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Category: 'Comic Book Series'
Wonder Woman, Vol. 3
Comic series staring Wonder Woman, relaunched in June 2006 following the events of Infinite Crisis. Launched in conjunction with the One Year Later storyline following Infinite Crisis #5. This relaunch has re-introduced some of the Golden Age elements into the Wonder Woman Mythos, including Wonder ...more
Justice League of America, Vol. 1
A monthly DC Comic that starred the Justice League of America throughout the silver age. It ran from October 1961 until 1986, for a total of 261 issues. This series was cancled during the events of Legends.
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane
A Superman spin-off comic series staring Lois Lane. Ran from March 1958 until October 1974 with a total of 137 issues. This series merged with several other books that ended at this time into the Superman Family series.
Superman/Batman (2003)
Superman/Batman premiered in August 2003 and is an update of the previous series World's Finest Comics, in which Superman and Batman regularly join forces. This book is made up of many multi-issue arcs, and is not completely cemented in the mainstream DC continuity.
Superman, Vol. 2 (1987-2006)
Comic book series starring Superman that ran from #1 in Januay 1987 until issue #226 in April 2006. Following this issue, Adventures of Superman reverted back to Superman, Vol.1.
Infinity Inc., Vol. 2 (2007)
New ongoing series that stars members from Luthor's Everyman project. Main cast currently consists of Natasha Irons (formerly Starlight), Erik Storn (formerly Fury), and Gerome McKenna (formerly Nuklon), and John Henry Irons (Steel).
Action Comics
Comic book series that stars Superman. Issue #1 is the first appearance of Superman. Began run in June 1938 and is still being continued.
Les arcanes du midi-minuit
In Arcanes du midi-minuit Jim Mc Kalan and Jenna share the same body, transforming it from one into the other by touching any mirror. Transformation not unlike the one from the anime Cinderella Boy, in that each character has a personality and a mind of his own.
Dr. Fate Vol.2
Dr. Fate II was created by the melding of 2 people, male and female (Eric and Linda Strauss). The gender of Dr. Fate was controlled by the one initiating the merging. ?A criss causes an imbalance that changes Fate into a woman.?
Mantra, Vol. 1
For 1500 years each time he dies, an archmage puts his soul in another body. When the mage is captured and he's killed, he ends up in a woman's body. And without the mage, he stuck as a woman.
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1
This is a prequel to the comic book series Marvel Zombies which took place in an alternate universe in which every Marvel Super Hero has been turned into a zombie. In this new series Ash, from the evil dead movies and comics, is transported to this alternate universe right before everyone is turned ...more
Millennium Fever #1-#4
A 4 issue comic series about a guy who gets a girl and needs to admit his love to her to save the world. In the comic her fingers get erect, she becomes a guy, she takes several forms to show she can change, she changes his crotch, and he gets pregnant and becomes a girl.
My Flesh is Cool #1-#3
Mini-series published by Avatar Press. Evan Knox is a killer who can jump into any body he wants through the use of a special drug. The cover and contents of the small preview issue make it clear that Evan will jump into both male and female bodies. Three pages of the preview show what happens ...more
Mystique #1-#24
Female, Gender
Mystique, a shapeshifter from the X-Men Universe starred in her own spin-off comic series. The series as a whole features multiple female-to-male and female-to-female transformations troughout the series. Approximatly one change per issue.
Thor Volume 3 (2007-)
The Gods and other allies of Thor have been placed into human bodies and spread around the world. So far Thor has found Heimdall (a homeless man in New Orleans), the Warriors Three (as 3 guards at an african refugee aid camp), and Loki (Thor's brother) who comes back in the form of a beautiful woma ...more