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Category: 'Comic Book'
E-Man issue 9-10
Energy being can convert himself to matter. In These 2 issues he becomes female
Earth X issue Unknown
Loki tricked Odin into turning Thor, god of thunder, into a female to teach him humility. The transformation is not shown, merely the results.
Earth X issue Unknown
The Skull, combining his telepathic powers with the illusion powers of the grotesque Spiders Man, torments the Goblin/Norman Osborne with the image of the late Gwen Stacy, whom the Goblin had killed years before. The Skull/Gwen pushes the Goblin out a high-rise window. Brief.
Eclipso was the Angel of Vengeance who turned evil and was replaced by Spectre in DC Comics mythology. It has long been a male figure possessing male forms, needing hatred and anger in the vessel to allow him to take over as the host. When not possessing a form he is trapped within a purple diamon ...more
Eerie issue Standing Room Only
Carl Dunn murders his twin sister and her wealthy husband and takes her place, but he makes one small mistake.
Eerie Magazine issue The Doll Collector
Miriam Hollis is a cold-hearted but beautiful gold-digger. Her hobby is collecting dolls. One night, she attends Mr.Fantocci's Theatre Of Living Dolls, a marionette show that uses life-like dolls. She tries to buy one of Fantocci's dolls, but he refuses. So, she decides to steal one instead.This is ...more
Eerie Queerie issue Unknown
Here is an interesting possession story. taken from description: Mitsuo Shiozu is put in an awkward position when his mind and body are taken over by the two young women, in that he's a young man, who winds up acting like the women. Hasunuma and Ichi, two of his fellow male high school ...more
Elektra #8
Elektra's friend Konrad gets body swapped into a young woman.
Elementals vol.1 issues 8, 10, 11
Male, Gender
An assassin named Sanction arrives in Seattle with the purpose of taking out the Elementals. Sanction usually appears as an adult male, but he has multiple personalities and seems to change (through telepathically-induced illusion?) into those alters (of different ages, races, and genders) over th ...more
Elementals vol.2 issue 6
The villainess Shapeshifter turned into a handsome man, Eric Chessman, wooed Morningstar, married her, got her pregnant, and finally changed back, saying "Surprise!" Shapeshifter-as-Eric first appeared in Elementals Vol. 1, issue 8, a few issues after Morningstar had badly hurt Shapeshifter on Nach ...more
Empowered Special #3
Mechanical, Gender
The STD-like virus that transformed the hero Mechanismo from a human into a mecha robot was accidentally released when he went into a secret high-tech junkyard/vault for a little "me time." The virus used a fantasy image in Mechanismo's memory to transform the tech debris into angel-like gynoids r ...more
Empowered Volume 9
It's revealed near the end that the villain/former hero Fleshmaster (sometimes disguised as the hero dWARf), had freed himself from the control of Manny, a terminally-ill 11-year-old, tech genius and wannabe supervillain. Manny had a crush on Empowered and had allowed her unrestricted control of a ...more
The Enchanted Apples of Oz
Towards the end of the story, A flying starfish is changed into a cloud, a women is changed into a silver statue, Ozma is changed into a stone statue, and Dorothy is changed into a wooden statue.
Epic issue Hellraiser: Birthright
A story of rape and pregnacy, Hellraiser style.
Erufu O Karu Mono-Tachi issue 3rd isuue
The story in general is about 3 people from our world and a tank that get stuck in a fantasy world. There's this elf, Celcia, who tries to cast a spell to send them home, but she messes up, and the spell splits into five pieces, and flies off to stick to the bodies of five other elves. So our hero ...more
Eternal Warrior issue Unknown
Body stealing villian moves into a female nurse.
Ethan? issues 1-2
Male, Gender
After Ethan Babylon, an American criminal living in a future Tokyo, is killed by a Yakuza assassin, his soul finds itself in the body of a killer named Ronnie Mossberg. When the Tokyo cops end up killing Ronnie, Ethan ends up in the body of a Japanese police officer. Ethan finds that when the bod ...more
Everafter #6
Connor Wolf, son of Bigby is an agent of the Shadow Players. He uses his shape shifting skills much more than his father did. (Spoiler Text)
Ewoks issue The Incredible Shrinking Princess
The Fleebogs (ant-sized creatures on the Ewok planet) present Princess Kneesaa with a Damsel Flower. When she breathes its pollen, she begins to shrink; when she is ant-sized herself (happens pretty quickly) the Fleebogs capture her. Ewoks Wicket and Teebo get their Shaman to give them some growing ...more
Excalibur #100
Body jumper Mountjoy is hiding in the body of female "Scribe". Mountjoy is still in Scribe's body in issue #23 of X-Men. He has also possessed Storm and Psylocke in the Bishop Mini-Series.
Excalibur #5
Female, Male, Gender
Arcade uses mind switching device to swap all of Excalibur with their villainous counterparts. Female Shapeshifter ends up in a man's body.
Excalibur #3
It is revealed in this issue that the techno-organic supercomputer Mastermind, embodied in a male form, has been posing as the goddess and Omniversal Guardian Roma since the beginning of the mini-series.
Excalibur issues 12 & 13
Nigel Frobisher is momentaly transformed into his female boss. One Panel in each issue.
Excalibur issues 27 & 56
Nigel is periodically turnned into an older female crime lord Vixen.
Excalibur! issue Unknown
Spunky Princess Asahi is thrilled to discover she'll be adventuring with the handsome Prince Junnon of the tiny Kingdom of Jarran, whom she fell in love with at court. She isn't too thrilled to discover that a powerful mage has turned him into a beautiful woman!
Excuse Me for Being a Dog! (Inu de warui ka!!) issue Rumiko Takahashi
This book appears before Ranma1/2 and have very like type story: boy cursed to change into a dog when wounded.
Exiles #70
Mutant X possesses the body of Angel (an alternate world version of the wife of one of the Exile members). Brief, at the end.
Exiles #80
Gender, Male
Proteus takes over Morph's body. (Spoiler Text)
Exiles #49
The Impossible Man turned a lot of people into inanimate objects in the issue: the first scene shows that he turned the Avengers (prior to the start of the issue) into three-dimensional paper dolls; he turned four of the Exiles into stuffed dolls and the newest member, Beak, into a bucket of fried ...more
Exiles #7
Morph, disguised as a beautiful redhead, distracts a hotel clerk with his/her revealing outfit. ===Notes=== *A number of previous "Exiles" issues have Morph briefly appearing "in drag" - in women's clothing, and even taking on female physical characteristics like breasts. *This was the first ...more
Exiles #63
Near the end of the issue, Morph tries to fool Hyperion by pretending to be Namora pretending to agree to an alliance. But Hyperion sees through the ruse right away and blasts him with his flash vision. Morph is Namora for one panel, and is changing in transition back to himself when he realizes th ...more
Exposure #1
A naked woman discovered in the closet of a convent after a massacre of nuns turns out to be a disguised male vampire. Later, two other vampires (male?) turn into women to dissuade police from killing them. It doesn't work.