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Category: 'Book'
R. Andom book Identity Exchange
Young man's mind moves around England, becoming a beatiful rich woman, a girl, a housemaid, an old country woman. These people including other males are left with the last body he was using.
R.A. Lafferty book Past Master
Has a small scene where everyone who goes into hypersapce switches gender.
R.G. Taylor book Futura Man
Taleur seeks the girl of his dreams, and when he finds Talura, the personified mother of his children, this macho star chaser turns into a woman himself. But not just any woman: Taleur becomes the girl of his own dreams, Talura.
Rachel Pollack book Golden Vanity
Hero and Heroine are able to share consciousness and flip back and forth between their bodies.
Ravenspell trilogy
The Fantasy furry children books. There are 3: 1. Of Mice and Magic 2. The Wizard of Ooze 3. Freaky Fly Day (upcoming autumn 2009) The heroes of those books are: young boy Ben Ravenspell, who changed into mouse and young mouse sorceress Amber, who accientaly changed him and makes him her fam ...more
Ray Bradbury book Dark They Were, and Golden-eyed
Earthlings which trying to colonize Mars slowly changed into martians. Change is both mental and physical. There are some another short stories of Ray which involves shapeshifting.
Ray Bradbury book Something Wicked This Way Comes
Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show comes to town. Among its attractions are a sideshow of familiar looking freaks and a merry-go-round which can make people younger or older. One of its victims is Miss Foley, a stern, spinster school teacher who wants to be younger. She gets her wish, but ends ...more
Ray Cummings book The Girl In The Golden Atom
first published in the 1919, a scientst shrinks himself to subatomic size and has an adventure on the surface of an atom. Turns out there is a whole world and tiny people and he gets it on with a princess before returning to normal i think. The Mork and Minky shrinking episode is very reminicien ...more
Ray Kainen book Satyr Trek
Raunch Gaffer applies to a computer dating service and goes on a trip thru space and time. On Comolot he meets Moanoh who deals him quite a big change of life.
Raymod Hawkey book It
Female psychic conducts a "post-mortem interogation" of an assasinated Soviet defector; he then attempts to take control of her body.
Raymond Feist book Shards of a Broken Crown
Very Brief near the end it is revealed that the enemy Spymaster, Kahil, is actually Jorna/ Lady Clovis the one time wife of Nakor before becoming evil.
Rævefælden (Fox trap)
Picture tale about a boy who tried to avenge a fox for killing his rabbit. He kills a fox but woas not sure he killed the right one, so he decide to kill all foxes. After a while, he changes into a fox himself (looks more like a werefox) then starts to raid chicken farms. Hunters catch him and put ...more
Reindert van EEKELEN book Vos huut en menschen luut. Het beeld van Roges in de R
In the Middle Dutch Arthurian romance Roman van Walewein, a young prince named Roges is turned into a fox. The two authors, Penninc and Vostaert, have applied different narrative techniques to depict Roges. Using focalisation and mystification (Verrätselung), Penninc enables the reader to adopt ...more
Richard Laymon book Body Rides
New paperback novel in which a young man receives a special bracelet as a gift for rescuing a mysterious woman. The bracelet allows him to step into other people's bodies to experience their lives. This suspense thriller has a "twist" ending that most transgender fans may find predictable and cliche ...more
Richard Matheson book Incredible Shrinking Man
When Scott Carey is exposed to radioactive mist and a pesticide, he begins to slowly shrink (about one inch per week). His relationship with wife Louise deteriorates; he has a brief affair with a dwarf, encounters a group of taunting teens, and escapes from a drunken child molester. Later, he's ...more
Richard Miller book Snail
A former Nazi officer goes through a bewildering variety of transformations. He spends a few chapters as a beautiful woman.
Richard Morgan book Altered Carbon
Gender, Male
Personalities are resleeved into other bodies. paperback has been out since march 2003 In this book, a male soldier investigator is placed in another man's body to investigate a murder of a wealthy old woman. This is an excellent sci-fi murder mystery. The book is set in a future where people ...more
Richard Morgan book Broken Angels
Thirty years later, our super-soldier hero Takeshi Kovacs is wearing yet another body (swapping is easy in this future), and fighting a war.
Richard Wenk book Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Fates
In this 'Find Your Fate' Adventure book You have to help Indy find the Eye of the fates. In one of the possible endings you and Indy find the Eye only to be transformed into two of the fates yourselves. The fates are three blind sisters who use the 'eye', a crystal orb, to see into the future. They ...more
Roald Dahl book George's Marvelous Medicine
In this children's book, George creates a medicine to teach a lesson to his mean old grandma. The medicine ends up making her grow four stories tall. When he attemps to recreate the potion, she drinks an incomplete version and shrinks away to nothing.
Rob Chilson book Rounded with Sleep
A man's personality is downloaded into a woman's body for a short time. He declines an offer to see what sex is like from the other side.
Rob Grant book Colony
The main character, Eddie O'Hare is on a spaceship and dies on the spaceship, however centurys later he is ressurected to save the ship using only his head and his spine in a jar or green gloop on top of a large robotic body. He is wired the wrong way so he moves strangly e.g. tries moving the left ...more
Robert Adams book Swords of the Horseclans
Villainous witchmen are actually scintists from our time who perfected mind-swapping techniques and used them to survive the cataclysm.
Robert and Wilson, Robert Anton Shea book Illuminatus! Trilogy
At about the middle of the trilogy, just before the second book, Joe Malik becomes a woman for a few paragraphs. Whether or not this has any bearing on the story remains a judgment best reserved for the reader (the book is VERY bizarre).
Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye book Myth-Taken Identity
The villainous Rattila and his gang of "mall-rats" are able to commit a literal form of "identity theft" against unsuispecting customers at The Mall on Flibber. Using personal information scammed from customers, Rattila is able to create "credit cards" which contain part of their essence - and allo ...more
Robert Asprin book Thieves' World
Enas Yorl, the magacian is cursed by continually mutating, including changing into a woman.
Robert Heinlein book The Number of the Beast
It is revealed that Andrew Jackson Libby Long has been resurected from the dead into a female body.
Robert Heinlein book I Will Fear No Evil
Rich man's brain is put into a young woman's body.
Robert James book The Incredible Shrinking Stanley (Eerie Indiana
When the family washer goes on the blink Mitchell and Stanley take the laundry to the Laundromate. While at the Laundromate some soap gets spilled on Stanley and he then begins shrinking.
Robert McCammon book Bethany's Sin
A man hating woman brings back the statue of the Amazons to a town. The spirits of the warrior Amazons possess the women of the town. The amazons don't arrouse suspicions right away because they possess not only the bodies, but the memories of the woman's those bodies they steal. The husband's of ...more
Robert R. McCammon book Swan Song
Survivors of a nuclear war begin to grow hard shells around their faces. Eventually the shells break off, the book.
Robert Rodi book "When You Were Me"
Rich but middle aged Harry McGann regrets the missed opportunities of youth he bypassed on his way to success. Attractive twentysomething Corey Szaslow is barely getting by after kicking a meth habit. After Harry literally runs into Corey, the two men enter into an agreement to switch bodies and ...more
Robert Sheckly book Inc Immortality
At one point the hero is hidden in the body of a young female who lives underwater and has gills.
Robert Silverberg book Hot Sky at Midnight
A doctor who has 'gene-spliced' the main character has had his sex changed to female.
Robert Silverberg book Son Of Man
During one part of this strange book, the hero is turned into a woman.
Robert Silverberg book To Live Again
Memories are stored and can be implanted. Father samples memories of women his daughter is going to have implanted. Male mind is implanted in daughters body at end by inference.
Robin Schone book Awaken, My Love
haven't read it but its listed at amazon! From Literary Times Stuck in a marriage that lacks passion, thirty-nine year old Elaine Metcliffe wakes up one morning in a different country, a different time and a different body. At first, she assumes she must be dreaming, but when she awakens the nex ...more
Roger Zelazny book later books Amber series
In the later books in the Amber series, one character is a demon who inhabits the bodies of other people, usually women but at least one man.
Roger Zelazny book Lord of Light
Souls moved into different bodies through technological process of reincarnation. Some gender switching. Brief.
Roland Pucetti book The Death Of The Fuhrer
Hitler's brain is transplanted into the body of a beautiful girl.
Roland Topor book The Tenant
A man moves into a new apartment that was previously tenanted by and old woman that had died. Her spirit entered his body and slowly transforms it into a womans body.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms book Unknown
SPOILERS After being captured by the Wu general Lu Meng (after a failed attack on Fan Castle) and executed (along with his son), Shu's greatest general, Guan Yu, possesses Lu Meng at a banquet honoring Meng. He insults the emperor of Wu, Sun Quan, and then Lu Meng falls over and dies, blood po ...more
Ron Goulart book Flux
A tale of Ben Jolsen of the shapeshifting Chameleon Corps. Ben has an aversion to using his powers to disguise himself as a woman; however rogue agent Major Eduardo Bronzini has no such qualms. He goes undercover as aging actress Dolly Louise Huffacker (off camera, as it were - we're just told about ...more
Ron Goulart book Starpirate's Brain
Former Chameleon Corps agent Ben Jolson is up against another renegade member of the corps who has a preference for assuming female forms. The renegade assumed the form of a pretty and rich heiress in her late teens as well as Jolson's girlfriend (mentioned by another character). There are a serie ...more
Ruby Jean Jensen book Dark Angel
Poor crippled young woman envies beautiful, rich and very sweet girl. Reads a book on the occult, kills herself hoping to possess the young girls body - she does but becomes an evil spirit doing so. Downer of a story, but some powerful parts.
Rudy Rucker book Master Of Space And Time
A reworking of the three wishes story using gluons (a scientific particle). At one point the hero turns himself into a beautiful woman and actually makes love as a woman.
Russ Miller book The Impossible Transplant
A dying man's brain is transplanted into the body of a gangster's mistress, in order to infiltrate a criminal organization.
Russell Rhodes book The Styx Complex
Nazi surgeon invents a compound which makes the human body like clay. He used it on himself to transform himself into a beautiful woman who uses the secret formula as a youth potion for the very rich.
Rusty Nugent book Moonwarriors
An epic, medieval, gothic, dark fantasy novel. Heroic Werewolves clashing with evil vampires in 8th century Dacia.
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