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Category: 'Female'
Naoko book Keigo Higashino
A story by Keigo Higashino about a mother trapped in her daughter's body after a bus accident killed her own. This is being published by Vertical and can be found at There is also a movie based on this and by the way it sounds will be remade in America.
Naruto Episode Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure
Animal, Female, Gender
Naruto agrees to help two members of the Akagi clan get the money Tsunade owes their boss because of her gambling debts. Shizune accidentally receives a letter sent by them claiming to have kidnapped Naruto and, not wanting Tsunade's chances of becoming Hokage ruined by her debts, decides to fix t ...more
NBC Coupling commercial
Female, Male, Gender
NBC's 2003 remake of the BBC series Coupling had a promotional commercial where two characters lie in bed together, and subsequently morph rather adeptly into all the other characters in the show. The camera angles are fairly dramatic, but the morphs are quick. About 10-20 morphs happen in a 15 s ...more
Neal Shusterman
Vain teenage girl tricked into body switch with rich old lady. Turns out it is a game of musical bodies with each new occupant of the old lady paying a million dollars of her fortune to get a new body. At end when young lady won't fall for the vanity ploy she uses her old boyfriend does and as he ru ...more
Female, Mechanical, Gender
Needless is an anime adaptation of a manga by Kami Imai. In a future Tokyo, the middle of the city has been completely gutted as the result of a nuclear attack and is now known as the Black Spot. Some of the residents of the Black Spot - the "Needless" - have supernatural powers known as "fragme ...more
Negation #26
Female, Gender
Evinlea, a demi-god being from a race known as “The First,” morphs between several different forms to seduce an omnipotent being named Charon. She first turns herself into a brunette, then into a redhead from a harem, then into a male barbarian, and finally into a duplicate of Charon. L ...more
Nestle Peters Wicked Icecream
Female, Animal
A woman enters her kitchen to find a group of female chimeras raiding her fridge for icecream. Some long shots of females with widened eyes and pointed ears, mostly facial shots. This entry marked for deletion - no transformation - cj 2007.apr.19
The New Girl net fiction Unknown
In a drew carey office situation two ladies one a poor unattractive one and the other a rich spoiled on switch bodies with the aid of a magical spray one of them recieves in the mail.
New Twilight Zone episode Dead Woman's Shoes
A remake of an original TZ episode 'Dead Man's Shoes'. A murdered woman seeks revenge by possession anyone who puts on the shoes she died in.
Night Gallery episode The Housekeeper
A scientest hires an unattractive old woman to be his new housekeeper. It turns out that he wants to place her mind in the body of her beautiful but nasty wife, and her mind in the housekeeper's. The old woman agrees, not knowing the scientest has a secret.
Night Gallery episode Since Aunt Ada Came To Stay
Aunt Ada is a witch who wants to steal her niece's young and beautiful body. The niece's husband realizes this, and tries to save her. It appears he's successful, but it is revealed to the audience that the witch succeeded. Based on a story by A.E. Vogt.
Nightman episode The Magician
A beautiful young woman magician from the forces of EVIL comes to test Nightman to see if he is much of a threate. She changes shapes several times during the show. The most effective is when she tkes the form of the hero's(nightman) mother when she was young and first just hugs him & then tries to ...more
Female, Gender, Animal
In a world where knights and magic coexist with modern science, Lord Ballister Blackheart has been labeled a villain, but prefer to be known as a dissident. Blackheart takes on a sidekick who has her own ideas about villainy. Nimona, a red-haired teenage girl, is a shape-shifter. She can turn in ...more
Ninja Sentai Kakuranger episode 53
Female, Animal
An evil team of 5 ninja ladies, who serve an evil master named "Daimaou" and also have the power to morph into cat-like rangers, were transformed back into normal cats by the Three God Generals (The Three Mega-Zords or Zords) to defeat them in order to help the Power Rangers to defeat Daimaou and s ...more
NYX: No Way Home #6
Tatiana again uses her powers to become another human. (Spoiler Text)