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Category: 'Comic Book'
I am a Crow issue Unknown
A boy's father reincarnates as a girl to spend time with his son.
Identity Addict
He can change his appearance and powers at will. Has a couple of his female identities include, All-Tied-Up, the Incompetent Mother, and False Memory. The False Memory was a female form he used and became a member of the Doom Patrol in #69.
Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular issue Unknown
Impossible Man turns briefly (one panel) into Black Cat... well green.
Incredible Hulk issue Unknown
Bruce Banner is befriended by a strange but lovely woman named Glazier. Glazier is a sculptress whose medium is glass.She makes glass statues of men, several with horrified looks on their faces. Glazier has a horrible secret.Three guesses what it is.Guess what she tries to do to Bruce? Guess what ha ...more
The Infinity Charade issue Unknown
Wartlock splits and his 'good' side is Shddess, a woman. When he absorbs her back into himself, at the end of the comic, he gains quite a womanly figure.
Infinity Inc. #3
A Man named Erik has a strange power, based on the fact of some psychosis of him wanting to castrate himself, which he feels very uneasy about. He and his friends confront a woman with a replication power, and she replicates a pair of man's boxers, that belong to the man who was involved in a murde ...more
Infinity Inc. #4
Gender, Male
A continuation of the story from Issue 3. There's a longer sequence with Erika and more with the shape-shifter Persona. (Spoiler Text)
Infinity Inc. #50
At the end, a magic spell switches body parts of most of the heroes.
The Inhumans issue Part 4 of 4
Compelled by Kree overlord Ronan the Accuser, Inhumans leader Black Bolt assassinates Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra during a treaty ceremony. But the "Lilandra" he kills turns out to be Hobgoblin the Shape-Shifter, a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, who changes back as he dies.
Instant Teen issue Unknown
A new manga I saw last night in a bookstore. Bascially a young girl eats some nuts that cause her to grow into a beautiful woman. I didn't buy it or read it all, but the art was pretty good. It looks promising. . . . . . .
Instant Teen issue Vol 2
In one of the chapters, Natsumi switches bodies with her friend due to some body switching nuts, then her friend in her body turns into her teen form, then switches bodies with a bear.
Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts! issue Unknown
In the bonus story of Volume 2 the lead female character(Natsumi) and the lead male charater (Asuma) switch bodies after eating two nuts that came from a heart shape shell. In the begining it's a shock, but Asuma enjoys Natsumi's body especially after it gets older. Natsumi however does not enjoy ...more
Invaders issue Unknown
Dr.Basil Frankenstein is a Nazi sympathizer who is carrying on his famous relative's work. Since being paralyzed in an explosion, Basil has required the aid of an assistant, the curvaceous Jaopanese surgeon Dr.Kitagowa. The two have fallen in love, but are unable to enjoy it due to Basil's injuries ...more
Iron Man Annual issue The More-or-Less Return of the Molecule Man
Inanimate, Gender
When anyone touches the wand that holds the spirit of the Molecule Man, the villain overwhelms the victim's mind and takes over his body; that body also reforms to the muscular, jagged-tooth form of Molecule Man. When a little girl picks up the wand, her body becomes muscular and jagged-toothed, but ...more
Iron Man Annual issue Unknown
Molecular Man's Spirit is in a wand that possesses whoever holds wand. Wand found by little girl Shouldn't this entry be removed since there is another entry for the same issue that's far more detailed?
Iron Man issue Epitagh In Gray
The Grey Gargoyle wants to become revered as an artist. To this end, he uses his ability to turn things into stone to turn women into statues, which he sells as sculptures. One of these women is Marcy Pierson,who is investigating a friend's disappearance. Marcy's boyfriend, Jim Rhodes, and his emplo ...more
Iron Man issue In The End... And
Evil businessman Mordecai Midas has gained a device that gives him a true Midas touch, i.e. everything he touches turns to gold ... including people! One of his victims is his former partner, and Iron Man's current lover, Madame Masque. He has his victims placed on display as living statues.
Iron Man issue Switching Channels
Iron Man and his Russian counterpart, the Crimson Dynamo, are hit by microwave transmissions at the same time which somehow causes them to switch bodies. Iron Man is eager to switch back,d espite the fact Dynamo is dating a Russian cutie named Yelena Brement. The Dynamo, however, has learned Iron Ma ...more
Iron Man issue Unknown
Bethany Cabe is body switched with disfigured criminal Madame Masque, who wants revenge on their former lover, Iron Man.
"issue Unknown - marked for deletion - (entryid 6810)" issue of Bakeru-kun
I haven't personally seen this one, but according to a Japanese web page... Bakeru Kun is descended from aliens, where if they push the nose of a doll, they get the doll's form. There's a story where he gets his mother's doll, and one where he gets his sister's. The author (if I'm read ...more
"issue Unknown - marked for deletion - (entryid 6829)" issue of Bakeru-kun
I thought I'd mention this because its so unusual and original. At the electric morph gallery there's a scan from a comic about a boy who can adopt the form of any doll in his collection given to him by an alien. He can turn into a full sized human version of the doll he chooses while his own body ...more
Izuna issue Unknown
Shunsuke casts a spell that enables him to inhabit the body of his cute classmate, Hisako Asaba.