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Category: 'Female'
Ka-Zar The Savage issue And The Seas Give Up Their Dead
Sep brings his lover Leanne out of her coma by placing her mind in Shanna The She-Devil's body, while Shanna is trapped in the comatose body. Leanne doesn't want to give up this healthy body, so she tries to have Sep killed.
Karl Wagner book Darkness Weaves
Female, Female
Disfigured Queen forcibly trades bodies with beautiful young stepdaughter. The unfaithful wife of a King tries to murder him and is discovered and dragged through the streets. She survives and plots his overthrow. She steals the body of the King's beautiful daughter from a previous marriage and u ...more
Katawan ni Sofia
Sofia was a beautiful wife and faithful to her husband. One night a gang of rapists captured her and took her from her home while her husband was away.The 7 rapists raped amd killed her. One month after her death she came back for revenge as a ghost, this time she will finds the 7 rapists who kill ...more
Katherine Roy book The Gentle Fraud
Famous, but aging actress agrees to swap bodies with a younger, rich friend for a few days to live each other's lives!
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, Drat You Copycat book Nancy Krulik
For completeness and a warning or for parents with third graders. This is a series where Katy is whirled into other people's bodies (once including a boys) She controls their bodies but they are not in hers. In this one she becomes a girl who is copying her best friend to fit in. This is a series. T ...more
Katina Alexis book Scorpion
Female Indian Shaman wants revenge and starts turning nature against her enemies. She captures beautiful blond girl friend of hero. He tries to rescue her. The Indian Shaman sees her own death in the future. Hero comes and kills her and saves her captives and marries the beautiful blond. Sp ...more
Keystone Beer commercial Rachel Hunter Potion
Animal, Female, Gender
Ralf invents a spray that turns ordinary beer into keystone and anyone into Rachel Hunter. He uses it on his dog, his nagging boss, and his neighbor Burt.
Kiddy Grade episode Unmasked/Face
two female villains take over the bodies of Eclair and Lumeire, and take control of G.O.T.T. headquarters, later the real Eclair and Lumieire, apper in new bodies.
"Kindred" episode of Heroes
Female, Gender
Candice changes her appearance and name because the police are looking for her previous form. (Also because of the fact that Missy Peregrym, who played Candice, is on another show.) Her name is now Michelle and she takes care of Sylar, who is not dead. She tries to help him heal because he is po ...more
The Kiss
Female, Gender
A new film from Mako Pictures, Coming in 2004. 3 Friends are about to have an encounter that will change one of them forever. Using a low-budget with makeup effects, The Transformation looks incredible. The Trailer is on The website, as is cast and crew bios and other information ...more
Kissing Kaylan
Kaylan gets together with an old friend, only to discover that each one of them is burnt out wiht their daily grind... Kaylan's 'grind' being that of a porn star, of course. So they trade lives. Kaylan's friend has trouble adjusting to her brand new sexual stardom, but Kaylan has even more trouble a ...more
Kit Reed
Matronly Martha decides to spice up her marriage by ordering herself a new body from "New You" but doesn't read the manual before unwrapping it. Neither does she check with her husband to find out what he wants.
Krrish 3
Gender, Female
Krrish 3 is the third in a series of Bollywood movies about Krishna Mehra, whose alter ego is the masked Indian super-hero Krrish. In this movie, Krrish must fight an evil genius Kaal (who is also Krishna's brother) and a group of super-powered henchmen (rather similar to the X-Men's Brotherhood o ...more