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Category: 'Comic Book'
Jack of Fables #34
Gender, Animal
Kevin Thorne had the power to rewrite reality. Bixby the Big Bad Wolf is his target, and is forced to undergo a series of transformations.
Jack Starjumper issue Summer of 92 One Shot
A conanesque man, a red sonja type companion, a star ship captain Jack and his female Lt. wind up on a mission together on a planet and after much macho bravado and superior attitudes to their female companions and a mystical wish granting device, the red sonja character Bruta is now female captain ...more
Jane Doe: Androgyne Anger issue Extreme
In a twisted future where a ruthless Republican regime rules supreme, a gender-bending drug allows people to experiment with androgynous sexuality. Unfornately for them, they chose Maimi as their new social center and Jane Doe just won't have that!
The Jetsons issue Switch
An accident with a new device switches George's mind into Elroy, Elroy into Jane, Jane into Astro, Astro into Judy, Judy into George. All the character's are oblivious to the change.
JLA #99
Throughout most of the series, Superman is under the control of the vampire Crucifer. At the very end, after Superman beats Wonder Woman (under the instruction of Crucifer) and Crucifer tries to suck her blood, it is revealed that Wonder Woman is not Wonder Woman, but is in fact, Martian Manhunter. ...more
JLA #27
The Martian Manhunter assumes the form of a Japanese business woman in order to have a business lunch about the JLA with Superman and Batman in their civilian identities in Tokyo.
JLA #47
The idea is that myths and legonds are coming true. It all starts when a women get a mysterious book(opposed to some paperback from the library). When she reads the book to her son he turns into Gingerbread(or it could have been wood. hard to tell), and unleashes the power trapped in the book. ...more
JLA: Heaven's Ladder
A typical JLA adventure except when it's over "The Fat Lady Sings" who actually is Plastic Man. Only one page.
JLA #104
In an attempt to get away from things, J'onn J'onzz goes off and starts working as a process server as John Jones. In one scene he serves a guy divorce papers by turning into the guys wife. Lasts a couple pages. Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) does some investigative work as one of his many a ...more
JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1
Plastic Man singlehandedely fights off dog-faced aliens from outer space, morphing into parodies of other JLA members - including a voluptuous Wonder Woman.
JLA/Spectre:Soul War #1-#2
This two-part mini series features the Spectre(Hal Jordan) helping the JLA defeat an alien threat. To help defeat the first wave, Hal merges/links with individual JLAers to utilize their powers/abilities to fight off the invaders. On one panel, when he links with Wonder Woman, he becomes a female ...more
JLA: Foreign Bodies
Male, Gender
Several members of JLA get switched around by the villainess Psykosis. Auqaman ends up in Wonder Woman's body.
JLA: Year One #8
It is revealed in issue #8 that, since the very first issue of the series, Martian Manhunter has been assuming several human identities to spy on his fellow Justice Leaguers and pry into their private lives. He has been keeping tabs on Green Lantern in the guise of a woman, an FAA inspector named ...more
JLA: Year One #11
To fool a bunch of evil aliens, the JLA change costumes and bodies. Martian Manhunter becmes Black Canary, Flash becomes Aquaman and Aquaman into Flash, Balck Canary becomes Green Lantern and Green Lantern becomes Martian Manhunter. I think I got that right.
In the comics Gorilla city is reveled to the world and joins the UN but the gorilla is killed by an evil group of gorillas called the Simian scarlet force (I think) who trick Superman, Wonder woman, Flash and Aquaman to come and talk peace with the gorilla council. They are ambushed by gorilla f ...more
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, various chapters
Gender, Male, Female
In this series, there are a couple of transformations. In chapters 136 and 137, a man named Rubber Soul uses his Stand, Yellow Temperance, to impersonate Kakyoin in an attempt to kill Jotaro. That fails and in chapter 138, while in a cable car, he's disguised as a fat woman and tries once again ...more
Journey Into Mystery issue The Sorcerer
Aaron is a sorcerer on the run from his own people who finds a job and true love in a desert town. When three other sorcerers come to retrieve him, Aaron refuses to go, and a battle of magic ensues. At one point, Aaron is turned into a cat, and retaliates by turning his foes into mice. This lasts th ...more
JSA Classified #20
Female, Gender
The issue opens with a brief history of the Ultra-Humanite, detailing his switching of brains with Delores Winters. (Spoiler Text)
JTHM issue Dicrectors Cut
In one panel the Devil called Senior Satan (aka Mr Satan) at first is a giant horned man with glowing eyes. In the next issue he's a chearleader with a 16 year old personality. He doses this to disturbe Jhonny.
Jubai Crimson Change issue Unknown
A girl channels a male spirit into her body.
Jughead Comics Volume 2, #30-33
Jughead and his friends happen upon experimental brain transfer research using soybeans. Jughead briefly gets switched with Sara, a pretty business woman, and Big Ethel changes with her blind friend Jeffrey for a longer portion of the story.
Just Grin & Bear It issue Unknown
A boy and girl switch brains.
Justice #4
In this issue of the mini-series Clayface assumes the form of Dinah Lance(aka Black Canary) in order to get close to Oliver Queen(Green Arrow) as part of a coordinated attack on the Justice League by the villains.
Justice League 3000 #4
Female, Male, Gender
We learn the truth on how the Justice League was revived in the future from their "mother" Ariel Masters. (Spoiler Text)
Justice League Adventures #33
Clayface is committing crimes disguised as various members of the Justice League. For a couple of panels he's disguised as Wonder Woman.
Justice League Adventures #4
The Amazons go to war and Superman dispatches Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and the Martian Manhunter to deal with them on Thmyscira. Superman orders J'onn to dress appropriately, as Supergirl. The Supergirl is Kara In-Ze, who wears a white top, blue skirt, and red boots. It turns out that Athena or ...more
Justice League America #105-106
As part of a simultaneous murder for the demon Neron, shape-shifting assassin Chiller takes on the appearance of an un-named Madonna-like singer in order to move through the crowd at her concert, and get close enough to burn her with an acid gun. When that attempt is thwarted, he assumes the shape ...more
Justice League Dark #2
Male, Gender
This new series deals with the more Occult portion of the New 52, the new Reboot DC Universe. In this issue, Deadman (Boston Brand) is at a bar meeting his girlfriend Dawn Granger (Dove), but he is in the body of another man so that he can be seen. Later, while in ghost form, he is asked by a w ...more
Justice League Dark #9
Steve Trevor recruits John Constantine to get the "Justice League Dark" back together to stop Felix Faust. He also makes Constantine add an agent from A.R.G.U.S. to the group. Black Orchid. During the first fight, John is about to be attacked when he has (Spoiler Text) Later, when trying to t ...more
Justice League Elite #2
Twelve issue maxi-series about the unsanctioned covert ops arm of the Justice League. In a sting operation Vera Black is using highly advance holo camo to impersonate Wilson Slade(Deathstroke) since issue #1 (shown on the last page there). She also(for one panel) becomes team mate Major Disaster.
Justice League Europe #14
Animal, Monster
An unnamed video collector gains the power to become any character on film and movies and to take them into his world. Besides a number of familiar actors he also became a Benji-clone of a dog, as well as Godzilla.
Justice League of America #10
In order to fool 3 demons Green Lantern uses his power ring to change the JLA into each other. Wonder Woman becomes the Martian Manhunter and Batman becomes Wonder Woman.
Justice League of America #187
Proteus, an arch-enemy of the Creeper returns to menance the JLA this time. He uses a device called the Ident-Factor to transform members of the JLA into other people, and replace them with his henchmen in order to commit a crime. In the comic we see him transform Superman and Aquaman and Zatanna ...more
Justice League of America #2
Snapper Carr, the JLA's teen sidekick, is accidentally transformed into a fairy tale type giant. The JLA start to attack him until he identifies himself. Brief, only two pages.
Justice League of America #2
Gender, Male
In the backup story, the Martian Manhunter adopts several guises as he trails an assassin into the White House: a black man in a suit at the front gate; a dark-haired woman at the metal detector; a young black-haired boy, then a man with Hispanic features wearing casual clothes in the hallways. Fi ...more
Justice League of America #4-5
It appeared at the end of Issue 4 that Catwoman had been recaptured by the Secret Society of Evil and that their leader had gone and blown her brains out. (That cliffhanger might sound a bit familiar to some longtime Catwoman fans...) We discover early in Issue 5, however, that it was really... ...more
Justice League of America #61
There are a lot in this one. When Green Arrow abruptly announces he's retiring and says the Justice League is going to be destroyed but doesn't say how, the JLA members, except for Wonder Woman, who couldn't pull it off, disguise themselves as Green Arrow to lure the villain behind this out of hidi ...more
Justice League of America #36
The JLA are visiting several disabled children in the hospital. They decide to put on a show for the kids, and have Batman pose as a multi-limbed monster. Their enemy Brain Storm decides to use this opportunity to attack, using his mind over matter powers to turn Batman into a real monster, and hav ...more
Justice League of America #166-168
Female, Gender, Male
Zatanna, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), all members of the Justice League of America, are body switched with members of the Secret Society Of Super-Villains. Zatanna ends up in the body of Star Sapphire. Wonder Woman switches bodies with Floronic Man. Gr ...more
Justice League Quarterly #6
The JLI must battle a evil Toymaker. Its focus is on Elongated man. (Spoiler Text)
Justice League Task Force #7-#8
The Martian Manhunter turned himself into a woman for one adventure. The teams mission is to save a relief, plane crash survivor, agent Haggard, who was taken hostage by a tribe of female warriors, known as the Daals. Categories:Gender, Comic Book Issues 7, 8 ===Description=== origina ...more
Justice League Unlimited #33
Age, Gender
Stargirl and Crimson Avenger are both arguing about the fact that she's young and brash, and he's old and careful. They both get caught up in a spell Morgaine le Fey is doing in order to make her son Mordred young again, and get their bodies switched. So they are forced to walk a mile in each oth ...more
Justice League Unlimited #14
Deadman pays the Justice League gang a visit, but to talk to them he has to borrow a body, which just happens to be Wonder Woman's. It starts off with him checking herself out in a mirror, and he sure likes what he sees. The WW possession lasts for about six pages. The cover shows Deadman poss ...more
Justice League: The Nail #2
Martian Manhunter poses as attractive blonde female applying for a job at Lexcorp.
Justice Society of America #2-#5
Body-swapping villain the Ultra-Humanite returns. He's in a male body this time, but there are references to his old (often female) forms. Ultra seems to be getting more mentally unstable after all the switches, and Wildcat and The Atom exploit this by teasing him about his old feminine forms.
Justice Society of America, vol.3 issue 27
Male, Gender
An energy made out of ghosts leaps from a man on the street into Stargirl. It then uses her Cosmic Rod to break Obsidian's darkness cloak on the JSA's headquarters so it can get inside. After leaving Stargirl's body, it transports JSA members Wildcat, Green Lantern, Flash, Liberty Belle and Hourm ...more
Justice: Four Balance #2
It's revealed near the end of the issue that a shape-shifting supervillain, the Hate-Monger, has been posing as Janice Ian - the assistant to billionaire Anderson Gaulthing - since Issue 1.