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Category: 'Female'
Galaxy Angel Z episode Episode 6
Forte a rought girl exchanges body with Milfiuel a sweet girl that is naive, along with the whole angel brigade.
Female, Gender, Male
This movie contains various possession type transformations that were quite good and worth noting. The control in the movie did feel "possession-like" to me (despite the 3rd person perspective) given the way the real-life avatars are being controlled by the gamers. I found it appealed to me in a ...more
Garnier - Evolution of Style
Female, Male
Ad for Garnier's latest range of fragrances. One commercial has actors done up as male singers (Michael Jackson, Usher, Will I Am, Nick Jonas etc) morphing into each other, another has females (Marilyn Monroe, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears circa ...Baby One More Time, etc)
Garo, Episode 24
Gender, Female
Female transformation/illusion in part 1, demon possession of another female in order to stay on Earth in the rest of the episode.The demon did checked out his new female body by touching his new female parts.
Gayle Lynds book Masquerade
A young woman a cousin of the daughter of an Assassin is forcible with advantage technics tunred into the double of the daughter and brain washed and with her memory removed and made to think she is the girl. They're going to use her to kill the man. Well written, exciting book
Ghost Stories episode Consumers
A supermarket next to retirement home has become the favorite hang out for those old people. They come to the store to shop---for their next life and body, with selection from those works at the supermarket, with a owner willing to sell his empolyees, and the Isle 5 freezer section that keeps on fre ...more
Ghost Stories episode Mirror Mirror
A rich old woman live with her niece, whom also act as her caretaker. Old woman's young boyfriend dipping into both women, and later worked with the niece to kill the old woman, by pushing her down a flight of stairs. After the mouring period and reading of the will, the niece got the house and all ...more
Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Female, Gender
At the Museum, you have to battle "Class VII Wandering Possessors". These ghosts are (or at least were when they were alive) female and possess both male and female museum patrons.
Giant-Size Conan the Barbarian issue #2
Conan's bride to be, Zenobia of Nemedoa is captured and replaced by the transformed look-alike suplicant ofTsotha-Lanti who hopes to catch Conan with his guard down (so to speak) on their wedding night.
Gold Digger issues 26-27
Madrid chooses this issue to make her move. She switches bodies with Gina and goes to lead an expedition to the Magic Star. Gina, trapped in Madrid's body and sealed inside a containment field within her own lab has to find a way to warn Brit and Brianna before Madrid claims the ultimate power.
Goodnight, Sweet Grimm
The hexenbiest Frau Pech uses a doppelganger potion to swap bodies with Adalind Schade. The potion transformed their bodies into each others' while Adalind was unconscious so that Pech could meet the gypsy Stefania in disguise. (Spoiler Text)
Grannie to Hottie / Scratch Game Ad commercial Subway
This ad is part of Subway's scratch and win game promotion A young guy and an old woman (his grandmother?) are sitting at a table . Some one scratches (like scratching on a game piece) and they are sitting on a ski lift in ski gear.... The hand is shown scratching across the old waman again and ...more
Gravity Falls, "Carpet Diem"
Animal, Female, Male, Gender
Mabel and Dipper find a secret room in their house with an experimental carpet, which can swap bodies once rubbed on by static electricity. In the beginning, Dipper switches with Mabel and Soos with Waddles the pig. Later, bodies are swapped between Mabel, Dipper, Soos, Waddles, Candy, Grenda, Old ...more
Green Lantern: The Lost Army - Sneak Peek and #1
Gender, Female
Xrill-Vrek is a new character and member of the Green Lantern Corps. Xrill has the power of "morphic empathy", which means she can assume not just the form but also take on the thoughts and mindset of species she encounters. Her powers seem to be directed not just be her own will, but by her proxi ...more
Gummi Bears episode A Gummi By Any Other Name
Female, Male, Gender
A magic hat gives the wearer the form of anyone whose name they utter. Among the transformations include Sunni turning into Grammi, Cubbi, Princess Calla, Cavin, Sir Tuxford, King Gregor, and a couple of ogres. Cubbi changes into Gruffi and Zummi. In the climax, Princess Calla uses the hat to ch ...more
GURPS Characters
Gender, Male, Female
GURPS (Generic Universal Role-Playing System) includes an exotic Advantage called Hermaphromorph that allows the player to change between a fully functional male, female, or neuter form in 10 seconds.