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Category: 'Comic Book'
Valkyrie issue The Defenders
The Valkyrie finds her former God-body only to discover that human Barbara who's body Val is now in, possesses it. The false Valkrie easily defeats the human body and tried to trick the defenders into helping her over throw Odin. Some good moments, but weak ones too with weak ending.
Vampirella issue Off the Beaten Empath
Man Empathizes so greatly he becomes the person. Turns into his wife, kills her in fight and dies from identical injuries.
Vampirella issue Transference
Boxer, Lee Rogers, is losing weight. As this malady progresses he discovers for some inexplicable reason he is changing into a woman.
Vampirella issue Unknown
Killer forced to have victims body and conscience. (Very brief)
Vampirella Quarterly issue Spring 2007
A male ticket seller at a small movie theater turns out to be Vampirella in disguise. Brief one-page morph back to herself before she enters the cinema.
Velocity #1
The villain of the mini-series, Charnel, is a horrific monster who can adopt the genetic patterns of those whose blood he tastes. Near the end of the first issue, he briefly turns himself into Velocity's twin. Charnel's transformation is shown over a few panels.
Venom vs. Wolverine: Tooth and Claw
Animal, Male, Gender
Venom is attacked by the evil mutant Dirt Nap who has the power to absorb people (via swalloing them), gaining their memories, abilities, and the ability to shapeshift into them. Throughout the three issues, he shows up in the forms of a rat (and a monstrous version of it), a young boy (who Wolver ...more
The Venus Interface issue Unknown
A seven author collaboration on a secret agent able to change form and sex. Each time she changes a new artist takes over the story line.
Veronica issue Turnabout Is Fair Play
The old body switcheroo makes Veronica live in her Mom's body and vice versa!
Veronica issue Veronica
Veronica and her blond, refined pleasant mother swap bodies for 24 hours ala Freaky Friday. They of course embarress themselves. Not bad, but I think they needed a scene where archie tries to Kiss 'his girlfriend' and the mother in her body enjoys her youthful energy in dancing or sports. Neither on ...more
Verotika issue Changeling
Comic adaptation of the Graham Masterton short story: A man has sex with the mysterious beautiful Anna, which turns him into her and her into him. Turns out she used to be a man too, until HE slept with the previous Anna... and so on and so on... The short story was very sexy but disappointingly ...more
Verotika issue Headturner
Female being trades bodies, in quite gory fashion, with a drag queen, giving the sexy female body he's always wanted.
Video Jack issue Unknown
In his odyssey through the television channels at one brief point Jack becomes Lucy in a classic "I Love Lucy" episode.
Viz: the Bag of Slugs issue Billy no mates
for those of you unfamiliar with viz its an adult comic filled with obscene nasty comics which are usually non-pc anyway in this collection theres a Billy no mates comic where billy (an antisocial geek) is worried about his penis size. at school he finds that hormones can increase penis size so he ...more
"Vol. 1" issue of Bakeru-kun
The introductory volume of Fujiko F Fujio's amazing children's comic of a boy who is given the gift of being able to transform himself into just about anything by a friendly alien, has scores of changes to appeal to most fans of the genre. A pre-teen boy named Kawaru is forced to recover a lost to ...more
"Vol. 2" issue of Bakeru-kun
Fujiko F. Fujio's second volume of stories begin with Kawaru once again having his consciousness placed in Bakeru's entire family. Trouble begins when his real mother comes looking for the missing boy and he realizes he's displaced his body-in-doll form. Wondering how best to search for it he sor ...more
Vol. 2 issue Lupin III
Chapter 16; "Behind the Manga" Long time fans of the series are familiar with Lupin's exceptional skill at disguising himself. This particular story appears to have his first female disguise. Covering several pages, the story even has Monkey Punch himself (deliberately obscured) trying to get t ...more
"Vol. 3" issue of Bakeru-kun
The third volume of Fujiko F. Fujio's work has Bakeru/Kawaru invite some friends of his over to his house to enjoy a swim in the pool. One of his classmates clearly tells some lies about him so to get revenge he decides to scare him by transforming into a strange turtle creature, a whale and even ...more
volume 3 Fantastic Four issue Unknown
Crucible turns reporters Isabel Aguirre and Gordon Clay into stone gargoyles, and threatens to leave them like that unless they agree to serve him.
Voodoo #4
Animal, Female, Gender
Voodoo does multiple brief transformations in this issue, where she infiltrates the federal installation where the people hunting her are. (Spoiler Text)
Voodoo issue 1
A "New 52" retelling of the origin of original WildStorm character Voodoo. In the revamp, Priscilla Kitaen, aka Voodoo, appears to have the same background as the original Voodoo (a stripper from New Orleans), but it's probably just a cover as she appears to actually be 100% alien (or at least chan ...more
Voodoo issue 2
Female, Gender
At the beginning of the issue, Voodoo is still in the form of the male federal agent she killed and impersonated at the end of the previous issue... (Spoiler Text)