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Category: 'Comic Book'
Radical Dreamer issue Unknown
The male hero is turned into a woman by his dark side, ends up giving birth. Very weird.
Radioactive Man issue The Hallucinations That Weren't Real
Radioactive Man's girlfriend, Gloria Grand, turns out to have been kidnapped and replaced by Dr Crab for most of the story. Funny story, but we are looking at Simpsonesque (Matt Groeningesque?) art though.
Ranma 1/2 issue Unknown
A teenage boy is cursed to become a girl whenever he gets hit with cold water. It takes hot water to change him back. There is also an anime (japaness carntoon) series, and I beleive three animated movies.
Ranma 1/2 issue Unknown
A villian named Herb has the same curse as Ranma.
Ranma1/2 issue The Demon That Came From Jusenkyo
One of the antagonists, Pantyhose Taro, is cursed by the Spring of Drowned Yeti-Riding-Bull-While-Holding-Eel-And-Crane. When he gets cold water on him, he turns into a giant monster resembling a winged minotaur with an eel for a tail.
Red Dwarf Smegazine issue Unknown
Dutch Astro hides out from the Ganymede Mafia in the body of Trixie LaBouche.
Red Robin #15
Red Robin, Tim Drake, learns that Vicki Vale is suspicious and has begun to suspect who the various members of the Batman family actually are. To cast doubt on her suspicions, Tim Drake comes up with an elaborate plan to have himself targeted by an assassin so that Red Robin can save him. After ...more
Redblade issue Unknown
Hero Redblade goes through a portal with another female character in order to get more human forms. When going through the portal, it turns out that Redblade has been turned into a woman, and the woman gets the male body.
Requiem Chevalier Vampire
Volume 8 By dying and entering a world called Resurrection the woman nicknamed "Singe de Toth" acquired among other things the power to change into a baboon.
Resurrection Man #9 issue Dead Reckoning
Mitch Shelly uses his shapeshifting power(which he got in the previous issue) to turn himself into Kim Rebecki(the private investigator who he met in earlier issues) in order to get up to her office without being recognized. Only lasts for a page.
Resurrection Man issue The Female of the Species
The central character, Mitch Shelley, who has the ability to die and be reborn with new powers, this time is reborn into a very attractive adult woman.
Gender, Male, Female
Jericho Way, an architect-turned-burglar, is The Maker. Thousands of years ago, he was Tao, whose job was to build tombs for the Egyptian pharaohs. When he was betrayed, Tao joined a group of grave-robbers known as The Resurrectionists. The members of the group have been reincarnated throughout h ...more
Return issue Unknown
Kai dies in motorbike accident, but wakes up in the body of coma victim Marika Fujii.
Return issue vols 1-7
Guy dies in a motrorcycle accident, ends up in the body of a girl nearby. For a really complete description, check out
Richie Rich And Casper issue #45
Dr Frankenspook uses a "switcherooray" to turn Casper Richie and several others into oddly shaped cartoon images of themselves. Richie and Gloria get legs that double themselves in height for example, while Casper is stretched out to a more humourous, angular ghostly shape.
Richie Rich issue Unknown
I know this is ancient and nearly useless, but in one of the old Richie Rich comics (not sure which one) he and his girlfriend Gloria get these suits from Richie's professor friend that let them turn into stuff. They proceed to play around with them, turning themselves into a variety of inanimate f ...more
Rick and Morty, Issue #11
Jerry and Summer (father and daughter) switch bodies after Jerry presses a random button in Rick's spaceship.
Rising Stars issue Unknown
As part of the "Rising Stars" series, we're told about various children who grow up with super powers. One young man had the ability to possess other people, and control their bodies without the host's knowledge. One of the girls "always suspected he was using his abilities in ways he shouldn't have ...more
Robo-Hunter Sam Slade issue 2000 AD
In the year 2050, elderly, retired Sam Slade is called upon to help out at an outpost in a remote corner of the galaxy. He has no idea why they would ask an old man like him to come out of retirement, so he recuits 30-ish Joe Kidd to accompany him. What he doesn't know is that the ship that he has ...more
Rocco Vargas: Walking With Monsters
The fourth Rocco Vargas graphic novel translated and released by Dark Horse. Highly intelligent, shape-shifting humanoid robots on Jupiter are rebelling against those controlling them. One of them makes contact with author/adventurer Rocco Vargas and seeks his help. (Spoiler Text)
Rose issue by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess
(A graphic novel prequel to Jeff Smith's Bone series) The Lord Of The Locusts tries to use Briar, Rose, and the dragon Balsaad to free itself from captivity. It tries to corrupt Rose like it did Briar, but the jealous Briar tries to kill Rose instead. Rose survives and manages to kill Balsaad, le ...more
Round Table of America issue Personality Crisis #1
Released this week by image comics at your local comic book store, this comic features t female magic wielder Ms Merlin, who confronts her former male self. here's a quote... "You are not mike merlin! I am! Switching genders was a small price to pay to learn the magic that I - you - we dreame ...more
Runaways issue 17
The Skrull who changed from a human male to a female in order to become involved with lesbian Runaway Karolina Dean (see other entry for Runaways #8) makes a brief reappearance in the comic as he and Karolina return to Earth. He first appears to the others in his base form (a male Skrull), then as ...more
Runaways issue 18
Xavin, the male Skrull who became Karolina Dean's mate, disguised himself as the magic-using female Runaway Nico sometime during Issue 17. His deception is revealed in Issue 18 when Geoffrey Wilder seems about to kill 'Nico.'
Runaways issue 23
The issue begins with Karolina suffering a nightmare and Nico entering her room. Nico then comes on to Karolina but she says she still loves Xavin. "Nico" turns out to be Xavin... who claims he wasn't testing Karolina but that he thought he might like her better in the shape of her friend. Xav ...more
Runaways Season 2 issue 8
A shapeshifting Skrull takes the form of a woman, in order to prove his love to his "betrothed" Karolina Dean of the runaways, when he discovers she is into girls.
Runaways vol. 3, #6
In the current volume, the surviving Majesdanians (Karolina's alien race) have come to Earth searching for Karolina, as they hold her responisble for the crimes of her parents which caused the destruction of Majesdane. Karolina has been wrestling whether or not to go with them and about halfway th ...more
Rune vs. Venom
The vampire Rune briefly (for about a page) disguises himself as Ann Weying, Venom's ex-wife, to both trick and taunt him.
Ryuuroden issue Volume 8 Chapter 30
The main character Shiro has the ability to freely control his muscles. When he wants to go to the market undercover he disguise himself as a woman. You are told that he changes his facial and skeletal muscles to that of an females but the rest appears to be clothes and I guess that the breast are f ...more