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Category: 'Fantasy'
"Prisoners of Gender" by John Bushore
A Chinese Odyssey Part Two
This is listed at the IMDB and a number of other sites offer reviews. has used copies on occasion. This is a copy of a review that explains the body swapping. "The subtitles can kill you here, more so than in the first film. They flash by so quickly. In addition to the obtuse subt ...more
A Dog's Tale
In this live-action child fantasy, a twelve year old boy accidentally mis-wishes when requesting a dog of his own and changes into a German shepherd for most of the movie.
Alice in Wonderland
Furry, Male
(Spoiler Text)
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Furry, Inanimate, Mythical, Size, Animal
An apprentice witch, three kids, and a cynical conman search for the missing component to a magic spell that would be useful for the defense of Britain. (Spoiler Text) Excellent movie but not for it's transformations.
Bodyswap: The Boy who was 84 by L. P. Howarth
When Will' body is stolen from him by a strange old man called Hornbeam he's determined to get it back, even before news of the windfall that should have made him a millionaire, being old is no fun. Paperback: 204 pages Publisher: Catnip Publishing Ltd (27 Mar 2009) Language: English IS ...more
Breath of Fire II
In this game, characters can unite with Shamans to gain extra skills. One of the characters, called Spar, takes on a VERY feminine appearance when united with a certain shaman. It does not have any effects other than aesthetically, though. Spar is androgynous, though, so this may not actually b ...more
Breath of Fire II
The party is shrunken by a somewhat chauvanist wizard and placed into the body of the morbidly obese Queen of Tunlan, in order to destroy the micro-demons inside of her that made her overweight, and threaten to turn her into a demon as well. Interestingly enough, she gets thinner in parts as you cl ...more
Breath of Fire IV
At the end of the game Fou-lou and Ryu merge, The merged character looks like one of them with golden hair, the character looks like Ryu if you went against Fou-lou or Fou-lou if you agreed with him.
Breath of Fire Series
In all of the Breath of Fire series the main character you play as is a young man named Ryu, who possesses the ability to turn into several types of dragons. Each game is slightly different on how the transformation occurs.
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
The main character, Soma Cruz, has the ability to capture the souls of defeated enemies, giving him access to special attacks or abilities. Capturing the soul of a Curly (a female demon) allows Soma to transform into a giant Curly for a short time.
Curse of the Were-Woman
Gender, Were
He couldn't resist her. She was just so beautiful. So magical. So seductive. He knew that if they ever had sex, she would slowly drain him of his masculinity -- that was, after all, what this were-woman did. She was a supernatural creature who sexually fed on the male life force. And if she drained ...more
Dragon Warrior IV
Animal, Female, Male, Monster, Gender
Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest IV has many different changes that occur throughout both the original game, and some new ones that are exclusive to the enhanced remake. ===Animal=== In the Prologue chapter of the enhanced remake, the Hero's friend Eliza shows off her new spell 'Morph'. This chapter ...more
Familiar Ground
A fantasy humor comic that follows the antics of a sarcastic frog, a mystic cat, and a shapeshifting horse as they accompany their humans on an epic quest. Updates three times a week, MWF. * website
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
The Crystal of Light disguises itself as an old man and helps the main character throughout the course of the game, giving him tips on where he should go. The crystal does not reveal itself until the end of the game.
Final Fantasy VIII
When you return to Dollet once you gain control of the flying Garden, you meet an.....interesting girl at the pub. She complains that she can't find any single young men in the town, and decides that Squall will have to do. She asks him if she's pretty, and if you reply by asking if she's rea ...more
Final Fantasy X
As well as Shiva and the Magus Sisters, Valefor and Anima are also female (Go talk to Valefor's Fayth after you get the airship if you don't believe me, also Anima is Seymour's mom and a Secret Aeon you find in Baaj temple - the same place you wind up in to begin with in Spira), and both get posses ...more
Gilligan's Island episode The Friendly Physician
Gender, Male
In the famous TG episode, the mad doctor swaps Gilligan with Mr Howell among the M/F bodyswaps! Mad doctor switches castaway's minds around. The Professor swaps bodies with Mary Ann, Skipper is swapped with Mrs. Howell, and Ginger swaps with the mad doctor's hulking assistant Igor.
Mastermind's Mutants
Animal, Female, Furry, Monster
A time-traveling super hero, shape-shifting actress, and telekinetic friend use a magical crystal to open portals to other worlds -- searching for a way to stop a mind-controlling super villain from turning everyone on Earth into mutant slaves. Along the way, they discover an ancient alien secre ...more
In this film dead cops return to earth as members of the R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department) to protect us, the living from evil dead types. These cops are given avatars when walking around down here. Jeff Bridges looks like Marisa Miller to us living people. Ryan Reynolds' avatars are James ...more
The Butterscotch (1997) - episode "Power Flower"
Female, Gender
In episode 2 a genie which fullfills wishes like worded transforms gabriella hall into a man and back. some more transformations occur in this series, most female/female. french film, also shown in USA. NOTE: According to our research, this is both a television episode, and a movie.
The Other Sex: A Collection of Five Original Sci-Fi/Fantasy Gender Transformatio
Female, Gender
Includes five original sci-fi/fantasy transgender stories: SECRETS AT MYSTIC LAKE Five friends go camping in the mountains and discover a secluded lake – only to mysteriously transform into the opposite sex after swimming in it. VOYAGER 7 Trapped aboard an interstellar starship millio ...more
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden
Inanimate, Mechanical
Union of Heroes is a photowebcomic about a team of superheroes – from Germany. The prologue starts with a young man named Marc, who is transfered to a parallel world by a stranger who just introduced himself as "TheOneWhoKnows". There Marc finds out that his alter-ego was the superhero "Erze ...more
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 3
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