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Category: 'Category'
An image taken by film or digital camera. Edited photographs do qualify, as they are the most-likely type of photograph to appear in this database.
A production for live entertainment performance on a stage.
One character's 'soul' slips his or her physical body and takes up residence in the body of another entity, without necessarily removing that entity from it's own body. There often will be two souls in the one body. Does not matter which soul is in control or dominant, or whether the body's o ...more
Radio Play
A form of entertainment that is broadcast live on the radio. These plays are sometimes recorded for later broadcast.
Real Life
A non-fictional transformation. A transformation that has happened in real-life. Actual SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) procedures are a transformation of this type. Since there are so many real life transformations, only notable accounts or significant events should be included here.
Originating from Russia. Presented in the Russian language.
Science Fiction
A movie or television program that contains text communication in an additional language to the one being spoken in the primary narrative. This is done so that people of nationalities, other than the primary audience for the performance, can understand the dialog.
Originating from Taiwan. One of the languages spoken by the peoples of Taiwan. NOTE: Taiwanese should not be confused with Thai (Thailand), which is not the same.
Human created or discovered technology is used to cause the transformation. This category defines chemicals and chemical formulas, medical procedures, and nano-technology. Can also include mind or memory swapping devices, or futuristic devices if invented or discovered by humans.
Originating from Thailand. Language of the Thai peoples. NOTE: Thai should not be confused with Taiwanese (Taiwan) which is not the same.
Transformation Process
The process a character goes through when being transformed. Can also describe the event that caused the transformation.
Transformation Type
The type of transformation the character goes through. What change the character experienced.
Video Game
A game that is played on a gaming console or computer that incorporates the use of computer-generated video, rather than text, to lead the player(s) through the game.
Virtual Reality
A transformation that is attained by the character entering a virtual world. The character is likely to know that the transformation is not real. The perceived realism depends on the technology used to create the virtual world.
A site on the internet. A one or many pages grouped together at one location (URL) on the internet.