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Category: 'Book'
Sabrina the Teenage Witch #9: "A Dogs Life"
Sabrina accidentally zaps her friend Harvey and a golden retriever MacDougal. Now Harvey's in the dog's body and the dog is in his.
Sam Merwin book Chauvinisto
By the 22nd century, women have won the battle of the sexes and are in charge. When a man kills one of the women, he is surgically transformed into a woman and sent to work in a whore house.
Sam Merwin book Time Shifters
Okay, not great, but has couple of funny bits and a surprise twist with the protagonist's lover (that's really not capitalized on).
Sameul R. Delany book Triton
Main character has a sex change to a fully functioning female about halfway through the book.
Samuel R. Delany book The Fall of the Tower
One character briefly becomes a woman while visiting an alternate realities. Another character is from a race that changes sex at a certain age.
Sandra Landry book The Wishing Calicce
Romance novel. Slim modern woman, unhappy with life (Not having a husband or child) swaps bodies with volupous Noblewoman in the past. We only see the noble in her body as a vision. the rest of the story is about the modern woman in the past. Below average novel. Some romance novels can be very go ...more
Sandra Lee Gould book Faraday's Popcorn Factory
Clement, a member of a race that has transcended beyond humanity, falls in love with a human woman named Willow. But while Clement has lived for centuries and has traveled to distant galaxies in ethereal form, he has never had sex in human form. In one very brief part of the novel, Clement decides ...more
Sarah A. Hoyt book All Night Awake
The sequel to Hoyt's "Ill Met by Moonlight." When the human and fairy realms are threatened by the scheming of Sylvanus, the disgraced former King of Fairie, Quicksilver, the current king, must journey to London to stop his evil brother. He becomes his female alter ego, the raven-haired Lady Silve ...more
Sarah A. Hoyt book Any Man So Daring
The final book in Hoyt's fantasy trilogy about William Shakespeare's life and family are intertwined in the politics of the Fairy Kingdom. Not too much TG. But in one of the key subplots, Quicksilver, the Fairy King, becomes physically separated from his female "aspect", Lady Silver. Quicksilve ...more
Sarah A. Hoyt book Ill Met By Moonlight
Elven prince Quicksilver has the ability to transform from male to female, a power mocked by his fellow elves. It's while in female form, however, that Quicksilver catches the attentions of a young William Shakespeare.
Sarah Forth book Bound and Enterained
Sarah Forth book Forced to Submit 2 'The Tables are Turned'
Sarah Forth book Rapist (The)
Martin was enjoying his overseas assignment until he got carried away and raped the beautiful young woman assigned to him as a companion and translator. His 'sentence' began as he recovered from a drugged sleep, to find himself roped and chained and hanging in a closet, in a woman's body. From then ...more
Sarah Wood book Futures Exchange
A young English man finds himself trapped in a female body.
Scott Westerfield book Polymorph
Lee can change her gender and ethnicity at will, allowing her to slip freely through New York society.
Screammates Book 3 Monster Jam
Sarah is the shortest person on her basketball team. But after visiting a strange old lady Sarah wishes that she was taller. The next day Sarah does begin to grow and at first it improves her basketball skills. Sarah's only problem is that she keeps growing and growing and growing.
Scroggs, Kirk "Tales Of A Sixth Grade Muppet"
This book is about a boy who is a fan of Gonzo of the Muppet Show. One day he wakes up to find himself turned into a Muppet. He finds out the Muppet show is really and so are the Muppets themselves and he gets to his meet his hero.
Sea Switch (Strange Encounters) by Joy Singleton
Female, Gender, Mythical
Cassie wanders off down the beach and discovers a real mermaid named Galena! Before long, the sneaky sea creature magically tricks Cassie into switching bodies. Missing her family and her legs, Cassie soon learns that life under the sea isn't so great, especially when she's jailed for all of Galena ...more
Seabury Quinn book Alien Flesh
American accidentally kills the beautiful daughter of an arab sultan. He says that if he could, he would have taken her place. The sultan summons his wizards who transforms the man into a perfect likeness of the sultan's daughter. Eventually, she accepts her role.
Sharon Shinn book The Shape Changer's Wife
A young man seeks apprenticeship to the world's most powerful Shape Changer. At one point he becomes a young woman.
Sharon Shinn book The Thirteenth House
Animal, Gender, Female
The second book in Shinn's "Twelve Houses" series, "The Thirteenth House" focuses on Kirra Danalustrous, a character introduced in "Mystic and Rider." Kirra, the daughter of a powerful noble, was born a mystic "shiftling" - a person with the ability to transform into virtually any other human or a ...more
Sharon Shinn book Dark Moon Defender
Gender, Animal, Female
This is the third book of Shinn's "Twelve Houses" series. As in the previous books "Mystic and Rider" and "The Thirteenth House" shiftlings Kirra Danalustrous and Donnal are mentioned somewhat often (though far less than the second book). They are frequently in animal shapes (hunting birds, horse ...more
Shel Silverstein book The Devil and Billy Markham
SPOILER: At the end of this long poem about a pool-hustling country songwriter and his many dealings with Satan, Billy Markham attends the wedding of his hated ex-lover and the Devil. While he's dancing with her, he agrees to swap bodies with her; she goes to heaven in his body, while he stays in ...more
Shel Silverstein book Falling Up
A boy should have thought twice before telling a witch to make him a sandwich.
Sheri S. Tepper book The Revenants
Main character changes sex on a regular basis. Not only does sex change but appearance does also.
Sheri S. Tepper book King's Blood Four
Boy describes how he can take any form, male or female.
Sheri S. Tepper book Necromancer Nine
At one point, the boy shapeshifter changes into a girl.
Shifted Perspective by J. Bridger
An eighteen-year-old student Caleb Byrne discovers that he is a were-dog (Cocker Spaniel) and has to change into one each month. Then he finds an underground shifters society. *Source:
"Sightblinder's Story" by Frederick Saberhagen
Whoever holds the magical sword Sightblinder will appear to an onlooker as someone the onlooker trusts/loves. Two good guys have retrieved Sightblinder and are walking along; the one not holding the sword sees the other guy as his wife (Barbara?). The other guy knows it's really not his wife. Br ...more
Simon Hawke book The Timekeeper Conspiracy
One of the timekeepers who went bad uses future technology to transform himself into Mme. DeWinter then travels back to revolutionary France.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; The Land of Mist
Gender, Male
Part of the Professor Challenger adventures. Mr. John Turbane, a medium, is possessed by several spirits, including a Chinese man named Mr Chang, a high-society woman, and a sailor, among others. These appear to be true possessions - the woman, for example, expresses surprise at finding herself in ...more
Snoo Wilson book Spaceache
A man and woman swap bodies (in flashback only), and the woman ends up trapped in the man's body.
A story of a boy who becomes a tree. Quote from the: * The tale of a child who grew first so very round and later so very tall that he could not remain at home any longer, but was obliged to live in the forest and to b ...more
So I'm a Spider, So What?
Animal, Race, Gender
A high school class all dies and is reincarnated in a fantasy world. Most are just reincarnated as human as the same gender though some are reincarnated as other races. Animal: (Spoiler Text) Race: (Spoiler Text) Gender: (Spoiler Text)
Soman Chainani book The School of Good and Evil
Kind of a Harry Potter knock-off. A lot of animal transformations.
Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil 2: A World Without Princess
After the school for Good and Evil is converted into two separate, competing schools for boys and for girls, there are a lot of gender swaps. (Spoiler Text)
Son of No One book by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Down on her luck paranormal photographer woman meets mysterious "man". Man is intrigued by woman. The world is in danger, and perhaps so are they. (Spoiler Text)
"Specimens" by Frederick Saberhagen
Family living over UFO experiences memories of captured people as if they were in the bodies.
Spider Robinson book Lady Slings The Booze
In a high-tech future house of prostitution a man makes love to a woman how feeds back her own sensations to him so he also experiences sex as a woman. Breif.
Stardust book by Neil Gaiman
Gender, Animal
A young man is turned into a goat, then a serving girl. A goat is turned into a man. A young woman is kidnapped by a witch and made to live as a bird when she's not working. Info courtesy of message board post by Corwin
Starters book by Lissa Price
In the future, teens rent their bodies to seniors who want to be young again.
Stephen Colbert: Philosphy and Popular Culture
The cover of the book features Colbert transforming into an Eagle, sporting feathers and a beak.
Stephen Dedman book Foreign Bodies
From review in Locus, Time Traveler is able to travel back by taking over bodies of recently deceased. She then uses "Brain Taping" technology to swap bodies with the protaganist, Mike Galloway, leaving him to handle the problems of a homeless homosexual female after being raised a good male WASP ...more
Stephen Dixon book Sleep - Dat
In the short story "Dat" a single human feeds a cat some dog's food, and cat changes into a dog. He tries this food himself and changes into dog too. (pages: 204-213)
Stephen King book Dark Tower II: Drawing of the Three
This is the third book of 7 book series called The Dark Tower by Stephen King. It follows a Gunslinger (Cowboy) named Roland on his quest to find the man in black and the dark tower in a mystical world filled with creatures. In the second book he must find three doors which will take him to our ...more
Stephen R. George book Granma's Little Darling
It appears that the grandmother of adopted 12 year old Nora is stealing her body from time to time - then it becomes a fact. It only later it appears that it isn't grandma at all but an evil woman who has lived through the ages by switching bodies. She can only switch with females. Surprise endin ...more
Steve Brust book To Reign in Hell
One of Steven Brust's best works, To Reign in Hell is an inventive retelling of the revolt of angels in heaven and the fall of Lucifer and those angels who stood by his side. This heaven however was carved out by the changing of "cacoastrum" (basically chaos itself) into "illiaster" which is bound ...more
Steve Lowe book Muscle Memory
A Bizarro send-up of 1980s body-switching movies that asks the question: What would Kirk Cameron do? Billy Gillespie wakes up one morning to discover his junk is gone. In its place is his wife's junk. Billy is now Tina, and Tina is dead. That's because Billy's dead. His lifeless body is still in ...more
Steve Senn: A Circle in the Sea book Unknown
Robin Shaw is a young girl whose father is an Archaeologist working under the ocean at what may be the ruins of Atlantis. One day he returns home and brings her a ring trapped in a block of stone. When Robin removes the ring from the rock she falls asleep and wakes up as a dolphin off the coast of ...more
Steve Vance book The Abyss
Story involving a mysterious house, brain transplants and a 15 year old girl that is not what she appears to be. Was Gretchen once a man?
Steve Vance book The Hyde Effect
Best damn werewolf novel I ever read, maybe the best horror novel PERIOD. A captured serial killer is on display for the media and doctors in a high tech medical facility in California on the night of the full moon. Killer claims to be a true werewolf but nobody believes him, of course. So, the m ...more
This novel is really a collection of three interrelated tales, with only the first one -- set in a post-Apocalyptic time in which roving magicians menace the remainder of society -- involving any transformations. In this story of "NeoZitek", a wandering "good" sorcerer, we find a large black mule w ...more
Steve Vance book Planet of the Gawfs
Two mutants swap bodies near the end of the book to defeat the Secret Evil Master Of The World(tm).
Steve Vance book SHAPES
In th-is somewhat chaotic, if action-packed, sequel to the werewolf classic THE HYDE EFFECT, the transformations come fast and furious, since the shapeshifters can become anything they choose at any time, as well being able to force involuntary transformations upon their victims. Some of these tra ...more
Steve Young book Winchell Mink: The Misadventure Begins
I've just been reading this book to my son. Not finished yet, so this is only a partial list: Winchell Mink is constantly being picked on by the school bully. One day, his life takes a dramatic turn. He exchanges bodies with his pet turtle, then is sent back in time and becomes a brontosaurus ...more
Steven Piziks book Corporate Mentality
Fraternal male & female twins have had nanobots since conception. They allow the two to trade bodies frequently. Sample chapters are available at the Baen website, however the novel is already on the racks.
Stewart Farrar book Forcible Entry
A dying man takes over the body of a young woman, pretends amnesia, but is discovered and attacked psychically by her boyfriend and Jesuit priest. Set entirely in modern-day Dublin.
Sue Payer book Second Body
A woman giving birth is dying during it, and another, beautiful woman dies after brain surgery. So surgeons dare "the boldest operation in medical history". 5 hours later her head was fused to the new body and her life would never be the same again! A Belmont Books 1979 paperback I just found!
Summer I Shrank My Grandmother, The (c) 1990 by Elvira Woodruff
Spending the summer at her grandmother's seaside house, preteen Nelly discovers a magic chemistry set. With the help of a male friend she's made, they concoct a youth potion; they test it on Grandma's dog, and sure enough, the next day he's just a puppy. So they use it on Nelly's grandmother, and t ...more
Susan Dexter book The True Knight
From the Inside Flap The stallion, the swan, and the sorceress Titch had trained all his life in the ways of honor and of arms. Now he saddled his late father's warhorse, belted on his heirloom sword, and set off to win his knighthood. Unfortunately, his first challenge pitted him against a form ...more
Susan Jeschke book Rima and Zeppo
Rima is in training to be a witch by her mother, Hester. But Rima sometimes forgets how to change things back. She accidentially changes her best friend, Zeppo, a little boy, into a dog.
Susan Peerless book An Ante-Bellum Way of Life
You see, just a few minutes ago she was Private Tod Flecher, of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, dying of a mortar wound some place south of Richmond in #1864 Now, she was living an ante-bellum way of life in 1860... Or was it really 2394!
Susan Smith book Changing Places
Teenage boy and girl get into classic "you don't understand my life" argument and switch places over night by computer "fairy godfather". Not a sexy story (it was written for teenagers) but not too bad.
Suzanne Weyn book the movie Scooby Doo
Very Silly book based on the upcoming movie. At one point Daphne and Fred switched bodies, Fred also ends up in Velma. Demons are trying to conquor the world by stealing human bodies. Best moment - when Fred realized that using Daphne's brain he is a lot smarter!
Switch, by Snow, Carol
Female "Eat. Drink. Read. Be Merrier." (All Over the US & Canada) - See all my reviews Claire Martin is your average 15-year-old girl. She has her loving mom (Dr. Martin) and her best friend, Beanie. She also has a big crush on her fellow swimming buddy, Nate. And of course the ghost of ...more
Switchcraft by Mary Castillo
Two women Aggie and Nely are best friends from back in the day, but now are as different as can be, and yearn for the other's lives. (Spoiler Text)
Sylvia Peck book Sea Child
from the Amazon Editorial Reviews Improvising on the Celtic legend of the selkies--seals that take on human form--Peck has created an uneven but stylish first novel. Lured by the plaintive cries of a se ...more
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