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Category: 'Comedy'
The parents are clueless, refusing to believe any attempt to convince them of what happened. They have to live in each other's home and learn to get along with strangers who are now their new parents, all the while learning to cope with living as the opposite gender and trying to blend into new liv ...more
Comedy/Horror/Science Fiction/Teen Romance movie. In one of the film's subplots, cheerleader Ione wants to win a dance contest, but isn't going to be ready for it in two days. Her mom, Sloan (a lush) suggests Ione wish upon a star to swap bodies with her teenage self who could win. Ione doe ...more
Emperor's New School
Gender, Animal
In this series, various characters transform into different animals across many episodes. There is also some gender swapping. Kuzco is commonly the main character who is transformed. All transformations are triggered by drinking potions from Yzma's lab.
Equinox Knocks
17 year-old teenager girl's world is pretty good: she's popular at her small town high school, she's dating the star quarterback, and her best girlfriend is a witch. But it is turned upside down when she catches her boyfriend in the arms of her arch-rival girl. She vows revenge. But it's the night ...more
Gilligan's Island episode The Friendly Physician
Gender, Male
In the famous TG episode, the mad doctor swaps Gilligan with Mr Howell among the M/F bodyswaps! Mad doctor switches castaway's minds around. The Professor swaps bodies with Mary Ann, Skipper is swapped with Mrs. Howell, and Ginger swaps with the mad doctor's hulking assistant Igor.
Kimono's Townhouse
Furry, Inanimate, Animal
A photographic comic about two quirky roommates. One is a neat-freak who enjoys art and classic literature. The other is a hyperactive geek who loves comics, action figures and sugar. They happen to be My Little Ponies.
Married couple switches bodies after asking a doctor to help with their family problems. Here is a film review I translated and edited to make some sense to English language readers. I haven't seen more than the trailers and the music video but the following seems to match what I have seen. ...more
Mastermind's Mutants
Animal, Female, Furry, Monster
A time-traveling super hero, shape-shifting actress, and telekinetic friend use a magical crystal to open portals to other worlds -- searching for a way to stop a mind-controlling super villain from turning everyone on Earth into mutant slaves. Along the way, they discover an ancient alien secre ...more
Power Rangers in Space episode "Invasion of the Body Switcher"
A monster with the ability to alter appearances changes Astronema into Ashley, who sneaks aboard the Megaship. Later, Ashley uses the monster to change into Astronema to escape.
Female, Gender
New Live action movie based on Scooby-Doo. There is one scene with Fred in Daphne's body talking about checking himself out naked. There is also very brief bits with Fred in Velma's body, Shaggy in Velma's body, then Daphne's body, Daphne in Fred's body, Velma in Fred's body and Shaggy's bod ...more
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #66
An ugly (to us) Alien princess falls in love with Superman. Adding to an already over-crowded field of marriage hungry females! Realizing in her true body he might not find her appealing, she comes to earth and steals Lois's body, possessing her. Pretty funny.
Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Virtual Jay sketch
This is part of one of the Virtual Jay sketches, Jay is on the computer trying to book a flight to Italy when his cat knocks over a cup of water, which spills over the keyboard and causes the computer to short circuit. As Jay tries to fix it he is zapped and is transported into the computer ...more
Explanation of the category 'Comedy'

Contains humor.

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