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Category: 'Female'
Ka-Zar The Savage issue And The Seas Give Up Their Dead
Sep brings his lover Leanne out of her coma by placing her mind in Shanna The She-Devil's body, while Shanna is trapped in the comatose body. Leanne doesn't want to give up this healthy body, so she tries to have Sep killed.
Karl Wagner book Darkness Weaves
Female, Female
Disfigured Queen forcibly trades bodies with beautiful young stepdaughter. The unfaithful wife of a King tries to murder him and is discovered and dragged through the streets. She survives and plots his overthrow. She steals the body of the King's beautiful daughter from a previous marriage and u ...more
Katawan ni Sofia
Sofia was a beautiful wife and faithful to her husband. One night a gang of rapists captured her and took her from her home while her husband was away.The 7 rapists raped amd killed her. One month after her death she came back for revenge as a ghost, this time she will finds the 7 rapists who kill ...more
Katherine Roy book The Gentle Fraud
Famous, but aging actress agrees to swap bodies with a younger, rich friend for a few days to live each other's lives!
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, Drat You Copycat book Nancy Krulik
For completeness and a warning or for parents with third graders. This is a series where Katy is whirled into other people's bodies (once including a boys) She controls their bodies but they are not in hers. In this one she becomes a girl who is copying her best friend to fit in. This is a series. T ...more
Katina Alexis book Scorpion
Female Indian Shaman wants revenge and starts turning nature against her enemies. She captures beautiful blond girl friend of hero. He tries to rescue her. The Indian Shaman sees her own death in the future. Hero comes and kills her and saves her captives and marries the beautiful blond. Sp ...more
Keystone Beer commercial Rachel Hunter Potion
Animal, Female, Gender
Ralf invents a spray that turns ordinary beer into keystone and anyone into Rachel Hunter. He uses it on his dog, his nagging boss, and his neighbor Burt.
Kiddy Grade episode Unmasked/Face
two female villains take over the bodies of Eclair and Lumeire, and take control of G.O.T.T. headquarters, later the real Eclair and Lumieire, apper in new bodies.
"Kindred" episode of Heroes
Female, Gender
Candice changes her appearance and name because the police are looking for her previous form. (Also because of the fact that Missy Peregrym, who played Candice, is on another show.) Her name is now Michelle and she takes care of Sylar, who is not dead. She tries to help him heal because he is po ...more
The Kiss
Female, Gender
A new film from Mako Pictures, Coming in 2004. 3 Friends are about to have an encounter that will change one of them forever. Using a low-budget with makeup effects, The Transformation looks incredible. The Trailer is on The website, as is cast and crew bios and other information ...more
Kissing Kaylan
Kaylan gets together with an old friend, only to discover that each one of them is burnt out wiht their daily grind... Kaylan's 'grind' being that of a porn star, of course. So they trade lives. Kaylan's friend has trouble adjusting to her brand new sexual stardom, but Kaylan has even more trouble a ...more
Kit Reed
Matronly Martha decides to spice up her marriage by ordering herself a new body from "New You" but doesn't read the manual before unwrapping it. Neither does she check with her husband to find out what he wants.
Krrish 3
Gender, Female
Krrish 3 is the third in a series of Bollywood movies about Krishna Mehra, whose alter ego is the masked Indian super-hero Krrish. In this movie, Krrish must fight an evil genius Kaal (who is also Krishna's brother) and a group of super-powered henchmen (rather similar to the X-Men's Brotherhood o ...more
L' (2005) Empire des loups
The new movie of a Black Magic woman steals her new face from her victim.
L'Anima Gemella
This Italian film is about a young woman Teresa who is left at the altar by her fiance, Tonino. Tonino then runs off with his lover, Maddalena. Teresa then has a man (who's family apparently dabbles in witchcraft) kidnap Maddalena and help turn Teresa into Maddalena. She now has Maddalena's body ...more
L. Ron Hubbard, If I Were You
Female, Male, Gender
Circus midget gets spell to switch bods with the tall ringmaster, but finds himself in a giant sized heap of trouble after the swap.
La Femme Chameleon
Marla (Cheyenne Silver) changes into a different woman every time she orgasms, to the delight and frustration of her boyfriend Jack (Devin Wolf). Basically, it's a not-as-good remake of "The Chameleon" with a far more vague "twist" ending.
La Mujer en el Espejo
La Mujer en el Espejo or The Woman in the Mirror Through the use of a magical mirror, an ugly duckling female is able to transform into a stunning model. Julianna is able to transform into Maritza Ferrer. The series is about 150 episodes long. Around episode 107, Barbara (Maritza's nemesis) ...more
La Rosa de Guadalupe, episode "En Sus Zapatos"
in this episode mother and daughter fight constantly changing body due to divine help to live for a moment the life of the other.
Lady Soveriegn
In the first street sequence, Lady Soverign is impersonated by a fat woman who rips her face off to reveal the singer. Her body morphs quickly from fat to thin, and she then morphs into a giant ball of hair.
"Landslide" episode of Heroes
Female, Race
Candice, still holding Micah prisoner under Linderman's orders, disguises herself as a black woman named Miss Baker to bring Micah into the voting booths.
Last Fight
Brief. When visiting Adalind's storage facility, Elizabeth, Renard's mother, tastes a bit of Adalind's potion and transforms into Adalind and then Juliette. Transformation happens at 20:53.
Laurel Dodd book This Body
A woman in her late forties dies and then wakes a year later in the body of a 20 year old wealhy drug addict girl with brothers and sisters. Rather bloodless and acedemic book.
Laurel Marian Doud book This Body : A Novel of Reincarnation
Overblown pedantry of the second rank. Could have been better if told in a straight forward narrative. There are interesting descriptions of "body discovery", i.e., of Katherine exploring her new body (including sexual encounters). Okay if you can get past the pretension. Recommended for the des ...more
Legend of Bill
Current webcomic follows a recent body swap between two women, one evil and one good
Legend of the Mummy
An archaeologist discovers that his daughter is possessed by the spirit of an Egyptian queen. She sleeps with the fiance after the possession before he realizes what happened. This is a remake of The Awakening but it does have its own twists and turns
Legend of the Seeker - Mirror
Female, Gender, Male
Thieves disguise themselves as Richard and Kahlan to rob townsfolk, then steal the Sword of Truth so they can sell it to the D'Harans. The disguise is an actual transformation using a magic mirror.
Legend Of The Seeker, episode "Princess", S02E13
In order to bring Nicci back from Hell, Sister of the Dark has to sacrifice one of their own in order to allow Nicci to possess the body. Shown in the first 2 minutes of the episode. The rest of the episode is about trying to sneak into a castle to save Kahlan, but no magic powers would work withi ...more
Legend of the Seeker, episode "Resurrection", S02E07
Male, Female
The Mord'Sith Denna brings back Khalan's sister in another woman's body and sent her to kill Cara. In the same time Denna killed the Seeker and put the soul of a general in the Seeker's body and used him to claim the throne.
Legend of the Seeker, Episode Identity, S01E07
Female, Male
An old witch switch body between the seeker and another guy that's going through his wedding. This was done Quantum Leap style, ie we see which character is really whom, but the rest of the people around them didn't see the changes. At the end, the old witch transformed herself into a much young ...more
Legend of Zelda
Male, Female
Marked for deletion: merging data into The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Third item is unknown where it applies to, if any as it is not really a transformation, but the game taking control to show you how to do something. Sara 11/28/07 The spirit of ...more
The Legend of Zelda episode Doppelganger
In this episode, the evil Wizard Ganon send a magical mirror to Zelda's room. That night, as Zelda is combing her hair in front of the mirror, the moon shines down and reflects an evil clone of Zelda, who proceeds to jump out of the mirror and replace her.
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Gender, Female
Miscellaneous The raft that Link uses throughout the game, the King of the Red Lions, is actually the King of Hyrule Castle. He changes form when he changes Tetra back to her true form, that of Princess Zelda. Female This is not a true female change, but it is a big change in the plot. (Sp ...more
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Animal, Female, Monster, Age
===Age=== A major part of the beginning portion of Link's Quest is to get the Master Sword. However, when link finally gets the needed items to wield the mighty sword, it determines he is not yet ready. So he ends up being cocooned in time until he is an adult. From this point on, he can become ...more
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Mythical, Gender, Age, Female
Age In the Ancient Tomb, you face a big blue Stalfos. It shoots a red ball that turns you into a baby if it hits you. Mythical/Gender In this game, Link (the main character of all the LoZ games) can obtain the "Mermaid's Skin" (aka Mermaid's Suit) item which allows him to become a mermaid (tec ...more
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons
Gender, Female, Monster
===Female=== After playing through either of these titles as a linked game (complete one, and start the second with the link password) you will meet the true evil mastermind, Koume & Kotake. These twin witches of Fire and Ice try to stall Link and prevent him from saving Zelda long enough for Ga ...more
Legends of Tomorrow episode Too Legit to Quit
Female, Race
In order to keep computer Gideon occupied, when it is time to show Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz's (Lisseth Chavez) future, (Spoiler Text)
Leigh Brackett book The Sectret of Sinharat
A few survivers of a city state of body swappers from ancient Mars are ploting to take control of the planet again. They have already stolen the bodies of 2 of the leaders of the rebellion. Including one by the female of an incediblily beautiful woman. Earth Hero tries to stop them.
Leslie Jones
A very pretty young woman starts an affair with a married man.Yvette is married to a college Prof and her lover is to a plain, very plump older woman. They decide not to get divorces and marry each other partly because they feel guilty and partly because the wife Ruth is not nearly as young, & attra ...more
Levi's Ad
Age, Female, Male
This is a new advertisement from Levi's. A couple begins to strip and they take each other's clothes off. They change into different people with different styles of hair and dress as they keep removing articles of clothing.
Lexx - I Worship His Shadow
This cheesy movie, on which the TV Series "Lexx" was based, has several variations of the title, of which the most official is probably "I Worship His Shadow", but I put "Lexx" in there to make it more searchable. Zev (I think that was the original correct spelling) was originally a fat ugly woma ...more
Linda Randle Wisdom book Twist of Fate
Poor waitress is murdered and wakes up in the body of the woman she envies, a very beautiful rich woman. In this new Identity she is accused of murder. She hires a detective to solve both crimes. (Pretty good book. Romance)
Little Box of Horrors
Pretty good Charmed episode except for the soapy scene in a stuck elevator Spoilers. A female demon kills the guardian of Pandora's box. Then impersonates the woman to get the charmed ones to help her fine the box. Planning of course to release more evil into the world. The witches h ...more
The Little Mermaid
Male, Female, Mythical
In the movie Ariel and the evil octopus witch turn into humans. King Triton turns into a wormy creature. When Ursula is singing about "poor unfortunate souls" she conjures up a fat woman and a skinny dude that looks kind of stupid. When Ursula sings "and do I help them?" She snaps her fingers an ...more
Little Witch Academia Episode 12
As Luna Nova prepares for their annual Samhain Festival, during which the most exemplary student is crowned the Moonlit Witch, Diana is put in charge of the committee while Akko's group is stuck playing symbolic sacrifices for an ever-sorrowful ghost. Determined to become the Moonlit Witch like Cha ...more
"Lockdown" episode of Stargate SG-1
Anubus is back and without a body. He possesses a Russian on the base and then enters Dr. Jackson. He enters a pretty hot nurse too. Later he possesses the body of the hot chick member of the team, I forget her name.
Logan Swanson book Earthbound
Spirit of murdered nympho woman trapped in the house she was murdered in possess young wife and tried to to steal her body. Surprise ending
Lois and Clark episode Ghosts
The ghost of a gangsters wife possesses Lois.
Lois and Clark episode I Now Pronounce You...
On Lois and Clark's wedding day Lois is kidnapped by Lex Luther and Lois is impersonate by her Clone.
Lois and Clark episode Madame Ex
Luther's Ex wife creates a double of Lois using an accident victom who she has a Dr transform into Lois. She plans to frame Lois for crimes as revenge. Many laughs in the show - Lois and her double confront each other and critisize each other's fashion sense! - Or when they find captain who marrie ...more
Lois Duncan book Stranger with My Face
A long lost evil twin's astral body tricks her good sister out of her body and steals it. The evil twin had been in an insane aslum. The sister of the real girl tries to save her. the evil twin's astral body had hurt people earlier. Well written teen book
"The Long Goodbye" episode of Stargate Atlantis
Male, Female
Dr. Weir was possessed by alien found in a lifepod. Another alien in another lifepod took over Sheppard's body. And they fought to the death due to the 2 aliens were enemies.
Looney Tunes episode Broom-Stick Bunny
While trick or treating bugs ends up at Witch Hazel's house. But Hazel doesn't realize bugs is wearing a costume, and thinks she may no longer be the ugliest witch. So she mixes up a beauty potion to eliminate the competition. Aftering finding out that bugs is a rabbit, she decides her guest wou ...more
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
In a campy take-off on 1950's and 1960's sci-fi movies, an earth husband and wife, an alien husband and wife and a skeleton seek the radioactive element "Atmosphereum". A mad scientist takes the aliens' Transmutatron device (a caulking gun with a can on the end) and converts four animals of the for ...more
Louise Cooper book Sleep of Stone
A magical being, ugly by our standards falls in love with the local handsome Prince. She can shape shift and he is kind to her when she takes animal bodies. She convinces herself that he loves her. So when his human, beautiful bride arrives. She takes her shape and place and hides the girl away magi ...more
Love Hina episode Mesmerized by Naru on the Haunted Island! Something's Fishy!
Naru becomes possessed by an evil spirit and Motoko is the only one who can destroy it. Unfortunately, she doesn't know the technique to kill the spirit without killing the body and it's quite a predicament. The spirit is a female who lures men into the water with her and drowns them. The spirit als ...more
Love's A Witch
Two witch familys ( good witches actually) are feuding Ala Romeo & Juliet. A male witch tells Paige that his lover was killed in the cross fire ( actually not true someone did it deliberately) Unknown to anyone she becomes an evil spirt seeking vengence on both houses. She also plans on posessing P ...more