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Category: 'Comic Book'
X Factor issue 6
I didn't read this throughly, I just browsed it lightly at the comic book store. In this comic, some girl was freaking out and becoming hysterical, this one guy turns into a werewolf and yells at her. Someone than comments "Good interigation technique" Maybe someone else can right a better revi ...more
X-23 #6
Miss Sinister is becoming more concerned that Mister Sinister is taking over her mind and body. (Spoiler Text)
X-Factor #248-249
In the previous issue Pip the Troll was shot in the head by a woman named Vera. However he manages to escape death and winds up in the body of X-Factor member Monet St. Croix. He's stuck there until his body heals and is still in Monet's body at the end of the issue. Meanwhile, Monet is also i ...more
X-Factor issue Unknown
Alien Shape changing warriors, all male, become avengers including She-Hulk.
X-Force issue Human Nature
A villain named Mindmeld transfers the minds of two female team members (Domino and Meltdown) into the bodies of two male team members (Caliban and Sunspot).
X-Force issue Unknown
Halloween Jack(from X-men 2099) morphs into all members of X-force(except Domino, who he's talking to) to convince her to stay with him. Brief, one panel. BTW, in X-men 2099 he did morph into a woman for a while longer, but I don't know which issue it is(late teens?)
X-Force issue Unknown
Halloween Jack traveled back in time in an effort to woo Domino, whom he is apparently obsessed with. On one panel, he quickly morphs into each of Domino's X-Force teammates, including females Siryn, Moonstar and Meltdown.
X-Forces issue Blood & Betrayal
"Switch" a male member of the new Hellions with mind swapping powers takes over Domino's body to fool her inmates into joining the Hellions in their Nefarious activities
X-Men #28 (2012)
Male, Gender
Three Skrulls left over from the Secret Invasion disguise themselves as Storm, Warpath and Domino to take both a captured comrade and the X-Man Pixie from the Fantastic Four.
X-Men - Worst X-Man Ever #2
Mystique takes the form of the main character's female friend, Rags, in order to get close to and seduce him before briefly turning into Jubilee, his own mother and back to herself.
X-Men 2099 #17
The loony Halloween Jack briefly poses as casino boss Desdemona Synge to fool her elite squad of bodyguards, the Ratpack.
X-Men and the Micronauts issue Unknown
Baron Karza switches bodies with the Kitty Pride.
X-Men Annual issue Resurrection!
In one of two short side stories, Mojo is trying to create replacement X-Men, and creates female versions of Longshot, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine, Magento, and Havok. Unfortunately, he scraps the idea and they only appear on one panel before being disposed of.
X-men Forever 2 #14
Female, Gender
Working the X-men, the female shapeshifter Mystique briefly assumes 2 forms to help them infiltrate a base in Wakanda: an African male flight chief, and then their queen- a doppelganger of Storm.
X-men Forever 2 #15
In the midst of a battle between mutants, the female shapeshifter Mystique briefly morphs into the Scarlett Witch to fool the mutant Quicksilver in the guise of his unconscious sister.
X-Men #172
Mystique infiltrates the Xavier institute in order to seduce Gambit as a new student. When this fails she transforms into Rogue to entice Gambit.
X-Men issue Do Unto Others
Skrull attempt to capture the female character Polaris is thwarted by male character Cyclops using an "image inducer" to appear as her
X-Men: Millennial Visions
Gender, Mechanical, Animal
This issue is a one shot of possible futures of the X-men, Alternate Realities, inspired by the Ages of Apocalypse storyline. An interesting TF that will probably never take place but is touted as a possible future and not an alternate reality. Suffice it to say this is a rarity as it has a pictu ...more
X-Men issue Uncanny X-Men Annual
While training in the Danger Room, the X-Men are suddenly shocked by the arrival of Longshot, along with some sort of gooey substance, which quickly vanish. The next morning, Storm, Magneto, Wolverine, Colossus, Shadowcat, Rogue, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, and Longshot have all begun to regress to chi ...more
X-Men Legacy #232
Male, Gender
Proteus has returned, possessing deceased mutant Destiny and then the young mutant Blindfold. In this issue he learns that he can possess multiple people at once and by the end has possessed five people: four female (Destiny, Husk, Psylocke and Blindfold) and one male (Nightcrawler). He also brie ...more
X-Men Revalations issue 31?
In this comic it explains why Psylocke was captured by the crime lord Matsu'o Tsurayaba. he was Seeking a way to save the life of his lover, the female assassin Kwannon, Tsurayaba oversaw a process through which the minds of Kwannon and the X-Man Psylocke switched bodies
X-Men Unlimited issue Unforgiven
In order to escape her foe Belasco, the sorceress Margali is forced to switch bodies with her daughter Amanda, leaving Amanda imprisoned in her place. Nightcrawler, Margali's step son and Amanda's boyfriend, learns of the switch and must enter Belasco's castle in Limbo to save her. In the end, Belas ...more
X-Men, The End issue Books 2-4
Reporter Irene Merryweather, Cable's partner, is revealed to be Apocalypse in hiding.
X-Men: The End - Heroes & Martyrs issue 1
In the first issue of the "second book" of X-Men: The End, a male Warskrull who was disguised as Domino attacks Callisto and Xavier in Genosha.
X-Men: Hellfire Club issue 3
In this issue recounting the history of The Hellfire Club it shows Jacob Shaw is injected with a serum by Mr Sinister giving him shapeshifting powers. Later in the issue Union Jack bursts in on a Menage Troi and one of the female participants turns out to be Jacob Shaw on an assasination mission, th ...more
X-Men: Millennial Visions Vol 1
On earth Earth-2182 (also known as Earth-Nocturne) Colossus' soulless body was reshaped into female form and possessed by the Phoenix Force.
X-Men:The End #5 issue Unknown
A couple of male Warskrulls pretend to be female characters to get at some of the X-Men.
X-Nation 2099 #3
Female, Gender
Set in Marvel’s 2099 universe, the character December recounts a story from her past, where she is imprisoned and later saved at the time of her execution by her female shapeshifting friend Willow. (Spoiler Text)
X-Shemales issue Unknown
Shemales are transformed into female superheroines.
X-treme X-Men issue The Arena part 3
This is an X-men storyline that just took a TG twist. It seems the thought dead male mutant Masque is not only alive but running fighting arenas throughout the world, and has turned himself into a woman who suspiciously looks like Marilyn Monroe. There are no TG changes in the book just the fact tha ...more
X-Treme X-Men issue Second Front!
A king from another dimension uses an amorphous creature called a "skin-walker" to transform one of his warriors, a hulking alien named Shaitan, into a duplicate of Storm. The plot continues in the following issue as well. Later in issue 12, Rogue uses an illusion to make herself look like Sabretoot ...more
Xxxenophile issue Unknown
Has a story in which a man named Tomar'Kog is turned into a woman by the god Hootabix to join his all-woman cult.