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Category: 'Comic'
47 Cordes - Première partie / 47 Strings Part 1
Female, Gender, Male
A young man named Ambroise - a professional harpist who draws journal entries as comics in his diary - becomes the obsession of a shapeshifter who meets him one day on the beach. The shapeshifter first appears as a beautiful red-haired woman, and later tries to engage with Ambroise, taking the fo ...more
All-New Wolverine Annual #1
Laura Kinney, the Wolverine of Earth 616, swaps bodies with Gwen Stacy, the Spider-Woman of Earth 65. They have to find who is responsible before they're both lost forever.
Batman & Harley #4
While Batman tries to convince Ivy to go straight, they walk past Clayface's cell. Clayface is dubious that Ivy can pull off living a "normal" life and mocks her by taking her form. 2 panels.
Captain Marvel (2019)
In issue 6, The Enchantress has a vision of her getting defeated by Doctor Strange, with help from Black Widow and Captain Marvel. In Order to prevent it she (Spoiler Text) It lasts until the end of issue 7.
Cataclysm The Ultimates Last Stand #5
To prevent Galactus from consuming the world Kitty Pryde is injected with the Giant-Man serum and becomes a towering giantess. The two titans engage in combat while Kitty also uses her phasing abilities to destroy the machine that Galactus uses to convert planets into energy that he can absorb. ...more
Futurama issue 45 anthology of interest II
In this comic the 'what if machine' returns most of the main cast get a turn except for Zoidburg who keeps on trying to get a turn. In an attempt for the rest of the crew to feel sorry for him by trying to make them picture if they were poor stinking lobsters just for a minute which gives amy the i ...more
Ghost Sweeper Mikami
In the manga, GS Mikami, there have been multiple accounts of transformations. However, there is one chapter in particular where it involves gender transformation. In this chapter, in an attempt to capture a unicorn, the male character, Yokoshima is given an ectoplasm suit which turns him into a fe ...more
He-Man Thundercats #1
After having failed to defeat the Thundercats again, the Ancient Spirits of Evil send Mumm-Ra to get He-Man's sword. (Spoiler Text)
Kaito Kid
Male, Gender
Kuroba Kaito is a high school student who also happens to moonlight as the infamous theif Kaito Kid. He has his own series, Magic Kaito, created by Detective Conan creator Gosho Aoyama. However ever since the debut of Detective Conan chapters have been irregular. However, Kid himself appears fairly ...more
La Roue (The Wheel)
Alfred Chester receives the death sentence for having killed her adulterous wife. To remain alive, he accepts an alternative experimental sentence, his spirit is separated from his body and sent to a parallel heroic/fantasy universe. To his great surprise he wakes up inside the body of a young prin ...more
Mercynaries is a webcomic that features two women that can't remember much of their past outside of that they were guys a few days ago. They're hired/blackmailed by Divinity to help cure guys that have been changed into women and in exchange, the Divine will help Mercy and Ruth find out who cursed ...more
After receiving a mysterious package, the young 'cute character' illustrator, Mee is found slowly transforming into a Fennec Fox. As she treks through Downtown Tokyo, taking the subways, walking through crowds, Mee must endure painfully embarrassing transformations as her genetic makeup shifts fr ...more
Mickey Mouse comic Topolino e l'anello di...
Gender, Male
From Italian comic book Topolino 188 (1958). Goofy wears a magic ring that can change its owner's shape. He first becomes the copy of an actress, than swaps body with Mickey Mouse.
Micronauts: The New Voyages
The Micronauts discover that beings who call themselves "Children of the Makers" are adept shapeshifters who adopt their forms because of their new popularity. One in particular takes on Princess Mari's form and expresses his (one of the Children specifically says to "excuse HIM") amazement at al ...more
My Pet Girlfriend
Sam has a boring day at work, until an unexpected tip starts turning her into a feline. She rushes to the safety of her boyfriend, who consoles her. But... the transformation isn`t over.
My Pet Girlfriend II
The exciting conclusion to "My Pet Girlfriend"! Sam and Daisy find themselves tricked by an old foe, and forced to transform! Along the way questions are finally answered, love is rekindled, and enemies meet face to face. 28 pages total including tons of bonus anthro TF art suggested by you, the re ...more
One Girl Guy Army
A young unemployed college student, is captured and sent to an unknown continent that is hidden in the skies beyond earths surface. Upon arrival, he is transformed into girl by a psychotic woman claiming to be a God. Found and taken care of by Amelia Airhearts son Icarus Airheart, he/she needs to ...more
French comic from the 70's by Pichard and Wolinski. Paulette lives in the woods with an old man. When saving a mole, this one grants her a wish. She wishes for Joseph, the old man, to become young again. The mole being very blind didn't notice Joseph was a man and transform him into a beautifu ...more
Rick & Morty: Dungeons & Dragons #3
Dungeonmaster takes the form of a goth elven girl for several panels.
The manga is about a game where 108 sekirei was released in tokyo, and they fight themselves to be able to win passage to Heaven. Anyways, most sekireis are female and only 2 out of the 108 are male. 1 of the male sekireis become aware that his master is near him and that the master is male, which ...more
Swamp Thing Issue #0
Arcane wears the skin of a young girl and Linda Holland.
The Continentals
1889. In the wake of the mysterious Jack the Ripper's murderous rampage and equally mysterious disappearence, the city of Mansfordshire, England is caught in the chilling grip of a series of brutal "mangling" murders that has shaken the city to it's core. Investigating the case, Continental Operati ...more
The Simpsons 1001 Arabian Nuts #126
This simpsons comic takes place in the past of asia where the King Momar (Moe) has organised a blind date with Marge who at the end of the date wants to sleep with her and if she does not she will be killed like the other blind dates he has been on. To stop them going on the date Marges tells Mom ...more
The Witcher - Curse of Crows #1
Taking place after the third game, Geralt and Ciri are traveling around doing various jobs. The rescue a young woman from a troll, and she travels with them. (Spoiler Text)
To Love-Ru
Ren is a alien that has a very problematic issue. Every time he sneeze, he becomes Run, a female Ren. Incidentally, Run has fallen in love with Rens' rival in love Rito
Trots and Bonnie
Race, Gender
In a cartoon in the 'National Lampoon,' Bonnie's friend Pepsi earnestly prays to become a man, so she will no longer face sexism, harassment, the glass ceiling, etc. Her prayers are answered, but she becomes a black man, inheriting a whole new set of problems.
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 1
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 8
Inanimate, Male
West Coast Avenger 2018 #3-#4
Animal, Female
A group of women were transformed into giant kaiju-like monster by B.R.O.D.O.K