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Category: 'Book'
T. Ernesto Bethancourt book The dog days of arthur cane
He went to bed a carefree teenager and woke up as a homeless mutt. Somewhat similar to Disney's Shaggy Dog movies. There was a 2 part adaption episode televised as a weekend special a decade or more ago as well.
Tabitha King book Small World
Washington society matron Dorothy Hardesty hooks up with a nerdy scientist who has invented a shrinking device. She uses it to steal various things for her antique dollhouses (including a park carousel). She also uses the device to shrink some people she has a grudge against, most notably newswoman ...more
The Tail of Emily Windsnap book Liz Kessler
A fishy fantasy about a girl who turns into a mermaid. Emily lives on a boat, but her mother has always been oddly anxious to keep her out of the water, and it is only when she has her first school swimming lesson that she discovers it is her natural element. As soon as she gets into the sea, she ...more
Tanith Lee book The Book of the Damned
A thief who switches back and forth from (male) thief to nun.
Tanith Lee book Death's Master
Has a character who changes into a woman several times throughout the book.
Tanith Lee book Don't Bite The Sun
The incarnation of Death transforms a man into a woman
Tanith Lee book Drinking Saphire Wine
A future where people switch bodies, sexes, etc. regularly. The hero/heroine sticks him/herself in a female body without changing to make a point to everyone else in that society.
Tanya Huff book Fifth Quarter
A brother and sister get into a tangle with a sorcerer, and end up sharing the sister's body. Sequal "No Quarter"
The Tattle Tail Tale book Tandy Braid
Hilarious story that parallels Pinnochio, but instead of a nose growing when he tells a fib, this little girl, Matilda grows a tail everytime she tattles. The author even provides a complete lesson plan and coloring sheet, fantastic news for teachers suffering from the chronic "tattle tail" in the c ...more
Ted Andrews book Animal Speak
This book is mostly on the symbolism and mystical qualities that different cultures ascribe to different animals, but it has a few rituals that can be practiced. One of these is described as shapeshifting. Please note that you don't actually physically change shape, but rather you alter your state ...more
Ted Mark book The Man from Charisma
Relevant becomes blonde female for chancellor's wife.
Ted Mark book The Pussycat Transplant
Girl goes to a doctor for an abortion, but ends up with her brain transplanted into a male body. Eventually, she gets transplanted back into a female body.
Ted Mark book Man From O.R.G.Y.
Female villian switches bodies with her lumbering bodyguard.
Ted Mark book Rip It Off Relevant
The Man From Charisma, Jonathan Relevant, was a two book Ted Mark character that could transform himself to relate to whomever he had to deal with. In this book he actually changes into a woman to 'relate' better to a lesbian.
Ted White book Phoenix Prime
Heroes body is destroyed so he has to share his girlfriends body. Brief at end.
Terry Brooks book High Druid of Shannara 1
First of three, Uneven book, many good parts some not so good. Spoiler. Near the end the Spirit of the Evil Witch King possess the body of a beautiful, obsessed Elf Sorceress, which has been the reason for most of the plot! I assume that the next 2 book will have more of him in her body trying ...more
Terry England book Rewind
Peaceful aliens that have been visiting Earth for some time decide to leave, but before they do, they transform a group of people by making them children again -- about five to seven years old from what I rememeber. That's the initial premise of the book, which follows the lives of the people tha ...more
Terry Pratchett; The Last Continent
Age, Animal, Inanimate
There are many transformations featured throughout this book. The Librarian (an orang-utang) has a magical cold throughout the book, so that whenever he sneezes he turns into a different form - either inanimate (deskchair, book, table, armchair, matress) or as a different animal (penguin). Late ...more
The Boy Who Loved Bananas
The humorous story of a boy who decides to eat only bananas and turns into a monkey. His parents tried to change him back, but failed. Until he encounters an elephant and starts to eat peanuts. * ...more
The Brazen Spindle
Animal, Gender
Follows the adventures of a highwayman who ends up in a land where everyone becomes an animal for a few days a month. He tries to rob a wizard, and gets turned into a cow for his efforts. When he becomes human again, he's a girl, and ends up taking a job as a wet nurse for the son of the local lo ...more
The bubbling teapot
A tale about a girl Flossy Tangleskein, which changes into porcelain teapot when and back into a girl when sobs. Yes, so weird TF. *Full text available:
The Chameleon's Many Faces
In this hardpage book based on the 1990's "Spider-Man" animated series, the Chameleon hides from Spider-Man in the form of Felicia Hardy (AKA the Black Cat) during a party held on her yacht.
The Cleanup
Man with reality-bending power, changes a mugger into a beautiful woman so he can experience the horror of rape.
The Elfmaid's Curse
From Amazon: Warrior is trapped in body of a beautiful elfmaid. In the whole trilogy he is trying to get his old body back.
The Lovely Bones
Ruth, Susie's former classmate who had felt Susie's spirit rush past her immediately after she was murdered, senses the women Harvey has killed and is physically overcome. Susie, watching from heaven, is also overwhelmed with emotion and feels how she and Ruth transcend their present existence, and ...more
The Magic of Shapeshifting
Were, Animal
This book is a guide to animal shape shifting and transformations. This book does not have many positive reviews.
the Other Side
A romance collection of 5 short novellas. J.D. Robb is the lead author writing of her character investigator Eve being possessed in "Possession in death" which seems to be F/F possession The SECOND story is "the Other Side of the Coin" by Mary Blaney which has an Earl and Countess in earlier t ...more
The Path of Razors
Fifth book in the Vampire Babylon series, vampire hunter Dawn Madison is in London searching for a vampire lair at an all-girl's school. (Spoiler Text) The character shows up in the sixth book of the series, but remains mostly male.
The Reluctant Swordsman by Dave Duncan
The consciousness of Wallie Smith, a dying man, is transferred into the body of the otherdimensional barbarian swordsman Shonsu.
The secret of the stones
A boy found magic book and changes into a squirrel. Now he wants to change back, so he need to learn magic.
The Silkie
Has a brief scene where the hero, a superpowered "Silkie", discovers the shape-shifting villain disguised as his wife.
The Sword's End series of books by Lowell Ellington
Age, Animal, Gender, Inanimate
Plagiarized description text removed. Set in a 3 book trilogy, the series follows a band of adventurers as they inadvertently awaken an ancient evil long thought gone from the world. The story involves too many acts of transformation to list and would reveal too many spoilers. Though some transf ...more
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
In the second Twilight film (and book), it is revealed that Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) is also a (Spoiler Text). This movie also shows many other of these creatures around who all have the goal of stopping Vampires.
The Wind on the Moon
A collection of stories about two meanie girls: Dinah and Dorinda. In first part, they started to eat ravenously and changed into baloons then after starving shrunk to stick-thinny. In a second part, they changed into kangaroos, put into local zoo then lost the reverse potion. Yes, they all are tu ...more
The Witch Switch by Anne Harler (c) 1987
Wendy is a grade-school-aged girl who is jealous of her baby sister, how she gets so much attention and has no chores or responsibilities. Wendy is lucky, though: She is in a family of witches. One day she takes her baby sister aside and casts a spell to swap bodies with her, and - presto! - now We ...more
Theodore Sturgeon book The Golden Helix
Aliens capture group of space trvellers to populate abandoned planet. They slowly changed into many types of animals. I read tis book in a very bad computer translation.
Thomas Disch book The Sub
I can't believe this isn't on here! The book is fairly reminiscent of Stephen King's works. A substitute teacher develops supernatural powers and, with the help of her father's(who raped her and was later murdered by her) ghost, begins transforming those she dislikes(or for little to no reason). Man ...more
Thomas Farrell book The Jessica Project
Jesse Barrett, assassin-for-hire, is coerced by federal agents into making a terrible choice: go to prison, or help them seize billions of dollars of laundered drug profits while disguised as a woman. Seduced by a beautiful stranger, he wakes up in her hotel room to find himself dressed in a nigh ...more
Thomas Mann book Die vertauschten Köpfe Eine indische Legende
Thorne Smith book Stray Lamb
Stray Lamb is a great novel & funny as hell! A wealthly man meets a god and rashly talks how he would like to be an animal as he thinks human life is too stale, too confined. So he ends up turning first into a horse, than a Seagul ( a bar scene where he steals french fries is hilarious!) a gold fis ...more
Thorne Smith book Turnabout
After a slow start this novel is super funny. One of the funniest books ever written. Its laughout loud funny. An egyptain god gets tried of a husband & wife's constant arguments about how the other has it so much better & switches their bodies. Just about everything that could happen does & a v ...more
Tim Powers book The Anubis Gates
NOTE: This is taken directly from the back-of-the-book description. I can't spell out the tf sequence without doing it justice (short but critical to the storyline). I suggest you read the book! :) The Anubis Gates is the classic, Philipp K. Dick Award-winning time travel novel that took the fant ...more
Tim Powers book Last Call
People can take the bodies of other people in a special type of poker game, played with tarot cards. One of the bodies the hero's father uses is that of a late-middle-aged woman.
Tina Wainscott book Second Time Around
Sweet, crippled Jennie dies thinking I never told Sam( a detective)I loved him. She wakes up in the sexy body of Sam's Ex wife. There she has to slove a mystery and win Sam.
Tina Wainscott book Shades of Heaven
Average looking young woman is murdered and wakes up in the very beautiful body of model and Socialite Hallie. In addtion to stating a new life she most solve two mysteries including her own murder! Romance type novel, but well written.
Todd Strasser book Help! I'm trapped in my lunchlady's body
Jake Shermann gets boodyswapped once again into a member of the opposite sex. This time it's his school's lunchlady. (Warning: She ain't pretty)
Todd Strasser book Help! I'm Trapped in My Sister's Body
A boy named Jake in other stories switched bodies with grown men, a dog, Santa and even an alien. This time he uses the device to switch bodies with his older sister in order to cover up for his lies about what a great athlete he is to his pen pal, who's now coming to visist. Aimed at 6th grade ...more
Todd Strasser book Help, I'm Trapped in a Supermodel's Body
Once again Jake and the DITS go to work. This time he ends up first in the Body of Supermodel Lanny Shanks and Then in Amanda, the Ugliest girl in school, when she decides she wants to be the beautiful supermodel. Remember this is a kids book so nothing racy.
Tom B. Stone book April Ghouls day (Graveyward School#11)
Roller blading 12 year old runs into the terrifying evil, ugly Principal Dr MorthHouse and they swap bodies. For a while the girl enjoys bossing teachers and kids around. While the principal is furious. They end up swapping back in the end.
Tom Deitz book Ghostcountry's Wrath
A woman turns herself into a twin of her lover. Brief at end
Tom Holland book Supping with Panthers
Male English Politcian Is transformed into an female asian servant. various other transfornations are mentioned woman into panther. vampire into man into into an imortal killer. Handsome into one with gross deformaties. only minor plot impact.
Tom Holt book Expecting Someone Taller
Hero, a nebbishy kind of guy, receives by accident (literally) the TarnHolm, which allows him to assume whatever appearance he wishes. In at least two brief scenes, he becomes female.
Tony Abbott book The Incredible Shrinking Kid (The Weird Zone)
Sean Vicker is zapped by a mad scientist's shrink ray and begins to shrink. It is now up to his friends to return him back to normal size and stop the scientist from shrinking everyone in town.
Torchwood: Almost Perfect; James Goss
Ianto Jones wakes up one morning to find himself trapped in a woman's body. Ianto then spends the rest of the book as a 'perfect-looking' woman (excluding flashbacks).
Touch book by Claire North
Age, Gender
Bodyswitching novel by Claire North. Protagonist becomes a body switcher when his body is murdered. Lots of switches.
Tournament of Magic
I don't know why, but I was reminded of this book I saw as a little kid. It's from the 1960's. It's a pop-up book about a king, King Awkward, who likes magic but isn't good at it. He decides to let whoever can come up with the best magic trick have his daughter in marriage. There are several transf ...more
Tracey West book Cardcaptors Changing Places
Kero a stuffed animal guardian that is animated and Li, a boy, are swapped by the change card. It isn't easy fro Kero to be a boy or Li to be a flying stuffed animal! A 24 page childrens book softcover for $3.50
Transfixed book Unknown
French novel by Brigitte Aubert. Basis for the movie "Transfixed". A transexual prostitute is accused of murder, and must track down the real killer to clear her name. In French. As far as I know, it has not been translated into English. And no, I have not read it.
Trey Ellis book Right Here, Right Now
Self-help guru Ashton Robinson has a surreal experience after taking marijuana and expired cough syrup. A Brazilian midget appears to him and tells him of his destiny to change the world. Then the male midget changes into a mind-alteringly beautiful woman who seduces Robinson. Though this encount ...more
Turney book The Other One
A mother brings her daughter's spirit back - and she possessed the new wife of her husband. The sister of the new wife tries to fight save her. Pretty good book, it was made into a bad movie.
Twisted by J.S. Frankel
In this young adult novel, Charlie wins a chance to beta test a new video game, along with his adopted brother, and another girl. The game is in a new virtual reality setting, but something goes wrong as they are entering the game and they are trapped in it. Additionally, instead of the avatar th ...more
Unknown book The Children's Treasury of Fairy Tales
The play "Sing a Song of Christmas"is about a boy scout and his friend who catch a group of thieving imps in the act. The imps are given "a little Goodwill Spirit" and then Santa Claus casts a spell, transforming the imps into three very beautiful fairies. This was the first work I ever read in th ...more
Unknown Book book I Was A Girl For The Cia
A man with a incurable condition has his brain transplanted into a woman's body to go undercover.
Unknown Book book Mafia Sorority Girl
After getting romantically involved with a Mafia Princess, Sidney wakes up in a hospital transformed into a college girl.
Unknown Book book Making Of Pamela
The odyssey of a British boy sent to a special school where he was transformed into a girl.
Unknown Book book Name Not Known
A CIA man has his mind transplanted into a prostitute's body, to investigate a rogue diplomat.
Unknown Book book Tristan de Nanteuil
Subplot features Tristan's wife disguising herself as a man and marrying a princess. Becomes a man through a miracle.
Unknown Book book TV Cop Stevie
A cop who dresses up as a woman to bait a rapist and ends up liking it, being kidnapped and sex-changed and married overseas.
Unknown Book book TV Stewardess
Amber's new boyfriend has developed a technique that allows the genetic change of one human into another. Glen becomes a her duplicate.
Unknown Book book Unknown
A novel where a vietnam soldier is kidnapped by gods, transported to another dimension and turned into a 13-year old elfen girl.
Unknown Book book You Are Spider-Man: The Sinister Six
In this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type book, you play Spidey, and are forced to deal with a crime spree by the Sinister Six while Mary Jane is starring in a movie(where many accidents are happening). A few scenes in the book(provided you make the right choices) feature the Chameleon impersonating M ...more
Ursula K. LeGuin book A A Wizard of Earthsea
A must read trilogy of books - in this first novel Geds companion Serret, the daughter of a sorceress of Osskil, transforms into a gull to escape a ground pursuit. But winged creatures follow her. Ged transforms into a Hawk and flies to her defense but he is too late - she has been killed in gull ...more
Ursula K. LeGuin book The Left Hand of Darkness
About a man who spends time on a planet where the locals are asexual, except once a month they assume a gender. Its somewhat random which gender they become.
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