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Category: 'Cartoon'
Packages from Planet X episode "Mind Licorice"
An alien licorice is intended to switch minds with a smart girl to pass a test, but accidentally swaps minds with a raccoon instead.
Pepper Ann episode Cocoon Gables
In this episode fro Season 2, Pepper Ann and her friends are talking in a restaurant and she asks why anyone would judge another person because of their age. Then the busboy hassles them and tells "you kids" to free the table for paying customers. Pepper An shrinks to about seven years of age. As s ...more
Phineas and Ferb Episode: Does this Duckbill Make me Look Fat?
Phineas and Ferb: Does this Duckbill Make me Look Fat? has an invention of theirs switch the minds of the sister Candace with the mind of the platypus (and undercover spy) Perry Candace and Perry switch brains when they both fell in Phineas's and Ferb's teleporter invention. It features the ...more
The Real Ghostbusters: Stay Tooned
Ray and Slimer try to fix the TV so they can continue watching The Sammy K. Ferret Show, but a freak accident occurs and brings the title character into the real world. The Ghostbusters have to deal with them as Sammy's cartoon antics become all too real and dangerous. The Ferret starts to turn e ...more
SHAZAM, Incredible Sinking City
When Billy Batson (Captain Marvel) and Mary Batson (Mary Marvel) cousin Freckles comes to visit she gives Mary a book that was given to her by a old peddler (who was the villian Imac in disguise) containing pictures of Alligator-like creatures called hiss men. During the night the picturs of the h ...more
Smurfs episode "It's a Puppy's Life"
Gargamel and puppy switch bodies and cause trouble for the smurfs
Song of the Sea
The upcoming feature drawn animation about selkies. Same style as "the secret of Kells". Trailer is available. As seen in the trailer, at least mother and younger daughter are changing into seals.
Spider! episode Monkey Business
Spider is a children's animated show on the CBBC about a little boy and his arachnid friend Spider. In each short episode there is some kind of song. In the episode "Monkey Business," the little boy and his friends start a pillow fight after the little boy's mother closes the door and turn into ...more
Star vs The Forces of Evil episode "Match Maker"
Mythical, Monster
Star, the titular protagonist of the eponymous show, is a magical girl from a mystical world called Mewni. She gets transferred to earth to train her in controlling her magical powers. In the first half of the 2nd episode. During class, when the results of their exams are being passed back ...more
Supernatural: The Animated Series "Alter Ego"
Gender, Male
An animated version of Supernatural, based on the first two seasons of the show. This episode is based on "Skin". (Spoiler Text)
Sym-Bionic Titan episode The Ballad of Scary Mary
Mechanical, Size, Gender
A shape-shifting phantom "chameleon" alien tries to kill Ilana at a party out in the woods. It changes from its natural form, a blue insect-like creature (gender unknown, possibly male) into various shapes. (Spoiler Text)
T.U.F.F. Puppy episode Puppy Love
Gender, Inanimate, Mechanical
Dudley Puppy falls for the new temp secretary at T.U.F.F., French poodle Fifi Oui Oui. Unbeknownst to him, the viewers already know that... (Spoiler Text)
T.U.F.F. Puppy episode Share-a-Lair
Animal, Male, Gender
T.U.F.F. and their evil counterparts at D.O.O.M. keep blowing up each other's secret bases with missile strikes, thanks in part to intel from their new field agents. Eventually, a real estate agent finds a new office for T.U.F.F., one they have to share with current renters D.O.O.M.! In the end, b ...more
Team Galaxy Season 1 Episode 8 Miss Cosmos
Yoko enters an intergalactic beauty contest run by an evil slug queen that uses it to steal the contestants beauty and intelligence. After being targeted Yoko ends up looking like a cross between humans and the slug race.
The Land Where Wind Are
A knight encounters a ghoul. This ghoul has the ability to swap bodies and exchanges with the knight. Later in the knight's body the ghoul switches bodies with a princess. Then, knight-becomes-ghoul and princess-becomes knight search for ghoul-princess and fight her. At the end the knight back in ...more
The Scooby & Scrappy Doo Puppy Hour, episode "From Bad to Curse"
From the era where it was just Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy facing off against actual supernatural events comes this episode in which the three are tasked with recovering a gypsy amulet. The man who stole it uses its power on the trio to turn them all into something more fitting of their personali ...more
The Tree Surgeon
1944 color MGM animated cartoon Directed by George Gordon The "tree surgeon" is a donkey dressed like a doctor (white lab coat, etc.), with a stethoscope around his neck and a carrying a doctor's bag. He drives in an ambulance to treat a sick giant sequoia tree. While attempting to inject i ...more
Thundarr the Barbarian episode Island of the Body Snatchers
An old witch steals Areil's body.
Thundarr the Barbarian, "Island of the Body Snatchers"
The ancient sorceress Circe is trapped on an island that was once part of the city of London, where she lives in the clock tower containing Big Ben. Because she is under a curse by which she will turn to stone if she leaves the island, Circe uses her magic to kidnap Princess Ariel and switch bodie ...more
Twelve Forever pilot episode
A pilot episode featuring a new cartoon from CN. Boy transforms into a mom. Link
Willy the Sparrow
A 10-year old boy named Willy enjoys pretending to shoot birds with a BB gun until he is turned into a Sparrow by the Sparrow Guardian. Willy becomes lost outside without knowing how to fly, and he is taken in by a sparrow named Cipur; Cipur teaches Willy how to fly in exchange for Willy teachin ...more
World of Quest
Animal, Size, Inanimate
A young prince Nestor hires (by the magic scroll of obedience) the famous ex-hero Quest to rescue his parents. All quests of Quest happens in a world of high-magic, high-tech and high-humor. TFs include: The party magician could animate all object with undetermineable results. The Quest wash ...more
Young Justice episode Image
Race, Female
In this episode, we learn a bit more about Miss Martian and why she looks the way she does. She copied the appearance and personality of a character she saw on a sitcom called "Hello Megan." Her usual appearance is basically the green-skinned version of Marie Logan, the actress who played Megan o ...more
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series is parody of the series Yu-Gi-Oh! that takes episodes and "abridges" them while wildly exaggerating character personalities and playing things up for comedy. The current story arc is adapting the virtual reality arc from the original series where some executives of K ...more
Yugo and Lala
Yugo meets a white "liger" - half lion, half tiger - who introduces itself as Lala. Shocked that she can understand the animal's language, Yugo chases Lala up a mountain where a giant Cloud Whale swallows them whole. Inside its stomach there are many different creatures, all excitedly being transpo ...more