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Category: 'Comic Book'
Mad issue November 1998
In a parody of new Christmas gifts, they list a parody of the old 'Operation' game: 'Sex Change Operation.'
Mad issue reprint of older issue Super Special
In "Mad Visits an Organ Transplant Hospital," the doctor brags about the plastic surgery department and the amazing things they do. He points to a lovely woman and indicates she is over 60 years old. 'Wow,' says the interviewer, 'what's her name?' 'Vito Dumbrosky. HE used to be a professional qu ...more
Mad Magazine issue Sept. 1992
A take off of the old "I'm drinking milk, so I'll soon be big and strong" commercials. A young boy drinks milk and grows up into a fairly attractive woman due to the "weird hormones and chemicals they feed cows these days." This was on the back cover.
Mad Magazine issue Unknown
A man puts money in a change machine and is changed into a woman.
Mad Magazine issue Unknown
A man uses a bus station change machine which changes him into a woman.
Mad Magazine issue Unknown
Back page has a boy explaining the wonders of milk as he grows up. The last square the hormonal problems from cows has changed him into a woman.
Madame Mirage #4
In a brief scene, Madame Mirage makes a male teleporter look like her in order to get him attacked by his fellow criminals. Just a few panels.
Magic Dad Pretty Sosuke issue Unknown
A widower gets his wish, to be both father and mother to his son.
Magical Taruruto-Kun issue Unknown
Taruruto-kun, a baby demon, on different occasions uses sex swapping juice to transform Honmaru into a girl. In one episode he joins a female vollyball team, in another he's transformed into a beautiful harem girl. The potion is also given once to a girl.
Mahou Sensei Negima issue Unknown
A guy named Inugami Kotarou possess the ability to transform himself to partialy a dog or entirely to a dog. He does the partial transformation in chapter 41 and the complete transformation in chapter 63. This comic revolves around a world of magic where not everyone can use, or even knows, magic. T ...more
Majonia Eve issue Unknown
A sexy witch loses control of her magic while in the throes of passion, and a group of men who are having orgasms at the same time are changed into really homely women.
Makeshift issue Unknown
A tough New York cop becomes the super powered Champion of Ishtar. But his superhero form is female. (Believed to have been cancelled before being released)
Manga Vizion issue One or Double
Written by Rumiko Takahashi as part of the Rumic Theater. This is an anthology book. An accident forces the male coach and girl friend of a fighter to leave their bodies. To make sure the fighter trains the coach takes over the girl friend's body.
Mangetsu issue Unknown
Tokio transforms once a month into a woman.
Mantra #3
Mantra is attacked by Kismet Deadly, a sexy blonde who turns out to be a mystic construct designed to teach him/her how to use magic in combat. Later, Kismet decides she wants to be a real person ,so she tries to trade bodies with Mantra. As Mantra is already a man in a woman's body, he/she thinks ...more
Mantra, Vol. 1
For 1500 years each time he dies, an archmage puts his soul in another body. When the mage is captured and he's killed, he ends up in a woman's body. And without the mage, he stuck as a woman.
Mantra #17
NecroMantra is a male spirit in a female body (Mantra's daughter).
Marionette Generation issue Manipulations
The main doll (kind of a floppy girl stuffed doll) possesses two human bodies on a temporary basis (both girls like herself). Her evil counterpart, who normally appears as a sexy girl action-figure type doll (more or less barbie doll sized) posesses on several occasions a young man.
Martian Manhunter Annual #1
Martian Manuhunter shape shifts to middle aged woman for several panels
Martian Manhunter #10
Gender, Gender
The Martian Manhunter assumed the form of the late Ice, in order to comfort her distraught friend, Fire. In an effort to comfort his friend Fire, the Martian Manhunter briefly turns into her recently deceased best friend and former Justice League International partner Tora, a.k.a. Ice. Also, the ...more
Martian Manhunter #26
There are about two pages of this comic with the Martian Manhunter taking the identity of Goldie Johnson, a blond tabloid reporter. The entire comic deals with some martian "Renegades" who stay alive by possessing ethereal bodies over the centuries. Introduced is a female Martian possessing a young ...more
Martian Manhunter #20
J'onn Jonzz periodically looked in on Clark Kent while he was growing up fearing he would eventually conquer the Earth and remake the planet into a new Krypton. He spent an entire year as Clark's civics teacher, Mrs Klingman, as part of his surveillance. Looks kinda plain and middle aged but ther ...more
Martian Manhunter #4
Martian Manhunter's nemesis from Mars, Ma'lefa'ak (Malefic) poses as Wonder Woman to gain access to the Manhunter's Antarctic stronghold, Z'onn Z'orr.
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #13
The Chameleon spends most of the issue disguised as Peter Parker's Aunt May after attempting to steal the Mona Lisa from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While the "Adventures" Chameleon's disguise is only a mask (unlike regular Spider-Man continuity, where the Chameleon gained the ability to "morp ...more
Marvel Comics Presents #119
Wonder Man is transformed into a woman by MoJo. Brief. Mojo wants to call the new character Wonder Woman, but is stopped before he completes the sentence.
Marvel Comics Presents issue Unknown
Man named "Dusk" turns himself into Typhoid Mary in order to tempt and torture Ghost Rider.
Marvel Fanfare #6
Xandu wants to revive his dead lover Miranda, and kill Spider-Man. He places the Scarlet Witch's spirit in Miranda's body, and uses her zombified body as a weapon against Spidey. In the end, Miranda's spirit helps Spidey restore the Scarlet Witch to normal, and in the process regains her own body.
Marvel Mangaverse issue The Avengers, Fantastic Four The Punisher
in this alternate reality manga inspired version of Marvel comics Frank Castle (The Punisher) Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) are turned into respectively Sosumi Brown (The Punisher) Toni Stark (Iron Girl) and Jonni Storm (the Human Torch)
Marvel Preview #24
Paradox is able to change his body as is necessary to his mission. At one point he changes into a woman.
Marvel Team-Up #100
Introduction of Karma, female able to take over others, and brother with same powers. They end up possessing Spiderman and the Fantastic Four.
Marvel Zombies 2, Issue #1
(Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Marvel Zombies issue Unknown
The weirdest comic ever! Spider-man, Luke Cage, and the Hulk are Zombies, as well as most of the Marvel characters (Wolverine, Daredevil, Wasp, Giant Man, and The Fantastic Four). A resistance group led by the Alcolytes (Magneto's followers) and Black Panther have captured a zombie version of Jane ...more
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1
This is a prequel to the comic book series Marvel Zombies which took place in an alternate universe in which every Marvel Super Hero has been turned into a zombie. In this new series Ash, from the evil dead movies and comics, is transported to this alternate universe right before everyone is turned ...more
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #4
Mythical, Female
A zombified Mystique very briefly morphs into the Scarlet Witch in order to bite Quicksilver.
Marvelous Melmo issue Unknown
Her talent was metamorphosis; she could change into an adult and back into a child when she ate candy and could also transform herself into various animals
Mary Jane issue Looney Tunes [& Merrie Melodies]
Sniffles the mouse was a minor character in about a dozen Merrie Melodies in the early 1940s. When he appeared in the "Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies" comic book (later renamed "Looney Tunes") he was teamed with a little blonde-haired girl named Mary Jane. Mary Jane could make herself Sniffles' size ...more
Masters Of Terror issue The Man Who Cried Werewolf
Based on a story by Robert Bloch. Violet is being stalked by a werewolf. When she tells her husband Charles, he acts like he doesn't believe her, even though he sees wolf tracks. We learn Charles and his mistress Lisa are trying to convince Violet she's insane. Charles discovers there really is a we ...more
Maze issue vols 1-3
Maze, the main character, is a mild-mannered girl by day, and a really obnoxious guy at night. There are two versions of this comic. The one I have is written by Satoru Akahori and drawn by Rei Omishi. There's another one written by the same guy but drawn by Eiji Suganama. I don't know the diffe ...more
Metamo Kiss
Original Description: A boy and a girl switch minds every time they kiss. I haven't had a chance to read most of it (they keep switching back and forth); the plot of the first episode is that the girl's on her way to a first date, so she tells the boy that he has to go instead of her. It's Jap ...more
Metamorpho: Year One #1
This six issue series by Dan Jurgens retells to origins of Metamorpho. In this issue, Rex Mason is still human. He is sent by Simon Stagg to Egypt to film the final episode of Treasure Quest, where he will find the lost treasure, the "Orb of Ra." Unfortunately for Rex, he is knocked out by Java and ...more
Metropolis issue Unknown
In one part of the short manga, Michi's friend Kenichi flips a switch inside of Michi. , causeing Michi to switch genders until it is switched back. This is brought to you by Dark Horse Comics.
Micronauts issue Unknown
The aged crone Duchess Belladonna switches bodies with the young rebel leader Slug in order to get close to Force Commander.Unfortunately,he was a horrible secret! WARNING:There isn't a happy ending here.
Mighty Avengers #1
At the end of the issue, the new female Ultron appears. (Spoiler Text)
Mighty Avengers #2
The male villain Ultron is returning as a female. Ultron is an AI robot that wishes to destroy all humans. He is constantly destroyed and rebuilt. He was originally built with the mental engrams of a human male (Hank Pym).
Thor Annual #18
Loki turns himself briefly into a buxom goddess to tempt an enemy of Thor's. Brief, one panel.
Thor #488
Male dark elf Malekith has been hiding in the shape of goddess Lorelei.
Milk! issue Tilt Mode
Girl gets hot and bothered in class so she takes a shower when she gets home and somehow the excitement gives her a functional male member which she has great fun exploring in her bathroom. After her excitement peaks she goes back to normal. She runs to tell her girlfriend all about it at the end. ...more
Millennium Fever #1-#4
A 4 issue comic series about a guy who gets a girl and needs to admit his love to her to save the world. In the comic her fingers get erect, she becomes a guy, she takes several forms to show she can change, she changes his crotch, and he gets pregnant and becomes a girl.
The Minx issue The Chosen: SexDeath
SexDeath is a twisted hermaphrodite serial slasher with a god/messiah complex. Hideous in his/her true form, SexDeath can assume the outward appearance of either a man or woman. (Apparently, though, SexDeath's dual sexual equipment remains the same... so I'm not sure this counts as a "gender change" ...more
Miracle Lingerie issue Unknown
A bunch of brain-switching fleas run amok.
After a nuclear accident in a laboratory Dr. Robert Mathis find he can change himself into a woman.
Monster Girl
Age, Monster
There is a character in Image's Invincible comics line called "Monster Girl." A beautiful and spoiled young woman attending a private school in Europe, she was cursed by a witch whose grandson she had been having an affair with. Later, on a flight home, she turned into a yellow skinned (and appar ...more
Moon Knight #36
A male wizard's spirit possesses Moon Knight's girlfriend.
Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao #1 issue Rising Son
In this one-shot comic book, Shang Tsung attacks Kung Lao repeatedly, taking on the forms of Kung Lao's allies. He approaches Kung Lao as Kitana to try to trick him. Then he changes between forms rapidly(of a large portion of MK fighters) including Kitana, Mileena, and Sonja Blade.
Mr. Clice issue Unknown
Secert agent Jim Clice's personality is put into the body of a beautiful woman, after being mortally wonded.
Mr. White issue Unknown
Mr. White was a Daemonite shape-shifter in Image's Wildstorm universe from 1995-6. In his first brief appearance at the end of Stormwatch #14, he first appears as male Wildcat Warblade, then transforms briefly into female Wildcat Zealot. He appears in various other disguises of both genders in sev ...more
Ms Marvel #21 - 23 (2007 - 2008)
Machine Man has his robotic body severely damaged in a battle with an alien that kidnapped Ms Marvel. Fortunately he has a temporary replacement body he can place his head on. It just happens to be his Life Model Decoy (LMD) of Monica Rambeau, AKA Photon. Funny! (...and strangely sexy) Makes ...more
Ms. Marvel issue Shadow of the Gun
The female shapechanger character Masque assumes Nick Fury's shape to steal a super-weapon. actually does go into the question of mass difference in such a change.
Ms. Marvel vol. 3
Size, Female
Kamala Khan is a 16-year-old Pakistani-American girl who, in the aftermath of the Inhumanity event, is one of the countless people turned into a super-powered Inhuman by the spread of the Inhumans' Terrigen Mist. With her powers activated she decides to take after her idol, Carol Danvers aka Captai ...more
Murder Princess issue chapter 1 Volume 1
While fleeing from the assassins who murdered her father, a princess falls and hits her head with a warrior woman, causing them to switch bodies.
My Barbaric Girlfriend issue whole series
a young high school student is in love with a very barbaric type of girl. when she does not show up for class he brings her notes but upon entering her home he finds that her father is working on an experiment to shrink people however there is an error with the machine and they swap bodies
My Flesh is Cool #1-#3
Mini-series published by Avatar Press. Evan Knox is a killer who can jump into any body he wants through the use of a special drug. The cover and contents of the small preview issue make it clear that Evan will jump into both male and female bodies. Three pages of the preview show what happens ...more
My Mind Saga issue Unknown
One character becomes female when angered.
Mystery in Space #22
In this memorable DC comic, an interstellar troubleshooter for the Interplanetary Insurance firm goes to sell life insurance on a planetoid inhabited by a race of people who are immortal and change from a human form to a butterfly-like form at some point in their life cycle, which forces the I.I.I. ...more
Mystic # 40
In this comic a female who had been involved in a scheme to take over the world of Ciress hides from the heroine by switching bodies with an old man. She plans to have her old body be killed by the heroine so that she, in his body, can rule without worry of being caught. Not much is made o ...more
Mystic #17
A shapeshifting assassin morphs between three different women while meeting with Genevieve.
Mystic #29
Male demon briefly (2 panels) assumes Giselle's form to kill her lover.
Mystique #24
In the final issue of the series, it's revealed that Prudence, Xavier's female body-hopping agent who was killed by the mutant terrorist Steinbeck in Mystique #1, ended up being trapped in Steinbeck's body a la "All of Me". Prudence had become the dominant personality (and wore a dress on her new ...more
Mystique #1-#24
Female, Gender
Mystique, a shapeshifter from the X-Men Universe starred in her own spin-off comic series. The series as a whole features multiple female-to-male and female-to-female transformations troughout the series. Approximatly one change per issue.