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Category: 'Comic Book'
Calvin and Hobbes issue Unknown
Calvin invented (in his own wild imagination) a transformation ray. He transformed himself into (among other things) a tiger and an owl.
Camelot 3000 issue Unknown
King Arthur and knights are reincarnated in the future, and Tristan comes back as a woman.
Capricorn issue Unknown
Could turn into Virgo.
Captain America issue Arena For A Fallen Hero
Nightshade bedevils Cap and the Falcon with illusions while she takes control of SHIELD. At one point, she disguises herself as the Enchantress and tries to seduce Cap.
Captain America issue Now Begins The Nightmare
The Red Skull uses the Cosmic Cube to make Captain America look like him and vice versa. The villain arranges for Cap to be caught by the Avengers, almost shot by his (Cap's) unknowing girlfriend Sharon Carter, and traps him on an island with his (the Skull's) ex-henchmen the Exiles, who want to kil ...more
Captain America vol. 1 issue 428
While being interrogated, a shapeshifter named Dead Ringer, who can turn into anybody who's deceased after touching their remains, briefly assumes the form of Snapdragon in order to demonstrate his powers.
Carmen Mc Callum
In this comic, an AI with the appearance of a Dragon takes the form of a woman.
Cartoon Network Action Pack issue Running with the Big Dog
A comic about Juniper Lee. Ray Ray was trying to make a potion to make a lizard grow to a giant size, but Monroe got in the way and he slowly grows to a giant size (most of it was fat) and fills up the house. He does manage to shrink back to his normal size by the end of the comic.
Catwoman #49
A one panel transformation by a shapeshifter guys head into Catwoman's head. This is the shapeshifter that Catwoman fought against in the early issues of the current series, who was released by Catwoman in issue 44/45. Also, in the previous issue(48) he disguised himself as Catwoman in order ...more
Challengers of the Unknown #7
The Challengers are in pursuit of a criminal who uses a dead scientist's inventions to commit fantastic robberies. The criminal uses a reducing ray to shrink them to doll-size and imprisons them in a bird cage. The Challs' ally June frees them and uses the ray to restore them to normal.
Challengers of the Unknown #6
The Challengers' friend June finds an ancient lamp whose fumes give her magic powers but puts her in a hypnotic trance. She falls under the influence of a wanted fugitive who uses her powers to take the Hidden Valley. When the Challs come looking for her, she uses her powers to turn two of them, Ro ...more
Challengers of the Unknown #72
To fool the Challengers, an old man sprays them with a potion that makes them think he's a beautiful young woman. (Not really a transformation.)
Challengers of the Unknown #85
Deadman possesses June of the Challengers.
Chamber #2-4
Female, Gender
Amber, another student on campus with Chamber, is revealed to be a shapeshifter. (Spoiler Text)
Chameleon Jail - Vol 1 Chapter 04
The villain from one of the earlier chapters escaped and wants his revenge on Jail. So, he kidnaps Jail's boss and holds her hostage in order to get Jail to fight him. During the fight, Jail uses his ultimate technique, and shows why he's the man who strikes the most fear. His ultimate techniq ...more
Chameleon Jail - vol 2 Ch 10
Jail disguises himself as a pretty thief in order to catch another thief.
Chameleon Jail issue Chapter 1 Vol 1
Chameleon Jail has the power to turn himself into someone else. He turns into a man's dead girlfriend to stop him from going on a rampage. The scanlation can be found here:
Chameleon Jail issue Chapter 3 Vol 1
Chameleon turns into a swimmer in order to finish a competition for her. Very brief at the end. The scanlation can be found here.
Champions #41
The origin story of Raven Gold in the Heroic Publishing universe. At the end of Hellfire Crown story line from the original Champions mini-series, Flying Fox(aka Foxbat in the original comics) is on the run from the Champions, and runs across Sylph(a shapeshifter) about to flee. He convince ...more
Champions #45
Olga(Sparkplug) agrees to take care of Jimmy Jensen(Giant, although his mother doesn't know) while his mother is away in Cairo. Olga intends to use young Jimmy to see how her boyfrind Jimmy Dooley(a reporter) handles kids, as she hopes that she can get her Jimmy to ask her to marry him. Olga show ...more
Champions issue Unknown
The Gods are reborn in human bodies, but Hermes is incarnated as a adolesent girl.
Champions Mini Series issue vol 3-5
Dr. Arcane possesses the body of malice for most of the first 2 issues. Flare's shape changing brother disguises himself as Dr. Arcane's daughter for the final 2
Change issue Unknown
A schoolgirl called Seina Saijou, rushing on her way to an exam, collides head on with an undercover policeman who is chasing after a killer and rapist. The collision causes the man's soul to posess her body, whilst his physical body dies. Awakening in the new body, and with the reluctant aqueisance ...more
Change of Heart issue Unknown
Check this comic femur did with captions!!! I think it's really good. way to go femur!!!
Change! Erotic Detective Stories issue Unknown
A male detective wake up one day to find he is now a woman, after the initial shock he has to star a career as a female detective with the help of his male partner, who has assumed the goal of make a woman from him.
Change! issue All
The main character has someone's spirit jump into her body in each story, and most of them are male. Be warned, the "plot" is mostly ways to get her into weird sexual situations--if you don't like that sort of thing don't bother.
Chapel issue Unknown
As part of the Babewatch crossover, Chapel turns into a woman.
Cheeky Angel
Megumi, a nine-year-old martial arts enthusiast and all around rapscallion always wanted to be, "the manliest man on earth." After saving a sorcerer from a group of local toughs, Megumi is presented with a magic genie which can grant any wish. Unfortunately, this genie misconstrues Megumi's origina ...more
Chikyu Misaki issue Secret of Lake Hohopo
A girl found strange Nessy-like creature in nearest lake. When she kissed him, he changes into small boy. But when he swims, he changes back. Evil military organization tries to kidnap mysterious animal because... (but for spoilers, see ...more
Chiller issue chiller
A true magician bring out the memories of an evil male slave owner who was the ancestor of a black female news reporter living now. The evil ancester posseses her twice, and is shocked by 'his' skin color more than being female. In any case, he plans to take over the body of the male magician when ...more
Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2
Briefly, just for the thrill of it, Deadman possesses the body of a leggy young figure skater.
Chuckles issue Which Bitch
A witch tricks a guy out of manhood.
Cinderella: Fables are Forever #5
Mini-series featuring Fabletown's own secret agent Cinderella as she tries to track down her nemesis, Dorothy Gale. She has teamed up with Russian Fable Ivan Durak to aid in her search. (Spoiler Text)
ClanDestine issue Unknown
In the ClanDestine vs the X-Men graphic Novel Adam Destine's eldest daughter Kay has the ability to project her astral body and take over other people and animals forms. She usually takes over a young woman's body but there are a couple of pages in which we glimpse male forms she's taken. Her broth ...more
Monster, Size, Were, Furry
Claymore, the anime series, is based upon this manga series. The yomas, claymores, awakened beings, and demons of the abyss are capable of partially or completely transforming to human or monstrous forms. In some cases, the transformations are irreversible. (Spoiler Text)
Clive Barker's Hellraiser issue Unknown
Cenobite known as "Face" possesses Lisa Ann in order to tempt Leo Shabel to turn to a life of evil.
Clive Barker's Pinhead issue Unknown
Pinhead is turned into a voluptous version of Little Red Riding Hood as he battles an earlier incarnation of himself.
Come Again issue Unknown
In the world of come again, people are endlessly recycled in a daisy-chain of destiny and desire, as Brian and Avril go through time inhabiting different bodies (sometimes with different genders).
Conan The Barbarian issue The Corridor Of Mullah Kajar!
A sorcerer makes himself into a shapely harem girl to trick Conan. Also appears as Red Sonja briefly.
Concrete Park vol. 1 You Send Me
Gender, Male
Concrete Park is set in a future where the underclass of Earth are shipped to another planet, Oasis, to mine for resources. Oasis' main city, Scare City, is nothing but block after block of urban battleground. One of the colorful characters in Scare City is the hustler Monkfish. Monkfish is a shap ...more
Concrete Park: R-E-S-P-E-C-T #2
Xuxa, a pink-haired Afro-Brazilian girl in a bikini who tries to get information from (and seduce) L.A. tough guy Isaac, turns out to be the shape-shifter Monkfish. (Spoiler Text)
Corona, Son of Mystic Lyte issue Fantastic Fanzine
Corona gets hit by a Radon blast and is changed into a woman
Cosmo Police Justy issue Unknown
A criminal esper becomes female to attack Justy.
Countdown #28
In this series, the innocent Mary Marvel has lost her powers from the wizard Shazam!, and was left on her own after recovering from a fall (caused by her power failure). She later takes on the powers of Black Adam, and begins to be tempted and corrupted by Eclipso. In this issue, she uses her b ...more
Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists #2 (of 6)
Monster, Animal
This issue goes into depth about the history of the extremist, Gorgon. He was a fat, bald man that worked as a lab research assistant. He was in love with a woman. One day he is involved in an accident that causes him to change slightly. (Spoiler Text) This issue also shows a transformation ...more
Countdown to Adventure #3
The backup story focusing on Forerunner, Viza Aziv, and her encounter with a universe that has magical variations of the DC Heroes, Batmage, master of the Dark Arts, Kal-El, wielder of Kryptonian magics, and Lady Flash, keeper of the Speed Force. All of these magicians work under the guidance of "t ...more
Countdown to Adventure #4
The backup tale of this book continues from the previous issue. Forerunner is now fighting Dark Angel. To one up Forerunner, Dark Angel grows in size to crush her. (Spoiler Text)
Cracked issue July 1984
A kid wishes he and his friends could be a rock group. They are turned into rocks.
Cracked Magazine issue Ex-Men
A short spoof of the X-Men changing sex (the eX-Men).
Cracked Magazine issue Unknown
A Star Trek spoof in which Kirk slowly transforms into a sexy woman, after visiting the planet of change.
Crazy Magazine issue No Return No Deposit
Man uses a magic lamp to wish for a beautiful girl, so the genie changes him into one. Then the genie suggests a big house with a pool. Granted, except he's now the french maid.
Creepy issue Unknown
Lots of transformations and a sub-plot in this final issue of a girl who's father always wanted a son.
Crosswind #1
Cason Bennett, a Chicago hitman, and Juniper Blue, a Seattle housewife, switch bodies in an unknown supernatural event. Crosswind Series
Age, Animal, Inanimate, Size, Mythical
A "wild west" fantasy webcomic loosely based on Native American mythology mixed with supernatural/spiritual elements from multiple religions. Characters undergo many supernatural transformations into animals or monsters, or cause other characters or inanimate objects to transform. (Spoiler Te ...more
Curse of the Were-Woman
An original graphic novel written by Jason M. Burns & drawn by Christopher Provencher in full color comic book style. It has a general jerk of a man in line for promotion at a top company who is also a womanizer (and ) cursed by a jilted lover to transform into an attractive woman at moonrise each ...more
Cyberpunk issue Unknown
In order to rescue his female friend he must copy her mind into his. On download they both end up with identical memories.