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Category: 'Character'
Gender, Male
The superhero Firestorm is a nuclear powered superhero with a transformation base. Basically, he was originally the fusion of a college student, Ronnie Raymond, and a professor, Dr. Stein, after a freak accident. This accident fused the professor into Raymond, giving him a new atomically charged bo ...more
"The Melvin Chronicles" character "Red" (Tiffany)
The continued adventures of Melvin and his friends. "Red" (Tiffany) used to be a boy named Clarence, but ran into Jeannie and is now a girl. The Melvin Chronicles is a tangential arc from the I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle comic, where the actual transformation took place (in comic #112).
Claude ("Bleach" character)
Male, Gender
Claude, a mod soul, has the ability to shape shift. Throught the Bount Arc, he has shapeshifted into Orihime (Gender), Chad (Male), Ichigo (Male), and Renji (Male). Claude first appears during the Bount Arc, an arc exclusive to the anime, which is between the Soul Society Arc and the Arrancar ...more
Double Helix (character) in Wild Cards series, George R.R. Martin (editor)
Gender, Male
Noel Matthews, an English stage magician, appears to be a normal man, but he has a lot of secrets. Besides the fact that he is intersex, he is both an Ace and a Joker codenamed Double Helix. Noel has been a ruthless, cold-blooded assassin for Britain's MI-7, also known as the Silver Helix. Noel's ...more
Dr. Occult
Eclipso was the Angel of Vengeance who turned evil and was replaced by Spectre in DC Comics mythology. It has long been a male figure possessing male forms, needing hatred and anger in the vessel to allow him to take over as the host. When not possessing a form he is trapped within a purple diamon ...more
Identity Addict
He can change his appearance and powers at will. Has a couple of his female identities include, All-Tied-Up, the Incompetent Mother, and False Memory. The False Memory was a female form he used and became a member of the Doom Patrol in #69.
Monster Girl
Age, Monster
There is a character in Image's Invincible comics line called "Monster Girl." A beautiful and spoiled young woman attending a private school in Europe, she was cursed by a witch whose grandson she had been having an affair with. Later, on a flight home, she turned into a yellow skinned (and appar ...more
Supergirl (Matrix)
Female, Mythical, Gender
Note: Supergirl/Matrix is not to be confused with Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El and Post-Crisis Kara Zor-El, or Cir-El, all who also were Supergirl characters. Supergirl/Matrix is an artificially created protoplasmic being created in an alternate reality "Pocket Universe", who was originally designed b ...more
Wotan, Dr. Fate's old foe, started out life as a cave woman in approximately the fiftieth millennium B.C. who was exiled from her tribe and who received instruction in black magic from a witch. She later went on to change bodies and to be reborn many times over. He (she?) has recently reformed an ...more