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Category: 'Comic Book'
Ka-Zar The Savage issue And The Seas Give Up Their Dead
Sep brings his lover Leanne out of her coma by placing her mind in Shanna The She-Devil's body, while Shanna is trapped in the comatose body. Leanne doesn't want to give up this healthy body, so she tries to have Sep killed.
Kagami no kuni no ritoru issue Unknown
Saw this on a Japanese web page... I haven't read the comic myself The author is Akira Kagami. Nobu, the main character follows cat into the mirror, where everything is different. Among other things, there are only girls there, and the Nobu changes as well.
Kanzi Sasete Baby issue Unknown
A mad science teacher changes the lead male into a female as a science experiment.
Kanzi Sasete Baby issue Unknown
A boy is split into two people, one male and one female.
Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl
Manga about a boy who, after his last rejection of a date by a cute girl, goes into the mountains of Japan to look at flowers. However, joyriding aliens crash into him, on the mountain, on Earth. In response to accidentally nearly killing him (and starting intergalactic incident by killing a 5th ...more
Kazar the Savage issue Unknown
Lord Belasco appears as the High Priestess Wend in order to trap Kazar and his bride.
Kedamono Damono
A teen couple with a problem. Haruki is a boy by day and a real pervy girl by night! I guess that could be a problem... In 2 volumes, the first goes on sale early 2007 In English: Vol. 1 ISBN 978-1-59816-823-5 (March 13, 2007) Vol. 2 ISBN 978-1-59816-851-8 (July 11, 2007) In German: V ...more
Kimono's Townhouse
Furry, Inanimate, Animal
A photographic comic about two quirky roommates. One is a neat-freak who enjoys art and classic literature. The other is a hyperactive geek who loves comics, action figures and sugar. They happen to be My Little Ponies.
Kingyo no Fun volume 1-5
A Japanese manga which also became a live action miniseries. A couple switch bodies during sex two days before their wedding. They decide get married anyway and take on each others identity.
Kisaragi Maru Kitan issue Unknown
Long ago an arrogant young warrior named Maru Kisaragi was transformed by a goddess into a woman and imprisoned in a cave.
Kiteretsu Daihyakka issue Vol. 2
It appears Fujiko F. Fujio has beat out quite a number of people in the creation of the "boy genius" phenomenon most familiar to us through Dexter's Laboratory and Jimmy Neutron. This particular collection of stories dating back to the mid 1970's has Kiteretsu at one point creating a cap for himsel ...more
Kitty Pryde Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1
In this mini series, Kitty(Shadowcat) is recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. to solve a computer problem they have on their Helicarrier. This is a trap for Kitty set by mystic ninja master Ogun in order to get Kitty into his grasp. He turns himself into Kitty in order to phone Wolverine and lure him into a ...more
Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated issue Let the GM be a Lady
KODT Illustrated re-tells the adventures originally published in Knights of the Dinner Table, but this time it's from the perspective of their HackMaster role-playing game characters (rather than the group of people controlling these characters around a gaming table). In this issue Zayre gets fe ...more
Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated issue Taking out Bobarello
Adventures of a group of Role Playing characters presented as really happening. In this adventure the 3 male leads are splitting the loot with the lone female. She gets tossed a scrap after complaing about her share not being equal. This Scrap turns out to be a "rod of male gender bending: transf ...more
Koko Wa Greenwood issue 4th Wide Volume
This comic takes place at a boys' school. In one story (tenkoku e no hatsugodan), the dorm president Hasukawa slips into an alternate reality where it's a girls' school, and all of the major characters have switched genders.
Kore #3
At the end of the comic a woman is about to be raped by three men when a wizard comes in and turns the leaders two friends into women. breif only one pannel.