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Category: 'Comic Book'
Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Cyborg Superman #1
Mechanical, Monster
The Cyborg Superman, Hank Henshaw, (not to be confused with Cyborg - Victor Stone) is back in this one-shot set during the events of the on-going Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Corps War. Throughout this issue, the origin of The Cyborg is again told. It is a pastiche of the original Fantastic Four ...more
Tales of the Teen Titans #48
A brief segment showcasing the powers of the shapeshifter Pseudos, as he gripes about his "useless" power.
Tangent: Superman's Reign #11
In the back-up story the Tangent Universe Clayface is revealed to be Guy, the person captured at the start of the story who has been telling all the secrets of the Tangent characters. (Spoiler Text)
Tapping The Vein: Book Four: "The Madonna" issue Unknown
The comic form of Clive Barker's story that appeared in the book In the Flesh. It shows the man's change into a woman.
Tarzan Digest issue Tarzan And The Ant Men
Marlene, a female explorer, is captured by doll-sized warriors known as the Ant Men.They use their technology to shrink Marlene to their size in hopes of making her a slave girl.Tarzan and Marlene's boyfriend shrink down to rescue her. After they escape, the trio,with a friendly Ant Man as guide, ha ...more
Taskmaster issue Unknown
Taskmaster uses a hologram to disguise himself as a scantily clad masseuse to get close enough to a target to get a "voice sample" from him.
Team Youngblood issue Unknown
Psi-Fire escapes his catatonic body by taking over the body of a woman.
Teen Titans #45
Jericho briefly possesses Inertia in order to stop Deathstroke from attacking Batgirl.
Teen Titans #70
Jericho, a former Titan who has gone evil, has the power to possess people by leaping into them when he makes eye contact. In the current "Deathtrap" storyline, he has jumped into numerous individuals, both male and female. Currently he is in the body of a young blonde woman.
Teen Titans Annual #1 2009
Gender, Male
===Female to Male=== Miss Martian comments that when she looks at Eddie Bloomberg, she expects to see him as his old Red Devil form. She morphs into his body to show him what she means, and changes back. One pannel shows her in between forms. Brief. ===Male/Possession=== Cyborg tells Static ...more
Teen Titans #41
The current story arc involved the Titans traveling around the world in order to locate Raven. (Spoiler Text)
Teen Titans issue Unknown
Jericho has the power to possess other peoples bodies. There were very few total possessions of female characters, usually brief.
Supergirl (Matrix)
Female, Mythical, Gender
Note: Supergirl/Matrix is not to be confused with Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El and Post-Crisis Kara Zor-El, or Cir-El, all who also were Supergirl characters. Supergirl/Matrix is an artificially created protoplasmic being created in an alternate reality "Pocket Universe", who was originally designed b ...more
Teen Titans Go! #27
The Titans are fighting Overload and he somehow is defeated and possesses Cyborg. (Spoiler Text)
Teen Titans issue Who Wants Pie?
Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Bumblebee attend a special game show called "Who wants Pie?" and Bumblebee notes that the male host is using special pies to make Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire under mind control to play the game. When Robin and Raven bust the game after Bumblebee reports the st ...more
Temptress issue Temptress
A rock group is seduced by a rock promoter. By the end of the tale, the male trio of performers are transformed apparently to the genetic level into either females or She-males. Apparently a second issue was planned with further explanations since the last image is of their new bodies, which look ...more
Tenshi na Konamaiki issue Unknown
Megumi encounters a strange little man that mis-grants his wish and turns him into a girl. Now he has manage somehow growing up as the farier sex.
Terror Titans #6
In this miniseries, which focused on a fighting tournament put on by the titular characters using brainwashed teen heroes, there was an all-new Star-Spangled Kid. He seemed to have some resistance to the brainwashing and eventually won the tournament. In the last issue, his identity is revealed.. ...more
The Adventures of Jerry Lewis issue The Cockeyed Private Eye
Jerry has Witchie turn his nephew Renfrew into a girl, so he can go undercover to a find the girl that's pulling dirty pranks the girls school.
The Brave and the Bold #7
Monster, Gender
In a team-up issue of the new series with Wonder Woman and Power Girl (Spoiler Text)
The Flash
The Flash is a Television series based on a reimagined origin of Barry Allen, the Flash. It focuses on Barry's early years in Central City. Many of the familiar faces from DC Comic and Movie mythos appear in this series, but many have new origins. The Flash is a spinoff of the Arrow and part of ...more
The Flintstones and the Jetsons issue #4 "Gazoo's Girls"
Gazoo gives Fred and Barney a sex change when they wish to switch places with the wives. Although they basically look like guys in drag.
The Last of the Greats issues 3-4
The Last of the Greats is a powerful alien whose siblings were guiding humanity to a brighter future but were killed by mistrusting humans. The Last, who has become ruler of Earth in the face of an alien invasion, has retained the essences of his siblings inside of him. At the end of issue 3, he m ...more
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume III: Century #3, 2009
At the beginning of the book, the immortal Orlando is a male British soldier in the Middle Eastern country of Q'mar who had gone mental and caused the massacre of insurgents, civilians and his own squad mates. It's in a somewhat traumatized state that Orlando returns to the League headquarters in ...more
The Magic Order, Vol. 1
Gender, Male
Lord Cornwall is a shape-shifting wizard, one of a group attempting to assassinate the Inner Circle of the Magic Order in order to make Madame Albany its new head. Cornwall changes shape in three issues. In the first issue, he transforms into a naked version of a recently-murdered Inner Circle wi ...more
The New Titans #95
Dick Grayson and the female shapeshifter Mirage return from a date while she is in the guise of a blonde. It is revealed she that did this in an earlier issue for the reason of giving off the impression of Grayson being a "Playboy" to the media, by her changing into a different woman for each date ...more
The New Titans Vol 2 #90
The doppelganger of Starfire is revealed to be the shapeshifter Mirage.
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 09
Gender, Male
While admiring the Von Doom painting he took from Boomerang, Chameleon shifts between faces he calls "Roger" and "Donna' while acting out a declaration of love scene straight out of a soap opera or romance novel..complete with kissing noises...just as an associate walks in.
The Vigil issue 3
The Vigil's infiltration specialist, the shapeshifter Saya, is not with the rest of his team on a mission in Cambodia. Instead, he transforms into Nia Saha, the team's handler and observer, in order to do a "background check" on her with people she is close to in her hometown of Mumbai. In Nia's f ...more
The Wicked: Medusa's Tale issue 1
When Luke Benneton, codenamed the Chameleon, is caught spying on Nathan Ellstings and Wendy McKinnis, he demonstrates his power by briefly morphing into Wendy. Later, Benneton also posed as one of the pregnant wives of Carcun Demetrios while the Blacklight special ops team and Medusa did something ...more
They Were Eleven issue Unknown
About a group of space cadets taking a final exam aboard a spaceship. One of them changes gender. (also avalivalbe on video with English subtitles)
Thirteen Steps
Animal, Female, Were
Semi-pro baseball player Justin Ullrich has a lousy part-time job, was dumped by his girlfriend, and to top it all off, turns into a Lon Chaney-like werewolf during the full moon cycle. He enjoys it but feels guilty about feasting on ordinary humans, so his succubus ex-girlfriend refers him to a se ...more
Thor #5
Thor brings back some of his Asgardians from being submerged within humanity, and somehow one Asgardian male comes back to life on the distaff side ... (Spoiler Text) Additional Information by Anthony Durrant Created: 2008-02-17 19:41:34 (Spoiler Text)
Thor Volume 3 (2007-)
The Gods and other allies of Thor have been placed into human bodies and spread around the world. So far Thor has found Heimdall (a homeless man in New Orleans), the Warriors Three (as 3 guards at an african refugee aid camp), and Loki (Thor's brother) who comes back in the form of a beautiful woma ...more
Those Annoying Post Brothers issue Dead Relatives
Hiroshima, the nuclear earth mother and all powerful being has her mind involuntarily swapped with that of C-3, head of the rondoide police, who is clearly male. (He is a bit like darth vader those with less armor and states he had a wife once. Hiroshima, while nuclear, has a very feminine for ...more
The Thousand issue Unknown
Peter Parkers elementary school nemesis gains the power to take over the bodies of others. At the end of issue one he takes over the body of J.J. Jameson's secretary Jess Patton at the Daily Bugle in an attempt to get close to Parker in order to take over his body.
The Tick issue Golden Age
Arch villain Herr Comrade Doktor Skar, after revealing himself as having been disguised as a little boy, tells his captors that he spent the time since his last foiled attempt at World domination disguised as Magda Libenski, Colon Macguire's hot secretary. Amazing how these zippers completely disap ...more
Tigra, the Were-Cat issue Unknown
In Marvel Comics' "Giant-Size Creatures" one-shot, Greer Nelson saved her mentor, Dr. Joanne Tumulo, from a kidnapping attempt but was shot with a radiation pistol. Dr. Tumulo then revealed that she was a member of the Cat People, a race of humanoids mystically evolved from housecats. The doctor o ...more
Tiresias - L'Outrage & La Revelation
A retelling of the ancient greek tale of Tiresias. In this hardbound two volume illustrated novel the tale revolves around a greek officer whose arrogance and womanizing ways leads him to make the fatal mistake of raping a priestess of Athena. Athena's vengence is swift and her punishment is the ...more
Titans #18
Raven goes to a cemetery to stop a paramilitary occult group from sacrificing a teenage girl to strengthen her demonic father, Trigon. It turns out that the girl, Angie, is really... (Spoiler Text)
Titans #24-#25
Male, Gender
At the end of Issue 24, Deathstroke shoots Lex Luthor's assistant, a woman named Nava Mendelssohn, in the head just as she's about to shoot Luthor. But she's not what she seems to be, nor is she dead. (Spoiler Text)
Titans issue #38
Kevin Tanaka, a 13 year old paraplegic metahuman with the ability to possess other people, has been in the body of a super-powered adult named Epsilon for the last few issues. Kevin's comatose body has been dying in his souls absence though and he is abruptly returned to it. Epsilon, who retained ...more
Tomb Raider #19
A time traveler named Caroline disguises herself as Laura Croft using Holographic imaging technology from the future.
Trancers issue Unknown
In all new adventures McNulty shows up in a young girl's body.
Trans Venus
High school rugby player Takehiro climbs a mountain on a dare and encounters a giant spider-like creature preying on young women. He gets saved by a giant naked goddess named Zelda (written Se-ru-da in Japanese kana) who gives him power to hold off the spider. But in return... (Spoiler Text)
Transformation Card Man issue Unknown
A boy with a superhero obsession collides with an alien in disguise and picks up what he thinks is a free calling card. Using a phone booth he trys to call his classmate/girlfriend and ends up transforming into an exact duplicate of her. Then, while walking over to her place, he's mistaken for her ...more
Transformation issue The End of Nightman?
Lady Lynx finds a unique way to pin all her dirty deeds on Nightman, and switch personalities with him.
Transformation issue I Became a Princess
Story one details a teenaged witches transformation of her boyfriend into a girl. In the second story a boy replaces Princess Di.
Transformation issue I Became A Super Babe
A sendup of superhero comics. Parker Peterson uses the panties of Hercules to become Impressive Girl.
Transformation issue I Became My Sister
Full length story about detective who finds himself in his sister's body after a car accident.
Transformation issue Shopping Spree
Tebbie tries on female clothes now that she has a female body.
Transmetropolitan #22 issue The New Scum 4: New Streets
One page scene of a girl turning into a guy. Has no real bearing on the plot or anything. It's just part of a montage of people in The City(basically girl leaning against a pillar, next panel she's changing, and next panel there's a guy leaning against the pillar).
Trials of the Flash #1
The Tangent Universe's Flash, Lia Nelson, is a being who can manipulate all forms of light - including the solid "living light" her own body is made of. In this issue, Flash and the entity known as Plastic Man use their shape-changing abilities to trade places when they are captured by the terro ...more
Trials of Shazam! #4
Sabina, rival to the power of Shazam to Freddy Freeman, uses a glamor of a male to get into the Middle East in order to get ahead of Freddy in the Trials.
True Blood
True Blood is a based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris. It details the events in a small town in the state of Louisiana. The series centers on the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse. It also deals with Vampires, Were Wolves and Panthers, Shape Shifters, Deamons, a ...more
Two book graphic novel series issue by Tavicat Reality Check
The transformation takes place in VR, in a near-future (about a generation hence) with much better VR. Catrice, a cat, sleeps in a TVR (total Virtual Reality) helmet. Aparently, cats have an instinct making them naturals for this sort of thing, so spends her time on-line as a cat morph. We also m ...more
Two Sides Wide issue Unknown
I don't know anything about this webcomic other than that it has a storyline involving android gender confusion. See, they blew up for some reason, the androids, and a guy android's head has to be placed on a girl android's body, and he wants to check himself out, and the technicians chase him, ...more