant kaiju-like monster by B.R.O.D.O.K
What I Like About You
The girl group Lillix video shows the girl star of the movie swapping places with different female Lillixbandmembers whenever a switch (labeled 'switch :) is thrown. Meanwhile, the girls make passes with her boyfriend in her place as she fills in for them on stage. Currently shown repeatedly on t ...more
"When Swaps Go Bad" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
The mother (who is an alien) turns into the oldest daughter to cover for her at school, plus the father who is also an alien turns into the school caretaker to help his son get out of trouble, later the mum turns into another woman as she cant change back to her old self (and to cover the fact that ...more
Where And When
Female, Male
Myka and Pete go back to 1961 using H.G. Wells time machine. But they can't travel physically in time. So its done Quantum Leap Sty;e. They take over for 22 hours the bodies of earlier agents. They need to recover an artifact that turns people into crystal killing them. No TG, Pete becomes the guy ...more
White Castle commercial French Onion Cheeseburger
In a White Castle Advertisement, a man is eating a new French Onion Cheesesburger and glances at his wife who has an annoyed look on her face while vaccuming the shade on a lamp. The guy takes another bite and looks again, but in his wife's place, is a french maid type woman with a feather-duster l ...more
Who is Julia?
A very well-done, low-key treatment of the world's first human to human brain transplant. When her toddler escapes her arms and runs into traffic, a young but unglamorous housewife suffers a cerebral hemmorage. The child is saved by the brave actions of a beautiful model, but in the process the mo ...more
Who is Julia? episode Unknown
Gorgeous model tries to save a mousy woman from hit by a car. Mousy woman ends up brain dead and model's body is on permanment life support. So the doctors decide to transplant the model's brain into the other woman's body.
William Gibson
A community college lecturer becomes obsessed with finding a woman he bought a drink for at a bar. The trick is finding her; she morphs into a different woman every time she goes to a different bar.
William Mark Simmons book In the Net of Dreams
People can hook up into a master computer universes and choose the type of D & D type character they want to be, including body shape. Very complicated book. It is one of 3 collected in a huge trilogy the Dreamland Chronicles. Spoiler At the end of the book it is revealed that one of the god ...more
William Tenn book "Wednesday's Child"
This is a strange story. We start with a rich man who collects unusual things. He meets an odd orphan girl who was born without a naval. Against the warnings of her doctor, the two of them marry and eventually have a child. At the end of the book, after she gives birth to a girl, she and the baby h ...more
Winsome Witch
Female, Animal
===Episode 8 - Winnie's Baby=== Winnie's turns her Baby, Spooky, into a Cat; And she turns herself into a beautiful woman to disguise herself to hide both the baby and her identity from a Police Cop. ===Episode 16 - Tallyho the Hunter=== Winnie transforms herself into different animals in orde ...more
Winx Club episode Date with Disaster
This show is about Five Fashionable Fairies from the realm of Magix, who attend Alfea College. Princess Stella, the blonde fairy from Solaria, has been tricked by the evil witches, Darcy, Icy, and Stormy to go on a date with Brandon, her boyfriend at Red Fountain. Darcy poses as Stella to get Stel ...more
Winx Club episode Shadows in Bloom
The Winx Club has been on and the main character Bloom (the red haired fairy) is transformed into "Dark Bloom" by Professor Avalon, the "paladin" who came to Alfea to teach a new class on congenital magic (learning of your past to unlock your powers). The other girls, Bloom's friends, Tecn ...more
Wish Upon a Star
Young teenage girl wishes she could be her older sister. Next morning they wake up and have switched bodies.
Witchboard 2
A murdered woman came back to seek her revenge and possessed another woman to do the job.
Witchcraft XI, Sisters in Blood
Three female college drama students revived three witches which waited their turn to possess the 3 students, and the witches want to open a gate to hell.
Witches Brew
Near the end of the movie, the old witch swaps bodies with a young witch.
Within And Without You
Gender, Female
Two feuding roommates swap bodies while they sleep thanks to a magical stone. One is an adult film star while the other is more of a prude. They must take over each other's place until they can find Serenity to swap them back. Good acting. Entire movie is based upon this switch. Recommended highly. ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place - Family Game Night
In this episode Alex uses a body swap with Harper so that Harper will do a test for Alex, however the swap won't reverse, leaving the two of them stuck in each other's bodies. There are several smaller transformations during the episode as they try to reverse the swap, including the two girls swapp ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Quinceañera"
Female, Gender
In the beginning of this episode, Alex and her brothers are being taught by her father how to do a body switching spell. In class, her father tests her by suggesting she swaps bodies with him. When he approves and asks her to do the reverse spell, she thinks for a second and because she has his bo ...more
Wolverine: Wendigo!
Female, Male, Gender
In the issue's back-up story, Wolverine awakes after passing out in a bar to see Lady Deathstrike, then some of his other enemies over the years, including Mystique, Mr. Sinister, and his nemesis, Sabretooth. But it turns out... (Spoiler Text) And the person responsible turned out to be... ...more
Woman to Woman commercial Doritos
The polar bear entry just reminded me of this. An old maybe early 80s Dorito commercial had a middle aged man and woman together. As the man ate one Dorito after another out of his bag his homely wife changed chip by chip into a cute senorita. I think once completely transformed she did a little dan ...more
Wonder Woman #308-309
This is a duplicate entry and has been marked for deletion - cj 2007nov19 Wonder woman discovers that a female gypsy has taken over Black Canary's body! After stopping the woman in the JLA HQ and forcing her to speak the truth with her lasso, Zenna replies that Canary's meddling her with her ...more
Wonder woman and Cat woman MIx it up net fiction Unknown
Fan Fiction on Fictionmania. Catwoman captures Wonder Woman & notices that they kinda look alike! She experiements with WW's lab equipment & the magic lasso & petty soon who is the heroine & who is the criminal
Wonder Woman episode "Formicida"
The episode with Sheilds and Yarnell. She turns from a geeky scientist into Formicida the ant woman with 50 times her normal stregnth. If someone with Wonder Woman tapes could post it. I remember there being a lot of facial movements when she transforms pretty funny. Nice black outfit though and th ...more
Wonder Woman episode "Mind Stealers from Outer Space" Part I and II
The second season. Beings called the Skrill (about 10 of them) escape prison and invade Earth. They plan on stealing some of our best minds and selling them on other worlds. The minds are stored in half eggs like plastic containers that are placed on a forehead. Wonder Woman does say at the end of ...more
Wonder Woman #308-309
A Gypsy with magic powers first switches bodies with Black Canary and then with Wonder Woman. She wants revenge on a German War Criminal who murdered her family during World Waw 2. Black Canary had stopped her, not knowing the old man was the real villain so she swapped bodies with Black Canary. Pr ...more
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Female, Gender
One quest line of note in this popular MMO has you meet a vrykul (a race of viking-like giants) woman named 'Lok'lira' who asks you to infiltrate the nearby village of the Hyldnir. Of course, since the Hyldnir are all female, she disguises you as a female vrykul, and this disguise will persist when ...more
Inanimate, Furry, Male, Female, Animal
Animated series where evil wizard Bubonic and witch Tirania tries to make a spell which curses City. Their familiars are on good side, so they always break the curse. When this happens, their chief, demon Maggog appears and changes them into something awful, usually inanimate. (So, there are TF in ...more
Very well written story from a first rate SF writer. Archne the girl of the myth who challenged Athene to a contest and was turned into a spider by the goddess tricks a foolish Modern Young Wife into switching bodies with her for 24 hours. She becomes Lydia and Lydia becomes the spider. Lydia agrees ...more
Wynonna Earp episode The Other Woman
Female, Gender
In this episode the team learns that they need to get a book that was last held by Maeve Perley. She is a witch, that was burned at the stake, and is now a fire witch that can only take the form of fire. She uses her power to posses people and starts with (Spoiler Text) Note: (Spoiler Text)