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Category: 'Disguise'
Gravure idol pinch Deserter Blue Despair
Ryuzaki Ran, an ace of a universal union investigators, was imprisoned for murdering an investigator. She denies it ever happened but her siblings saw her commit the crime. (Spoiler Text)
Green Arrow/Black Canary #11
In this issue, it is revealed on the last page who the false Ra's Al Ghul really is. (Spoiler Text)
Fighting Foodons episode "To Catch a Beef"
On Episode 20 (To Catch a Beef) of the anime Fighting Foodons, there was an evil foodon named Mouse Special who has the ability to transform and disguise himself as anybody he wants. However, his disguises aren't perfect because sometimes his horns (or hair) and/or tail is visible, or he gets the w ...more
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child episode "Hansel and Gretel"
A mysterious woman turned into a wicked witch in disguise just so she can capture the two young children named "Hanselito" and "Gretelita". Just like in the story about "Hansel and Gretel". At one point the witch used magic to turn beans into musicians, and back.
This is a 1960s British sci fi movie concerning alien invaders. The story centres on a hospital and includes a scene where an alien disguises herself as a nurse. The twist is that the aliens are Asian in appearance and the nurse who is impersonated is Asian. ...more
Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace episode 3
A young detective protege and his even younger assistant are tasked with solving mysteries. Episode 3 A case involving the disappearance of a young girl is tied to an urban legend, the Shadow man, who is said to be a master of disguise. (Spoiler Text)
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 8
Inanimate, Male