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Category: 'Comic Book'
A.I. Love You issue Volume 4
A nerdish, lonely student who is able to make amazing A.I. programs, has them come to life after a freak lightning strike. One of the later A.I's is named "Forty". Forty is an A.I. that Hitoshi developed after he is able to bring A.I.s to life at will. Saati and Toni (two earlier A.I's that c ...more
Abyss - Hell's Sentinel #1
In this one shot tie in to Underworld Unleashed, Deadman possesses Zatanna's body.
Action Comics #20
Before Lex Luthor, Superman's biggest foe was "Ultra Humanite", a typical scientist type with enhanced intellagence. In this issue, A crimial character who later calls himself the Ultra-Humanite transfers his mind from his dying body into a healthy replacement. Much to his surprise, his new body be ...more
Action Comics #383
In the back-up story Chameleon Boy assumes the form of his girlfriend in order to confuse an attacker prior to disarming him. Two panels.
Action Comics #424
Animal, Male
Gorilla Grodd, a gorilla with mental powers, switches bodies with his enemy, Solovar, the ruler of Gorilla City, while he's making a speech at the U.N. and forces him to go on a rampage. However, the scheme is discovered by Superman who forces Grodd to return to his normal body.
Action Comics #609
Deadman takes over the body of Raisa Gorbachev and has a fight with Nancy Reagan who is possessed by a demon.
Action Comics #610
Deadman takes over the body of a female CIA major.
Action Comics #674
Shapeshifter Matrix turns from Superman's twin into her default form (Supergirl, in this issue).
Action Comics #725
The Evil Wizard Talos uses the body of a female Apokolips warrior that he uses in fighting Superman.
Action Comics #774
Superman and Martian Manhunter chat in civilian identities at the United Press Club in Washington after a battle. Manhunter is in the guise of journalist Betty Nehring, who exhibits rather unladylike table manners when it comes to a certain chocolate sandwich cookie.
Action Comics #850
This issue marks an anniversary of Action Comics, and features some events tying the Legion of Superheroes to the 20th Century. (Spoiler Text)
Action Comics #861
Age, Inanimate
===Inanimate/Age=== In this issue, Brainiac 5 reveals that he has someone on the inside spying on the Justice League of Earth. (Spoiler Text) ===Inanimate=== One of the members of the Justice League of Earth is Golden Boy, Klint Stewart. One of his powers is the Midas Touch (Turn things i ...more
Action Comics #862
Gender, Inanimate, Size, Animal
===Animal=== This issue continues Chameleon Girl facing Earth Man. (Spoiler Text) ===Inanimate=== The Legion send in reinforcements, in the form of the Legion of Substitute-Heroes. One of their members is Dag Wentim of the planet Zwen, Stone Boy. (Spoiler Text) ===Gender/Size=== The ...more
Action Comics #880
Gender, Male
At the end of this issue, Flamebird (Thara Ak-Var) and Nightwing (Christopher Kent (Lor-Zod)) are following the Kryptonian criminals (similar to Bonnie and Clyde) that were hiding on Earth, Nadira and Az-Rel into a tunnel, where they are ambushed. It is revealed that (Spoiler Text) This story ...more
Mystery in Space #71
Adam Strange's girlfriend, the beautiful Alanna, has been body swapped by a criminal alien crystal being. The plan is for the the police of the alien world to kill the humans in the aliens former bodies.
Adventure Comics #303
Chameleon Boy changes into a girl so he and Cosmic Boy can pose as a honeymoon couple to ferret out a possible traitor in the Legion of Superheroes.
Adventure Comics #356
On 30th Century Earth, it's the holiday Parents Day, where everybody spends time with their parents. Left on duty at the HQ of the Legion Of Super-Heroes are the only members who have no living parents: Superboy, Mon-El, Element Lad, Dream Girl, and Brainiac 5. The heroes are lured by a false emerg ...more
Adventure Kid issue volumes #3&4
In the last part of the third volume the male lead gets turned into a woman. In the fourth volume he explores his new female body and eventually returns to normal. These books are availible in english from
The Adventures of Jerry Lewis issue Many Lives Of Jerry Lewis
Jerry uses a chromosomal altering machine to escape some bad guys who are after it. He changes himself into a little girl.
Adventures of Superman #467
Chiller disguises himself as Cat Grant to distract Gangbusters, the person protecting Ms. Grant. Very brief.
Afforest issue Unknown
Girl transforms herself into a boy.
Ah! Megami-sama issue Unknown
Keiichi takes medicine that he shouldn't, and ends up with long hair and breasts.
Akane-chan Overdrive issue Unknown
Takashi's soul is taken prematurally, and he returns in the body of a girl who was in a coma.
Aladdin #8
Aladdin and Jasmin get into an argument about who's better, boys or girls. So Genie switches them around. They are stuck in this state for most of the story, while try to find and rescue Genie.
Aladdin Comic in "Disney Adventures" Magazine
A short comic featured in the Australian (International?) magazine "Disney Adventures." It features the character Aladdin from the film of the same name. The basic premise of the comic is that while Aladdin's friend Genie sleeps his magic runs wild transforming several things. At one point Ala ...more
Alf #4
Alf switches bodies with Kate, the mother
Alice on Deadlines issue All chapters
This whole manga is about a shikigami (death god, grim reaper) named Lapan who comes down to Earth, ending up in the body of a schoolgirl named Alice instead of a skeleton. Shikigami aren't allowed to come here in their own form. Alice's soul ends up displaced within the skeleton. Lapan is supposed ...more
Alien Arena issue Heavy Metal
Alien shapeshifter first impersonates a not very superhero, then impersonates the hero's mother to get him to throw the fight.
Alien Encounters issue Another Man's Shoes
A woman is trapped in a virtual reality machine, loaded with male sex fantasies. At first she's horrified, but then she can't shut the thing off and she keeps living as a pirate, a barabarian, a spy, a gunslinger over and over until...
Alien Encounters issue Dave's Dilemma
The handsome hero and his loyal sidekick crash land their spaceship on a planet inhabited only by beautiful women. But they find out too late why there are only woman on the planet.
The All New Atom #16
Gender, Mechanical, Size, Age
Time Related Changes In this issue, there are several time related changes. A man calling himself Swami Vedah of the Center for Transcendental Consciousness is using the power of music to change people from normal people of the year 2007 to a hippy version of themselves from the 1960's. A morph pa ...more
The All New Atom #17-18
Gender, Size
===Size=== This features both the Atom, Professor Ryan Choi of Ivy Town University, shrinking during a fight, and Professor Doris Zeul, the villain Giganta, growing at several points, as well as resuming her normal size. In one panel, she is shown to be shrinking in an action shot. Most times sh ...more
All New Doop #2
The first two issues of All-New Doop have shown the "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" storyline from Doop's perspective. In this issue Doop discovers a fact that was revealed in the main storyline... (Spoiler Text)
All New X-Men #9
Mystique briefly impersonates Maria Hill so she can break Lady Mastermind out of a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier.
All-New X-Men #27
Gender, Male, Female
The future Brotherhood of Mutants attacks the All-New X-Men, and there are some revelations about Raze, Mystique and Charles Xavier II... (Spoiler Text)
All-New X-Men #3
A new mutant shows up, displaying his power for the first time. (Spoiler Text) The scene only lasts a page.
Alpha Flight issue Unknown
Through a complex series of events, Walter Langowski, who can turn into the huge beast Sasquatch, becomes trapped in a woman's body.
Altered Image #1-#2
At the end of issue number one Majestic and Witchblade merge together into a single being. In the second issue the merged characters appear. Also in issue #2 they are seperated just to have Witchblade and Shadowhawk merge.
Alternative Comics issue #78
In one short story a female scientist wishing to understand gorillas alot better than conventional research allows uses a body swap machine to switch bodies with a muscular male gorilla so she can better understand thier behavior from a unique perspective. the gorilla in her body however remains cha ...more
Amazing Adventures #1
A man is made to relive his rape, but this time as his victim.
Amazing Heroes #33
In this parody, X-Men Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine are women, no explanation as to how.While the other three are horrified, Wolvie seems to enjoy it and is striking a seductive pose.
The Amazing Spider-Man #124-#125
J. Jonah Jameson's astronaut son John finds a strange rock on the surface of the Moon that causes him to change into a werewolf, or Man-Wolf in this case. Spider-Man manages to save John's girlfriend Kristine from the Man-Wolf by ripping the gem off his neck. (Although John is seemingly cured at th ...more
The Amazing Spider-Man #343
Having just failed with another plot to kill Spidey, the Chameleon flees the area in the form of the Black Cat. One panel.
The Amazing Spider-Man #203
Lightmaster takes over Dazzler
Amazing Strip issue 2
In one issue a man gets some wishes from a genie and wishes for a beautiful girl to have sex with. Then he wishes he knew what it was like for a woman and he swaps bodies with the girl. During Sex his old body expires and he is stuck as a woman for three years.
Ambush Bug #2
A. Bug Enterprises finally gets a case: the mysterious affliction of Dr. Quentin Quantis. Quantis has been trying to distill the essence of cuteness, and has turned himself into a giant lumbering koala bear. The Bug jumps into the case and eventually returns Quantis to his former self.
America: Judge Dread Magazine issue Unknown
In the end, a boy betrays a girl and she is killed by the judges and because he loved her all his life, he has his brain transplanted into her body.
After her delivery truck runs over a mine, Margaret Krieger is thrown out of the window in the explosion. She is taken to the hospital for emergency surgery and is reconstructed to look like Gretchen Holstrom, the girl who was with her at the time of the accident. After her recovery from surgery, ...more
American Flyer Funnies issue Unknown
Dr. Ozone pisses off his lab assistant, who transplants the Dr's head on to the body of a beautiful girl. (Hippie counter-culture comic, might be hard to find)
Animal Man #8
Mirror Master turns Animal Man into a "living reflection" which causes him to become a duplicate of his wife.
Archie & Friends issue 7
Aunt Hilda tries out Sabrina's teen formula facial and suddenly is a high school teenager again! 5 page backup story.
Archie & Friends issue 9
Sabrina and her invisible girlfriend Cleara try out each others lives for a day waking up in each other's bodies and homes! 5 page backup story.
Archie Comics #636
Archie Andrews and his friends from Riverdale High head to their favorite hangout, the Choco'Lit Shop, as does Sabrina Spellman and her cat, Salem. Salem gets upset when Reggie Mantle refuses to open the door for Sabrina, and decides to teach Reggie a lesson. Overhearing the conversation between ...more
Armageddonquest issue Unknown
A demonic being, called a "reluctant antichrist," and his angelic counterpart both change from men to women and back several times. At one point, the demon plays with his powers and turns a dozen men into women, then has his way with them. Ambitious story trying to be an epic, bu ...more
Army of Darkness issue 10
In the beginning of the issue, Ash is bitten by a werewolf, and soon after changes into one. You can see preview pages that include his transformation here.
Webcomic at, also available in graphic novel format. In an alternate timeline just a few heartbeats from our own, a young guerrilla fighter and a prototype jet fighter magically awakened to sentience begin life together as "siblings." Along the way, the jet discovers shape-shift ...more
Athena Inc.: The Manhunter Project issue Unknown
Gwen, a wealthy young New Yorker, doesn't realize she is just the submerged cover persona created for Mary, a highly-skilled assassin working for Athena Inc. Mary "became" Gwen after activating an internal genetic trigger which changed her into a completely different woman.
The Authority #2
The US Army is less than thrilled with the actions of the superhero team Authority, so they send in a small army to arrest the team. The Doctor turns all of them men into women, telling them they need to get in touch with their feminine side. It's short, and only one relatively small panel, so it ...more
Autumn Moon issue Unknown
Set of five stories, comprised of several parts, that follow Autumn Moon, a teenage girl in high school. At the age of 18 she discovers her family lineage contains the curse of the wolf, which has laid dormant for seven generations.
Avengers (vol. 1) issue Captain America Joins The Avengers
The Sub-Mariner forces a marooned extra-terrestial to turn Thor, Iron Man, Giant-Man, and the Wasp into stone statues. However, Captain America manages to track down the alien and forces him to return the Avengers to normal.
Avengers Academy #14
The Avengers Academy students and Tigra travel to a lab in Paris in an attempt to stop the Sinister Six from stealing something stored there. (Spoiler Text)
Avengers Annual issue Citizen Kang
The female Sersi swaps shapes with a male caveman named Raa to fool the Avengers enemies.
Avengers issue Master Plan of the Space Phantom
Madame Hydra is revealed to have been the Space Phantom an apparently male space alien.
Avengers issue On The Subject Of Heroes / Honor Thy Father
A crazed gypsy sorcerer comes to believe he is the father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, and traps their souls in dolls.Naturally, their teammates take umbrage to this, and end up having to fight, among other things, animated mannequins to free them.
The Avengers issue Unknown
The Super Skrull reveals himself in Captain Marvels presence after having disguised himself as Carol Danvers since at least issue 92.
Avengers West Coast issue 81
Captain Atlas thought he was being rescued from the Avengers by his girlfriend, the Kree scientist Doctor Minerva, but he was tricked by a male Shi'ar Imperial Guardsman shapeshifter who captured him by taking her form.
Avengers: The Initiative #5
Male, Gender
Due to the Hulk's actions, Henry Peter Gyrich forms a secret sub-group called the Shadow Initiative consisting of Bengal, Constrictor, the Scarlet Spiders, Mutant Zero and Trauma. (Spoiler Text)
Avengers: The Initiative issue 1
During a training exercise for new recruits, new character Trauma demonstrates his power: the ability to turn into a persons worst fear. He transforms into a giant spider as Armory (another new character) is arachnophobic.
Avengers: Back to Basics #3
Gender, Female
A baseball game Iron Man and Captain America are watching at Yankee Stadium is interrupted when Captain Marvel crashes onto the field. Another Captain Marvel was the one who knocked her out of the sky. At first it seems clear who the impostor is when one appears to be a Skrull, and the other demo ...more
Avengers: The Initiative #17
Male, Gender
As Skrulls take over Camp Hammond, the Shadow Initiative goes on alert to repel the invaders. Also Skrull Queen Veranke, as usual in the form of Spider-Woman, makes an appearance. A couple of TFs... (Spoiler Text)
Awesome Man issue Unknown
From astonish comics released late 2003, early 2004 2 issues so far Awesom man is a young boy who wakes up on the last page of issue one and he has the body of Awesome Man! In Issue 2, he discovers his new adult size. AM is supermuscular and flies. Can a boy do a super man's job and save ...more