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Category: 'Comic Book'
G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #164
In Issue #164 of the comic (IDW but a continuation of the Marvel continuity), Zartan uses his holographic emitters to create confusion by pretending to be the Baroness and getting caught by the Joes. However, the real Baroness was already their prisoner below in the Pit but Zartan's ruse makes th ...more
G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Annual #1
Gender, Male
In the newest annual, Zartan tracks down a renegade Crimson Guardsman who plans to detonate a bomb in a highly-populated amusement park and pin the blame on Cobra. He kills the CG with a well-thrown shuriken while disguised as Scarlett leaving her to take the fall. Shortly thereafter, he also sub ...more
GachaGacha issue vol 06 Secret ch 01
A guy transforms into a beautiful girl when he sneeze.
Galaxy Express 999 issue book 3
The main characters, Tetsuro and Meitel, visit a planet where everyone has a robot body. Tetsuro (who's a boy) gets shot, and a certain Dr. Larla takes him to her lab to fix him up. But she also wants to get off the planet on the Galaxy express, and so she does a brain transplant, leaving Tetsuro ...more
Gambit #13-#14
Gambit's friend Jake is a shapeshifter called the Courier. They've travelled to the past and as part of their mission Gambit has Jake turn himself into a woman (the change is a little different from most it takes Courier hours to do so). Mr. Sinister captures Jake and reduces him/ ...more
Gambit #24
The Shapeshifter "Courier" shows up again still stuck in female form. at end of the issue he ends up getting a kiss from Gambit.
Gemini #4
Gemini and his ex-controller go to Tower City in order to try to get Gemini deprogrammed. While there they run into Dynamo 5. (Spoiler Text)
Gen 13 #15
Gaby once again briefly changes into Caitlin. Lasts for two panels.
Gen 13 #10
Chrome alien "man" turns himself into a perfect replicant of Caitland Fairchild.
Gen 13 #16
FBI agent Gaby Sabian is again in female form at the end of the issue for two panels. But the twist is, we learn Gaby was a woman all along!! Previous entries when a male Gaby tranformed into Caitlin are technically F-to-F! We learn that the male Gaby Sabian form we first saw in Gen 13 Issue #9 a ...more
Gen 13 #12
Gaby Sabian, a man Caitlin Fairchild fell for several issues prior to #12, turns out to be a silvery shapeshifting being similar to (but fighting against) The Chrome. As he is revealing his mission and true feelings for Caitlin near the end of the issue, he turns himself into her duplicate.
Gen 13 #12
We continue to learn the origins and histories of the rebooted GEN13 team. This issue is specifically about Grunge (Percival Edmund Chang) and how he went from being a small time wimp, to a large muscle man that likes to run around without a shirt on. His unique power is the ability to take on the ...more
Generation X #59
Two young mutants, Artie and Leech, ditch the Gen-Xers and chaperons during a museum field trip to New York, and have fun posing as different people around town using "image inducers." In one scene, they hail a cab to the Avengers Mansion as Reed and Sue Richards. When they are scolded later by Emm ...more
Gestalt issue Unknown
A japanese language manga about the ongoing adventures of a young priest and his slave. For some reason the slave, a powerful male sorcerer, has disguised himself as a beautiful woman. Anybody read Japanese?
Ghost Rider #1, vol. 1
While travelling through the desert, Johnny is attacked by a Native American woman named Linda Littletrees aka Witch Woman. She talks about how she was a college student who was made into a servant of Satan by a Satanist cult before passing out. While recovering, Satan offers her another chance t ...more
Giant Shanda Animal issue Shanda 1/2
A take-off of Ranma 1/2.
Giant-Size Conan the Barbarian issue #2
Conan's bride to be, Zenobia of Nemedoa is captured and replaced by the transformed look-alike suplicant ofTsotha-Lanti who hopes to catch Conan with his guard down (so to speak) on their wedding night.
Girls Bravo issue Volume 2 Chapter 7
In this chapter a doll is transformed into an duplicate of the main female character but with a different personality.
Glory issue Unknown
End of the Babewatch crossover, all of the transformed men turn back to normal.
Glory issue Unknown
A dead man possesses the body of his ex-lover and later, a little girl.
Go Naked issue pee dog
Pee dog strip starts on page 19-23. talking dog done in underground style sneezes and somehow grows breasts. Then male organ is cut off by villian. After escape, PD smokes a joint and it makes his breasts grow again. Being a dog, he gets 8 of them. With what he lost and what he gained, he decid ...more
Godwheel issue 3
In this last issue of the miniseries that links the Ultraverse with the Marvel Universe, it is revealed that the vampire-like Rune has been impersonating Freex member Pressure for all of issue #2. Not much of a reveal. This mini-series also prominently features Necromantra(Thanasi in Eden Blake' ...more
Gold Digger issue 51
Commander Lisa McHayes of the Leprechaun Armed Forces turns out to be Gothwrain, a lord of the Were-Rat Clan. Note: there is no change or "reveal" - only a change in the text balloons and the fact that "McHayes" is smoking a cigar (traits synonymous with Gothwrain that are familiar to longtime fans ...more
Gold Digger issue 52
The dirty rat is at it again! A purple-haired, scantily-clad Atlantean named Dyranna released her demon master Gyphon, only to see him destroyed by the Lich King. But that turns out to have been "Dyranna's" plan all along... because she was revealed to be were-rat elder Lord Gothwrain! (Again, as ...more
Gold Digger issue 54
At the end of the issue, it appears that werecheetah Brittany Diggers has been possessed by her grandfather, the evil Lich King. The plot will likely continue for the next few issues (I'm pretty sure it is a possession, as Brittany's eyes are glowing red, the Lich King just paid her and her newborn ...more
Gold Digger issues 26-27
Madrid chooses this issue to make her move. She switches bodies with Gina and goes to lead an expedition to the Magic Star. Gina, trapped in Madrid's body and sealed inside a containment field within her own lab has to find a way to warn Brit and Brianna before Madrid claims the ultimate power.
Gold Digger Swimsuit Special issue You Can! Fight Cyclopian Horrors
In one of the short fan art stories, the were-rats, Lydia, Romeo and Moisha, have to fight off a massive sea monster that's landed on the beach where they're trying to relax. This sea monster seems to have been summoned by a woman in a skimpy bikini who's wearing glasses and holding an "eldritch bo ...more
Golddiggers issue Original Series
The Warrior Hanzo has been sent to capture the Golddigger sisters. One of them, Cheetah, falls victim to a trap and a herbalist hands a strength potion to her aide and tells her to clean up this mess. Hanzo grabs the potion and drinks it; his muscles expand to huge proportions. Unfortunately, Han ...more
The Golden Age issue book 3
Special alternate universe. In this episode it is revealed that the major villain was the Ultra-Humanite and flashed back to his time in Delores Winters body. about 2 pages.
Golden Carousel issue Unknown
A boy steals his sister's invitaion to the ball and a sex change potion. issue Unknown
TF porn updated daily! Archives of the comic are available, but require a subscription.
Green Arrow/Black Canary #1
This issue continues where the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding One-Shot left off. Several weeks later, Black Canary still cannot believe the man she killed on her wedding night is the actual Green Arrow, Oliver Queen. Every test confirms that on a DNA level, he is in fact the one and only Oliver Q ...more
Green Lantern Corps issue 7
Guy Gardner and his rookie partner R'amey Holl go to an ice planet to give a message to Green Lantern black ops leader Von Daggle, a shape-shifting Durlan, but things don't go as planned. When they are attacked by Daggle and left for dead on the planet's surface without their Lantern rings, Gardner ...more
Green Lantern #41-#42
Male Predator possesses female form of Arisia, this changes him into a female version of himself.
Green Lantern: The Lost Army #5
Xrill-Vrek, the morphic empath of the Green Lantern Corps, begins this issue in a male body having mimicked the form of Relic in a previous issue. In the middle of the issue, Xrill begins keying in to the emotions of fellow Lantern Two-Six, a Numericonian female, and changes to a shape resembling ...more
Green Lantern: The Lost Army - Sneak Peek and #1
Gender, Female
Xrill-Vrek is a new character and member of the Green Lantern Corps. Xrill has the power of "morphic empathy", which means she can assume not just the form but also take on the thoughts and mindset of species she encounters. Her powers seem to be directed not just be her own will, but by her proxi ...more
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Quest #4
Nissa, the green fairy whose spirit had sent the heroes on a quest to reunite the pieces of the Vessel of Gloriana in the first issue of the mini-series, was revealed to be the shape-shifting doppelganger Replic in disguise.
Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm Knights - Age of Darkness
Gender, Male
In this issue, it first appears that Sela Mathers had betrayed and killed several of the Realm Knights, including Neptune and Liesel van Helsing. Near the end "Sela" appears to have been killed, but she's still alive... and is revealed to be a faceless shape-shifter wearing a suit. He is later ide ...more
Grip issue The Strange World of Men
After experiment explodes in their face a husband and wife find their skin is removable. The husband comes up with a plan to escape to the outside in his wife's skin, stating the changes made by the experiment will cause his voice and body type to change overnight. He then smothers his wife after pu ...more
Guardians of the Galaxy #15
Gender, Male
Venom (Flash Thompson) was left stranded on Knowhere, the "port of call at the end of the galaxy" by the other Guardians. He then encounters what he thinks is his Avengers team from Earth... (Spoiler Text)
Guru Guru Ponchan issue Unknown
found on Sorry, did not seen by himself, so quote: "Ponta is a Golden Retriever puppy and the Koizumi family's pet. Full of energy, she is always up to some trouble. One day, grandpa, a passionate amateur inventor creates the "Talking Bone," which empowers animals wit ...more
Guy Gardner Warrior #42
Guy Gardner is turned into a woman by his enemy Dementor. He is called both Gal Gardner and Warriorette. In his female form, he is changed into many different outfits by Dementor.
Guyver issue Unknown
The Guyver is a manga, and anime that has been around for a while. It features a plot in which aliens created mankind as the ultimate weapon, then upgraded by creating creatures known as "Zoanoids". Which, are human, until whatever reason, they morph into powerful beastial creatures that sometimes t ...more