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Category: 'Female To Male'
Afforest issue Unknown
Girl transforms herself into a boy.
The parents are clueless, refusing to believe any attempt to convince them of what happened. They have to live in each other's home and learn to get along with strangers who are now their new parents, all the while learning to cope with living as the opposite gender and trying to blend into new liv ...more
Alison Tyler book Tiffany Twisted
When exclusive party planner, Tiffany Mitchell wakes up in her boyfriend's body, she thinks she's having a bad dream. But no amount of espresso can wake her from the growing nightmare of being trapped in Kurt's 6-foot tall figure, and locked into his disorganised life. Due to this off-handed wish m ...more
All Screwed Up
Two High School teenagers, a jock and a science nerd, switch bodies during a freak accident.
Bizarre Tales #35
A female scientist wishing to have been born a boy all her life uses a soul transfer device to place her soul into the body of a baby boy which she feels will make the perfect sex change and allow her to live out her life as she feels she should have all along.
Boku to Kanojo no XXX
A film based on the manga of the same name by Morinaga Ai. Mild-mannered highschooler Akira has a crush on pretty but obnoxious Nanako. Her crazy grandfather asks them to test his new invention, which will let you know another person's thoughts. But the machine shorts out and switches their ps ...more
Boku to Kanojo no XXX issue entire series
A manga by Morinaga Ai. Mild-mannered highschooler Akira has a crush on pretty but obnoxious Nanako. Her crazy grandfather asks them to test his new invention, which will let you know another person's thoughts. But the machine shorts out and switches their psyches instead. Until he repairs it ...more
Boy Meets Girl
Love Actually star Martin Freeman is to play a scruffy DIY store worker trapped in the body of a glamorous female fashion journalist in a new comedy drama for ITV1. In Boy Meets Girl, Freeman plays Danny Reed, a scruffy DIY worker who wakes up after being struck by lightning to find himself in t ...more
Chemistry episode Unknown
Some drama show in which the main charactor Rachel and CK swap bodies for 8 episodes.
Chloe Rayban book Virtual Sexual Reality
This book is about a special booth which transforms a teenage girl into a boy. She then tries to find out what makes men tick.
Christa Wolf book Nachdenken /
The main character, a female student, is tranformed into a man as a scientific experiment. The story focuses on the mental transformation that is slowly brought about by the physical transformation... East German TV made this into a TV movie in 1989
CSI: Identity Crisis
A serial killer named Paul Millander, appears in at least two episodes. The storyline is that Paul Millander was born female and saw his dad murdered. Believing that no one would believe a young woman that it was not a suicide, the girl has a sex change and becomes Paul Millander.
Dame tu Cuerpo
This is a Mexican movie about a man and a woman that switch bodies. I saw the trailer on TV. I think it is a 'Pon un Hombre en tu Vida' combined with 'Dating the Enemy'.
Dating the Enemy
A man and woman switch bodies.
Day Watch
In the russian movie Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor 2006), sequel to Night Watch, the main character Anton must hide from pursuers by forcibly having his body exchanged with a female coworker named Olga. Initially the two have the wrong vocal tonation, but Anton quickly learns from her how to correct t ...more
Donniegee's Captions
Age, Gender
Image Recaps in many different categories.
Eine Frau namens Harry
Harriet has enough. Everything goes wrong with the work-search. "Sorry, but we are just looking for men in that position." She makes a deal with the devil. On the next morning she wakes up in a male body... Nice story, but Thomas Gottschalk(Harry) was third-rate.
Equinox Knocks
17 year-old teenager girl's world is pretty good: she's popular at her small town high school, she's dating the star quarterback, and her best girlfriend is a witch. But it is turned upside down when she catches her boyfriend in the arms of her arch-rival girl. She vows revenge. But it's the night ...more
Dick for a Day book by Fiona Giles
54 short stories. In This collection, a number of women writers, poets and artists put their minds to answering the question, What would you do if you had a penis for a day? The predecessor to Chick For a Day (same editor). If you like one you'll like the other.
Freaky F***ing Friday
Description from DVD: Japanese girl switches bodies with black guy. Japanese, but one of the narrators is speaking English with Japanese subtitles.
Gender Blender book Blake Nelson
Teenage boy and girl swap bodies and have to deal with each others problems. you can look it up with google.
Give Me Back My Skin
A man and a woman get into a car accident with a witch, who takes out her anger on them by switching their bodies. The whole movie deals with their predicament.
H to He
H to He is a one person play written and performed by Claire Dowie about a woman that slowly transforms into a man.
Head Roulette
A blog containing photo manipulations of headswapped couples, gender transformation stories, and photo morphs. Warning: Does contain some Adult content.
Heart and Souls
Male, Gender
Complicated and meandering film in which four people and a baby die in a San Francisco trolleybus crash. However the adults remain in a sort of half life on earth, staying with the child. Many years later they find out that the reason that they stayed on earth was to enable them to complete one las ...more
Help, I'm a Boy!
There are two eleven year olds, a boy and a girl. The boy is lazy and mischievous, and the girl is industrious, and she is in strict training for a competitive swimming championship. The boy finds an old overcoat that actually belongs to a magician; when the boy takes it, he finds a book of magi ...more
The Hot Chick
Age, Female, Gender
In the beginning of the movie, a female commoner steals a pair or earrings and gives one to a princess ready to get married. The commoner wears the other one and the two switch bodies by the magic earrings. The switch was used by Princess Nawaa as an opportunity to escape a bad marriage. The re ...more
It's A Boy Girl Thing
Nell (Samaire Armstrong) and Woody (Kevin Zegers) go to the same high school, live next door to one another and have parents who used to be friends – but now they are sworn enemies. Nell’s basically a big dork and Woody’s the football champion until something freaky happens at a m ...more
It's in the Jeans
A couple swap bodies with the aid of a monkeys paw.
Iya! Kaerenai!! Watashi no karada wo kaeshite
Man and Woman switch bodies after car accident. Apparently similar to" Rendez Moi Ma Peau " but takes itself more seriously.
Just Follow Law
Lim Deng Zui (starred by Gurmit Singh) is the subordinate of Tanya Chew (starred by Fann Wong) who holds a high-ranking position in a government statutory board. A car accident causes them to swap body with each other. This movie will open in Singapore theatres at the next Chinese New Year, tha ...more
Justice League Dark #9
Steve Trevor recruits John Constantine to get the "Justice League Dark" back together to stop Felix Faust. He also makes Constantine add an agent from A.R.G.U.S. to the group. Black Orchid. During the first fight, John is about to be attacked when he has (Spoiler Text) Later, when trying to t ...more
Love Spell episode My Girl (Episodes 1-4) My Boy
This is a love story between Stephanie and Simon. Stephanie was just a typical high school girl, that wanted to be cool and popular like Vanna and Rhea. They told Stephanie that for her to be like them, to be their friend, and to have the same necklace as the one they have, she has to have a boyfri ...more
Married couple switches bodies after asking a doctor to help with their family problems. Here is a film review I translated and edited to make some sense to English language readers. I haven't seen more than the trailers and the music video but the following seems to match what I have seen. ...more
Mamotte Lollipop episode Episode 8
googling it confirms it exists but being new, 2006, it may take some time to get to dvd's a japanese boy and girl are involuntarily bodyswapped via a magic bandaid??? a better description and pictures can be found at ...more
My Body Your Soul
Man and woman switch bodies.