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Category: 'Comic Book'
Occult Crimes Taskforce issue 1
When demonstrating the 'glamyr' spell to the newest recruit, the captain of the O.C.tT. takes her shape. When she tries it, she ends up looking like him. Very short, a couple of panels each.
Odalisque issue Nuggett
Three daughters of the Duke are kidnapped by the Sorcerer and the Duke's First Knight rescues them after bondage adventures. To punish the Knight, well you can guess how he is punished.
Mythical, Gender
Moji Shimeta has fallen in love with the class idol in school. The problem is that he has absolutely nothing to offer in the way of appearance, athleticism, and conversation skills. Desperate, he prays at a local temple for the romance he desires. A kitsune (fox spirit) heard the prayer and offe ...more
One Piece issue Vol.18 - Face Off
Before landing in Alabasta, they accidentaly met Mr. Bon Clay when Luffy and Usopp were fishing in a thick fog. After saving him, he decides to show off his talent. He ate a devil fruit called 'Manemane' or mimic fruit. He then changes into Luffy, Usopp, Zoro, Tony and Nami. He can also change int ...more
One Piece, Chapter 537
In chapter 537 is a short gender change. (Spoiler Text)
Orrisroot no Gen no Koeda issue Unknown
A young prince is periodically "blessed" by the soul of a dead noblewoman, and changes sex when under her influence. He goes undercover as a girl on several ocassions -- once in a girl's school and another time as a lady-in-waiting for a noblewoman.
Outland issue Unknown
Bill Gates has a transporter accident that leaves him melded with Bill the Cat. The following week he is restored, but his evil somehow gets into the TV, causing Barney the dinosaur to go nuts and eat the children.
The Outsiders #21
Gender, Female
New female Clayface (Lady Clayface) assumes the identity of one of the Heroines (Looker) estranged husband so she can overcome the character and take her place.
Outsiders #37
Metamorpho briefly (for one panel) assumes the form of Thunder (a black, female superhero), in order to trick the dictator of a small, African nation.
Outsiders #38
A black businesswoman trying to buy a metahuman from the Brotherhood of Evil at the beginning of the issue is revealed to be Metamorpho, in disguise.
Outsiders vol. 3 #16
Gender, Male
While Metamorpho is (in his own jokey manner) explaining what aspect of Batman each of the various Outsiders represents, he briefly (or a panel each) turns into Robin and a more cartoonish version Katana. When asked what HE represents, he responds by stating that he's Batman's utility belt... and ...more
OWL Magazine issue The Mighty Mites
OWL Magazine, a magazine for grade school children, had a regular feature for over 20 years titled "The Mighty Mites". For most of its run, the feature was a comic detailing the adventures of Nick, Sophie and Mark Mite, three kids who could shrink to any tiny size they wanted and then grow back to n ...more