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Category: 'Comic Book'
Yellow Dog issue Unknown
Hippy asks a Zemstvo the magician for some spare change, so Zemstvo changes him into a girl. (Hippie counter-culture comic)
Young Avengers
Size, Male
I have only read the first issue but heres whats going on so far Hulking,who was suppost to resemble Hulk,is a shapeshifter and made himself look like young kang in the first issue Also there is a girl who is Ant Man's daughter and have shrinking/growing powers
Young Justice #13
Male, Gender
In the previous issue the team encountered Clayface in a sewer in Gotham City. In this issue, after escaping the team eventually tracks him down. Superboy encounteres Miss Martian who turns out to be Clayface and absorbs him. Afterwards he impersonates the other members in order to do the same. Thr ...more
Young Justice: Sins of Youth issue Sins of Youth
Trying to wreck the image of teen heroes (like the team of Young Justice), the nefarious Agenda hires Klarion the Witch Boy to cause havoc on the participants of YJ's Justice for All rally. He arrives and reduces the JLA and the JSA to toddlers. Trying to fix the situation, Doiby Dickles of Old ...more
Youngblood issue Babewatch
The start of Image's Babewatch crossover, a witch named Diabolique changes all the men the super-heroine Glory has ever met into women. This issue has four different covers.
Your and My Secret issue Unknown
vol 1 of a new ADV manga series just released! Totally translated into english, but retaining the right to left orientation of the original. In vol 1, the petite, cute looking, but crude and obnoxious Nanako Momoi and Akira, a 'dainty' almost feminine boy have their minds switched by her rela ...more
Yu Yu Hakusho issue Manga Volume
Besides Yuske's possession of his then archnemesis Kasuma Kuwabara in order to talk to his girlfriend (he's dead at the time), he also gets to see a tanuki, a japanese raccoon trickster. The tanuki has turned into a little boy in order to stay with a dying old man (the boy who's form he takes is the ...more