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Category: 'Book'
Valory Gravois book Cherry Single
A realistic novel about a transgendered young guy in San Francisco who's coming out -- to parents, lovers, but not in the workplace or to the underground newspaper he sells photos to. Probably the most energy is devoted to relationships with women, which start out rocky but progress to higher levels ...more
YOUTH EXPERIMENTS - WITH CONSEQUENCES! A male and a female teenager swap bodies after an accident. An electric shock in physics class starts the whole catastrophe. When Elizabeth and Frank come to, they have switched bodies! Elizabeth, the classy and beautiful daughter of a wealthy family lies ...more
Vice Versa by F. Anstey
Father and son trade bodies leaving the father in the son's body at summer holiday camp, while the son in the father's body tries to live his father's life.
Victoria Graham book The Witchstone
A beuatiful young woman to take control over her life takes to witchcraft and lives for many years by swapping bodies with young woman. One day the stone she uses to make the switch is stolen by a young wizard seeking revenge on a whole city. Sher tries to get it back and runs into a very evil King. ...more
Victoria Pade book Case of the Accidental Heiress
After an auto accident a poor woman wakes up in the beautiful, very rich body of her cilent. Her former body is dead. Average, would have been better if the other woman would have woke up as her.
Virginia Farmer book Sixpence Bride
Picked out of a present day tour to be part of a historical reeenactment, Jocelyn sits down on the auction block a moment before she blacks out briefly. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself being auctioned off in a very real environment. Jocelyn is rescued by a handsome young man and b ...more
Virginia Woolf book Orlando
Young man suddenly changes into woman, for no particular reason.
Vivian Vande Velde book Three Good Deeds
Howard shouldn't have taunted the old witch, but he didn't know she really was a witch until she turned him into a goose! Now he's stuck that way until he does three good deeds.
Voyage of the Dawn Treader book Unknown
In this younbg people's novel from the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, Eustace changes into a Dragon.
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Published text on paper bound between hard cover or in paperback.

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