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Category: 'Comic Book'
Land of Oz: the Manga, Return to the Emerald City # 4 (February 2009)
AP Manga ( has a four number series, retelling in manga (more comic book) form L. Frank Baum's The Land of Oz in which the boy Tip flees from his guardian to the Emerald City and Ozma, Princess of Oz is found.
The Last One issue Unknown
About an immortal who has lived from the Dark Ages to the present, sometimes as a man, sometimes as a woman.
The Last Voyage of Sinbad issue Unknown
Sinbad's new girlfriend turns out to be the main villain, an evil (male) genie, in disguise. I think that this was originally serialised in Heavy Metal; it was published in graphic novel format in the UK. Art by the great Richard Corben.
Legion of Substitute Heroes Special #1
The Color Kid is accidentally exposed to a virus which changes his sex.
The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #7
Princess Xenobia of New Themyscira is missing, and her girl friends in the Legion (Phantom Girl, Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl) are worried about her. So they go to New Themyscira to investigate, but Superman, Lightning Lad and Bouncing Boy tag along. It turns out Circe was keeping Xenobia locke ...more
Legion of Super-Heroes #12
In order to take out Terror Firma's deadly Skelter, Chameleon melds his body around Lightning Lad and then assumes the likeness of Saturn Girl. Skelter gets a bit of a shock when he tries to take "Saturn Girl" hostage.
Legion of Super-Heroes #107
Male Durlan assassin emulates female Legionnaire Triad... all three of her... for a 3-on-3 brawl.
Legion of Super-Heroes #80
At the end of Legionnaires #36, it appeared that Phantom Girl's mother, Ambassador Winema Wazzo, had just shot the United Planets president and Brainiac-5 with a stun ray. It was revealed in LSH #80 that "Winema" was actually Chameleon Boy in disguise, taking part in an elaborate plot to ensnare t ...more
Legion of Super-Heroes #31
While Sean Erin takes a drug called Pro-Fem he becomes Shvaugn. At one point his supply of the drug runs out and he turns back into Sean Erin.
Legion of Super-Heroes #305
Chameleon boy becomes Shrinking Violet to infiltrate terrorist group
Legion of Superheroes vol.3, Issue 9
Chameleon boy becomes several members of amazonian aliens.
Legionnaires #13-14
To teach Matter-Eater Lad a leason, he is injected with Grandin Gender Reversal disease before going on a mission.
Legionnaries #25
The Composite Man makes his first appearance in the new DC continuity. He briefly assumes the forms and powers of Spark, Apparition and Shrinking Violet.
Legs E le Paladine issue Unknown
A group of women are transformed into female superheros. However, Chris (a male) is transforms with them.
Li'l Abner issue newspaper comic strip 6/13/58 to 8/14/58
Abner Yokum travels into the Brazilian jungles with a local guide O Amoroso. They are captured by a tribe of Amazons (all sexy babes) who possess the mysterious shrinking baths, which they use to reduce men into harmless living toys. The Amazons attempt to dump Abner and O Amoroso into the baths is ...more
Li'l Abner issue Unknown
(note from the editor, this does not sound like a transformation, and will probably not be included in the list) newspaper comic strip 4/6/53 to 7/9/53. Li'l Abner Yokum becomes a female, at least on paper. A law is enacted in Lower Slobbovia making Abner a Slobbovian citizen and declaring him to be ...more
Li'l Abner issue Unknown
newspaper comic strip. At the conclusion of a story in which Western outlaw Wild Bill Hiccup rides to Dogpatch to kill the entire Yokum family (Feb. 4-5, 1953), Bill and his horse are literally stopped in their tracks after viewing the face of distant cousin Digustin Yokum. The face is apparently so ...more
Li'l Abner issue Unknown
Newspaper comic strip 7/18/59 to 9/11/59. Abner reads the latest adventure of his "comical strip ideel" Fearless Fosdick, who tangles with the sneaky Nelson Shrinkafeller. Shrinkafeller uses shrinking juice secured from jungle headshrinkers to steal various New York landmarks by making them too tiny ...more
Liberty Meadows issue Unknown
Ralph tries to help Frank become more attractive to females through gene therapy. He injects Frank with DNA from Dean, a pig, which slowly turns Frank into a double of Dean. Eventually, Ralph cures Frank, but he still has a pig's tail. True, Dean is a talking cartoon pig, but I think it still count ...more
The Life of Riley issue multiple
The Life of Riley is an on-line comic ( One of the main characters is Dan, a simple-minded guy -- emphasis on the simple. But Dan's not just an ordinary guy, not anymore... Dan is an artist, and therefore a utilizes right hemisphere of his brain, however he now possesses ...more
Lil Abner issue Unknown
In the daily newspaper comic strip in August 1944, puny scientist Heathcliffe McMarvel uses his Reverso-Magneto-Mento-Physiquo-Transversal Machine to trade bodies with the muscular Li'l Abner Yokum. In Abner's body, McMarvel finally gets the glamourous Appassionata Van Climax to agree to marry him. ...more
Lil Abner issue Unknown
While rummaging through some old newspapers as a kid, I came across a full-color Sunday strip of Al Capp's "Lil Abner", in which one of Capp's spectacularly-built backwoods mountain gals was storming through a big city hospital in search of her big city "beau", who had left her for another woman. A ...more
Lingerie Publicity issue Unknown
A teenage boy discovers lingerie that turns him into a girl.
Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga issue Volume 14
Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga #14 Those Freaky Mcguires & Bunkies (Lizzie Mcguire (Graphic Novels)) by Terri Minsky. This is a pocket sized photo adaption of the series with word balloons like a comic book pasted on the photos. The novelization (all words) was published some time earlier but they a ...more
Lobo's Back #2
Lobo is reincarnated (temporarily) as a woman.
Lobo/ Judge Dredd issue Psycho-Bikers vs. The Mutants from Hell
Morph, who had previously disguised himself as Uncle Finky, changes into the voluptous nanny, in order to steal a ring from the emperor of Belgium. Good transformation scene when he "shapes" his body to look like the nanny's.
Locke & Key: Grindhouse
In this one-shot, Keyhouse is invaded by three criminals. One of them tries to rape the owners sister. (Spoiler Text)
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #107
Enemy agents use a scientist's device to turn Lois Lane into a living snow sculpture. Superman manages to save her from melting to death.
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #92
Mythical, Animal
A jealous sorcerer turns Lois first into a centaur, then into a horse.
Loki #2 (2010)
Marvel's retelling of the Norse myth in which the blind god Hoder unwittingly kills his brother Balder due to Loki's influence. In this version, an aged Hoder is seemingly coaxed by the goddess Idunn, who had denied Hoder her golden apples of youth years ago after he forced himself upon her. The ...more
Looney Tunes Comic issue Looney Tunes takes a trip to Wackyland
Tweety follow Go-Go the Dodo to Wackyland. Tweety has the varitable "Alice in Wonderland" Adventure and changes size occasionally thanks to a talking cupcake. Tweety also uses the cupcake to make the "Cheshire Puddytat" really small. You can get the comic anywhere that places are trying to get ...more
Love and Capes: What To Expect #5 (of 6)
Superhero and pregnant wife swap bodies.
Love in Tights Valentine's Day Special issue Unknown
A tongue-in-cheek story of a superhero wedding. Unfortunately, the priestess turns out to be a devotee of the evil Church of Chaos, which puts a crimp in the wedding plans. The hero Iconic is able to quickly dispatch the villainess, but this still leaves the couple without a priestess to perform the ...more
Lupin III Volume 12 issue The Man with 20 Faces
Lupin and his gang are engaged in a dispute with another criminal organiztion headed by the Man with 20 Faces. Frustrated he calls in his girlfriend, Fujiko Mine, to seduce him. Turns out Lupin's opponent is as good, if not better at bodysuit disguises than he is. About 5 panels.
Lupin VIII issue Unknown
Fujiko's far future descendant uses a set of brain-swapping headphones to become Lupin, and goes on a major crime spree. Lupin in her body corners her and reverses the change, but in clearing himseif with Inspector Zenigata, more brains get switched.