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Category: 'Book'
P. C. Cast book Goddess of the Sea
also a mythical swap After her plane crashes into the sea, an Air Force Sergeant finds herself occupying the body of the mythic mermaid Undine-and falling for a sexy merman
P.G. Wodehouse book Laughing Gas
Burly and ugly English Earl (about 27) swaps bodies with Child Star Joey afgter both under going laughing gas at the same time. JOey used his new size and fighting skills to get revenge on people he dislikes, while the earl gets rapped living Joey's restictive life. I still woner if WOdehouse, wh ...more
P.G. Wodehouse book Laughng Gas
a burly, rather ugly English Earl swaps bodies with a child actor,a very cute 12 year old after they both go under laughing gas in a dentist office. The kid likes being BIG & goes around beating people he doesn't like up. The earl hates it. Not top draw Wodehouse, but funny.
Pat Winter book Driver
Male amputee makes Psychic contact with female protagonist and eventually steals her body.
Patrice Kindl book Goose Chase
An orphan girl who lives with geese recieves a special enchantment from a begger woman with whom she shares some food. Through her adventures she learns that the geese she was living with are actually her older sisters. At the end of the book they are returned to human form.
Patricia Briggs book Mooncalled
The main character of the book is a "skin walker" who can turn into a coyote. Most of the book is about her interactions with several groups of werewolves. This is a book with a March 2006 publication date. It is a pretty good book.
Patrick Skene Catling book The Chocolate Touch
In this kid's book, John Midas finds that everything he touches with his lips turns to chocolate. He should have thought before kissing his mother.
Paul F. & Costello, Matthew J. Wilson book Masque
Cloned humans with special chromaosome are able to shape shift by having special templates inserted. Their sex is determined by whether it was the x or y chromaosome that was replaced. Protaganist has underlying male identity but spends a chapter in female form as well as several mentions of prior s ...more
Paul Gallico book Jennie
This is one of my all time favourite books when I was younger. A boy called Peter, who was denied a cat by his parents, wakes up one day as a cat. His first day finds him lost and alone, bewildered by the laws of the cat world. He meets another cat called Jennie who carefully guides him to the th ...more
Paul Jennings book Uncanny!
Animal, Animal
In the short story 'Mousechap,' a boy's uncle creates a new mousetrap which causes the uncle and a mouse to exchange minds. The boy switches them back, but not before permanently switching his mean aunt with a dung beetle. A collection of nine quirky, and frequently funny stories--all told by a yo ...more
Paul Leonard book Speed of Flight (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)
On a bizarre world where humanity has been extensively re-engineered, a warrior fights another for the right to ascend to the next level of existence. When next we meet that warrior, they have become female. Although not exactly explained, it appears that everyone on the lowest levels of society a ...more
Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl, by Andrea Lawlor
Gender, Male
What is Paul? Man or woman? Gay, straight, lesbian, bi? Actually, pretty much all of the above. Paul is a shapeshifter spending his college years in the early 1990s being all things to all people. His base form is male, but he can change his look and gender in order to appeal to whomever he fanc ...more
Paul Wilson book Sibs
Male with deformed body uses the power of his mind to possess beautiful young women and have sex with men. He usually does it when they are asleep.
Payton, T. Aaron, "The Constantine Affliction"
Steampunk world. Strange murders near the Whitechapple section of London. A strange venarial disease first noticed in Contantinople in the Turkish Empire in an Englishman named Orlando has been brought to London. One of the effects is that it changes the sex of those affected.
Peggy Bacon book Magic Cookbook
There were 3 (?) children (I believe there were two boys, one very small, and a girl) who lived at a house on a beach for the summer. I think this was a European setting. Their parents may not have been there. They had a (new?) cook named Fanchon who delighted in cooking rich, fancy foods, which ...more
Peirs Anthony book Robot Adept
Someone said it has elements of body-switching, but counldn't recall the specific book in this series. There are a few scenes in which a male character inhabits the body of a female character and vice-versa.
Peter Beagle book The Innkeeper's Song
Animal, Gender
There is a character who changes back and forth between being a fox and a man. It seems he is primarily a fox who changes into a man rather than the other way arround. It also implied in one sentence he may be something else altogether primarily. When he is in human form, he acts kind of fox-like ...more
Peter David book Knigh Life
King Arthur returns in modern times to run for mayor of New York. At the end of the book, the major villain, Mogran Le Fey, takes over the body of her son Mordred in order to make one last attempt to kill Arthur.
Peter David book Psi-Man: Stalker
Stalker, a killer created in a government experiment, uses a female guise to get into the cab of a bullet train in order to sabotage it. Near the end, Stalker takes the shape of Psi-Man's ex-wife. Both brief.
Peter David book Q-in-Law
At one point Q changes into a gorgeous blonde and then back again, explaining that the Q are beyond gender. Brief
Peter Dickinson book Eva
A thirteen-year-old girl gets into a car wreck. Her scientist father saves her life, by transplanting her brain into that of a chimp.
Peter R. Emshwiller book The Host
Set in a future where rich people can rent lower class body's. A lower class man gets trapped in a rich woman's body.
Peter R. Emshwiller book Short Blade
Sequal to "The Host". A man trapped in a woman's body leads the revolt against a corrupt society.
Philip K. & Nelson, Ray Dick book The Ganymede Takeover
At end of book hero takes over girlfriends body to save the world.
Phillip C. Jennings book Bug Life Chronicals
An alien switches bodies to better understand the other side. Later we have male to female bodynapping and misc gender switching.
Phillip C. Jennings book Tower To The Sky
Fascinating and fantastical story about the people who live on a tower so tall it reaches into orbit... and then when you cut off the bottom, it spins off into space to take humanity to the stars. (against the wishes of some unpleasant aliens) Generations of living in high, low, or zero gravity ...more
Phillip. K. Dick Dick book The World Jones Made
The Hero's wife goes with another man who can change into a woman. He changes to avoid caputre. very brief.
Philp Jose Farmer book A Private Cosmos
The villain uses a mind-swapping device to take over the hero's girlfriend. Brief.
Philp Jose Farmer book A Woman A Day
The entire story has the protagonist undercover, but at the end his wife turns out to be more undercover than originally suspected - it is not clear if she has been permanently changed because she complains about losing masculine identity.
Philp Jose Farmer book Traitor To The Living
There are two sex changes at the end of the story, both male to female.
Piers & Lackey, Mercedes Anthony book If I Pay Thee Not In Gold
A male demon changes sex every time he/she makes love.
Piers Anthony book And Eternity
Last book in the incarnation series. Two women are alternatly changed into men and try to rape each other.
Piers Anthony book Chaining the Lady
A mind swap is used as a method of transport.
Piers Anthony book Crewel Lye
A magical trap switches the hero and heroine.
Piers Anthony book Incarnations of Immortality books
In this series of seven books, there are seven "gods" whose positions are filled by humans, who are then removed from their earthly lives to take up these seven positions for a certain period of time: Death, Chronos (Time), Fate, Mars (War), Nature, Satan (Evil), God. (Yes, "God" is a position, rat ...more
Piers Anthony book Kill-o-Byte
Piers Anthony is one of those sci-fi authors who can be considered somewhat mainstream but writes "fringe" or "off-the-wall" type fiction. Many of his writings contain sexually charged concepts; the fact that the descriptions are not explicit doesn't take away from how arousing the writings are (in ...more
Piers Anthony book Kilobyte
Chapter 3 has a virtual reality sex switch.
Piers Anthony book Pornucopia
In the first part of the book, Prior Gross meets a succubus who needs to change into a male incubus after she has sex. This character is likely the inspiration for the incubus/succubus character in Anthony's 1993 collaboration with Mercedes Lackey, "If I Pay Thee Not in Gold" (see entry). Porn ...more
Piers Anthony book Unicorn Point
A boy and girl swap bodies. Very brief, at end.
Polly Steward book Legacy of Aldebaran
Spoilers Included! A group of ordinary men and women aboard a jet airliner are struck by an eerie beam of light from the depths of space. When the plane lands (three thousand miles away from where it's supposed to come down and two days later), only this small group is found aboard, meaning more t ...more
Poul Anderson book Operation Chaos
Gender, Were
In part of the book, Steve and Ginny are on their honeymoon when they meet up with a Succubus, a male demon with lust powers, 'living' in a haunted castle. The incubus turns into a beautiful succubus, or female demon, in order to seduce Steve. This part of the novel was actually first published as ...more
Princess Holy Aura by Ryk E. Spoor
Stephen Russ is just a normal guy, but one day he is given the chance to be a hero and save the world. The only catch is that he must do it as a 14 year old magical girl called Princess Holy Aura. The first section is on the publisher's website. ...more
Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Sqire's Crystal by Jacqueline Rayner
Pertty Silly book in a series based on a doctor who character Legend tells of an evil sorceress who used the power of magical crystals to transfer her mind into the bodies of others. Her reign of terror was long and bloody, and her final defeat the cause of great rejoicing. But that's just a l ...more
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