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Category: 'Comic Book'
B Shock issue Chapters 21 - 24
Background: B - shock is a screwball romance comedy, where two students are forced to be together due to having explosives attached to their wrists. In chapters 21 - 24, they are forced to take care of children. It doesn't seem like a bit deal, except for the fact that one of the children is ac ...more
Babewatch Event
As part of a crossover all male character from Image's Extreme studio become woman for one issue. ===Comics=== *Brigade #27 (Planned, never released) *Chapel #4 *Glory #8, 13, 14 *Knightmare #7 (Planned, never released) *Newmen #20 *Prophet Babewatch Special #1 *Supreme #36 (Brief, at end ...more
Backlash #8
Stormwatch's Diva asks Backlash for a favor: take out Daemonite lord Helspont. But it's all a set-up, as Diva is later revealed to be Mr. White in disguise.
Badger #40-#41
An ex-nazi has a sex-change and becomes a nun.
Banana man
Every time Eric eats a banana, he turns into Banana Man! Eric is a schoolboy (between the ages of 12 and 14) and every time he eats a banana, he turns into a superhero that the world knows as Banana Man!
Bart Simpson Comics #40
In the issue, Bart discovers a ray gun that can make things grow big. He uses it on Skinner's newspaper, Homer's pants, and Lisa's Malibu Stacy doll. Lisa gets angry and they fight over the gun accidently shooting Maggie making her a giant. Her clothes rip so she is no naked. Maggie then chases aft ...more
Bart simpsons tree house of horrors issue 10
after bart incinerates the bully at his school by breathing fire out of his mouth he finds out that his father was really the lead bass guitar of kiss, who was really the god of thunder and bart has his powers. He then goes on a rampage and turns all the kids at his school animals including lisa wh ...more
Batgirl #13
Gender, Male
Clayface infiltrates Gotham City Bank & Trust looking to make a sizable withdrawal. There's just one problem: waiting in line at the bank is Stephanie Brown - Batgirl! But when Clayface begins morphing into different people, Batgirl must hold the entire bank hostage until she can uncover and stop h ...more
Batgirl Annual #1
Gender, Female
Aruna Shende, who was born into the lowest caste in India - the "untouchables," is one of the top stunt and special effects people in Bollywood. She's also a shapeshifter who takes several male and female forms in the issue. While Aruna's primary form is female, she mentions in the backup origin s ...more
Batman and the Outsiders #2 (2007)
Gender, Mechanical
Not quite sure how to classify this brief TF. An unnamed naked blond (who appeared in a single panel in Issue 1) embraces Mr. Jardine in his Brussels mansion after he gets the bad news about the Outsiders' break-in at his company's Central City labs. In the next panel, the blue arms around Jardine ...more
Batman and the Outsiders Annual #2
Chemical mimic Steven briefly assumes the form of Sapphire Stagg in order to trick her father and Metamorpho.
Batman issue 626
This entry is marked for deletion - no transformation. This disguise is not passed-off as anything but a disguise, no characters would think that this was a transformation - cj 2007nov15 Robin (Tim Drake) has to sneak into a morgue to get tissue samples of a corpse. The best way to do so is po ...more
Batman #579
A pretty realistic and well drawn Orca morph.
Batman/Deadman: Death and Glory
Deadman possesses a female police helicopter pilot.
Batman: Gotham Adventures #51
From DC's website plot synopsis - Mr. Freeze is sprung from Arkham by Nora (the ex-wife he never got over) to formulate the compound that might return him - and the life they once shared - to normal. But love is blind. (Spoiler Text)
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again #2
Gender, Inanimate
Plastic Man is part of the team of heroes Batman recruits. When they first release him, he changes into the form of a car, and then changes into the form of a woman. Very brief. Of note, this image of Plastic Man as a woman appears on the back cover of the Graphic Novel reprint.
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again #3
Throughout the series, a "Joker" character keeps appearing, but several times he has been killed. (Spoiler Text)
Battlestar Galactica issue Apollo's Journey #3
In Issue #3 of this recent Galactica miniseries, Cmdr Apollo is thinking of his deceased wife - Serina - who died in the TV series shortly after the Galactica's quest for Earth began. Suddenly, she answers his unspoken thoughts and appears before him. She tries to comfort him by telling him that the ...more
Batwoman Annual #2
Gender, Inanimate
Clayface has been working with Batwoman and her team. They find themselves in a Medieval Gotham City, and need to blend in, so Clayface becomes a robe and fan to help disguise Kate while she goes out for food and supplies. Part of their conversation Kate tells Clayface to keep his eyes on her, and ...more
Be Free! issue Unknown
Interesting story of a male who turns into a female superheroian who gets into sexual, action adventures.
Beast Boy #1-#4
Animal, Female, Gender
The Beast Boy mini-series from DC was the debut of Gemini, a shapeshifter who claims to be the daughter of the late Madame Rouge of the Brotherhood of Evil. Gemini frames Garfield Logan a.k.a. Beast Boy for murder in the first issue, and actually assumes his form (and various animal forms) in the ...more
Beavis and Butt-Head issue The Butt-Files
In the graphic novel The Butt-Files, which tells about paranormal phenomenon from the viewpoint of our two favorite retards, has several TG references. One has Beavis being cursed into a little girl and another where, as Agent Scully, he wants to hurry home to see if his boobs are real. Thereare oth ...more
Bella (Juggs Magazine July 1984)
In the July 1984 issue the switch has already been made in the black and white comic strip. (4 pages long) It is likely that the May issue was where the mind swap was made. Bella was not in the June 1984 issue. Busty Bella, a sweet and extremely busty young woman, and the star of the comic stri ...more
The Best of Fever Pitch issue The Marvel Family
If Marvin and Margie Marvel both say "SH-BOOM" at the same time and switch bodies (but not heads).
Beware the Creeper #2
Gender, Male
In this issue Jack Ryder(aka The Creeper) encounters his arch-nemesis, Proteus. A couple issues later it is revealed that Proteus is a criminal who took a secret formula which turned his body totally malleable. He pretends to be The Creeper, and also Jack Ryder(among others), and also for about a ...more
Big Bang Comics issue Unknown
Collection of fictitious comic covers, including one of a gender bender issue for the Whiz Kids.
Big Uns: Giant Women on the Rampage issue Ali Bastur and Her Forty Feet
In this comic book about gaint sized women, there is a short story about a theif that steals a genie's lamp from a wizard. He is then tricked by the gaint genie into being turned into a harem girl.
Bill Day issue 2006 30 April
This political cartoon by Bill Day consists of six panels showing George W. Bush morph into Richard Nixon. You figure out what that symbolizes...
Billy the Cat
The entire series is about a bratty boy who abused animals. He was found by a magician who loved cats, and decided to swap one of his cats and Billy's bodies. Oddly enough, even though the first episode showed Billy as a brat, once he's a cat for the rest of the series, he's timid and kind. In t ...more
Birdland issue Unknown
At the end of the book the heroine's amulet shatters. Afterward all the men are now women and the women are now men ....and they act as it has always been that way. But one of them turns himself back into a woman at the end. Very strange story.
Birds of Prey #112
This issue takes place during the Big Barda funeral. Lady Blackhawk, Zinda Blake, is on a drunken mission to honor her fallen comrade by taking a picture of her to a bar outside of Edward's Air Force Base in Calif. Along the way, she is attacked by North Star and False Face in a mission set u ...more
Bison issue 2000AD
Set around the year 2030, Bison, an ex cop, is after the crime boss who killed his wife (cliched I know). The only way to get close to this guy is to body swap into his daughter who, unknown to him, is a junkie. I've read the first four episodes though the story is still running in 2000AD.
Bitch in Heat issue 10
A man recieves a postcard in the mail entitling him to four wishes, he wishes to have sex with the woman down the hall but...
Bizarre Adventures issue Paradox: Saturn's Secret
The return of Paradox has him going to Saturn to combat yet another rebellion. This time he turns against the corrupt Earth government and returns from a mission in the guise of the shapely female agent who supposedly killed him.
Bizarre Tales issue Unknown
I don't have details about where this adult comic came from. It appeared on usenet several years ago and has been floating around the internet ever since. It's about an old rich man that discovers a youth potion that not only makes them young, but also a woman.
Bizarre Tales #35
A female scientist wishing to have been born a boy all her life uses a soul transfer device to place her soul into the body of a baby boy which she feels will make the perfect sex change and allow her to live out her life as she feels she should have all along.
Blab! issue Unknown
Aliens use a ray to transform a couple of cops into beautiful girls in exchange for some beer.
Black Canary and Zatanna - Bloodspell
Female, Gender, Inanimate, Animal
The main villain is a witch who is possessing women and men in a murderous spree. Z and Canary must rush to save those affected before the witch can finish them all off. Comic book crossover featuring many transformations, all of which are temporary except the last one. Men in goldfish Wom ...more
Black Panther issue 2
A Marvel comic. At the end of the issue, the Klaw, a villian, takes a guy (never find out his name) to a brothel. The guy kisses a prostitute and takes over her body.
Black Panther issue 6
The guy from issue 2(never find out his name) that took over a woman, managed to met Black Panther's male cousin T'Shan, who was the Wakanda ambassador to United Nation in NYC. Both took the same plane back to Wakanda since she offered to stop the war. The plane was shotdown while over Wakanda by ...more
Black Widow (vol. 2) issue Breakdown
Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow,arranged for her rival Yelena Belova to be abducted by the spy organization S.H.I.E.L.D. The two women underwent an operation that exchanged their physical appearances. Natasha did this to go undercover as Yelena and recover stolen nuclear weapons, and to turn Yelen ...more
Blackest Night: Batman #2
Barbara Gordon and her father, Commissoner Jim Gordon, are being attacked by some villains who have been resurrected as zombie Black Lanterns. In order to help them, Deadman possesses Barbara! He uses her upper body strength combined with his acrobatic skill to get them far enough away that Jim c ...more
Blood Syndicate issue Unknown
Masquerade is a woman who uses shape-changing powers to always be an African man.
Blood Wulf issue Unknown
In Blood Wulf #4 a man whose "cyber clone" body was injured had his head placed on a green females body. Their are only three or four pages scattered throughout the book with panels that show him/her but it's an odd combination.
Bloom County issue Unknown
Binkley suffers every student's nightmare when his father is transformed into an avacado as punishment for Binkley's failure to study. In another episode, Bill the Cat is transformed into a giant hot dog, in accordance with what the cockroach wished on a falling star.
Bloom County issue Unknown
Steve Dallas is managing a rock band, when a mother comes in, complaining that the lyrics have turned her son into a satanist. The kid casts a spell on Steve, turning him into a zuchini.
Bloom County issue Unknown
During the days of apartheid, Oliver invents a machine that turns white people black for a few days. He tries it out on Steve, later Milo uses it. They plan to travel to Washington to zap the South African ambassador, but it doesn't pan out.
Bloom County issue Unknown
Oliver dreams he has an accident with the transporter he invented, and is now slowly changing into Bill the Cat. When he wakes up, Steve is there. "I had an accident with your transporter," he says. He now has Opus the Penguin's body. In another episode, Donald Trump is crushed by the anchor o ...more
Bloom County issue Unknown
Opus is hitchiking through the desert. A psycho loner with a pet sledge hammer picks him up. Disturbed by this turn of events, Opus rewrites the script, transforming the nutcase into a young Ava Gabor.
Boku no Shotaiken issue Unknown
A boy falls off a cliff. He's rescued by a mad scientist who moves the boy's brain into his wife's body. Later on, he puts his wife's brain into the boy's body. The series is played for laughs, and I haven't read enough yet to decide if it's good (just skimmed through it yesterday). Incidentally ...more
Boku to Kanojo no XXX issue entire series
A manga by Morinaga Ai. Mild-mannered highschooler Akira has a crush on pretty but obnoxious Nanako. Her crazy grandfather asks them to test his new invention, which will let you know another person's thoughts. But the machine shorts out and switches their psyches instead. Until he repairs it ...more
Boku wa Uirri issue Unknown
A guy turns female for some bizarre reason to do with an alien invasion. He eventually changes back.
Bone: Ghost Circles issue Unknown
The Dreaming, a metaphysical force of nature, is disrupted, causing choas. At one point, Phoney Bone is transformed into Fone Bone's dream version of Captain Ahab, down to the wooden leg and scar running down his face. Eventually, he returns to normal.
Books of Magic #2
Deadman takes over the body of a Stewardess.
Books of Magic #74
Tim uses the glamour stone to make himself look like Molly in order to meet his evil counterpart. At he end of the story it's revealed Lord Auberon has been in disguise as a woman for the last few issues, even using the glamour stone to make himself look like Tim's mother a few issues ago.
Books of Magic #64
The book takes a new start as the Tim Hunter begins to explore the assorted realms in the form of a young girl (he's using a glamour stone).
Books of Magic #27
Molly O'Reilly is given food in the forest by Selwyn, a servant girl of the royal court of Faerie. But Molly sees Selwyn's reflection in a pond and discovers she is really King Auberon of Faerie. Auberon appears as Selwyn in other issues of the "Rites of Passage" storyline, which ran through Issu ...more
Books of Magic #21
After being forbidden to see Molly by her father, Tim Hunter turns himself into a cat in order to sneak in to her house and see her. Also, the mysterious woman Circe turns Daniel(who had caused trouble for Tim and company before) into a puppy.
Books of Magic #3
When Doctor Occult and the boy enter Faerie the Doctor changes into a woman revealing his famale aspect.
Booster Gold #36
Animal, Furry
Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, is left on a planet with the queen, and tells her that he is the leader of the party that saved her planet. She shows her appreciation for his efforts by sharing her bed with him. After several rounds, Ted is getting ready to leave, but the Queen informs him that he is her ...more
Booster Gold #8
Animal, Furry
Green Arrow reveals that Pantha, one of the "Freedom Fighters" was once a woman named Rosabelle Mendez. Maxwell Lord, as head of Checkmate, changed her into a Panther/Woman hybrid. The change is not shown, just the result, of her being a Cat Woman.
Boris the Bear issue Unknown
The evil ruler Noloss uses a full body disguise to disguise himself as Iron Maiden. He tricks a couple of goons to work for him in this disguise.
Boy Genius The Adventures of Barry Ween issue Various TFs
In this comic book there are several transformations. In part one, Barry's father gets regressed into an Ape-like Creature. In the Second part, Barry's friend Jeremy drinks a formula that transforms him into a Dinosaur. Barry tries to clone him some new bodies, which go wrong. They include a Griffen ...more
Brainbanx issue Unknown
Anna Elysian is a telepath who acts as a psychic "mount" for Ellis Shepherd, meaning that his mind is projected onto hers, causing their two personalities to exist simultaneously in her body. As the "rider" he has only limited control over her body, but can experience everything that she does.
Brave and the Bold #23
The evil Jarl Eric wants to conquer the Viking fortress Skane, but is beaten back by Jon The Viking Prince. Eric finds a prophecy that says that Skane will fall to whoever captures her fairest daughter in wood. So, using sorcery, he turns Asa, Jon's betrothed and daughter of Skane's ruler, into a ...more
Brave and the Bold #51
Tyros is an exile from Atlantis who has been turned into a giant winged frog creature by a magic gem. He tries to conquer Atlantis, but is opposed by Aquaman, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl. He captures Hawkgirl and uses the gem to turn her into a harpy (human head, eagle body) under his control. A ...more
Brodie's Law issue All Issues
After being setup during a job to steal a valuable information disc, Brodie's son is kidnapped and he is fingered as the murderer of his ex-wife. After living on the run like an animal, help finally comes in the form of Tomokai Yoshida, a genetic scientist who knows the contents of the information ...more
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants issue Unknown
Once Magneto attempted to create his own mutant with unlimited power named Mutant Alpha. In an encounter with the loose knit super team the Defenders, the already unstable Mutant Alpha unleashed his powers, reducing the Brotherhood to a state of infancy. Magneto was restored to adulthood by the Shi' ...more
Buck Godot issue 7
Buck takes a swig of something that changes him into a girl. Brief.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11
Womanizing rock player gets turned into a girl by Amy, whom he ignored while making a play for buffy, while he is in the men's room. Later gets changed back while in the ladie's room.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #60
The first of a series of "malignancy demons" Angel has unwittingly unleashed on Buffy is Deceit. The demon is invisible to Buffy, has an odd mushroom-shaped head and wears a black suit; he changes his face/shape by pulling and stretching his head. Near the end of the issue, he changes into a woman ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #1
When action picks up several months after the end of the television series, we find that Dawn has become a giant.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8
Inanimate, Mythical, Size
(Spoiler Text)
The Bugaloos issue Bugaloos
Old, Ugly & untalented Bentia Biszar Tricks the beautiful, talented young Joy out of her body and swaps with her.
By the Sword issue all
The series is about a magic sword made out of demons or something. Anyway, it has a particular demon sealed inside it who can still float around as a tiny ghost or something. He and his daughter run into a swordsman(who turns out to be the guys nephew) who unseals the sword, but without his body, ...more