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Category: 'Comic Book'
Wakaba Hana Fubuki issue Unknown
Wakaba and Takeru can switch bodies by kissing.
Wake the Dead issue House of Mystery
A man causes his wife's spinal injury and kills her friend falsing thinking he is her lover. To get her a healthy body he picks up Mary Porter, a beautiful blond and takes her home and transplants his wife's brain into her body & kills Mary Porter in his wife's injured body. She is now well and beau ...more
Warchild issue Unknown
Male sorcerer is reborn as a little girl, quickly ages into a woman.
Warlock Chronicles issue Unknown
Warlock is turned into half a woman during his soul walk to stop his female self from destroying the universe.
warlords issue warlords
warlords queen tara is replaced
Warp #3
Heroes body stolen by villain, has to take over his girlfriends body to save her from rape.
Weird Mystery issue Unknown
A serial killer's ghost possesses shrewish wife and she becomes a murderess.
Weird Science #15
John Paulson is a 5-foot, 1 inch man who visits Professor Kohluarb and he persuades him to try his new growth stimulation process. It works and John grows to 6 feet tall and the Professor then tries to stop is growth. But it doesn't work and John keeps growing until he becomes 700 feet tall. The Pr ...more
Weird Science issue Number 10, December 1994 (reprint of older issue)
'Transformation Completed' Mad scientist uses a sex change potion on his daughter's fiance so she won't be able to marry him. She gets back at him by using it on herself, and they get married anyway.
Weird Science issue They'll Be Some Changes Made
A space explorer lands on a planet, and marries one of the locals. Later his wife cuts her hair and loses her voluptuous body. The people are descended from snails which change their sex. She is than waiting for him to change into a woman
Werewolf by Night issue Eye of the Beholder
Marlene Blackgar is a mutant whose stare can turn people into stone. She uses it on the Werewolf, who is saved when he reverts to his human state. Later, Marlene accidently stares into a mirror, and turns herself and her father into statues.
Werewolf by Night issue Unknown
The lead character, Jack Russell, is the victim of the family curse, lycanthropy. The series follows his adventures as he tries to find a cure and keep his werewolf persona from running amok in modern day Los Angeles.
Werewolf Girl American issue Unknown
This is a Funny Manga that was obviously made for Guys. It follows the Life Of Miko Okawa, She is a 16 year old, 1/4 werewolf girl. She runs around trying to hide her secret and fall in love, your traditional Japanese manga, with Werewolves.
Wetworks issue Assault on Skywatch
Wetworks shapeshifter Jester turns into a female Skywatch lab technician to pose as a "hostage", but Stormwatch's leader sees through his disguise right away. Brief, two panels.
Wetworks issue Unknown
As a joke, Jester (living up to his Wetworks callsign) uses his morphing symbiote to merge with Dozer and transform him... er, them... into an 8-foot amazon. Brief, two panels.
What If issue Finders Keepers
Impossible Man briefly becomes Silver Surfer's three girlfriends: Shalla Bal, Mantis and Nova. He also turns into the hooded female incarnation of Death and does a Vanna White impression.
What If issue Rogue Possessed the Power Of Thor?
Rogue absorbs Thor's power and life force. Thor and her merge into one later on, leaving Odin with a daughter rather than a son.
What If issue Unknown
Wonder Man and Power Man drawn as women, one panel.
What If? issue What if Jane Foster Discovered the Hammer of Thor?
This story is an alternate telling of Thor's origin in which Nurse Jane Foster, instead of Dr. Donald Blake, becomes Thor upon discovering the hammer. Perhaps not TG in the strictest sense. Petite brunette Jane Foster turns into statuesque blonde Thor (calling herself by the feminine variant "Th ...more
What If? issue What If Peter Parker's Parents Had Lived?
Spider-Man, after just having lost Mary Jane, his wife to the shapeshifting Chameleon's latest attempt to destroy the web-slinging superhero, confronts the Chameleon and is about to strangle him while the villain pleads for his very life. When asked *why* his life should be spared, the Chameleon ab ...more
What The?! issue The Malted Falcon
In a major league spoof buxom femme fatale is revealed to be Baron Zero.
Wheel Of Worlds issue Unknown
A concept comic featuring a story about the making of a perfect woman, which includes the mind of the most intelligent man in the world.
White Like She issue Unknown
A black man's brain is transplanted into a teenage white female.
Wild Side issue Third Eye Part 2
The comic series (Wild Side) is an anthromorph anthology. Third Eye is one of the continuing stories, a humorous quest. The group goes to visit Larissa's Uncle Hubert and Auntie Tissey who met up with a "cursed girdle" from a previous adventure. The change is not shown, but the results are.
WildC.A.T.S #20
Daemonite lord Hightower, while being hunted down by the WildC.A.T.S in their building, tricks their leader, Jacob Marlowe, by assuming Voodoo's shape. Very brief, two panels.
Wildcats issue 16 (third series)
Cole Cash (aka Grifter), who is paralyzed, takes (remote) control of the cyborg Ladytron, Maxine Manchester. Cash's central nervous system is tied into Ladytron's body through a neural net designed by Ramon, one of C.C. Rendozzo's lackeys. Ramon downloaded Maxine's personality out of her body and i ...more
Wildcats issue Catspaws
Daemonite shapeshifter Mr. White confuses Ladytron by morphing into fellow Wildcat Savant. The robot knocks the real Savant out.
Wildcats issue Unknown
Spartan and Wildcats leader Lord Emp go undercover as Bambi and Connie Devereaux: a mother enrolling her daughter at an exclusive private school with some dark secrets. The three-foot-tall Emp wears an elaborate disguise as "Connie," complete with false head. In the case of android Spartan, however, ...more
Witch Girls a Tales Issue 1 vol 2.
Picked up Witch Girls Tales Issue 1 Volume 2 at a convention last weekend. Great art, fun and lots of TF's mostly the poof magic type. Includes size, inanimate, animal.
Witch Girls Tales issue 1
Witch Girls Tales issue Various
Witch-Girls issue Witch-Girls
Animal, Inanimate
Witchcraft issue Unknown
Starts in ancient Rome and ends up in present day with the antagonist being punished for his sins by being reincarnated as every woman he wronged.
Witchetta issue A Day of Reckoning
Wichetta's foe, Nerofus, becomes inflames by her comments on female sexuality and accepts her challenge to experience the life of a female earthling by having his DNA molecules altered.
Witchgirls Inc. issue 1st story 1st issue
In the new comic Witchgirls Inc, about female detectives who have magic abilities, a spell to protect a box of jewels backfires on the old lawyer opening up the box upon the death of his client, and he is transformed into the duplicate of Marilyn Monroe. The spell was supposed to mark the thief for ...more
Wizard of ID issue Unknown
A frog asks the wizard if he can be turned back to his normal self. The wizard is drunk and turns him into a woman.
Wizard: The Guide To Comics issue Unknown
A cartoon sent in by a reader shows a wizard turning Batman and Robin into large chested women. "Holy Mammalian Protrusions, Batman!"
Wolverine issue Agent of SHIELD Part 6
Wolverine fights the Gorgon, a villain who turns people to stone with his gaze, and in the climax looks at Wolverine who defends himself by reflecting the gaze with his claws, turning the Gorgon to stone, who Wolverine then immediately shatters.
Wolverine issue Unknown
Wolverine's old teacher Ogun returns as a spirit with the ability to possess people's bodies. Ogun possesses the X-Men's Jean Grey, and then Wolverine's employer and friend, Helen Bach. Finally, he takes over the form of Lady Deathstrike before escaping.
Wolverine: The Best There Is issue 9
Gender, Male
Paradox, a one-off character who appeared in Marvel magazines Marvel Preview and Bizarre Adventures back in the early 1980's, returns in the pages of Wolverine's more "mature" book. The shape-shifting secret agent and his new bounty hunter partner Monark Starstalker crossed over into the mainst ...more
Wolverine: Wendigo!
Female, Male, Gender
In the issue's back-up story, Wolverine awakes after passing out in a bar to see Lady Deathstrike, then some of his other enemies over the years, including Mystique, Mr. Sinister, and his nemesis, Sabretooth. But it turns out... (Spoiler Text) And the person responsible turned out to be... ...more
The Woman In The Man issue Unknown
A nonviolent boy and the no-nonsense girl who tries to help him train as a fighter. When an accident switches their brains, he learns a lesson about assertiveness which makes him a better man (once they switch back).
Wonder Woman #308-309
This is a duplicate entry and has been marked for deletion - cj 2007nov19 Wonder woman discovers that a female gypsy has taken over Black Canary's body! After stopping the woman in the JLA HQ and forcing her to speak the truth with her lasso, Zenna replies that Canary's meddling her with her ...more
Wonder Woman #2
The Cheetah changes from a normal human form to a humanoid cheetah form. (Also, Giganta is shown rampaging through the streets in giant-form, but is not shown growing.)
Wonder Woman #161
Second part of the Clayface-Wonder Woman face-off, opens with Clayface disguised as Wonder Woman taking out some Armored bad guys and then stealing their money.
Wonder Woman #210
Wonder Woman is shrunk to the size of a man's thumb. The story is so-so, but the comic has a great cover.
Wonder Woman #174
Giganta is an enemy of Wonder Woman dating from the 1940's. When she is reintroduced in this issue, it's revealed that she has gained the power to grow to giant-size. (This power was originally given to the character in the Super-Friends cartoon, but this is the first time she uses the power in the ...more
Wonder Woman #204-#205
Dr. Psycho uses a template to impersonate Leslie Cale and another female employee.
Wonder Woman #160
Wonder Woman battles the Cheetah, who turns out to be Clayface disguised to lure her out. During a struggle as he is absorbing Wonder Woman into himself, Clayface assumes the shape of Wonder Girl on one panel.
Wonder Woman #1
Near the end of the first issue of the new (2006) re-launch of Wonder Woman by DC Comics, Donna Troy, who has taken up the title of Wonder Woman, ends up fighting with the original Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira. (Spoiler Text)
Wonder Woman #308-309
A Gypsy with magic powers first switches bodies with Black Canary and then with Wonder Woman. She wants revenge on a German War Criminal who murdered her family during World Waw 2. Black Canary had stopped her, not knowing the old man was the real villain so she swapped bodies with Black Canary. Pr ...more
Wonder Woman #12
Male, Gender, Animal
Diana's Department Of Metahuman Affairs partner Tom (Nemesis) Tresser battles fellow shapeshifter Everyman in order to rescue DOMA leader Sarge Steel. (Spoiler Text)
World of Quest
Animal, Size, Inanimate
A young prince Nestor hires (by the magic scroll of obedience) the famous ex-hero Quest to rescue his parents. All quests of Quest happens in a world of high-magic, high-tech and high-humor. TFs include: The party magician could animate all object with undetermineable results. The Quest wash ...more
World War III Book One and Book Three
A four issue series released to expand on the events of 52 #50. In Book One, J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter, briefly assumes the form of a young girl before battling Black Adam. He also appears briefly as the same girl in Book Three.
World's Finest #169
Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat Mite disguise themselves as Supergirl/Black Flame and Batgirl/Catwoman to ruin Superman and Batman. Not revealed till the end.
World's Finest #264
Clayface makes an attempt to kill Batman by attacking him through Superman and Lois Lane. He tricks Lois into his lair by assuming the form of a blond woman and pretending to be Superman's mistress. Brief.
Wotan, Dr. Fate's old foe, started out life as a cave woman in approximately the fiftieth millennium B.C. who was exiled from her tribe and who received instruction in black magic from a witch. She later went on to change bodies and to be reborn many times over. He (she?) has recently reformed an ...more