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Category: 'Comic Book'
Nakano Military Prep School issue Unknown
Vazok Gegeben is a 14 year-old girl with a hypnotic power that actually lets her exchange personalities with someone.
Namor issue Unknown
Old man Vyrra has put his mind into the cloned body of Namor's long dead lover Dorma.
Naruto issue Shonen Jump
In the Naruto story he is supposed to make himself look like his male teacher, instead he turns into a naked girl.
National Lampoon issue My Penis
A teenage girl wakes up to discover she has male genitalia.
National Lampoon issue My Vagina
A teenage boy wakes up one morning to discover that he has turned into a girl.
Negation #26
Female, Gender
Evinlea, a demi-god being from a race known as “The First,” morphs between several different forms to seduce an omnipotent being named Charon. She first turns herself into a brunette, then into a redhead from a harem, then into a male barbarian, and finally into a duplicate of Charon. L ...more
Neko de Gomen issue Unknown
A camera that can turn the user into the last thing it photographed, switches the hero and heroine.
New Adventures of Superboy issue Dial H For Hero
Boy with magic dial becomes shape-shifting Anybody, then turns into female Naiad.
New Mutants Annua issue Unknown
Impossible Man and Warlock both briefly change into women.
New Mutants issue New Mutants Annual
Trying to save their missing teammates Sunspot and Wolfsbane, the New Mutants are captured and transformed into mindless adults, save Cypher and Warlock who escape. They run into Captain Britain, who has been regressed to childhood. When Magma regains her free will, she too is regressed. In the e ...more
New X-Men issue Unknown
Professor X's body was taken over by a female villianess. He appears to be possessed but his mind could well be relocated in her body based on some words mumbled by the female before being placed in stasis.
NewMen issue NewMen
Another part in the Babewatch epic. Some of the men are transformed during a battle, which causes some momentary confusion, then they all start fighting again. They change back just after the Shepherd makes his appearence.
The Next issue 1 (of 6)
The Next are trans-dimensional beings on the run from a corrupt government. Their true forms appear to be amorphous, vaguely humanoid. When they arrive in our universe on Earth, they first appear as four former U.S. presidents... the four on Mount Rushmore: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy ...more
Nickelodeon Magazine issue Unknown
In one Fairly OddParents comic, Timmy wishes that he could be a fairy godparent to his friend Elmer and have him go to the dance, but Cosmo changes him into a Fairy GodMother! 2 Pages.
Ninja High School issue Lunacy
Yumei the female lead gets taken over by a male demon. There is also an age regression of a teenage boy to a toddler.
Ninja High School issue Pocket Full of Neptonite/Shock&Roll
Containing probably nearly every type of transformation in two issues. In #76 warlocks attempt to capture Henrietta Porter, Mimi's new apprentice. When Tomorrow Girl interferes they use Neptonite on her(her weakness), but Henrietta blasts it with magic and it transforms people(one panel at the end ...more
Ninja High School V.2 issue Aftershocks
In the final issue of this mini-series Dr. Peachbody(a time traveling dog) changes his human 'pet'/companian Benjy in to a duplicate of Tomorrow Girl to fool Ricky Feeple. Only appears in a few panels.
Nintendo Power Magazine issue September 2006 / V207
Nocturnals issue Troll Bridge
Furry, Animal
This is a great series by a great artist, Dan Brereton. This issue has many great artists guesting. When halloween Girl finds an evil lantern that grants wishes it begins transporting her to different 'comic book' dimensions. In one dimension Halloween Girl's father finds himself facing a group of ...more
Nodwick issue Dungeon #93
This strip originally ran in Dungeon #93 with an adventure called "The Statue Gallery". Nodwick and co. reassemble and revive the (broken) statues of a medusa's victims. Unfortunately, not all statues are complete, so they have to improvise.
Non Sequitor issue Unknown
A recurring character, Homer, the reluctant soul, is a soul who has to be forced to be reincarnated. He occationally comes back as a girl named Honor.
Non Sequitur issue 2006 April 30
A guy discovers "Change Personal Options" on his cell phone, and uses it to create a sports car for himself. However, when he tries to create a beautiful blonde babe to go with it, he ends up turning into a female version of himself.
Noside:Ikeda? issue Unknown
Male rugby player finds his soul occupying the body of a college age woman. He/she still tries to help his rugby team to win. Her soul is still around too in the body of a male yakuza. The Yakuza is also still around complicating things still further. The sereis is no longer running.
Not Ninja High School issue Unknown
A Ninja High School parady, that includes a sex-change gun. (only 100 copies in print, might be hard to find)
NothingFace issue Unknown
NothingFace is a graphic novel to be released in November 2004 by Digital Webbing. Jon Novak is a "problem solver" who can morph into people he comes in contact with - but when he "templates" a person, he gains more than their looks. He often gains their memories and experiences. It's fairly ...more
NYX issue #6
This is a new coming coming in March! What if you could become anyone in the world for a day? What would you do? Who would you be? Captain America fighting alongside the Avengers? Bono during a concert in Wembley Stadium? Or how about just a hot cheerleader in the locker room after practice? Mee ...more
NYX issue 5
After Tatiana, a mutant girl in the Bronx, comes into contact with the blood of an injured dog, she turns into a howling human/dog hybrid in the middle of her class. When she later encounters a black cat near the end of the issue, she becomes a monstrous-looking cat person. (Please note that the ...more
NYX: No Way Home #2
Tatiana, the mutant who turns into whatever animal who's blood she touches, finds out that if she comes in contact of another human she becomes that human. (Spoiler Text)
NYX: No Way Home #3
Tatiana again transforming into other humans due to taking in their blood. (Spoiler Text)
NYX: No Way Home #6
Tatiana again uses her powers to become another human. (Spoiler Text)