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Category: 'Comic Book'
Penthouse Comics issue Scion
Has characters that can change sex as easily as changing clothes.
Peter Parker Spider-Man #56-#57
Age, Male, Gender
Spiderman's foe Sandman is a human made of sand that can move about with the strength of sand (from cement to mud etc. and the ability to reshape his body, like turning his hand into a hammer etc.) Sandman is reformed after being dispersed on a beach for a while as single grains of sand. When Sp ...more
Phantom Stranger issue 8 - 'Journey To The Tomb Of The Ice Giants'
The Ice Giants take Marie Thirteen hostage, and the Phantom Stranger is forced to seal her in with the monsters when he blows up the entrance to their underground lair. But it turns out evil witch Tala had assumed Marie's forrm just to play mind games with the Stranger.
Saga of Swamp Thing #3
Rachel Dearborn is a beautiful but nasty fashion model. Her sister,Sue,is kind-hearted but homely. A photographer wants to make Sue beautiful inside and out, so he switches their bodies. Unfortunately, Sue begins to take on Rachel's personality, and vice versa. Luckily, the Phantom Stranger is ther ...more
PhD: Phantasy Degree volume 2
At the end of Volume two when they are talking about the next Volume the main person in the books Sang (Female) is shown in a battered outfit and is Male. They say that it may be that the rings that he or she wears may have the power to change his gender.
Pibgorn issue 2005 March 25
CAUTION - SPOILERS: In one of the final scenes of the most recent ongoing saga of Pibgorn, in which Men In Black and assorted scientists lead by an evil old professor kill the majority of the fairy population (don't worry, they get better, thanks to Pib), the professor, the lead MIB guy, and t ...more
Plasma issue Unknown
Plasma changes from a man into a woman as part of her defensive ability. Very brief 2 panels.
Plastic Man #3
Plastic man uses his transformation powers and changes into (Spoiler Text)
Plastic Man Archives issue Vol. 7
Has one story, "The Homeliest Man in the World" where Plastic Man reveals himself as having been disguised as a beautiful woman in order to stop men from disfiguring themselves in a bizarre scam where the homeliest man wins 10 million dollars. Plastic Man remains in disguise for about three pages.
Plastic Man issue The Hamsters Of Doom
Dr. Forklift, the Cyborg Centaur, has been switching the minds of his trained hamsters with those of the city's prominent citizens, and making the hamster-humans do his bidding. (Definitely written for laughs.) Reprinted in the Plastic Man Lost Annual, 2003.
Plastic Man issue 11
Plastic Man catches the teenage goth girl he adopted (after he killed her vampire stepfather in Issue 10) as she sneaks back into the house at dawn. Plastic Man is disguised as a vanity mirror in her room, but he yells at her as her "reflection." Brief. A lot of body-switching when President Lex ...more
Plastic Man issue 4
In order to scare off a security guard at FBI headquarters, Plastic Man turns into a screaming, nearly-naked version of the female FBI agent who has been dogging him since Issue 2.
Plastic Man issue Easy to Chew, but Hard to Swallow!
A vampire thinks he's about to suck the blood of FBI Agent Morgan, but instead encounters the rubbery neck of her boyfriend Plastic Man. (The real Morgan was taking a shower.) When the vampire then turns into a wolf, he gets a face full of basket courtesy Plastic Man, who morphed into Little Red Ri ...more
Plastic Man issue Eel O'Brien on the Lam
Out May 5th. Can't say whether this'll appear on the inside, but the cover depicts Plas in disguise as a buxom mother pushing a baby version of himself in a pram. Gotta be Plas, after all, how many women wear flesh-colored heels?
Plastic Man issue Plastic Man Archives
In the latest collection Plastic Man impersonates women 3 times. Once to confuse a cop by supposedlyly only transforming his head (2 panels). Once by taking the place of a sexy woman threatened by mobsters (6 panels). And once in order to go on vacation incognito (almost 3 pages but only a few gl ...more
Plastic Man issue Plastic Man Archives Volume 4
In the second story in the collection (originally from Police Comics #41) Plastic Man goes after a shop lifting ring and ultimately captures their leader by disguising himself as a female mannequin. Only 2 panels. I recomend the books merely for the comedy, imagination and Coles improving artwork.
Plastic Man issue Police Comics
Currently out as an archive of the 1st 20 issues from DC. Issues 9,10, & 15 have episodes where Plas shapechanges into a female
Plasticman issue Plasticman Hardcover Collection
In this selection there are two stories with Plas disguising himself as the fairere sex. The first story "The Game of Death" has a long bit where he pretends to be a woman. The last story also has an impersonation but only two panels.
Playboy issue Unknown
A magician tells a other man that "turning lead into gold is nothing, remember the lad that used to help around the laboratory", and he's gesturing torward a voluptuous girl carring a bucket of water.
Playboy issue Unknown
A scientist starts growing breasts, than changes into a beautiful female. A companion next to him comments "I think we found out why the rats stopped reproducing."
Playboy issue Unknown
A Rodney Dangerfield like head without a body, asks a genie for a body. Something big and sexy like a movie star. He gets a gorgeous woman's body.
Playboy issue Unknown
Father Superior at his desk to a luscious woman in a monk's habit sitting on the other side. "Frankly Brother Dominick, your case seems to be without precedent, but it seems unlikely you can remain a Monk."
Plone´s l'Incertain
Poison Elves issue Cat's Cradle
An avenging male elf named Lusiphur is transformed into a woman when a spell from a sorceress goes awry. Before the sorceress dies, she tells Lusiphur that the spell is only temporary. "Lucy" is still a woman through issue 38.
Pokonyan issue Vol. 3
In one story about a boy named Yuu and his magical pet raccoon dog named Pokonyan a "freaky Friday" situation comes about when Yuu complains he'd like to switch places with his overly critical mother. In a puff of smoke Yuu is transformed into his mother and she into him. Yuu quickly convinces her ...more
Police Comics # 51
Shiela Sorrell is a stunning beauty who is called 'the Granite Lady' due to her stoney heart. She wants to be an opera singer, but with her terrible voice, the best she can do is sing at a seedy lounge. When she rejects the affections of a mad scientist, he injects her with a formula that turns h ...more
Power Girl #10
It is revealed at the end of the issue that Ultra-Humanite has put his brain into (Spoiler Text) Continued in issue #11.
Power Girl #11
Th evil Ultra Humanite has stolen Terra's Body and basically has gone crazy. When Power Girl rather recklessly offers him her incredible body if he will give her young friend back her body he laughs saying he likes the Power in Terra's body better and he is going to use her powers to create earth ...more
Pretty Face issue Unknown
This is a humerous manga about a high school student named Randoh. While coming home from a karate tournament he is severly burned in bus accident. No one is able to identify him and lies in a coma for a year. During this time the plastic surgeon uses the photo found on his person to restore his ...more
A Prime A issue Unknown
A man takes a sex change medicine and becomes a woman and than gives birth. Her son changes sex every few months.
Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner Limited Series issue 4
In issue #4 of Namor's 1984 limited series we are treated to a flashback showing a woman grabbing Poseidan's Trident and being transformed into a mermaid. Later in the same issue, Namor grabs the Trident from her and there's a panel showing her transforming from her mermaid guise to her attractive h ...more
Princess Lucinda #0
Inanimate, Size, Animal
This comic has two stories revolving around a bratty princess named Lucinda with vast magical powers. I have to admit I brought it for the TF's but stayed for the great art and well written /dark/clever stories. Lucinda can best be described as the Anti-Sabrina in that she doesn't have any of th ...more
Princess of Gemworld Amethyst issue Whole series
On her thirteenth birthday Amy Winston discovered that she really came from a different dimension. When she goes through the portal to Gemworld, she ages from 13 years old to 20 years old(due to the different rates of time between Earth and Gemworld). When she returns to Earth, she becomes 13 agai ...more
Project Sex issue Unknown
Has a character named Sex-Change Girl who can turn into a man.
Promethea issue Rocks and Hard Places
As was hinted at in the text of issue one, one of the previous Promethea's, was a man. This is her story. Also we see Roger of The Five Swell Guys give more hints to his/her story.
Prophet Babewatch Special issue Unknown
Prophet makes a brief appearence in the past as Joan of Arc.
The Protrait of Greed issue Strange
Moder young woman buys a picture, an evil woman's soul is in it. She tricks the young woman into swapping places and possesses her body & lives her life. The young tries to fight back when she comes to inside the picture.
Pterano-Man issue Unknown
Phantom Jungle Girl switches bodies with Cowboy Gorilla.