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Category: 'Commercial'
A Witch for a Third Roommate - GEICO Insurance
Two roommates compromise by choosing a witch named Griselda to fill their third room. The witch then cooks them both a "meal" which turns one roommate into a cat.
Aflac commercial Experiment
In this commercial for Aflac,a mad scientist has switched the personalities and voices of the Aflac duck and model Melania Trump(the Donald's missus). The commercial ends with a shocked Melania seeing her webbed feet.
An Old Fabio commercial Nationwide Insurance
In a commercial for the Superbowl they show a fake commercial for a new shampoo named after Fabio, he even was in the commercial. He was rowing one of those boats from Venice and he was with a woman. When they go under a bridge, Fabio is very old like 80 or something and the woman is shocked. Then ...more
Animal Planet commercial Unknown
They show two men laying on a beach talking about eating something that they will share. The continue to talk about how to eat it. Then they show their point of view and you realize they are looking at Steve Irwin. And Irwin says" I wonder what these Crocs are thinking and then the men are revealed ...more
Armstrong Flooring
A boy is reading from a book of potions and trying his hand at creating one of them when he accidentally knocks the potion over, spilling it onto the floor. His cat quickly closes in on the spill and takes a lick of it. With a poof, the cat becomes a chicken.
Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader Epix Commercial
Jenna Sims (who plays the title role) is in the middle of a commercial shoot in front of a green screen. Constantly between the takes the director demands she does the next take "bigger". Finally, when pushed to her limit, Jenna begins to grow in size. There are numerous shots of her getting larger ...more
ATV Offroad Fury 4 - Gary to Sally commercial PS2 "ATV Offroad Fury 4"
In this commercial for PS2's ATV Offroad Fury 4, Gary angers the Dirt Gods by cleaning his ATV, and as punishment is transformed into a woman in pink frills from the neck down (and his ATV is turned pink as well). Video: commercial commercial Unknown
In a new commercial from, a person looking over one person's used car is constantly morphing into a series of people, both male and female. The message the ad tries to convey is the number of people who can look at a particular used car on that site.
Axe commercial Crashes
In this ad from Axe, a guy rides through streets. Two girls see him and run towards each other and explode into a hybrid of the two girls. This also happens with every two girls who see the guy. This illustrates the concept from Axe of applying two different fragrances together to create an even ...more
Axe Dark Temptation: Chocolate Man
A man, after using some Axe deodorant is transformed into a man made out of chocolate.
Backyard Football 2008
In the commercial, a kid and some football player are playing Backyard Football 2008 on the TV, then suddenly the kid and the Footballer swap heads. For the rest of the commercial, the kid with the Football player's body has a much deeper voice, and the Football player with the kid's body has a muc ...more
BBC 'TV is evolving' commercial Unknown
It starts off with a man explaining about digital tv then rips off a rubber mask (using specal effects)and someone new appears from him and explains about a certain BBC channel. This happens several times and contains many transformations but the mostly gender and age however a large puppet apperars ...more
BBC Digital 8 commercial BBC
An advert for some added cable channels. In it, a family is sitting around the kitchen having a meal when the daughter suddenly pulls off her head like a mask revealing a man underneath. Of course, he's describing the new cable service. This continues on with the son and the mother while the fath ...more
Beauty for Sale commercial Unknown
In the end of this ad directed by hollywood director david fincher, to show how much fake is the beauty of the models, they show lots of models taking of "bodysuits" to show their true form and some of girl models are male. It isn't a transformation, BUT its a VERY good "bodysuit" and its directe ...more commercial Virtual Bartender 2
Remember the sexy virtual bartender who you had to write commands to follow your orders? it is back!!! And with a really beautiful friend!!! Check it out at
Bell Express View commercial Unknown
It's Christmas and the little boy starts singing "Mon beau Sapin". The older brother take the remote he got as a gift and start changing channel toward his brother. The brother become an axe murderer. The father takes the remotes and try to bring back his kid. The kid becomes, an Extra-terrestrial, ...more
Betty Crocker - Fruit Gushers commercial Unknown
Since the 1990s, commercials for Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers snacks have featured in some way or another kids heads turning into giant fruit after eating one. Video Playlist on YouTube
Big Mac Attack commercial Unknown
A giant boy is walking down a city street. We then see his sneakered foot on the road and a man and woman running away from it. The boy then reaches the local McDonalds and is seen next to the McDonald's arches. He then bends over and picks up the whole building. Then we see some kids sitting at a ...more
Bobblehead Morphing commercial Unknown
Boots Shampoo commercial Unknown
The advert starts of with a fast growing plant which later turns into a woman. There is no transformation shown but is done through a variety of different camera angles.
Boy grows up too fast commercial Nationwide Insurance
In a comercial during the super bowl a father was pushing his son on a swing. He pushed and pushed, each time the son goes off screen. Then after the third push his son comes back as an adult. Then they say "Life comes at you fast
Boy into Buster Bunny for Tiny Toon Game Ad
For an ad for a Tiny Toon Adventures game, most likely Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts loose, a boy has various parts of his body change into animated parts of Buster Bunny. Each transformation is reverted after scenes from the game. Transformations include: Growing ears like Buster Bunny, ...more
Bristol - Switching Heads
An ad for clothes chain Bristol changing their stores and stocks "from head to toe". Multiple headswaps between women.
Bronx Zoo Commercials
A series of commercials by the animator DancingDiablo which features kids turning part way into animals and then going off to play, then a reminder to go and visit the Bronx zoo for whatever event is being advertised at that moment. TFs included: *Wallaby *Reindeer *Butterfly *Lemur *Seal
Budweiser Fountain of Youth, 1989
Two male tour guides are showing a bunch of elderly women the fountain of youth. When they get wet, they turn into hot young babes who start hitting on the guys.
Buick Super Bowl 2017 Commercial Pee Wee
Gender, Male
A Pee Wee football game is going on. Two parents watching see a car pull up, and one comments that it is a new Buick. The other states if that is a Buick, he is Cam Newton's father. (Spoiler Text) At the end, the quarterback comments when a second Buick pulls in, and the coach in disbelief t ...more
California Department of Health Services commercial Undo the Deception
Gender, Male
This anti-smoking commercial is intended to dispel some of the images tobacco companies propagate. The commercial starts with a talking camel, then in mid-sentence, a cowboy pops out of the camel's hump. The cowboy then pulls off his face and clothes, and looks like a black rapper type. The rapper ...more
Calvin Klein Perfume commercial Unknown
This was one of those obnoxious surreal commercials they aired in the late eighties. A woman asks her boyfriend 'Would you love me if I were a man?' 'Of course,' he replies, 'I could always be your girl.' It then cuts to a scene where the woman is having a baby. Then it cuts to the man waking up ...more
Campari TG Ad commercial Campari
In this commercial, a "guy" follows a gorgeous "girl" in a cocktail dress through different spaces. When he finally gets close to her, she suddenly turns back to him and the surprise makes him spill his campari on the woman's chest. She smiles and undresses the upper part, showing a male body. He s ...more
Capital One commercial Unknown
This commercial has a man wrestling with a huge green ogre, representing his credit card bills. "You've been feeding on high interest rates haven't you?" he says. The ogre throws him across the room. Before the ogre can get to him again the wife comes and jump kicks him. She tells her husband about ...more
Capital One: Frog Prince
Animal, Mythical
A lovely princess spots a frog wearing a crown and sits down next to him. She picks him up and kisses him and he turns into a... weasel. She says, "HEY! You're not a prince!" The weasel says, "Sorry, in order to receive prince there is a minimum requirement of 2 kisses. all kisses are not transf ...more
Capri Sun 'Respect the Pouch'
A series of commercials about kids who are not respectful to their empty Capris Sun pouches. They are turned into inanimate objects, such as a dog chew toy. Click here for link to official site
Capt'n Crunch commercial Brain Switch
The commerical starts with a kid at a science fair showing off his new brain switch machine from Kim Possible. Some girls laugh at him. Then Capt'n Crunch shows up and Crunchizes him. The kid and the hamster have switched bodies and Kim Possible Capt'n Crunch is advertised. When they are De-Crunc ...more
Carefree Gum commercial Unknown
From the early 80s. One has two average women standing in the doorway. One is chewing gum and says "If gum is sugarless I'm Miss Universe." 'boing' she is Miss Universe and the friend asks for some gum. The other I remember is old women sitting on the porch and one chewing gum says "If this gum i ...more
Carefree Sugarless Gum commercial Unknown
Three elderly women are sitting in rocking chairs on a porch; the one on the left and the one sitting center are chewing on gum. The one on the left says, "This Carefree Gum has great, long-lasting flavor..." and the center woman says, "...but if this gum is sugar free, then we're the Dallas Cowboy ...more
Cariot Clothes
Race, Were, Female
A woman morphs into various ethnicities, then finally a tiger. Believed to be an Israeli commercial. Exact "Hebrew" text for the product: כריות
Carnival commercial Mountain Dew Code Red
A guy wins a shoot-the-clown-in-the-mouth game at a carnival.The carnie doesn't want to give up his Mountain Dew as a prize. The two face off in a duel, shooting water in each others mouths until both of their heads inflates. Click here to watch Mountain Dew - Carnival
Chanel #5 commercial Unknown
(Imagine a 50s theatre, and the advertisment was filmed in black and white) A young woman sits comfortably watching a movie, humming a tune. Since it is for Chanel 5 perfume, she brings a bottle out of her handbag and sprays it on her neck. She then goes 'ooooooh!' and a older woman looks horrified ...more
Check 'n' Go commercial Unknown
Series of commercials for a "payday loan" company (you write them a check today and they give you money, then they hold the check for a couple of weeks or until your next pay day.) Commercials dramatized the pressures of Christmas shopping by showing a person shrunk to about an inch in height trying ...more
Chef Boyardee - Tame The Beast
The new promotion starting in October 2007 for Chef Boyardee's new Microwavable Mac and Cheese is Tame the Beast. In the new commercial for this promotion we see a beast wearing a pink dress trying to find something to eat, then it finds a cup of Mac and Cheese and after microwaving it, it begins t ...more
Chicken Sandwich commercial McDonald's
It starts off with two guys in an office. The one is wolfing down McDonald's Chicken Sandwichs and the other guy says "If you keep eating those things, you are going to turn into a chicken." That night, the guy goes home and is finding white feathers in confusion. He looks out into his hallway ...more
Chlor-Mint commercial Elevator
In this Indian mint ad, a pretty woman is in an elevator which collapses and plunges down the shaft. She slides from under the doors, now flattened as a poster, and winds up as an ad on the side of a building.
Chrysler ad commercial Unknown
A teenaged girl is driving a red car (I think it was a Chrysler) with her middle-aged, somewhat wrinkly mother in the passenger seat. Evidently, she starts driving fast enough that the mother's face starts getting stretched out, like she's in a wind tunnel -- we see two shots of her face getting ...more
Chunky Soup commercial Unknown
A football player dreams his mother and one of his teammmates have switched heads.
Class commercial Children turning into adults
In a commerical for the upcoming new tv show Class. They show a whole bunch of kids playing on playground stuff (swings. etc). After a while they go off screen and when they re appear they are the adult actors who are playing them as adults. They are wearing the same clothes only bigger and are stil ...more
ClearWay Minnesota: "Involuntary"
A sexy female bartender is turned into cigarette smoke in an ad for second hand smoke in minnesota. it's the ad called "involuntary"
Coca Cola Commercials commercial Coca Cola
Old commercials in a vein similar to the Capri-Sun commercials. When 2 little kids leave the house their young mother transforms into a superhero made entirely of ice cold Coca Cola, and she would fly into the city doing superhero actions, and return just before her kids got home.
Coca-Cola commercial Birdman
Furry, Race
A plain guy has a Coke bottle with two straws in it and shares it with everyone he sees. However, after he has done so, he receives one of their features until he is no longer recognizable. This is a list of what he receives. Gothic Girl - Hair/Boots Black Gangsta - Dark skin/T-Shirt Mexican ...more
Coco Man Cereal commercial Unknown
Children eat this Jamaican themed cereal and turn black. This is an Israeli product.
Comcast commercial Mermen
Two guys are sitting at a bowling alley and one turns to the other and says "So, what's the deal?" The other starts explaining what comcast has thats "new". The first guy then stares at him and says "No what's the deal with us being mermen?" Camera cuts out to reveal their tails flopping around o ...more
Commercial about Identity Theft commercial Unknown
Not sure if this applys and I didn't catch what the commercial was selling, but I saw this cool ad last night. It had an African American woman at a beauty salon, but she had the voice and mannerism of a teenage computer hacker that has "stolen her identity". There was a similar ad prior to this one ...more
Commerical commercial Bloody Roar 2
This came out a long while ago, when Blood Roar 2 was coming out on Playstation One. This guy in an office turns into a werewolf and starts to attack people. I don't remember much of it.
Coors Extra Gold "Birthday Wish"
A man uses his birthday wish to turn his friends into beautiful women. But one candle stays lit, so all but one friend turns into a woman. The one who doesn't is left wearing a bikini.
Cornetto Enigma TV advert
A man is transformed into a giant teddy bear by eating an ice cream.
Craver Commercials commercial Honeycomb Cereal
From 1998 until recently, Honeycomb cereal commercials featured kids who crave the cereal transforming into a furry creature named the 'Honeycomb Craver".
Credit Karma, "New Flat"
Animal Woman checks credit and things get better. Living situation improves. Messy Roomate turns into neat roommate, then into dog.
Cristal Bier Party commercial Unknown
Dairy Queen commercial Blizzard
Pregnant wife has a bite of husbands Blizzard ice cream which sweeps her off into a dream where we're in a hospital and it's her husband who is delivering the baby. Funny stuff... Watch it here:
Danio (Dannon) commercial Unknown
Gender, Female
A commercial by Platige IMage for Dannon/Danio (Polish?) showcases people, after eating a spoonful of Danio yogurt, changing from one person to another.
Dany et le transmutant
Dany and his friends find a classroom. An old teacher comes and starts to shout. Then, he morphs into an alien (transmutant). Dany give it a Danone's Dany (yoghourt) and the alien becomes a beautiful blond teacher. Picture : TV commercial : ...more
Dentyne Ice Frog Kiss Commercial - Stuttering
At the beginning,a frog eats a Dentyne Ice gum then get kissed by a princess and transformed into a prince. At the end of the commercial, the animated prince and princess change into real people.
Diet Coke commercial - Sophie Monk/Barry White
Sophie Monk and her friends are in a restaurant. Sophie shows a trick to her friends; she has a big drink of Vanilla Coke. In Barry White's voice, she goes "There's all kinds of music, but baby, I..." before jumping back to her normal voice. She then has another drink and starts singing one of his ...more
Direct TV commercial commercial Unknown
A man in his underwear and a cable guy start talking about this great new package from Direct Tv. Out of nowhere the guy in his underwear asks if he is dreaming because all of a sudden Carmen Electra is making out with him but she has the body of the man's old gym teacher. She has Large stomach, a ...more
Disguise commercial David Beckham/Scooby-Doo
In a Commercial for something sold for David Beckham, It has three unmaskings: The first is when the Scooby-Doo gang reveals that the Medieval Ghost is really David Beckham. The second is when they reveal that David Beckham is really Scooby-Doo. The third is when they reveal that who they thought ...more
Dish Network commercial Unknown
A man is channel surfing in his easy chair and begins changing every time he changes the channel - turning into a fisherman when he turns on the Outdoor Network, a race-car driver when he turns on Speedvision, and so on. Finally, he turns into a woman (watching the Lifetime network, perhaps?), reali ...more
Disneyworld Commercial
Two pre-teen girls are viewed seeing the sites, and riding the rides around Disney World. At the end they pass by a mirror and we see the reflection of a mother and daughter. After the mirror, the daughter and her mother, once more an adult, meet up with dad and son as the commercial ends. T ...more
Dodge Charger commercial Unknown
There was a comercial for the new Dodge Charger (Car) which showed a man driving the car with guys on motorcycles near him and when he pulls up into his driver of the bikers says "Nice car" but he has a voice of a kid and then we see the driver and then we see the bikers were really kids he imagined ...more
Dr. Mario Video Game commercial Witch Doctor
It tells the tale of a youth whom called the witch doctor and he told him what to do: "Oh Ee Oh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang" (that means play Dr. Mario for the GameBoy and the NES). He beat the witch doctor and this is what he said: "Oh Ee Oh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang" and the ...more
Dunkin Donuts "Iced Latte" commercial Unknown
A man carries plasic models of humans. When sense the lattes they become real.
Duo Brush (Aquafresh) commercial Unknown
Commercial (aquafresh) with several gender morphs. url:
Dutch Commercial commercial Scarlet
A dutch celebrity promotes the provider Scarlet One. First he is himself (in underpants), in the second commercial he looks like a body builder and in de third commercial he is a woman (keeps his own voice though). The commercials can be found at: