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Category: 'Female'
J. Elliot Riley book Dangerous Clay
Female, Gender
Federal agent Ryan Solstice is hunting down the perfect killer: Chris, a shape-shifting assassin who used to do the government's dirty work anywhere in the world. Chris was born a girl, but can change into anyone - male or female - in order to get close to a target. Now, the perfect chameleon has ...more
Jack Chalker book The Identity Matrix
Gender, Female
A man, trapped in the body of a prepubscent girl, meets a 21-year old female. They met up with the same aliens who stuck the man in the girl's body, As a result, the man's mind ends up in the young woman's body, and the young woman's mind ends up in the girl's. Alien body-swappers switch main chara ...more
Jack Finney book Marion's wall
Ghost of 20s flapper possess from time to time the body of proper young wife in modern times. ( WAS TURNED INTO A MOVIE)
Jack Vance book Lyonesse: Suldrum's Garden
Absolutely first rate novel! There are many TF in it - including size. But one sub plot has a Witch who has lived a long time by stealing the bodies of young women, leaving them trapped in whatever old body she is in at the time. She tries to trick the young Heroine out of her body but the last vict ...more
Jackie Kessler book Hell's Belles
Jezebel was a succubus who seduced men and dragged their souls off to Hell, but a little rebellious streak got her into trouble. Now she's on the run from the forces of evil, so she needs to hide out on earth, posing as a human woman. Jezebel spends most of the book stuck in the form of the witc ...more
Jacqueline Hyde
Gender, Female
Jacqueline works in telephone sales, but she is not very successful at that, or in her love life. When a rich grandfather dies and leaves her a mansion, she moves in and discovers that he was working on an experimental potion. When she drinks some, she discovers that she can reshape her body at wil ...more
Jane Gardam
A modern girl about 11 visits a haunted house with her folks and ends up switching places with the spirit of a dead girl. The girl has her body and is quite happy to be alive and modern girl is stuck haunting the house in the identical spirit body the girl had.
Jeff Noon book Pollen
An older woman gets her consciousness transferred to her daughter's life.
Jennifer Archer book Body and Soul
Middle Aged woman day dreaming wishes to swap bodies with sexy young woman of 20 she sees. Much to her suprise she does. The young woman in her body doesn't remember who she is. Kinda of wishy washy story where the writer wants to have her cake and eat it too.
The Jersey episode The Switch
The magical Jersey becomes mroe powerful and switches athelic Morgan with her snobby Cousin Hillary who is running for Homecoming queen. At first they do there best to ruin eacch other lives as they hate being each other. Hillary gets Morgan benched on from the soccer team and Morgan gets Hillary of ...more
The Jersey episode Jersey Switch
A body switcheroo between Morgan and Hilary forces them both to experience the other one's hobbies; Elliott's responsible for making the jersey even more powerful. Nick: Michael Galeota. Coleman: Jermaine Williams. Elliott: Theo Greenly. Morgan: Courtnee Draper.
Jessie, "To Be Me or Not to Be Me"
Animal, Gender, Male, Female
Part of Disney Channel's Freaky Freakend stunt. Ravi gets a magic bell from India in the mail that has body swapping powers. Jessie switches with Zuri, Emma switches with Luke and Ravi switches with Bertram. Later, after everyone seems to have switched back, Jessie switches with Mr. Kipling the gia ...more
Jockey Television commercial "Out of Line"
Male, Female, Gender
Normal looking people are put through a conveyor belt factory with a large machine chamber that turns them into nearly identical, "perfect" clones. It removes tattoos and any body piercing. The resulting male clones are all dressed alike, as are all of the females. Spoiler below (Spoiler Text ...more
John Legend - Save Room
John Legend - Save Room (2006) Throughout the video, the woman John Legend is with, constantly changes. The changes are off screen.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, various chapters
Gender, Male, Female
In this series, there are a couple of transformations. In chapters 136 and 137, a man named Rubber Soul uses his Stand, Yellow Temperance, to impersonate Kakyoin in an attempt to kill Jotaro. That fails and in chapter 138, while in a cable car, he's disguised as a fat woman and tries once again ...more
Jon F. Merz book The Destructor
Shiva, a half-vampire, half-werewolf assassin, uses her shapeshifting talent to try to outwit Lawson, the vampire Fixer of Boston. She takes a number of female forms in the book, including an old flame of Lawson's.
joshi kashimashi monogatari
A music video of Japanese girl group. In the video , members of them introduce eath other, then morph into the other in the train.
JSA Classified #20
Female, Gender
The issue opens with a brief history of the Ultra-Humanite, detailing his switching of brains with Delores Winters. (Spoiler Text)
Julio Cortazar
A rich, lovely young woman in South American has flashes of another woman in Budapest, that womanis a beggar and is beaten. She is drawn to her and goes to Budapest on her honeymoon. The two women meet and the beggar steals the young woman's body. Well Written story
Jumanji: The Next Level
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Race, Gender
A few years after the events of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, everyone has gone their separate ways. While home for Christmas break from college, Spencer gets overwhelmed and decides to try and rebuild the console, but it is not working quite right. The others (Becky, Martha and Fridge) go to ...more
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Female, Gender, Male, Race
In this sequel of the 1995 Robin Williams film, Jumanji is updated from a board game to an 8-bit video game where the players transform into the avatars they choose. Originally it is found by Alex's father on a beach (passing on from the first movie). One night Alex starts it up, but is never seen ...more
Jungle de Ikou episode Series
Natsumi, a young child, is given a magic necklace that channels the spirit of a flower goddess (Mii) to defend the world against Ongo, a spirit of destruction. She is surprised to find that as mii she is older and has ridiculously huge breasts.
Justice League 3000 #4
Female, Male, Gender
We learn the truth on how the Justice League was revived in the future from their "mother" Ariel Masters. (Spoiler Text)
Justice League of America #166-168
Female, Gender, Male
Zatanna, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), all members of the Justice League of America, are body switched with members of the Secret Society Of Super-Villains. Zatanna ends up in the body of Star Sapphire. Wonder Woman switches bodies with Floronic Man. Gr ...more