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Category: 'Book'
Walter John Williams book Hardwired
One of the minor characters is an old man who has had his consciousness transferred via computer to a young female body.
The Wheel of Time
Aran'gar One of the stronger villains is reincarnated by his dark god into a beautiful woman. This character is introduced in the sixth book, Lord of Chaos, and makes appearances throughout the rest of the series. This is an interesting change, because magic is divided into two halves; male and ...more
Where I End & You Begin
Ezra Slevin has had a crush on Imogen since the fourth grade. Now a high school junior, as he's trying to work up the courage to have a conversation with his dream girl, let alone ask her to prom, something strange happens. On the night of a solar eclipse, Ezra swaps bodies with Imogen's BFF, Wynon ...more
Whitley Strieber book The Wild
An average family man who always dreamed of being a wolf suddenly does change into one, retaining his human mind though. He flees into the wilderness, trying to come to terms with his new situation, at first trying to find a way to regain humanity (and to return to his family), but is also drawn tow ...more
Whitley Strieber book Majestic
Aliens transform a man into a woman.
"Why I'm Afraid of Bees" by R. L. Stine
This is a well-done novel in the "Goosebumps" series in which a boy who wants to experience a few days as someone else physically is accidentally changed into a honeybee instead. The change isn't completely realistic, since, tho completely a bee, he still can see, hear, and even speak as he did wh ...more
Will Hobbs book Kokopelli's Flute
A strange Indian Flute is found at an archeological dig. Son of scientists blows on flute during an eclipse and finds himself becoming a packrat every night. While struggling with his nefound life of human by day, rat by night, he meets an old man who knows the story of the flute. The old man is mor ...more
Will Self book Cock and Bull
Two novellas, one where a woman grows a penis, one where a man grows a vagina.
William Barton and Michael Capobianco book Iris
One scene where a male mind is put in control of a female body. At end, a female mind is transfered into a male body when she is fatally injured.
William Barton book Iris
One scene where a male mind is put in control of a female body. At end, a female mind is transfered into a male body when she is fatally injured.
William Burroughs book Soft Machine
Male, Gender
A short few paragraphs has Carl being molded into a woman by the Comandante. In another chapter, a detective switches bodies with a boy in order to travel through time.
William Goldman book HEAT
The tg applies only to the original novel, not the movie of the same name made from it and starring Burt Reynolds. The character "Kinnick" (played by Peter MacNicol in the film) reveals at the end of the book that he was born female and grew into a young woman, when he had a sex change operation (s ...more
William Mark Simmons book The Woman of his Dreams
Sequel to and direct contiinuation of the second Dreamland Chronicals When Dreams Collide. The Hero who created the D&D like computer universe is trapped in the body of his beautiful & rich former lover in another earth. He's in that body for the entire book. At first he is put in a nut house, but t ...more
William Mark Simmons book In the Net of Dreams
People can hook up into a master computer universes and choose the type of D & D type character they want to be, including body shape. Very complicated book. It is one of 3 collected in a huge trilogy the Dreamland Chronicles. Spoiler At the end of the book it is revealed that one of the god ...more
William Shakespeare book A Midsummer Night's Dream
In order to get revenge on his wife, the King of the Faries casts a spell on her to make her fall in love with the next thing she sees. His henchman gives a local man the head of a donkey, and she falls in love with him.
William Shakespeare book The Tempest
Ariel is a probably male (maybe neuter) "ayrie spirit" who serves the magician Prospero. In the play, he uses several female forms, and it seems to me to be an actual tranformation, rather than a disguise. He appears as a water nymph, a harpy and the goddess Ceres. (The latter is in a play-with-a ...more
William Steig book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
But before he can make all his wishes come true, the young donkey unexpectedly encounters a mean-looking lion. Startled, Sylvester wishes he were a rock, but in mineral form he can no longer hold the pebble, and thus cannot wish himself back to his equine trappings. His parents, thinking he has disa ...more
Winni Allfours book Babbete Cole
A girl eats only carrots and changes into a horse. What is greatest, she refuses to change back at the end of this illustrated book.
Wm Mark Simmons book When Dreams Collide
Virtual reality dungeons and dragons simulation you enter a sensory-deprivation tank and are wired in to the game. One of the gamers gets out of the tank to find himself in the wrong body. Brief, at end.
Wm. Mark Simmons book One Foot In The Grave
Near the end of the book a shape shifting assassin takes on the form of an injured female vampire in order to trick the main villain so that the hero is able to kill the bad guy. A fairly tiny scene, not worth buying the book for. Grab it from the library.
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